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The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) chapter 1 The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) , meaning The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) , genre The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) , book cover The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) , flies The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) , The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey OBrien #1) 4f2c21a0852a9 The Moment A Teenage Boy Mistakes Her For Another Girl, Arlene Knows She Knows This Could Be Her One And Only Chance She Knows That Finding And Knowing Her Kidnapped Twin Is Within The Realm Of Possibility And That Possibility, No Matter How Much She Denies She Wants It, Is Something She Can T Pass UpFor OverYears Arlene Kelsey O Brien Thought She Was Okay With Not Knowing Her Identical Twin After Surviving Countless False Finding Emily Alarms, She Thinks She Believes Her Kidnapped Sister Is Better Left Unfound She Doesn T Want To Know Emily, Who Ruined Her Childhood By Getting Kidnapped, And She Doesn T Want To Find Her Either Or So She Thinks Until She Comes Face To Face With Laura Jacobsen Shaken And Confused,Year Old Arlene Tries To Deny The Reality Before Her But Finds That She Can T And When She Finally Faces The Truth, Is Forced To Make An Impossible Decision Will Finding Emily Be Worth The Possible Destruction Of Her Family This , Word Novel Is Intended For Young Adults Or The Young At Heart It Is Currently Available For Purchase In E Book Format On Kobobooks Or

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    I am posting this review on behalf of RJ Redmond This isn t your typical teen romance novel, which is actually kind of refreshing The plot centers on Arlene, a self professed tomboy, who is terrified that finding her identical twin, who was kidnapped when they were two, will destroy her current family dynamic, which sounds pretty fragile She s made a pretty big mistake over the course of her summer, and her lawyer uncle comes up with the great plan of sending her to his alma mater instead of the delinquent centre Her parents and the judge agree, and Arlene has no choice but to go.The story starts with Arlene at the airport, where a teenage boy recognizes her as a girl named Laura, and Arlene begins to suspect that something may be wrong and her time at boarding school may not be the escape from her past she d hoped it would be When she meets Laura her fears are confirmed though she tries to deny that they look alike, there really is no way she can hold on to that belief with people at school constantly mistaking her for Laura and vice versa Needless to say, there is a lot of animosity between Arlene and Laura Arlene doesn t like Laura out of principle and on the grounds that Laura s already screwed up Arlene s childhood, and Laura can t stand Arlene because she s showed up at school with her face, no sense of style, and no discernment when it comes to who she talks to It s kind of The Parent Trap remember that old movie meets Gossip Girl or Private the book The friction between the two girls feels real, and it really kept the story moving.For those of you who love your teen romance, there is a little of that, too, but don t expect any hot and steamy sex scenes or make out sessions Arlene is super shy when it comes to romance, and the friendship she has with Mason is cute and kind of awkward at times He likes her and she doesn t really know what to do about it because she thinks he likes Laura, who won t give him the time of day.For a debut indie novel, this book is written really well, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it I literally couldn t put it down There is humor, there is tension, there is a taste of romance, and the story moves at a really good pace I can t say there was a single moment when I wasn t interested in what was going to happen next The author gives you just enough information to piece Arlene s story together on your own, and she does it in a way that doesn t leave you feeling like the story stalled just so she could expound on the details of her character s history, which I really appreciated The story is told specifically from Arlene s point of view, and the reader isn t told anything that Arlene doesn t already know, so when she s surprised by something that s going on, so is the reader All in all, I really enjoyed this book it is a must read and read again on my bookshelf Good job, Ryleigh, and hurry up with the next one RJ Redmond, Editor, Berkenprins Publishing

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    books like this are why self published e books are very very bad things.The writing is utterly implausible The main character has figured out the whole plot and is fainting over how terrible things are after only two paragraphs No buildup to the shocking discovery, no story telling around it, just the main character going No, No, No, this can t be happening So the main character gets of a plane in a new city, and the guy starts calling her by the wrong name, telling her details that are wrong about her life, and she keeps him around seriously, if someone you did not know came up to you, called you by the wrong name, kept doing it, kept trying to finish an argument with you that you never had, A you would tell them to go away and B you would call the police The writer clearly didn t work with a critique group, and the book is awfully poorly written.

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    I thought this was a great read The plot was good, I liked the characters well enough Yet, I found myself many times having a difficult staying focused on continuing the story There were times where I couldn t put it down, but there were just as many times I found my thoughts wandering or myself fighting not to skip paragraphs from boredom It has a good plot, the characters are likable though I feel as though there could had been character development for many of the characters A good read,

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    WOW The premise was SUPER exciting, and I couldn t wait to dig in and read this book Arlene is a ballsy girl whose last chance before going to a juvenile center, is a boarding school where she meets another doppela girl who looks just like her, only this timeshe doesn t just look similar to Arlene, but IDENTICAL Could Laura be her long lost twin What would it mean for her family What does it mean for her This book is full of teenage angst, and drama, and usually I am not really into it, but the author managed to keep it all from feeling too teenagerish I highly recommend this

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    Gripping StoryThe characters involved are artfully described and I feel as if I will know them if I happened to bump into them Ms Berkenpas vividly draws pictures in your mind so that while you are reading the story, you know that you have been swept up and are an intricate part of the events as they unfold before your eyes I highly recommend this book and know I will do the same with the books that follow

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    A definite page turner The author certainly knows ho to make a book come alive The cleverly placed clues of the past in this lively novel made me curious to find out about the story I m looking forward to reading the sequel

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