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The Horses of Proud Spirit summary The Horses of Proud Spirit, series The Horses of Proud Spirit, book The Horses of Proud Spirit, pdf The Horses of Proud Spirit, The Horses of Proud Spirit 582981f4bc There Are Approximately Seven Million Horses In The United States Each Year, Over , End Up Going To Slaughter Hundreds Of Thousands Are Abused, Neglected, Or Abandoned By Callous And Irresponsible Owners With A Heart As Big As A Pasture, Author Melanie Bowles Takes Some Of These Horses Into Her Sanctuary Called Proud Spirit Here, Horses That Arrive Listless And Broken Find A Home Where They Finally Know SafetyThe Bond Between Horse And Caretaker Does Not Happen Overnight It Hangs By A Fine Thread Of Trust, Which The Author Earns With Endless Patience And A Full Commitment To The Well Being Of The Horses In Her Care The Horses, Some Of Which Have Suffered Severe Abuse, Astound Her Time And Again With Their Ability To Trust, Return The Love They Are Given, And Enjoy The Companionship Of Other HorsesYou Will Meet An Entire Stableful Of Remarkable Horses Dusty, A Young Thoroughbred Who Recovered From Severe Injuries To Reveal A Rambunctious Personality And A Knack For Stealing HatsMaddy, An Elderly Mare, And Dancer, A Gallant Appaloosa, Both Of Whom Had Been Isolated For Years But Whose Ecstatic First Acquaintance At Proud Spirit Was, Mysteriously, Like The Reunion Of Two Soul MatesAnnie, A Little Sorrel Mare Who Will Break Your Heart With Her Weary Kindness And Who Found Peace, At Last, Under An Old Oak Tree In A Pasture At Proud SpiritWrangler, A Miniature Whose Premature Separation From His Dam Turned Him Into A Tiny Tormentor His Rowdy Innocence Helped Marshal, A Huge Palomino Draft Horse With Neurological Trauma, Become Playful And Engaged As He Educated Wrangler In Horsy Manners The Horses Of Proud Spirit Is An Homage To The Spirit Of These Alluring Creatures And A Moving Memoir Of Lessons Learned In Compassion, Strength, And LossNext In Series See All Of The Books In This Series

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    OK so it s one for the softies, but I must admit I loved every page The stories are heart warming, sometimes amusing and sometimes sad The author and her husband run a horse sanctuary for abused and neglected horses in the USA The author is a very good story teller and has obviously found her passion in life.

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    I loved this book I forgot to write a review and am adding it now The horses in this book are loving horse that have not been given the care they need Horse lovers will enjoy this book very much and animal lovers will enjoy it just a much.

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    This is a beautiful book that shares the individual stories of horses that have gotten a second chance at a sanctuary Some suffered neglect and some suffered horrible abuse, but Melanie pays attention to the needs and wants of horses, uses body language to communicate with the animals in ways they understand, and slowly builds a life they can enjoy living She respects their desire to have bonds with other horses, and to live a life outside of serving humans I am quite familiar with different attitudes towards the use of horses, and rode at a barn owned by someone with a similar approach as Melanie has, allowing horses to live on a large acreage in a herd setting, allowing them to form relationships and show behaviour that they would in the wild Some of the stories are a painful reminder of the horrible mistreatment that these animals are put through at the mercy of humans, and these incredible working creatures are historically some of the most abused animals I haven t been around horses for awhile, but used to have a knack for getting along with and communicating with horses This book inspired me to learn about herd mentality, communication, body language, behaviour, and the relationships horses share with each other.

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    I simply loved this book I forced myself to stop reading because I was in serious danger of finishing it in one sitting and I wanted the experience to last I couldn t put it down for long, though, because I finished it in less than two days It made me cry, it made me happy, it made me think about my own horses and dogs , it made me think about what I m doing and not doing to improve this world, and it made me rethink how I treat my own animals Of course, I would recommend this to my horse friends, but I would also recommend it to anyone who needs to be encouraged that there are still good people doing good things in this world The stories are entertaining, heartbreaking, and heartwarming Melanie is an amazing woman doing amazing things, but than that, her outlook despite the horrors she sees first hand, is remarkable She doesn t presume to judge a soul equine or human She simply takes care of the creatures that cross her path I think Mother Teresa said something to that effect, also It s so true if we just cared for the animals and people that are put in our own path, this world would be infinitably better Beautiful book Beautiful writing Beautiful person I can t wait to read her other books.

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    Reading this book I was stunned over and over by the cruelty some animals endure Thank goodness there are people like Melanie Sue Bowles and her husband to rescue and lovingly care for the horses that entered their lives The stories Bowles tells are touching, sad, uplifting, and inspiring She is not only a kind and knowledgeable horsewoman, she is a good writer The book left me wanting to hear about her wonderful horse encounters.

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    Sentimental Some good stories but often way too cheesy Lady does some good work but has some weird ideas and is very self righteous.

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    This is a book for animal lovers, definitely don t have to be a horse lover to have these stories really hit the heart strings This is the story of Melanie, her first horse and how that relationship and the conditions of the horses she viewed when looking to buy a horse that inspired her and her husband to open up their lives to many other horses There were, well pretty much every single horse s story really makes you want to doubt humanity How can people be so cruel to other beings The best thing about this book is that for each heartache the reader is given when seeing the worst in people, you also get to see the BEST in Melanie, her husband, and all the people who help these horses Which gives you hope that there are genuinely good kindhearted people out there.One story in particular made me actually cry, but that would not stop me from recommending this boo k to others Melanie is doing such a wonderful thing, making it so that these horses can live out the rest of their lives just BEING HORSES Fantastic, I can just imagine how much relief and joy they must have felt when they figured out that being at Proud Spirit was going to be like nothing they d ever encountered before Such a great book such a great inspiration even to be a better person in everyday life Well done for Melanie and I hope this book helps support the wonderful work she is doing at her ranch and all of the wonderfully brave and strong horses we read about.

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    Such touching stories that any horse lover will be hit right in the heart by Reading about the past lives and rehabilitation of these poor creatures really emphasizes how little humans know about the bond between the human animal relationships.Can t give it five stars because after the first two chapters, the narrator gradually begins to show and bias about telling the tales of these horses lives The sympathy I wanted to direct towards these horses stories and recoveries were often domineered by the authors need to often take over the story about how this all impacted her.and the horses jsut seemed to gradually fade into the backlight of her narrations I suppose if I had looked at this as a memoir and not as about the horses as you would think from the title The Horses of Proud Spirit, this wouldn t have gotten as annoying to me as it did However, still a touching book with it s heart in the right place.

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    Melanie Sue Bowles is to be commended for her heroic efforts in educating herself about the care of horses She is proof that determination, perseverance and a deeply abiding love can make anything possible In this case rescuing and providing loving, cruelty free homes for these most magnificent creatures It is appalling to learn of the condition in which many of these animals were forced to endure at the hands of their owners I am gratified to know that Melanie and her husband saved so many thereby allowing them to live out their days in peace in their care I can think of no greater gift than to take your passion to a level that turns around the suffering of innocents to create a greater good Thank you Melanie for sharing your experiences for I now know much about horses I truly did not know.

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    Melanie Sue Bowles The Horses Of Proud Spirit is the true story of Melanie s efforts to take in and care fore broken, abused, and neglected horses Each year, over 70,000 horses in the United States are sent to slaughter hundreds of thousands suffer terrible conditions Proud Spirit is a place where even the most severely hurt animals are given a chance to relearn how to trust, and experience love and companionship with human caretakers and other horses A noble and inspirational true life presentation, The Horses Of Proud Spirit is a unique and welcome contribution to both school and community library Pets Wildlife collections and is most especially recommended reading for dedicated horse lovers of all ages.

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