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The European Union: Politics and Policies summary The European Union: Politics and Policies, series The European Union: Politics and Policies, book The European Union: Politics and Policies, pdf The European Union: Politics and Policies, The European Union: Politics and Policies 687dc5a463 The European Union Is The World S Newest Superpower With Just Six Percent Of Its Population, It Accounts For Than One Fourth Of Global Economic Wealth And Than One Third Of Global Trade Its Governing Bodies Have Won Growing Powers, There Is An Expanding Body Of European Law, And The EU Is Active In Policies Ranging From Agriculture To The Environment, Transport, Communications And Police Cooperation There Are Even Some Who See The EU As The Foundation Of A United Europe, And Argue That Its Member States Are Now Better Understood As Part Of The EU Than As Individual CountriesSince Its Publication In , The European Union Politics And Policies Has Made Its Mark As The Most Thorough And Readable Introduction To The History, Institutions And Policies Of The EU Balancing Description With Analysis, And Offering Multiple Examples Of The Ways In Which The EU Has Changed Europe And The Lives Of Europeans, It Has Become An Essential Guide For Anyone Wanting To Understand The Structure And Impact Of The EUThis Second Edition Has Been Completely Updated And Thoroughly Revised To Take Account Of Recent Developments It Incorporates All The Changes Coming Out Of The Treaty Of Amsterdam, The Launch Of The Euro In , And The Debate Over Eastern Enlargement, And Discusses Prospects For The EU In The Opening Years Of The Twenty First Century

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    A short, concise overview of the European Union s history, workings and interactions with the world, with particular emphasis on the United States The book does become incredibly dry when describing how the institutions work, but I doubt it can be helped If you want to know about what will likely become a growing player on the world stage, I would recommend this one, with a caveat about being prepared for the slog of the how the EU works chapters The history and interaction chapters, though, are interesting and insightful on how the EU impacts and shapes Europe today.

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