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  • Paperback
  • 269 pages
  • The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It
  • Michael E. Gerber
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780887307287

10 thoughts on “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

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    This book tells how to get your business to run without you It shows how to work on your business, not in it It explains how to get your people to work without your interference It tells how to systematize so the business could be replicated 5,000 times It shows how to do the work you love rather than the work you have to do.The E Myth Entrepreneurial Myth is that businesses are started by entrepreneurs seeking profit In actuality, businesses are started by technicians employees who decide to work for themselves The problem is they understand the technical work, not the business itself.Gerber explains that we re all composed of 3 personalities For your business to succeed, you must play each role 1 The Entrepreneur a future focused visionary who pursues opportunities2 The Manager a past focused worrier who plans and organizes3 The Technician a present focused worker who concentrates on the task at handI had heard about The E Myth and Michael Gerber in several places, and finally decided to read it when a successful business owner I respect recommended it so I could learn how to work on my business, not in it I ve worked towards this for my web design agency, OptimWise.As I re read this book, I recognized much of the guidance my business coach, Seth Getz, has used Seth was trained by Gerber.Gerber is at times long winded and repetitive.NotesMost businesses are operated according to what the owner wants a place to work freely , not according to what the business needs growth and change.If your business depends on you, you don t own a business, you own a job.Franchise PrototypeBuild your business as if it was the prototype for thousands of franchises Attributes operated by people with the lowest possible skill not necessarily unskilled, just lowest possible a place of impeccable order all work documented in operations manuals provides uniformly predictable service to the customerGive your customer the service he wants systematically, not personally Create a business whose results are system dependent, rather than people dependent Create a system of experts instead of being the expert.Your product is the feeling of the consumer has when they buy from you, not the commodity you sell How the business interacts with the consumer is important than what it sells.Don t find a need and fill it Find a perceived need and fill it This requires knowing your ideal customer s psychographics.Power Point Selling1 Appointment Presentation Set an appointment Get the customer s emotional commitment by describing your product feelings it gives customer not the commodity actual good or service.2 Needs Analysis Presentation Show the customer their frustration and how you can relieve it.3 Solutions Presentation Provide the rational armament to back up the customer s emotional commitment Give the details of your product, and ask for the sale.Selling isn t about closing, it s about opening opening the customer to feel their frustration, and see the solution you can provide.

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    About half a dozen important ideas buried in a mass of cloying, poorly written prose.The 268 pages dedicated to this text could have been cut to 60 and the book would have been better for it As it is, prepare to skim.The author s habit of inventing characters that compliment him on his own ideas is a recurring and increasingly annoying technique He also compliments his invented characters for their eloquence and drops repeated advertisements for his own company in the text Classy.

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    If it weren t for the condescending, overly simplistic, overly drawn out, incessantly repetitive tone of this book, it would be good it does have meaningful concepts, it just should have been twenty pages long I ve spent years working in consulting where process works when people don t This book took sixty pages to suggest that the poor overworked technician hire help Another fifty pages to explain that you need good processes so that you can hire low skilled people That you define a role and work yourself out of it Jeebus These are bullet points, not multiple chapters The worst offense is how he has a fictional conversation with a fictional business owner and they lay massive complements on each other I can just see the author writing these dialogues with a smitten sense of self satisfaction about how clever he was Major turn off and distraction from the content.Good book for people who think they have a skill that they can monetize but have little to no corporate experience I would not recommend it to anyone who has already been through the corporate America big business grinder.

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    This is a fine book showing some of the flaws of small businesses and why so many fail The author uses a fictional small business owner who started a pie shop and running herself ragged She has a great gift in making pies but is burning herself out She was thinking about how she her job was making and selling pies when her business could and should be so much .Successful companies don t actually sell the products that they make They fulfill an emotional need of their clients For instance, Southwest Airlines is not selling airline tickets but a fun way to travel Disney is not selling you a Mickey Mouse hat but to experience having the innocence of child again Harley Davidson is not selling you a motorcycle but a membership to a rebellious, unbridled culture.My mind went racing while I thought of the four or five companies on my mind.This book finally made some sense about why someone would write a book telling the world their secrets The author possibly has hit a ceiling on the amount of time he can invest the amount of money he can make The only way he could make money is to leverage himself in making CD s, doing lectures, and yes, writing books.The third major point this book made was about systems I really dislike systems in the workplace because they dehumanize the person However, the author made some of the best arguments against this notion I m forced to rethink my ideas on this subject.But if you are a small business owner or are looking to become one, you really have to read this.

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    This book is appears in all must read business books lists.Well, not on mine.While I agree that standardization of processes can go long way, the McDonald s of the world already exist Trying to create another one, is as likely as to aiming to be the next Facebook.The way I work in the corporate world, and the way I see myself working in an enterprise of my own, isn t factory work, follow the manual and nothing but the manual, don t think just execute bogus.We re human working for humans, everyone is different, each need is unique, each problem as its solution While the approach should at least to have standard set of principals, I don t see myself hiring other people to serve as automatonsMaybe I missed the purpose of the book.Or maybe I m just nayve.

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    I read this a few years ago It was the text for one of my husband s business classes He said it was a good book and I said, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY qualifies as one of the most rare phrases to escape his gorgeous lips So I had to read it, see.It s actually pretty amazing I m betting I ll never start my own business, because the things I do tend to be less marketable services and commodities Reading, doing laundry, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Don t think you get paid for any of those things However, if I wanted to start my own business, hypothetically I now feel entirely qualified to do so.Happy entrepreneuring

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    The The E Myth Revisited deals with two major misconceptions about running a business that every small business owner is an entrepreneur and the assumption that working on your business is the same as working in your business This book is an absolute must read for business owners and while on occasion the writing is a little cheesy there are plenty of really important topics discussed in a clear, informative manner, which will help you grow your business in a productive and successful way.

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    I skimmed this book five years ago after hearing about it from some North Point staff members I thought I understood the basic ideas, so for the last five years the book sat on my shelf Until this week I had a chance to listen to the book this week, and will likely add it as required reading for all our new staff members.Great lessons 1 Most people get into business ministry because they like doing something and wish they could do it for themselves Naively, they think they ll have flexibility or earn of the profit Seldom do they consider the start up costs, the risk and the need for discipline or systems These people, says the author, are technicians They have a technical skill, e.g., baking pies preaching but lack either the management tools or the margin to initiate improvements and grow the business.2 As a result, most up to 80% of new business start ups fail, and fail miserably 3 Enter systems Systems allow one to scale and automate and refine in a way that a single individual often cannot Imagine, says the author, designing a business model that can be replicated 5000 times Engineer as much of the operations as possible to be fool proof Break down the components into small pieces that can be managed by someone with very little innate ability and or training 4 Be cautious of talent Too often, hiring talented managers can screw up the system because they begin to turn dials and make changes It may seem counter intuitive, but these self starters can really cause big problems quickly They have a role, but it s in the RD department, not on the execution side 5 Turn training into a game Make it fun for new staff to learn what is expected 6 Measure everything so you can diagnose efficiently 7 Script everything so you can easily achieve consistent predictable results, and maintain the agreed to standard.8 Check lists are common sense necessary for anything you plan to do at least twice Get over the feeling these are for idiots they ensure that they right things are done in the right order 9 There are sales techniques scripts that work Period.10 This is a book I ll probably add to my Every January list for the next few years alongside Acts, The Effective Executive, Getting Things Done, The Art of War, etc.

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    It felt like overnight MBA school Or better A 5 star through and through I never got my MBA I ve build a 6 figure business after resigning from my long corporate career, and I m never going to go for the MBA, but listening to Michael Gerber s E Myth Revisited book, I feel like I just went to overnight MBA School.I listened to the book at 1.5x the speed over several flights and learned SO MUCH and I feel that even if you are a pro small business owner, you ll get a lot out of this book.This is among my top 5 business books mainly because of the highlights below 1 A lot of story and entertaining especially with Michael s entertaining, brilliantly paced narration.2 The stories he tells are unforgettable they make a great business point and hilarious i.e the fat guy vs the skinny guy in your head, the barber story, the technician, manager and entrepreneur battling it out, Sarah the case study hiring Harry and the downfall of that relationships and so on.3 You learn so much about creating fool proof systems that would work without depending on who bought the business if it s a franchisee Gerber argues that if you have a prototype, such as The Franchise Prototype, then you have a system that makes your business work 4 You get inspired, motivated, and learned how to run a small business in such a way that you can still love your life, love your work, make money and not be owned by it all.5 This book was not your typical dry, boring, stiff business book, thank God It spoke from a place of passion, soul, and true enthusiasm and yet it had tons of pragmatism in it.6 Gerber s personal story, which he shares with openness and vulnerability I loved it.7 And pay attention to where he shares the main reason we fail in small business It s that we bring our chaos into the business, so that we end up creating the worst job in the world, because we refuse to change Some of my most favorite quotes from the book and there were so many The purpose of going into business is to get free of a job so you can create jobs for other people The purpose of going into business is to expand beyond your current horizons so you can satisfy a need in the marketplace that has never been satisfied before, so you can live an expanded stimulating new life Don t go working on the commodity, work on the business We must ask How must the business work for it to be a great business, to match our vision, to give us the lifestyle we dream In the business format franchise, the hamburger wasn t the product, McDonald s was How do you build s business that works effortlessly and predictably so that you can build the life you love How do you get free of your business to live a fuller life Your business cannot control you You control it Working ON your business, not IN it The primary purpose of your life is NOT to serve your business The purpose of your business is to serve your life How can I run my business doing the work I Love to do rather than the work I Have to do Business, even a small business such as yours, is both an art and a science And you need a process, a practice, a method and a system that works Practice the craft until the jewel appears one day It is the work raised to near perfection that connects the crafts person to her art Do it until the jewel appears when mastery is achieved Life is what this business is about Let business be your personal transformation Great people create their lives actively while everyone else is waiting passively to see where their life takes them Difference is living fully and intentionally or just existing Keep the curtain UP at all costs, to be open, to be awake, to give up false beliefs It s not your business you have to fear losing It s yourself It s you you re trying to find on the other side The product is what your customer feels about your business, the experience of doing business with you Selling is not closing Selling is opening by going thru the questionnaire process and finding out what all you can offer him or her My biggest takeaway The entrepreneurial dream is a yearning for structure, for form, for control, an escape from chaos, and for something else as well a yearning for a relationship between ourselves and the world in a way that is impossible to experience in a job Now he speaks my language Hope you found this review inspiring enough to go read the book NOW

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    The principles in this book are very good, and I think Gerber nails the reasons why so many small businesses fail The distinction between the roles of Entrepreneur, Technician and Manager are well thought out and reflect reality.The systems Gerber recommends putting into place are stringent, and I feel it would be difficult to transfer them to certain types of business service businesses, and highly skilled technical businesses for example It s very much geared to businesses that provide goods and could theoretically operate a franchise model Nevertheless, some good points and ideas about business development, attitudes and systems are made.The downside to the book is that it s extremely wordy Ideas are repeated in than one way, in a roundabout style The ideas are then reinforced in the semi fictionalised example of a lady in a pie shop, and I didn t feel this added a lot, especially as it tended to regurgitate the chapter with no new ideas If you can ignore the wordy bits, the underlying ideas are worth reading the book for.

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