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    This book would make me want to talk about why KJ brokeup with Jayd because she wouldn t have sex with him I ve just started reading this book and it captured my attention because it s seems so real In the beginning, Jayd gets dumped by her boyfriend, gets a huge pimple on her nose the day before the first day of school, sees a man get shot, and has to deal with her moms nagging So far I really like this book and I can t wait to read .

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    Read for a genre study on teen urban fic I know this series is super popular with some teens, but I really couldn t get past the fact that the narrator repeatedly referred to sex as giving up the cookies To make things worse, during a conversation on unprotected sex, one of her girlfriends tells her that having sex without condom will make your cookie crumble True story.

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    Okay, so when it comes to African American Urban Literature, I m always on the fence on whether I like it or not The protagonist, Jayd, is supposed to be smart so I thought I would like this book alot But I really didn t The plot wasn t bad, I liked that, it was the slang, the dialogue that got on my nerves Everytime I saw the words, giving up my cookies I wanted to stab myself in the eye There are people who do refer to everyone as sistah or brotha, and speak ebonics I don t mind hearing it, but I hate reading it It s not something that translate well in text sometimes, I think the way it was written was like the editor asked for extra black sass It almost read how white people think black people talk, or maybe there was too much of it for my reading taste I also didn t find Jayd all that relatable, even though there are some things we have in common Like being the smart kid out your group of friends and some people hating you for it but that s where the relating ends I m from Ohio but I grew up poor in the suburbs, so I don t have the same adversities to overcome as a smart girl from Compton who witnessed a drive by, I ve never even seen a gun in real life But anywho, this book wasokay That s all I didn t hate it, didn t love it But I finished.

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    Makes Me Wanna HollerJayd Jackson is a rebel with a mouth, street smart, book smart and wise about the games guys play Jayd is still a typical girl and she fell for one of the cutest, popular guys at South Bay High KJ was the nicest, most considerate boyfriends a girl could want That is until it came time for the cookie distribution Translation, Jayd wasn t ready for sex so Mr Considerate moved on to the next chick It s the first week of school and drama seems to be lurking all around Jayd as she tries to deal with her classes, her family and her first broken heart It would be simpler if she knew precisely who was and wasn t her friend Misty has been posing as a friend for far too long and now that Trecee is in Jayd s face about KJ, her ex, she knows that some type of way Misty is caught in the middle, but how, she isn t certain Drama High The Fight was initially purchased for my younger cousin I usually pre read anything I m considering for her because of the content some authors deem age appropriate Though I believe that this is some mess that high schoolers unfortunately are locked into, I have to say that the whole potions and cleansings were too much for me Even with all of that, I think Drama High The Fight truly reps what high school is like.

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    This book is about a girl named Jayd who was datting a guy named kj but he broke up with her cus she wuldnt give it up too him so, he starts datting this crazy girl named trecee and her ex best friend misty keeps telling trecee all this crazy stuff about jayde wanting to get back with kj but its not true so now trecee wants to fight jayd and the reason this whole thing started was because misty wanted to get with kj so she wanted to get rid of both treccee and jayd and kj admits to jayd that he dosnt want trecce and shes lieing and telling people shes having his baby but its not true she was prego befor she even started datting him and now jayd is talking to this white guy named jermey that she likes and she lives with her grandma who is in to this vudo stuff so some people think jayds crazy and her to best friends and neille and mickey they always have her back no matter what.i really liked this book i have to admit some parts are somewhat boring but for the most part its pretty good.it s a whole lot of drama so for those of u who are in to that this books for u i personaly don t like drama but its funn to read about i plan on reading the whole serries and i think if people take the time to read this book theyd want to read the series too.

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    Don t bother Teens would probably like it, but it is just too silly even for me

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    Sooooo haha this book was okay I enjoyed it but it was the writing that brought down the rating Sometimes the writing was really good and truly captured the voice of Jayd and other times it felt forced I will be continuing the series because I m interested in seeing what s going to happen to Jayd and the rest of her friends Overall a good pick for teen readers.

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    The book I read was Drama high the fight The book is a realistic fiction and the reason I read it was because it looked good and I like books with gangs and problems that I can guess what will happen In the book it takes place in California There are a lot of characters but the main characters are KJ and Jayd KJ is a b ball player how everyone likes and he is know for being a player and that is what he is and he knows that Jayd is a pretty girl who got caught up in the moment with KJ and he decides to dump he when he sees that she will not let him have sex with he broke up with her and all she wants is to know why he said that he and her are over In the story Jayd is at work and she get a call from boyfriend and he said they where over and hung up on her and now she has a girl waning to fight her over a guy and she now has to deal with her ex boyfriend, a guy she likes, her friends, and this girl that wants to fight when she got up on the first day of school she said not drama but wherever she goes drama seems to follow In the story the problem is that her ex boyfriend needs her help because is so called girlfriend says she is having a baby and he is the father even when he know is isn t and hers is that this girl wants to kill her over a guy I don t know how the problem is resolved but I do know I will find out be reading all the books and I can t wait to see what happens My opinion is that it would be a good book for people who like about this that are in the past and present.

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Drama High: The Fight download Drama High: The Fight, read online Drama High: The Fight, kindle ebook Drama High: The Fight, Drama High: The Fight fb65fb1bf569 Brimming With The Same Spirited Sense Of Style And Magic As Disney S That S So Raven, Drama High Introduces A Fun, Brazen New Series Featuring A Young Sistah Who S Learning That Life In The Hood Is Nothing Compared To Life In High SchoolProudly Hailing From Compton, USA, Sixteen Year Old Jayd Jackson Is No Stranger To Drive By Shootings Or Run Ins With The Friendly Neighborhood Crackhead Street Smart, Book Smart, And Life Smart, She S Nobody S Fool Least Of All KJ S, The Most Popular And Cutest Basketball Jock At South Bay High, Aka Drama High Yes, It S A Fact, Jayd Fell Hard For His Player Ways For A Time, But Now That KJ S Shown His True Colors Dumping Jayd Because She Refused To Give Up The Cookies She S Through With Him And His Game Playing For GoodJayd Just Wants To Start Her Junior Year Of High School Drama Free But Wanting Ain T Getting, Especially At A Place Like Drama High, A Predominately White High School In A Wealthy Part Of Los Angeles, Where Jayd And Other Compton Kids Get Bussed To Daily Saying Race Relations Aren T What They Should Be Would Be Putting It Mildly, And That S Just The Beginning Of The Drama Jayd S First Day Back To School, KJ S New Girlfriend, Trecee, Steps To Her Wanting To Fight Egged On By Misty, Jayd S Former Best Friend Turned Nemesis, Trecee Wants To Make Jayd Understand That KJ Is Off Limits Even If She Has To Do It With Her Fists With The Fight Set For Friday, And The Sistah Drama At An All Time High, Jayd Is About To Learn Who S Really Got Her Back And Importantly, When She S Got To Watch It But At Least She Can Always Count On Mama, And Her Mystical Bag Of TricksDrama High Is A Remarkably Assured Debut, And L Divine Is A Tantalizing And Refreshing New Voice Jayd And Her Bold, Honest, And Laugh Out Loud Funny Assessment Of Life, Along With Her Quirky Cast Of Friends, Classmates, Loves, Her Magical Family And Eccentric Neighbors Make For An Irresistible, Can T Put It Down Read