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The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #1) quotes The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #1) , litcharts The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #1) , symbolism The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #1) , summary shmoop The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #1) , The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (A Domestic Diva Mystery, #1) f8c3e966 Few Can Compete With Natasha Smith When It Comes To Entertaining, But Her Childhood Rival, Sophie Winston, Certainly Tries Natasha May Have Stolen The Spotlight, And Sophie S Husband, But Sophie Is Determined To Rob Her Of The Prize For The Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown She Just Needs The Right IngredientBut Sophie S Search For The Perfect Turkey Takes A Basting When She Stumbles Across A Corpse And When The Police Find Her Name And Photo Inside The Victim S Car, Sophie Will Have To Set Her Trussing Aside To Solve The Murder, Or She Ll Be Serving Up Prison Grub

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    When I was young er pre teen, and I was sick in bed with a cold, or getting over the flu, there were three things I loved to read to escape my woes The Winnie the Pooh Get Well Book, Betty and Veronica comics, and Nancy Drew mysteries Now that I am old er ,cozy mysteries are what I read to help me feel better and stay amused when I am feeling ill, or stressed out to the point that concentrating on something heavier hurts my brain The DOMESTIC DIVA series with Sophie Winston are always my favourites.I am not sure what it is about THE DIVA series that is different than the other cozies for me I just love the setting, the characters and best of all their early morning or late night gatherings over at Sophie s house when everyone tries to solve the mystery over hot cocoa, coffee, tea, wine and or food.

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    This was my first Krista Davis book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I laughed out loud in places, collared at the characters in a couple of others, and I did not know who did it until the end Nicely done Note This is a very clean read no language or adult scenes that I can remember though there are maybe two references to adult situations It s all done very well, and I can definitely recommend this book to all of my friends and readers

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    A fun cozy mystery with lots of food Perfect

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    This is a review of the audiobook Okay, I tried to read this via paperback several times I really enjoy this author s Paws and Claws Mystery series, but I just couldn t get into this other series by the printed word It really irked me that the mother and sister were so dismissive of the protagonist s feelings Frustrating I had to power through those scenes All while being extremely thankful my mom wasn t like that For some reason unknown to me, I decided to get it on audio, which is nicely narrated by Hillary Huber, and I m glad I did Even though the trashing of the crime scene still made me shake my head, I reminded myself that in most of these cozies I have to suspend belief Sophie s rival, Natasha, really bugged me at firstbut then, duh, she s supposed to Still, when I tried via paperback to read her advice at the beginning of most chapters I cringed and couldn t handle them Nevertheless, hearing those outrageous, Martha Steward Perfection expectations made me LOL via audio Too funny Juxtaposed to Sophie s, they were even funnier.I ll continue with the series We ll see if it s via paperback or audio.

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    First book in the Domestic Diva mystery series.Some Dishes Are Best Served ColdFew can compete with Natasha Smith when it comes to entertaining, but her childhood rival, Sophie Winston, certainly tries Natasha may have stolen the spotlight, and Sophie s husband, but Sophie is determined to rob her of the prize for the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown She just needs the right ingredient.But Sophie s search for the perfect turkey takes a basting when she stumbles across a corpse And when the police find her name and photo inside the victim s car, Sophie will have to set her trussing aside to solve the murder, or she ll be serving up prison grub.Loved this first book in the series, with hosting tips heading every chapter With a Great set of recipes that I will trying out in time.NB I preferred Sophie s tips than Natasha s, as I m like Sophie, keeping it plain and simple.With a strong set of characters, well plotted and written A really enjoyable mystery, and will be reading of this series.Published by Berkley Prime Crime, this book can be purchased from most book sellers Also available from in paperback, kindle and audio CD s It is also available to download via Audible.com but not available Internationally.I managed to purchase the MP3 when it came up on offer on UK Narrated by Hillary Huber, and I must say that she made listening very enjoyable.If you like the review and would like to read reviews on other books I have read, visit my blog at www.finalchapterreadersgroup.wordpres like, comment and follow.

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    SighWhere do I begin Was it the strange setting that made everything so alien How can a setting be contemporary yet feel so last century Or the saint protagonist who was supposed to be in her 40s but simultaneously acted 20 yrs over and under that age Or the annoying, bash all of them in the head with a pan side characters The hateful domestic rival, the overbearing mother, the nosy neighbors, and the myriad of current and former relatives who can t seem to stay in their own goddamn homes for one day Ugh Or that weird, nonsensical romance that s there just because a light, culinary mystery s supposed to have one Or the eye rolling, barely there murder plot that was so, so disappointing Or maybe and this was what made me see red that creepy older woman who not only stalked her neighbor for months but also played a horrible prank to mess up his chances with a woman he was interested in And what might you think was everyone s reaction to this They fucking laughed Like it was a harmless joke WHAT THE FUCK If it were a man doing the same he would ve been called a creep, notified to the police and maybe forcefully sent to an old home Makes me so furious that somehow it s okay to peep into people s homes or know whether they send their underwear for cleaning for God s sake just because it s a woman doing it It s NEVER okay Grrrrrr

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    I LOVED this book and couldn t put it down Enjoyed the characters and the mystery so much So happy to find a new to me author.

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    Since I don t really remember reading this in 2017 but I had reviewed it here and it was marked as read I m going to write a better review after re reading for a book club discussion this week Sophie Winston, a party planner and now a columnist of household and good life tips, had always been in some sort of competition with Natasha Smith, who was now living with Sophie s ex husband, Mars Natasha seemed determined to win the stuffing competition Earlier, Sophie had discovered a dead man in a dumpster who turned out to be a private investigator She had adopted the kitten he d approached her with when she was going into the grocery store It wasn t too much longer before Sophie stumbled onto another dead body, that of the man who was in charge of the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown It wasn t looking good for her because Detective Kenner was ready to pin both murders on her Detective Fleishman aka Wolf was sympathetic and not so ready to toss her in jail Sophie needed to prove her innocence and with the help of her good friend Nina, she set out to do just that.This was a fun beginning to this series There were a lot of different characters, but it became fairly easy to sort through and figure out which ones were important I liked that Sophie had a good relationship with her parents as well as her ex husband, Mars Bickering is never fun, lol I got a big kick out of Mars mom June who was totally crushing on one of Sophie s neighbors, an older man named Colonel Hampstead There were a lot of people keeping secrets and just as I thought I had it figured out, that person would be cleared I honestly never saw the killer coming and this was supposedly the second time I read this Maybe I will just use the excuse that going by the date I had down for reading this, I was either pre op nervous or recovering from surgery when I read the first and that s why I don t remember I do want to continue in the series Natasha cracks me up She might be a sort of nemesis for Sophie, but she s pretty harmless I m anxious to see how things heat up between Sophie and Wolf too

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    This won an Agatha award for first novel, but I couldn t finish it It takes place during Thanksgiving and the main character, Sophie, has her hands full with trying to feed and entertain her many guests, and also happened to find both bodies, so she s a suspect Her rival in the book is the woman who stole her husband, Natasha, a Martha Stewart wannabe The Ask Natasha snippets at the beginning of each chapter are funny But I got sick of how the author lists every ingredient that Sophie cooks with as organic this and organic that Also couldn t see how someone who wears a turtleneck with embroidered leaves under a sweater with embroidered pumpkins could be so sought after by the men in the community She sounds like she s in her 60 s instead of in her 40 s Too many characters, none of them enough to keep me interested Perhaps I have outgrown this genre

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    I enjoyed this cozy and would like to read other books in the series Natasha is the diva and writes an advice column and appears to be an expert in entertaining She also happens to be married to Mal, the ex husband of her rival Sophie They compete together in a stuffing contest and eventually due to unforeseen circumstances Natasha has to have Thanksgiving dinner at Sofie s house Their is not a venomous rivalry, but one that creates tension and aggravation for Sofie whose approach to entertaining is a lot different.Sofie meets a man outside of a grocery store who offers her a kitten and when she leaves the store, she finds his body in the dumpster behind the store Being the one who finds the body, the police immediately, find Sofie a person of interest Then the judge of the stuffing contest is found dead and again, Sofie finds the body To add suspicion to her, at Thanksgiving Sofie s ex, Mal gets sick and it s determined that he has been poisoned Sofie and her neighbor, Nina are determined to find out who killed the first two victims, solve the two murders and determine the cause of the strange goings on in their neighborhood Adding to Sofie s stress is the fact that she is entertaining her parents, her sister, and the sister s fiance Sofie s quick mind and willingness to take risks makes this an interesting read.

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