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  • Paperback
  • 449 pages
  • The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1)
  • Jessica Sorensen
  • English
  • 16 April 2017
  • 9781461052142

10 thoughts on “The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1)

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    As you can very well seeI haven t even finished the book yet.But I can t hold back what I have to say about this book any longer I m so glad I finally remembered how to put pictures on html sites Yay me I m going to get picture happy now The Fallen Star is Twilight s quoting myself from an earlier comment drunk and sloppy cousin I really don t think that I can actually finish this book, but damn it I am going to try my hardest There is a shit ton of similarities between the two books Let s see These will have to be hidden by spoiler tagspoobut for those of you who aren t really interested in the book, these aren t really all that revealing.1 view spoiler When Alex and Gemma first meet there is ELECTRICITY trailing up and down her bodysound familiar hide spoiler

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    I enjoyed this book so much that it kept me up into the wee hours of the night I was intrigued and completely excited to read this book It started off with a girl Gemma with no feeling and then suddenly she starts having this emotions That in itself was intriguing because everyone has some sort of emotions right Right Then of course she meets this strange Gorgeous guy name Alex who makes her feel all kinds of emotions Want Nostalgia And not to mention that he s hot and treats her like dirt Before I go any further this is sooooo NOT Twilight Not in the least This is the story of a girl finding out about who and what she really is and along the way there are things Death Walkers That do go bump in the night and can kill you Death by Freeze The characters we get introduced to all play major roles in the story There are some minor ones but they still matter and push the story forward Gemma doesn t understand why she hasn t been able to feel anything for most of her life, but now that she is feeling she knows exactly what she s been missing out on She keeps having the recurring dreams of the strange man with the scar on his face ordering her monsters to slay her, barely escaping the dream when she wakes, only to find that the dream isn t a dream at all but the players and monsters are in fact real She feels connected to the stars and can never figure out why until Alex and his sister Aislin come along Although Alex is part of a secret order of so called protectors against her monsters he hides from her the worst of all secrets Yet Gemma is still pulled by their connection the two share, but neither understand Alex being the guy that he is plays on the connection trying to earn her trust Is he friend or is he foe Laylen once part of the same secret society was turned to a vampire and offers some light into her past history Who she was who her mother was and perhaps all is not what it seems to be Who exactly can Gemma trust to help her not only fight her demons but to rescue a woman she sees in visions that was pulled into a lake and taken to a prison beneath the earth There are so many twists and turns in the story and the ending will leave you wanting Sorensen wrote a dark and intriguing book I went looking for the publisher to request a review copy of the next book when it does come out and found that this was self published by the author herself Its very well written Nothing will keep you from turning the page and embarking on the Journey that Gemma goes on I recommend this book hands down

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    GREAT BOOK At first I was having a hard time getting into the story, but once I did I was hooked Gemma s life is far from normal She has no friends, no close family, and lacks any kind of emotion She passes her time basically being a zombie until one day she feels a prickle A prickle of emotionsuddenly she feels anger, pain, sadness, and happiness While trying to decipher her new found emotions she discovers that she and everyone around her are not who they seem Thrust into a world of Keepers, Forseers, and all things that go bump in the night Gemma must come to terms with her new life and everyone in it before it s too late This book leaves off with a HUGE cliffhanger that makes my mouth water with anticipation for the next book

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    The Fallen Star is about a girl named Gemma who was not able to feel any emotions until recently Gemma meets Alex and she feels different around him, and after meeting him she starts to piece to together information about her past and she finds out that the monsters that haunt her in her dreams are actually real summary from book Fallen Star is the first in a young adult paranormal series by indie author Jessica Sorensen The summary for the book, does not say a lot on what it is about, so I will tell you some, no spoilers though.We can see that Gemma is troubled There are some new classmates Aislin and Alex that seem to know things about Gemma, things, she doesn t even know Gemma can be pretty strong willed at times, as well as impulsive But then, there are times we can see the mysteries surrounding her scare her She will soon find out a shocking revelation about her life This is a very creative story, love the fantasy and mysteries around it The world that Jessica has created along with the characters and the magicks she places into this world are very intriguing As this is only part of a series, there s obviously a lot of depth and complexity that she can explore She has Fallen Angels, Fallen Stars, Foreseeres, Faeries, Vampires, Keepers, Witches, Death Walkers, the works really.The plot itself has lots of potential as well The idea of a fallen star is not unique to this story, but the twist and turn she has given it is very original This star can save the world, and that s the intriguing premise and the fun one that can really draw a reader in Also, having the character suddenly be able to feel emotions is an interesting idea I felt that Sorensen could potentially delve into exactly what Gemma s feelings and how she feels it There is a very complex and interesting idea of the soul and emotions tied together, and that being the very essence of a human being is something that she could explore.As of writing this updating I have already read the rest of the series, and will tell you now, that this book is necessary to read to understand it all, but keep in mind, it s a first step in a series, and the characters and story really grow over the series of books, questions you have in this one do get answered, I promise, its written this way It s worth reading, and for sure going on to the next 3 after this one There is even a spin off series that is also amazing, with same characters, with a whole new adventure The best part is how within a few pages you are sucked into the story I stayed up WAY too late doing the one Chapter thing till the wee hours of the morning It hooks you from the first chapter I am hooked on the series, and impatiently waiting for the 2nd in the spin off The Lost Soul is out, and I read it, now waiting for book 2.I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the supernatural with some twist and turns, and suspense.Check out my review blog for stuff and videos too Michelle s Paranormal Vault of BooksBe sure to check out the rest of the books in this series See Jessica Sorensen page to see all her books.

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    Downloaded for free from .co.ukThis was an okay story, but it was a bit slow and long for me.Gemma was an okay character, although she could have done with improving her eavesdropping skills as she kept getting caught She also seemed to ramble a bit.The storyline in this reminded me a bit of a couple of other books, and also of a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, view spoiler where her sister Dawn is actually a big ball of energy which is supposed to be used to close a portal, as that was pretty much the story in this book too hide spoiler

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    My Thoughts HOLY WOW I loved this story In the midst of a dark forest, haunted by the winters chill, I ran for my life quoted from page 1 of The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen That is the first sentence gripping I was in from that very sentence What struck me first is the fantastically visual language The writing is so vivid that I was able to actually FEEL Gemma s panic The characters are mysteriously created with vague descriptions that are intriguing and led me to turn the pages and read on to learn By chapter six I was still in the grip of Gemma s emotions and could feel my heart pounding as I continued to read The story is wonderfully written The characters are fascinating and I couldn t wait to find out all the answers to the questions I had compiled The story finished as strong as it started The characters and the plot developed before my eyes I found myself unwilling to put the book down, always needing to read just one page one chapter The story tells of secrets both kept and told, friendship, duty, and betrayal I love the characters, they drive the story This is a new theme the fallen star with the power to save or condemn the world There are mysteries left unsolved and the story finishes in a heart wrenching cliffhanger Well worth the read

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    Found the heroine a bit hard to relate to or stomach as she was pretty childish, bratty and inconsiderate, not to mention cowardly I really did feel like slapping her quite a few times and telling her to grow the heck up Aside from the very flawed main character and the equally irritating and elusive love interest, the story was interesting enough to keep me reading it till the end Has a slight Stardust mixed with Nightworld feel to it Wouldn t mind reading the next installment to find out what happens next and if the main character manages to grow a pair without whining about it.

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    Meet Gemma She is your typical uncoordinated, I m so uninteresting yet everyone is interested in me loner YA protagonist and small town girl who is actually very special Additionally, she falls for a hot guy even though she sees nothing in him except how good looking he is Bella, is that you She is completely unaware of everything and always manages to make the wrong decisions, typically by doing exactly the opposite of what everyone tells her Oh, so you mean that opening this door might kill me Okay I guess that means I should open this door She likes to point things out about herself and then say, Yeah, yeah, I know, I m such a loser or Yeah, okay, I m a total brat Gemma, you don t need to constantly remind us about these things We know.Meet Alex He is your typical attractive, mysterious, snarky, and flirty male lead who is, of course, also special, forbidden to get with the girl he wants, and has perfectly messy hair all the time Edward, what are you doing in this story I am so attractive that it totally justifies the absolutely horrible way I treat you Now kiss me That s about it This book was awful It is written like amateur fanfiction, and there were so many inconsistencies that I don t even know how I got through it since it felt like I was reading five different stories In one part of the book, Gemma is angry at herself over the fact that she can t read people s lips when they speak Then, later on, on two separate occasions, someone mouths something to her and she flawlessly understands them.There was actually a part in the book that went, He gave me a doubtful look Oh, don t you give me that look too Yes, everybodyGemma just addressed you as the reader It actually happens many, many times Charlotte Bront pulled this off in her novel Jessica Sorensen did not.Also, Gemma mentions how much of a liar Alex is at least 5037 times throughout the book 1 He was usually lying 2 You are such a liar 3 He looked stunned, but like I ve said before, he was an expert liar Then why do you keep talking to him, Gemma WHY And let me indulge you with these wonderfully written excerpts 1 He also had this strange smell to him, like lilacs mixed with forest and freshly fallen rain The smell was intoxicating, and I had to wonder if he had recently stepped out of a rainforest PoeticI guess2 Okay, so I am not a jewelry wearing kind of girl Putting on a necklace was a whole new experience for me This just baffled me I was speechless when I read this sentence Since when did it become a thing for YA authors to FORCE the reader into understanding how different and unique and special their protagonists are Really, Gemma Putting on a necklace was such an exhilarating experience that you had to point it out to me And this one 3 in the middle of an argument, Alex literally GRABS Gemma and forces her up against his chest Well, it s good to see that your wrist is feeling better, he said Yeah It felt so nice when he touched me view spoiler And then he tries to KISS HER hide spoiler

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    The Fallen Star didn t live up to my expectations at all it was an extremely frustrating read.From since before she can remember, Gemma hasn t been able to feel emotion of any sort, she has gone through life with no friends and no family she can talk to Until one seemingly unimportant day, when she feels her first emotion ever, and things spiral downward from there.Gemma was an extremely stupid, naive, boring character, she encompasses everything that is stupid teenage girl From day one she made inappropriate decisions that simply cannot be passed off as adolescent immaturity.My biggest pet peeve with her was her constant running to Alex and her non committal statement confirming that she shouldn t be doing it but she just wants to have a bit of fun after so many years of not feeling blah blah snore Alex lied to her, kept things from her, deliberately distracts her and is obviously using her for not only selfish but dangerous purposes.Gemma never followed anything up, Alex would let something important slip about her past and Gemma would constantly make a point of saying you are not going to get out of telling me this , but does she ever follow through Of course not, which gives Alex the go ahead to continuously lead her on without telling her anything and lying to her the whole way.Even after confirmation that she was being lied to and a perfectly good reason not to go with Alex, she still chased after him.Gemma was a weak character and extremely dull Sorensen tried to make her witty by talking to the reader even going as far to say oh, don t look at me like that but it just didn t work Gemma was not only boring, but extremely dumb After seeming to develop visions of the past and possibly the future, Gemma is given all of the pieces of the puzzle about halfway through the novel to piece everything together, even after the reader was told what was going on at the end of the story, Gemma whose POV we are in, still didn t seem to know what was going on.I m not quite sure what Sorensen was trying to achieve with the character of Alex, but whatever it was, she didn t pull it off at all Alex was a complete tool He was not a handsome broody guy, he was a complete wanker, there is absolutely nothing to like about him, he is a brainwashed, pathological liar He tries to hide behind the I m just a moody guy excuse but no, he is just a malevolent character At one point I actually swore out loud at the book because he promised Gemma that he would tell her everything my kneejerk reaction to that was bulls I also found it hard to get through The Fallen Star because of the horrible editing Usually a few mistakes here and there don t bother me, but whened a sentencing is contantly reads like this and these author seems to haves no concepts of the correct uses of the word there it becoming very frustrate.It read like a first draft basically, errors were everywhere and the book probably could have been at least fifty pages shorter if you simply took out the amount of times certain facts were repeated, sometimes the same line used consecutively over the course of three chapters.The Fallen Star was a big disappointment for me, the characters had no life and were complete contradictions of themselves, the story line relied too heavily on the characters so it never seemed to move and the book was so badly edited that I was tempted to line edit it myself.Find this review at storywings.com

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    Originally posted The YA Bookworm sighs isn t the cover so breathtaking sighs that violet eye is really something.this book is absolutely amazing i enjoyed reading every single page of it, the opening is delivered really good cause the opening is about Gemma having this nightmare wherein a pair of glowing eyes is on to kill her.The concept of the book is hard to get first, cause the title of the book is The Fallen Star and i don t get at first it s relation to Gemma, cause Gemma is actually this weird girl who is incapable of feeling any emotion until a new guy came to her class, Alex then she started to feel this electric buzzing, prickling her skin and then it turns out that a fallen star s energy is reeling through her and that energy is needed to open a gate to release the Death Walkers who by the way are the creatures hunting Gemma s dreams.so the first couple of pages I get to read thought from Gemma it s written in a 1st person POV so i get to witness how childish she thinks and i guess Gemma mirrored the thoughts of what a normal girl will think, added the fact that throughout her life she s been branded as a weirdo and a loner, so i enjoyed reading her perspective she is so darn funny BTW, she reminds me of Anna from the Book Anna and the french kiss.the maybe near half of the book is really good i was so ready to give it 5 stars a lot of supernatural concept is introduced in this book vampires,foreseers,black angel,keepers,faeries,city of crystals so yeah, kinda sound TMI to you right well this book is kinda TMI ish BUT this one is so different, kinda resembles TMI but in a good way, cause some added stuff are introduced here and the concept of foreseers is really something new to me.the ending is such a darn Cliff hanger my mouth was hanging Open OMG darn why did the book end like that, really seriously i have encountered a lot of cliff hangers, but this one is so darn unforgivable ha you wanna know the ending i won t tell you using my most teasing voice you ll just have to read this one to find out ding,ding,ding 5 stars it is review to come

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The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) characters The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) , audiobook The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) , files book The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) , today The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) , The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) 17f84 For Eighteen Year Old Gemma, Life Has Never Been Normal Up Until Recently, She Has Been Incapable Of Feeling Emotion And When She S Around Alex, The Gorgeous New Guy At School, She Can Feel Electricity That Makes Her Skin Buzz Not To Mention The Monsters That Haunt Her Nightmares Have Crossed Over Into Real Life But With Alex Seeming To Hate Her And Secrets Popping Up Everywhere, Gemma S Life Is Turning Into A Chaotic Mess Things That Shouldn T Be Real Suddenly Seem To Exist And As Her World Falls Apart, Figuring Out The Secrets Of Her Past Becomes A Matter Of Life And Death

About the Author: Jessica Sorensen

Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming When she s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.