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The Grand Babylon Hotel txt The Grand Babylon Hotel, text ebook The Grand Babylon Hotel, adobe reader The Grand Babylon Hotel, chapter 2 The Grand Babylon Hotel, The Grand Babylon Hotel 0316dc The Grand Babylon Hotel Is An Exclusive London Establishment, And American Millionaire Theodore Racksole, Visiting The Hotel With His SpiritedYear Old Daughter Nella, Decides To Buy The Place What He Hasn T Counted On Is Having To Deal With A Criminal Conspiracy Whose Purposes Are Not At All Clear, And Events Take An Unexpected Turn As Theodore And Nella Play Detective Replete With Evil Villains, Physical Dangers, And Secret Passages, The Grand Babylon Hotel Is A Mesmerizing Thriller That Will Be Enjoyed By Mystery Lovers Everywhere Newly Designed And Typeset In A ModernByInch Format By Waking Lion Press

About the Author: Arnold Bennett

Enoch Arnold Bennett always known as Arnold Bennett was one of the most remarkable literary figures of his time, a product of the English Potteries that he made famous as the Five Towns Yet he could hardly wait to escape his home town, and he did so by the sheer force of his ambition to succeed as an author In his time he turned his hand to every kind of writing, but he will be remembered for

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    If you are looking for an amusing and easy to read novel with lots of mystery, political conspiracy, espionage and interesting characters all bound together with a splash of romance and humor then The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett can be a satisfying choice Written in 1902, this is a pretty fast paced novel with plenty of silly action and has a certain charm of simplicity that is common with the plots and mysteries of the books from the early 1900s At the beginning of this story, the reader is introduced to the protagonists, Theodore Racksole, an American millionaire and his daughter Nella while they are dining at the luxurious Grand Babylon Hotel in London When Nella s order of a filleted steak and a bottle of Bass beer is turned down by the pretentious head waiter of Grand Babylon, in a spontaneous reaction Theodore Racksole purchases the entire hotel from it s current owner After acquiring the hotel a string of strange happenings occurring at its premises start to intrigue Racksole The disappearance of some of the hotel staff the death followed by the disappearance of the dead body of a guest at the hotel the mysterious case of a missing Prince who was supposed to be a guest at the hotel all makes Racksole start suspecting about some foul play When the Racksole s decide to investigate about what is happening at their hotel they soon gets embroiled in a big political and criminal conspiracy, leading to a thrilling adventure spanning across the Europe Despite the plot being highly preposterous, The Grand Babylon Hotel with it s narrative style matching a fantasy For me this style of narration was the plus point of this book can occupy the reader with a leisurely reading experience and the pandemonium that the author generates with his narrative keeps the entertainment level pretty high Recommended for fans of lightweight adventure mysteries from the early 1900s fans of modern fiction may find the level of adventure and mystery a bit flat For me The Grand Babylon Hotel was an amusing read.Actual rating 3.5 5

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    First published in 1902, this first appeared as a serial in the, Golden Penny Having finished this, I do think it probably worked better as a serial, rather than a novel It is something of a melodramatic farce, with characters rushing about all over the place and, obviously, Bennett needed to have cliff hangers to keep readers interested.It begins with American millionaire, Theodore Racksole, and his daughter, Nella, staying at the Grand Babylon Hotel in London Nella s request for a steak and beer are not appreciated by Jules, the snobbish, icy waiter Indeed, the hotel itself seemed to have an aura, which informs guests, no one had originally asked you to come no one expressed the hope that you would come again Still, Racksole is not a man to take rejection well and, when his daughter s request is declined, he responds by buying the entire hotel It is soon apparent that odd things are going on in the hotel There is a missing Prince, kidnappings, strange deaths and vanishing bodies Nella throws herself into danger, attempting to discover what is going on and Racksole also becomes involved The story largely revolves around the hotel, but also involves trips to the Continent, dubious hotel employees and a little romance It is an interesting period piece, but to be read out of curiosity than for enjoyment.

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    Really a very charming book written in the early 1900 s.The Grand Babylon Hotel luxury and elegance, mystery and romance in London Light hearted tale with enjoyable characters, a pleasant easy story with an almost fairy tale quality I listened to an audio version and I thoroughly enjoyed this book

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    A delightful lark a humorous Edwardian mystery, told in short chapters, each ending on a cliff hanger or surprising revelation written for serialisation It sounds clich d, but is so well done, that it merely adds to the charm.Theodore Racksole is an American millionaire who owned one thousand miles of railway, several towns, and sixty votes in Congress He and his daughter, Nella, visit The Grand Babylon Hotel in London, which he buys on a whim because the head waiter refuses to serve steak with a bottle of Bass.After this extravagant fit of pique, Racksole decides he rather likes the idea of actually running the place, frequented as it is by European royalty and other curious characters, but there is intrigue than he first realises, which he and Nella are soon uncovering and trying to solve Racksole is rich, but money does not make him as omnipotent in London, where he is unknown, as it did in the US.There is death, disappointment, disguise, political scheming, minor royals, kidnap, assassination, message drops, secret passages, secret passwords, foreign travel, chases, assignations, love, rejection, and anything else you might expect from the genre, all crammed into just over 200 beautifully written pages.Plausibility isn t its strong suit, and I wonder about Nella s motivation in particular, but it s a tribute to Bennett s writing that it mattered not a jot to me I kept turning the pages with joy and anticipation My only regret is that it wasn t longer.At times, it has a feel of Oscar Wilde That air of profound importance of which only really first class waiters have the secret The calculated insolence of the words was cleverly masked beneath an accent of humble submission An amiable scorn blended with an evident desire to propitiate and please The functions of a head waiter are generally ornamental, spectacular, and morally impressive than useful His indifference was so superb, so gorgeous, that Racksole instantly divined that it was assumed for the occasion The difficult task of retaining one s own dignity while not interfering with that of other people The clever and calculated insolence of his tone cut her like a lash as she lay bound in the chair It is astonishing how well a secret can be kept when the possessors of the secret are handled with the proper mixture of firmness and persuasion A prince is never seriously ill until he is dead Such is statecraft Others are Wodehousian Like all people who have lived easy and joyous lives in those fair regions where gold smoothes every crease and law keeps a tight hand on disorder, she found it hard to realise that there were other regions where gold was useless and law without power She stood like a statue of scorn The deck was as white and smooth as her own hand All the brass work, from the band round the slender funnel to the concave surface of the binnacle, shone like gold The tapered masts stretched upwards at a rakish angle The rays of sun fell on her caressingly, like a restorative All around the water was changing from wonderful greys and dark blues to still wonderful pinks and translucent unearthly greens the magic kaleidoscope of dawn was going forward in its accustomed way, regardless of the vicissitudes of mortals.

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    In 1902 Arnold Bennett told the world an extraordinary tale of events at london s most prestigious hotel The Grand Babylon Hotel A hotel founded in 1869 by F lix Babylon, the son of a successful Swiss hotelier, to offer the finest service and the utmost discretion to royalty and the creme de la creme of European society He succeeded in creating the hotel of his dreams He had a peerless team to support him Jules ran the dining room, Rocco ran the kitchen, and Miss Spencer ran the reception desk Bust everything changed when multi millionaire American Theodore Racksole, and his daughter Nella, come to stay It is Nella s birthday and her proud father tells her she must have exactly what she wants for dinner She asks for fillet steak and a bottle of Bass for dinner Not what is expected of a young lady, and Rocco refuses to cook and Jules refuses to serve Her father is not amused, and he goes straight to the top When he gets there he offers to buy the hotel His offer is accepted F lix had been wanting to do other things, and could see that Theodore really understood the philosophy, and the hard work, that underpinned the hotel s success But he gives Theodore a warning that a hotel that offers service and discretion to the great and the powerful would also attract plotters, schemers, and evil doers He was right An equerry is found murdered His body disappears A prince fails to arrive for an important meeting in the hotel The new owner realised that his hotel was indeed full of dubious characters and that many of them were on the payroll Father and daughter decided that they had to get to the bottom of things They find secret plots, shady dealings, kidnappings, secret passages, narrow escapes, heroic rescues, shocking confessions action and drama at every turn And just a hint of romance I liked the hero and heroine I must confess that hadn t been sure about him at first, but I soon sure that he was a good, honourable, straightforward man who was than ready to support his words with actions And that she was most definitely her father s daughter I liked the settings too the story took in every corner of the hotel, and it travelled back and forth across the English Channel to continental Europe as well It was all highly improbable, but the construction of the plot was very clever, and I can t fault the logic at all The style was simple and straightforward, the story was compelling, and so I turned the pages quickly It felt to me like a children s adventure story for grown ups not great literature, but a great entertainment.

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    Entertaining tale of skullduggery with a bit of romance, set in a grand London hotel.

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    I had read only his The Old Wives Tale, and my review states it is mostly characterization with a small amount of plot The Grand Babylon Hotel is the opposite mostly plot with a small amount of characterization I remarked to myself than once how different these two titles are and yet definitely the same author The wit is the same The cellar steps were happily not difficult to discover, for in moving a pace backwards Prince Aribert had a narrow escape of precipitating himself to the bottom of them.At least one other reader has suggested this is farce, and a good description I normally would not appreciate farce, as I think my sense of humor doesn t generally run in that direction It may be that this was old enough and short enough that it appealed to me There were definitely a few ludicrous situations I thought almost keystone cops a time or two It is a definite villain or two being chased by a millionaire and his daughter, one outsmarting the other often enough, the one getting into trouble often enough I knew the victorious music was surely to heard in the next chapter And so I happily kept reading.The last thing I noted is that Arnold Bennett and Thomas Hardy were friends It s hard to imagine Bennet with his fairly light works, and Hardy with his oh so dark ones ever having enough in common to find something to talk about But there you have it It may just be that each so understood the work of authorship that it provided the stuff that makes a friendship.I can t give this 5 stars, though it certainly provided enough enjoyment I certainly am than willing to hand them out, but I like the books to have a bit heft, either for emotional content or something to contribute to my personal growth or knowledge This had neither, but I most certainly enjoyed it and it s getting 4 stars.

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    This feels like Bennett having a book holiday as he leaves his serious self behind for a romp of a novel which reminded me of The Prisoner of Zenda With murders, kidnapping, blackmail, a feisty heroine, a romance, a Balkan princedom, dodgy waiters and an American millionaire who can t get what he wants to eat on the menu so buys the world famous luxury hotel with a click of his finger, this is fun and fast paced A switch off read with class.

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    Follow that carriage commands the heroine as she jumps into a horse buggy and gives chase Did Arnold Bennett launch 1902 the classic line, Follow that car Some of the writing is charmingly witty, but it s still a creaky serial, written over 2 weeks in Bennett s early career, which hosts schemers, evil doers, plotters and mischief makers at a grand London hotel and involves a Balkan prince who may renounce a throne for love.My year at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC, missed this pandemonium.

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    Is this really the same Bennett that wrote The Old Wives Tale Wow Well, nothing deep in this book It was fine, I really enjoyed the beginning, the little tussle between the head waiter and the millionaire that starts the craziness that follows was quite funny As a light adventure mystery, its not bad, but not awesome either I far prefer Bennett s serious novels.

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