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    Wow.This was just superb I kept hearing buzz so I picked it up at the library to just look through it and check out the pictures there are two sections of photographs and ended up fully engrossed, reading it from cover to cover in a day I knew the facts of the Russian Revolution, and that the tsar and his family were murdered and the bodies lost and Rasputin was real weird and so on and so forth, but this takes you beyond the facts Fleming paints a fascinating picture of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, using the letters and diaries of not just the Romanov family and their close friends, but also the diaries and letters of the common people looking up at them from their poverty And the poverty was extreme, horrifyingly extreme Not that it got any better after the tsar was deposed Good grief, Russian history is horrible This book should have been called Mistakes Were Made, but that could apply to the Romanovs, Lenin, Stalin pretty much everyone It was amazing to read about the opulence of palace life contrasted with the abject poverty and ignorance of the average commoner I had no idea that the distribution of wealth was so extreme, either We talk in our country about the 1% and the 99%, but Russia at the time literally had 1% of people living in palaces with gold plated walls and eating exotic reindeer tongue snacks, while 99% mixed straw and clay with their bread to make it filling.I felt great sympathy for Nicholas and Alexandra after reading this I mean, he was the worst tsar ever The worst He never should have been in a leadership position of any kind, and he was barely even trying to rule, even during the war He was a racist, an anti Semite, and kind of an idiot, but he could have muddled along quite nicely in life as a devoted husband and father, if only he hadn t been put on a throne But he was He had no training, no specific education, and everyone knew he would be a terrible ruler, but they crowned him anyway because the DYNASTY MUST GO ON And Alexandra was a hot mess as well Yeesh Together and separately they were responsible for many horrible deaths, and so much sorrow But nobody, and I mean NOBODY deserves to be trapped in a cellar with their CHILDREN and shot approximately 1,000 times NOBODY THEIR CHILDREN.Their poor children That s what breaks your heart Spoiled and sheltered and yet still basically sweet, good young people, and they MURDERED THEM The man who orchestrated their assassination and took the first shot is burning hell now, that s one thing I know for sure There s a picture in this book of the room they were shot in The walls are covered with bullet holes and bayonet marks, it s absolutely appalling Appalling And for what Did anything improve Spoiler alert everyone continued to starve and freeze to death under communist rule Yay, communism Anyway I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this book and the events it covers We could discuss it at length, but I should probably do some work tonight Suffice it to say This book was riveting If you are interested in history at all, you need to read this If you are interested in Russia, you need to read this This book took the facts of the Russian Revolution and made me actually see and understand it.

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    It makes me cringe to see perfect resource for meeting Common Core Standards on a trade book blurb Savvy teachers and librarians can determine how to use quality books Well researched and artfully written The best book I ve read on the Romanovs for any age.

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    Well Done This YA history was just enough for anyone wanting a general idea of what happened to the fall of the Romanovs, the last Tsar and Tsarina, Nicholas II and Alexandra and their beautiful family What I really loved about this edition of the many books written about The Romanovs is the format the author, Candace Fleming used in presenting the story of the emperor and daily family life, then in chapters titled Beyond the Palace Gates which gave voice to the people These clearly show Nicholas disconnect with the common populace In the audio version Kimberly Farr narrates the main story clearly and succinctly Russian accented narrators bring this period of history to life in their performances of the Beyond the Gates segments These sections were poignant and made this an outstanding read Recommended for high school readers and adults who want an uncomplicated overview of this important piece of Russian history.

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    A breezy and concise historical account of Russia s last imperial reign of Tsar Nicholas II, this non fiction history book reads a lot like a novel.Like with many other similar stretches of history, when viewed in retrospect, the course of events would seem to be so natural and predictable that it makes one wonder, had things been handled with compassion and less hubris by those in power, if the odds of averting tragedies and disasters could ve increased The Family Romanov gives an intimate account of the lives of the Romanov family members, namely, Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, and their four daughters, Olga, Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia and one son and heir Alexei The account starts with the 1884 courtship between teenagers Nicholas and Alix of Hesse who was Queen Victoria s granddaughter , and carries us through to the tragic end of the whole family in July 1918.Juxtaposing narratives of the opulent, hedonistic lifestyle of the Imperial family side by side with anecdotes of the peasant class s everyday scourge of abject poverty, oppression and despair, the author presents a poignant picture of two diametrically opposite worlds, worlds inhabited by two classes that are distinguished by birth and destiny Exaggerated sense of entitlement and obtuseness of the privileged ruling class becomes the cause of its own ultimate undoing.I m just puzzled as to why the French educated Romanovs had not learned from the downfall of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.It is interesting to note that it was not until July 2007 that the remains of Alexei and of one of his sisters were finally found The remains of the other five family members had been uncovered in 1991 I m giving this well researched book 4 full stars.

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    After reading about the Romanov family I definitely want to watch the movie Anastasia The Family Romanov Murder Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia was so freaking good It has definitely been a while since I ve read about the Russian revolution, the Romanov family, and Rasputin Before diving into this book, I feel liked I should say that knowing about Rasputin being real and shit still blows my mind and also makes me cringe He was a creepy dude and I didn t like him one bit.The facts in this book were mind blowing I loved reading the letters throughout the book, whether they were from the actual Romanov family and friends but from the actual people as well The things that they went through were heart breaking I get that Nicholas was put into a terrible position and everyone knew that he would be a terrible leader EVERYONE KNEW and they still went with him becoming the next Tsar I also felt bad for Alexandra because I mean, these two were put into a terrible position with little to none experience or education for them to even do a remotely decent job at being rulers in Russia.They were at fault for a ton of deaths and a crap ton of stuff that went wrong in Russia Again, people knew that they would fail and be absolute shit in their positions So there was no surprise really at how bad things went for them.However, what happened to them and their children was heartbreaking The kids were beyond spoiled and sheltered but they were also sweet and innocent Kind of baffling if you think about it but these kids didn t deserve to die the way that they did No child does The man who initiated this whole things against the Romanov family is an asshole I hope he s rotting in hell forever because the pictures of the room where they were all killed. again, heart breaking I didn t want to look at the pictures in this book. but I also just had to see it for my own eyes.Even after their deaths, nothing improved in Russia People were still starving and freezing to death People were suffering before and after the Romanov family was in power Things probably could ve gotten better if they weren t killed..but we will never know.Overall, this book was an eye opener It made me cry and broke my heart in some areas The pictures mostly killed me a little bit I am so happy that I took a random chance with this book and I will definitely be looking into reading another book by this author in the near future.

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    A blessing for the czar Of course May God bless and keep the czarfar away from us.

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    The difference between this book and others about the Romanovs are the little vignettes between chapters in voices of the people suffering under a Czarist regime.I still recommend Massie for anything Russia No point in reading anyone but him He s much knowledge.

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    I never knew I could read about Russian history and politics and be so captivated It was such a dismal time and there was so much suffering My heart feels heavy after getting to know the Romanovs and then seeing their brutal demise Excellent read.

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    You know, I thought I knew stuff about the Romanovs.I had a well worn copy of Anastasia s Album The Last Tsar s Youngest Daughter Tells Her Own Story as a kid I learned about her and the rest of her family in eighth grade from poor Mrs Reilly, who clearly was tired of fielding questions about the animated film which, imo, is fantastic in every sense of the word she started our Russia unit by informing us all that despite what we might have seen, Anastasia died with the rest of her family, and we weren t going to be talking about what if she survived.But everything I read and learned was written with a lot of leeway given towards the Romanovs If I learned much of anything about the conditions that led to their deaths, I forgot it years ago my memories of learning about the Romanovs go along the lines of Once upon a time, there was a rich, royal, tragic family, and Bolsheviks killed them in a cellar And Anastasia didn t escape. With Candace Fleming s excellent book, it s hard to imagine walking away with the same lessons She doesn t shy away from including the family s flaws and boy, howdy, those were some bone deep flawed people and doesn t get overly caught up in fawning over their picturesque lives Faberge eggs don t come up once, for instance Better yet, she includes stories of the world outside their lives of luxury, and many chapters end with eyewitness accounts of the poverty and hardship the less privileged multitudes experienced By including the stories of the common people in Russia, it becomes strikingly clear just why revolution appealed to the nation And by tracing the political interests of the different factions, she makes it easy to follow how the revolution happened.I have a few qualms that keep me from giving it five stars, though In at least one place, I wanted Fleming to take things a little further than she did She goes into the grand duchesses atrocious, piecemeal education It was fascinating and new to me, but I was reading it going, Well, it sounds like Alexandra absorbed the angel in the house mentality while she was living in England Fleming doesn t bring that up as a possibility, and teens unfamiliar with the concept I certainly hadn t heard of it when I was in the target age group for this book won t be able to make the connection themselves There might be other places she could have given information than she did, but I m not overly familiar with Russian history beyond the visuals of Russian Ark Fleming editorializes than I want in a history book, and I wish there were linked footnotes in the ebook to allow the reader to see her sources for various quotations This is my fuck no, narrative non fiction bias speaking, but I really don t need rhetorical questions like paraphrased Did the grand duchesses stare into a mirror and remember the lace dresses they used to wear before the revolution tossed into a book, nor do I require quite so many adverbs to inform me how various people were feeling and acting.Along a similar line, she ll mention various people saying X or Y, and it s like, how do we know this I much prefer when authors work the contexts of such quotations most are from diary entries or letters, in these cases into the prose, because it makes it easier to evaluate its source Is it Olga recording what she said in her diary or a family member writing it down in a letter or a bystander reporting it in a deposition That information matters to me Or I want a footnote I can quickly click through to see where the quotation originated By the time I ve gotten to the very end of the book, I m usually not in the mood to play match the quotation with things I read chapters ago.Despite these issues, I came away feeling like I understood this slice of Russian history far clearly than I ever did back in middle school This is a fascinating, useful book, and I hope it gets a lot of use in classrooms, libraries, and homes.

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