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    Book Review 3 of 5 stars to The Grilling Season, the 7th book in the Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary cozy mystery series, written in 1997 by Diane Mott Davidson This is one of my favorite series, as I always enjoy reading about Goldy s antics In this one, though, we meet the ex husband who abused her so it was a little much to read about the things he did to her, but good to see she eventually stood up for herself It offers a little help for potential victims, but not enough Tho perhaps not the purpose of the book, I do think it should do something to help in the end Always good to see people survive, move on and have a much better life Back to the book Goldy is lovable, but when her ex husband is accused of murder, what delicious revenge Wonder if he did it You ll have to read to find out as I won t give away the spoiler About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    What I liked in my reading The Grilling Season 1 Well developed cast of minor characters.2 Lots of new dishes and foods I might try.3 Plucky, resilient protagonist.4 Nicely done mystery plot that fooled me.5 Vivid Colorado setting.

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    I found this book frustrating and not as enjoyable as the others I have read in this series Goldy s not very nice ex husband found an occasion to break into her house and physically assault Goldy again and to make demands for her to help him by investigating a criminal charge filed against him for murder of his current girlfriend Her son Arch demonstrated that he shares his father s genes by also rudely demanding that Goldy help his father by talking to people and proving him innocent At first Goldy refused but then proceeded to do exactly that Even when she was trying to help, Arch was quite obnoxious to her and finally informed her that he was moving out of her house to stay with a friend until after his father s hearing I was totally disgusted with both father and son Many of the characters in this book were obnoxious, rude, and unlikeable I found myself wishing Goldy would tell her ex what she really thought of him and not allow him to treat her so badly again I also wished she would quit trying to protect her son from the ugly truths about his father and that she would insist Arch stay at home I also admit that I hoped Goldy would stay out of it and let the police handle it and determine whether the jerk was guilty or not Look how many things he had gotten away with over the years

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    I usually enjoy these , but Arch was terribly frustrating in this one.

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    Ah, the halcyon days of summer in Colorado nothing like them One woman wants to have a Stanley Cup party to belatedly recognize the achievements of the Colorado Avalanche hockey team she s also bent on getting revenge against caterer Goldy Schulz s ex husband, an abusive ob gyn Indeed, it s the grilling season, and it s the perfect time to find a bruised and beaten body in a ditch Just ask Goldy that s exactly what she s done In hope of finding her abusive ex husband at the home of his new girlfriend, Goldy drives there as this book opens only to find the woman s body battered and lifeless in the ditch.Goldy s never felt entirely safe since the divorce, and the thought of a long prison term for her abusive ex has a certain amount of appeal Despite how it looks, the abusive ex emphatically denies he killed the woman, and Goldy s teenage son insists that his mom do all she can to clear his dad s name Obviously, that flies in the face of everything Goldy would like to see, but she cannot ignore the fervent pleading of her son, and so she sets out to investigate Her ability to do that is hampered somewhat by the fact that she s a witness having found the body and even witnessed the arrest of her ex husband.This is another well written book filled with some of the fun and memorable characters with which readers of this series are already familiar and a couple of new ones This is a book where tempers explode and so does the occasional barbecue grill And of course, there s the suspenseful part near the end where Goldy s life is endangered.I very much enjoyed this book, but I confess I skipped the recipes Most of what the caterer and amateur sleuth made in this volume just didn t appeal to me There aren t any descriptions of sex in this book a good thing for those who prefer to use their imagination rather than have things explicitly spelled out for them There s a smattering of profanity in here, but it won t likely leap off the page and kill your enjoyment of the book.

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    It has been a long time since I have read a Diane Mott Davidson book I know, it is a love hate relationship with some readers, but there is something about Goldy that I like Her capers might be on the silly side and her son reads immature than his age, but that is what happens when your characters live is a small community in Colorado where everyone knows each other and Goldy shares the same abusive ex husband with the lady down the street.Goldy has been hired to cater the Babsie think along the lines of a Mattel fashion icon with a very similar name Doll Collectors convention, but that takes a backseat when the girlfriend of her ex husband is found murdered with similar markings to those that brought Goldy to the emergency room on numerous occasions Everyone knows that Dr John Richard Korman is volatile and abusive, so the imagination is not stretched too far when he is arrested for the murder.Goldy s adolescent son Arch begs for his mother to help prove his father s innocence, which puts Goldy in a predicament She fears this man, but would do anything she can for her son What she finds out is that John Richard s world is crumbling and Suz Craig, the now deceased girlfriend, was at the center of it Unfortunately, Dr John Richard Korman is not the only one that is having issues with this manipulative, back stabbing woman and as Goldy digs, suspects are coming to light until the final moments on a glass slick floor in the middle of a doll convention.I did not like the whiney tone of Arch or the ridiculous, seemingly pulled out of nowhere, reasoning behind the murder but in a long series, there is a lot of give and take and sometimes one book will appeal to you than others That being said, I will continue and hope that Arch will grow up and Goldy will one day be able to leave her ex husband in the past.

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    AudiobookFirst off, if someone tries to car nap you or attacks you by your car, honk your frickin horn Secondly, Goldy had been in an abusive relationship with her first husband where among other things he hit her thumb with a hammer They now have a teenage son As this story enfolds, his dad is accused of killing his girlfriend that he admits mixing it up with Arch asks Goldy to help get the dad off She tries but after the dad comes and beats Goldy up again, while she s standing there with a bleeding wrist and black eye, Arch tells her that he s going to leave because if she would have really been helping get the dad off, the dad wouldn t have come to the house angry and this wouldn t have happened He tells her that he knows she deep down wants the dad to go to jail, but that s not fair And then GOLDLY FEELS GUILTY Everytime Goldy turns around, Arch is saying he s going to live with his dad who really doesn t want him The narrator tries to portray him in a hurt soft spoken voice but really it should be narrated with a snotty sneer After the black eye encounter, I would say, Go ahead, live with your dad then Just don t do anything to piss him off If he mixes it up with you, call me and I ll pick you up What a selfish, uncaring kid I know he still loves his dad and is not to blame, but when the evidence is all over his mom s body, how can he turn around and blame her I think the author was totally off the mark with how she had this scene play out So the book went from 4 stars to 3 stars because of the TSTL moments with the car and the writer somehow thinking that she s portraying Arch sympathetically.

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    I SWEAR I remember liking this series when I was a teenager, so I keep plugging along, but I m finding myself frequently disappointed The two most annoying parts of this book are 1 Goldy being an ABSOLUTE DOORMAT really, you re going to let your fourteen year old son move out of the house without even a discussion and 2 not enough action Davidson spends most of the book setting up an extraordinarily complicated backstory about HR issues at a local HMO, and it s dull as can be Now, to decide whether I want to press on to 8 or just throw in the towel

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    I love this author s books but I was so distracted by Goldy s musings about the domestic abuse she endured while married to her ex husband that I couldn t get into the actual murder mystery It was very heavy handed and I honestly was disappointed I was looking for a light hearted mystery and this wasn t it My Rating 1 starDisclaimer I received this book as a Christmas present.

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    Once again I really enjoyed this Goldy Bear mystery The characters are believable and the story line keeps you reading till you know the ending I am on to my next in the series Note these books stand well on their own and it not necessary to read them in order to understand one or the whole series.

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The Grilling Season summary pdf The Grilling Season, summary chapter 2 The Grilling Season, sparknotes The Grilling Season, The Grilling Season f0a85f0 A Chilly ReceptionCaterer Goldy Schulz Has Been Hired To Host A Hockey Party But The Proceedings Won T Be All Fun And Games Unfortunately, Her Client Won T Be Satisfied Until Goldy Adds A Hefty Serving Of RevengeAn Ex Husband From HellPatricia McCracken Is Certain That Her Obstetrician And Her Penny Pinching HMO Are Responsible For The Loss Of Her Baby Now She Is Suing Both, And She Wants Goldy S Advice On Coming Out On Top For Dr John Richard Korman, Aka The Jerk, Is None Other Than Goldy S Abusive Ex Husband Goldy Knows All About John Richard S Secret Life But Even She Is Shocked When He S Arrested For The Murder Of His Latest GirlfriendA Dish Best Served ColdAs Much As Goldy Would Like To See Her Ex Get His Just Desserts, Could He Really Be A Killer Soon She Will Find Herself Sifting Through A Spicy Mix Of Sizzling Gossip For Clues To A Mystery That Threatens Her Catering Deadline, Her Relationship With Her Son And New Husband And Even Her Life

  • Paperback
  • 401 pages
  • The Grilling Season
  • Diane Mott Davidson
  • English
  • 15 December 2017
  • 9780553574661

About the Author: Diane Mott Davidson

New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson wrote three novels before one was accepted for publication when she was 41 She has since written 14 mysteries, all featuring Goldy the caterer In addition, she has written short stories and poetry for various publications Davidson has won the Anthony Award from Bouchercon, and has been nominated for the Agatha, another Anthony, and the