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The First Part Last txt The First Part Last, text ebook The First Part Last, adobe reader The First Part Last, chapter 2 The First Part Last, The First Part Last f6bebb Bobby S A Classic Urban Teenager He S Restless He S Impulsive But The Thing That Makes Him Different Is This He S Going To Be A Father His Girlfriend, Nia, Is Pregnant, And Their Lives Are About To Change Forever Instead Of Spending Time With Friends, They Ll Be Spending Time With Doctors, And Next, Diapers They Have Options Keeping The Baby, Adoption They Want To Do The Right Thing If Only It Was Clear What The Right Thing Was

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    The First Part LastThis book is about a boy name Bobby and his girlfriend Nia Bobby is about to be a father and dosen t know what to do I would recommend this book to any teen mothers or teen fathers that are struggling through this world My favorite character is Bobby because he stood up to take care of his daughter but even though he wasn t prepared to be a father, he stayed strong through it all My leasrt favorite character was nobody because I could basically relate to everybody in the book I think the author wrote this book or her intentions were to inform young teens out there about teen pregenacy and since it wasn t such a powerful book, her intentions were to teach kids a lesson and learn there mistakes in life The portion of the book that capitivated my attention was when Nia found out that she was pregant What kept me reading this book was because it was interesting and would help me out in life I wasn t able to predict out the ending because I never figured Bobby would end up having to raise Feather on his own, staying with his father, and Nia having to live in a nursing home for the rest of her life If this book was made into a movie, the actors I would choose would be for Bobby,Evan Ross, and for Nia would be Keke Palmer The emotions I would have to say about me while reading this book would be split personailty because some of the things in the story I could relate to and some I couldn t My favorite line from the story was I can tell you how it is to feel as brand new as my daughter even though I dont know what comes next in this place called Heaven.

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    Winner of the Printz Award and the Coretta Scott King Award, I was ready to like Angela Johnson s The First Part Last And then the brief first chapter concludes with this street prose poetry Things have to change.I ve been thinking about it Everything And when Feather opens her eyes and looks up at me, I already know there s change But I figure if the world were really right, humans would live life backward and do the first part last They d be all knowing in the beginning and innocent in theend.Then everybody could end their life on their momma or daddy s stomach in a warm room, waiting for the soft morning light I was so ready for what appeared to be a novel that was doing to deliver something important.Unfortunately, for my taste, the end of the first chapter was the height of my curiosity and interest which is a shame because this is an important story to tell and there are young people who will enjoy reading it But I m not them they can write the glowing this changed my life review.Did I mention I am just disappointed I feel so set upFor example, the narrator and protagonist, Bobby, does a little graffiti on a blank wall Actually, he spends the day at a psychological crossroads He is spray painting his life, his fears, his dreams he is creating this symphony of a young man in pain on a wall And then is arrested The fuzz always so inconveniently intruding on great artthe problem for me as a reader is that I never saw him as an artist prior to that moment or even later I don t necessarily mean that I needed to see him spray paint his way through the novellabut I was hoping to learn about him, to come to care for him, in the way he saw people, or the pavement, or the pigeons.All I feel that I learned about him is that he is tired teenager He is tired from having to wake up to take care of his baby.And he has a nice father and generally supportive extended family including his friends.The pieces are here They really are But it just doesn t fit together for me.Being the first Printz Award winner or Honor Book I didn t really care for, it feels like an outline of something that will become an emotional journey written in street prose poetry that went to print long before all of the emotion or most the poetry made its way in there.

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    There s a bit of Benjamin Button at the very start of this book I figure if the world were really right, humans would live life backward and do the first part last They d be all knowing in the beginning and all innocent in the end I think that s when I had decided that I would like this story I listened to the book, and I m sure that this made a big difference as well There was something very sincere and very true about Khalipa Oldjohn s rendition of the story He embodied the narrator and the story quite perfectly with just the right pauses, just the right intonations, and a perfect empathy.As for the storytelling itself this short novel is somehow able to keep perfect balance between the tumult of a teen aged father having to care for his newborn infant, named Feather, and the way things were, which begins with Bobby and Nia finding out that they are pregnant That aspect of looking back feels a bit slower, feels a bit meditative, and yet there is no sentimentality in the past or the present There is a sense that despite Bobby s desperation and the ups and downs he feels, he will find a way to make things work His and Feather s happy endings have to do with being together and living from one day to the next, making things work in an imperfect world Some part of me wished that certain aspects of the story could have been fleshed out a little Bobby s relationship with teachers at school, or that of his friends or family However, the brevity of this novel does focus your attention on Bobby s story, and the sharply new path his life has taken with Feather.

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    I picked up this book because one of my students had talked about wanting to read it It was also on many of the literature award posters I have in my classroom, so I knew that it came highly rated The book comes from the perspective of a teen father raising his newborn daughter on his own The plot is delievered in flashbacks, which are labled as then and now , and this style really drives the intensity of the situation and the decisions that help shape whether or not Bobby and his girlfriend are going to keep their baby I think this book is an important read because it takes on an angle that isn t seen in most teen books The inner anguish that Bobby deals with, and the language Johnson uses to describe this with really makes this book worthy of the attention it has received.

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    I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED THIS BOOK This book is great it took me all of 24 hours to read it, and it kept me hanging of the edge of my seat every time i picked it up to read Angela johnson did a great job mixing a love story with a problem that two teenagers had to face in their lives, A BABY This book has such a great story line because it s something that really happens in everyday life It teaches you that when you make a mistake most of the time there is going to be consequences READ IT, READ IT, READ IT ITS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I VE EVER READ.

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    The First Part Last by Angela Johnson, is a great book about a boy named Bobby He and his girlfriend Nia are having a baby and they re only 16 years old They are confused about what to do with the baby They don t know whether to keep the baby or put it up for adoption In the story bobby is the one keeping Feather, their baby girl This fiction tale goes back and forth between Bobby s present and his past So there sort of telling the story in a different way The mood or theme of this book is sort of not really sad but something in between sad, happy, and Well lets just say that it could be a emotional book for some people The setting takes place in New York City and e the main characters are Bobby, Nia, Feather, K boy, and J.L The overall purpose or authors purpose in writing this book is to inform teenagers on what can happen if they do not use protection or things like that Lately many teens are getting pregnant and don t realize how having a kid can hurt you Besides being in school how are you going to take care of the baby during the day If you drop out of school how will you get a job What about the rest of your teenage life will be messed up because of a baby This book shows what Bobby did and how you could handle something like that This book is really powerful in informing teens about this kind of stuff Explaining, sort of, what your life will be like after having a baby or something This book isn t really like anything I ve read before and I really liked it Many teenagers, female and male, should read this book The strengths of this book is that it s very informative about what going on in the book and similar things like that The weakness is that it goes back and forth from now and then so much that it can be a little confusing at times for me but other than that the book was great I am definitely going to read another book by this author in the near future.

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    The First Part last was a very touching book that I never imagined ever reading Seeing the perspective of a young boy becoming a father dealing with horrific and traumatic issues I never thought a young father would experienced touched my heart As I started reading the book I could not keep up with the way the book was laid out like going from now to then, back and fourth I got confused in some parts of the book but I was able to see the connection of why they put it like that way in the book I was a little sad that the mother Nia only spoke once in the book, I was hoping to see from her perspective but I guess the reason behind her not being so involved in the story was due to the issues that happened in the end Seeing the side of the male figure in a young pregnancy and young parenthood was a nice new fresh way of seeing something different I always see the side of girls getting pregnant at a young age and dealing with the consequences later But seeing the father and looking at the experiences and challenges he went through was something I did not expect to see or even tell through him Throughout the book when he would mention nia loved this or nia always did that, I questioned myself and took notes on why kept reminiscing on what his girlfriend did or loved It felt like it was foreshadowing to her passing away but in the end to him it was like her dying or losing her for good I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a friend or family member deal with young pregnancy and parenthood I was moved emotionally and mentally from this book by giving me a new perspective to look at.

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    The First Part Last is a very inspiring and thoughtful story It s about a teenage boy named Bobby who gets a girl named Nia pregnant He struggles between giving his baby up for adoption or keeping it When Nia goes into a coma during her labor, he decides to keep it to have a part of her with him But he still remains stressed.I think that this story teaches kids that it isn t as easy as some may think to raise a child when you re young Bobby still had to go to school and try to make money This is a problem that many teens and young adults struggle with now a days It s a reality for many, but some can just imagine I also think that this story would be a good story for anyone who has lost a loved one It s inspiring to see that Bobby still tries hard to take care of his daughter and to make a life for himself even though he misses Nia I think that no matter how hurt you are by something, if you have another person in your life to take care of, you should try and put that behind you for the time being Especially if it s an infant They have needs I think Bobby will be a good parent in the long run It just takes time.

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    UmmI read this book at work today, so it s obviously a quick read I was definitely underwhelmed It s a Printz award winner, but that must be for the concept because I didn t find the actual story or writing to be very compelling The novel is told from the point of view of a teen dad, but it s completely superficial and I found no real depth to it Bobby, the father, is doing the responsible thing by raising his infant daughter after his girlfriend goes into a permanent vegetative coma during labor but this book lacks insight that I think it would have had if it were told by a female narrator Essentially, all the reader sees is him hold the baby and change diapers The story barely touches the surface as to how his life has changed after becoming a father other than to comment several times that he is tired or looks tired.Meh.I DO think that female tweens and teens would like this book, but not so sure that a male reader would be all that interested Definitely high interested low level I d recommend accordingly.

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    A quick, cute read The reader wonders why Bobby, at age 16, has chosen to raise his newborn daughter on his own The answer is revealed through a series of happenings that switch from present day to past, and that answer is quite heartwarming It is perhaps unrealistic, but Bobby is certainly a likable character, and a specific demographic would likely enjoy this book because it is so simplistic At only 132 pages, it will not intimidate reluctant readers.

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