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The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice chapter 1 The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, meaning The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, genre The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, book cover The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, flies The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice 98c28a7817c3d Is There No Explanation Of The Mystery Of The Haunted Hotel Is The Haunted Hotel The Tale Of A Haunting Or The Tale Of A Crime The Ghost Of Lord Montberry Haunts The Palace Hotel In Venice Or Does It Montberry S Beautiful Yet Terrifying Wife, The Countess Narona, And Her Erstwhile Brother Are The Center Of The Terror That Fills The Palace Hotel Are Their Malefactions At The Root Of The Haunting Or Is There Something Darker, Something Much Unknowable At Work Jacketless Library Hardcover

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    Intriguing opening chapters view spoiler this is how much I downloaded the Serial Reader app and liked the first chapter so much I couldn t wait for the rest, so I downloaded the free Kindle copy hide spoiler

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    This is my third Wilkie Collins novel and I loved it just as much as the other two.We follow the story of a family who have been told of their relative s death whilst on his honeymoon in Italy None of them want to believe the letters confirming his death and they all begin to feel rather suspicious of his new wife especially as rumours are spread around London regarding her past They decide to set out to Italy themselves to uncover the mystery behind his death On reaching the hotel each family member experiences something of the paranormal and they begin to question whether their relative really died in the innocent ways that have been described to them the mystery deepens What happened to their relative in the hotel What will they uncover whilst sleeping under the roof where he died A brilliantly written and enjoyable read I would highly recommend Collins to any lover of Agatha Christie

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    Ehhhhhhhhh not sure about this one Very slow on the suspense and intrigue and creepiness, but I was definitely suckered in by the foreshadowing Absolutely fascinating characters, and I quite enjoyed the way the Countess was introduced, as it garnered instant sympathy for her and her troubled spirit.Agnes was pretty bland, considering how much hinged on her, but it was balanced by the enigmatic Henry through his devotion to her.The characters were all introduced in different contexts which really enhanced that idea that nothing was as it seemed I liked that I questioned everyone s motives, and each different tale It was cleverly written, that s for sure.I guess what I didn t like was that it all felt like a bit of an anti climax to me It s called The Haunted Hotel but the hotel doesn t even exist until well over halfway through the story The opening chapter was superb, but the rest was really dragged out There just wasn t any horror, and aside from view spoiler the missing courier hide spoiler

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    3.5The last chapters transform this story from decent to pretty good The title promises ghosts, but the way that is handled is subtle and never in your face The supernatural element is there, but it never gets the attention you d expect in a story like this.I found some of the characters beyond annoying though The Haunted House is also a murder mystery You are left questioning what you ve read in the end.

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    0,4 estrellasEs una novela g tica y fiel a su poca Me record mucho a Mi prima Rachel de Daphne Du Maurier Tienen mucho en com n Sin olvidar que esta fue escrita en 1878 y la de Du Maurier en 1951.De lectura gil, su desenlace no defrauda como muchas de su tiempo.La recomiendo

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    Bueno, la narraci n de la historia me ha gustado, es muy f cil y r pido de leer, los personajes est n bien logrados, para m fue un libro de suspenso m s que de miedo o de fantasmas , creo que era predecible lo que iba a suceder.

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    I liked this story It was multifaceted in that it was not just a haunted house story, but also a murder mystery Collins builds the suspense and the feeling of curiosity that keeps the reader engaged I found the writing to be far from dated The language was not antiquated, but felt almost modern in some ways The print for my copy is rather small, and that s the only reason I didn t read it faster Yesterday, I kept saying, I ll read to this point, and to that point, before I knew it, it was quite late and I had to put the book down to go to bed I didn t find the prose melodramatic Instead, I found that Collins is matter of fact in describing horrors It s merely in the reading of such things that the horror is evoked I was quite surprised at the horrible things that had occurred, and it wasn t due to that Campy Gothic or Victorian Penny Dreadful tendency to use outlandish language to evoke a dark, sinister tone I liked his subtle but hilarious humor, particularly in the part in which Francis Westwick goes to the room in question I was laughing out loud on that part.The Haunted Hotel starts out in an curious manner, with a false narrator Which is quite brilliant This beginning narrator never makes another appearance, and I was left to wonder how this plot thread would end up in the titular place Further reading shows Collins tendency to continuously introduce new point of views, leaving it up to the reader to see how it ties together As I consider this novella, I wonder if this was not his way of revealing the intriguing character of the Countess through different eyes So one cannot easily make up their mind about her view spoiler I have to admit that I felt sympathetic to her up to almost the end of the story While what she does is completely heinous and terrible, I felt that her allegiance to her awful brother was no small factor in her moral failing In the end, she seemed to merely live down to everyone s expectations of her, instead of reaching higher Instead of staying true to what I felt was an inner cord of strength, she followed that fatal path to destruction So I admit that in the end, I still pitied her despite her actions I was in no small way surprised that she actually was guilty I thought perhaps she was just a victim of a bad reputation My feelings towards the Countess make me admire this story for the clever way in which it was written hide spoiler

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    Classic Wilkie Collins thoroughly readable and enjoyable.

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