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    Trigger warning for suicidal thoughts physical abuse.

    Being half black, half white, doesn t make life any better for Jayson He s a victim of an abusive mother, a drug addicted father the world of poverty Having a brilliant mind, he s able to attend a school for privilege kid but it s a school for mostly white kids he doesn t fit in This is a story about a 16 years old teenager who saw the pit of hell survived.

    I love the story telling For a slow reader, this kind of books fictions told in prose verses are a great help sometimes when we feel overwhelmed and in a slump

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    I almost want to give it five stars thinking about it now Jayson is bi racial, living with his white, drunk, part time hooker mom who has a penchant for beating him even though he s nearly sixteen years old There s a hold she has on him with her mood swings, alcoholism, and love He lives in the projects around gangsters and druggies and has a friendship with a co worker and friend who lives across the way Jayson has always though, thought about suicide Eventually, learning that this mother and crack addicted father he thought were biological are actually not puts him over the edge, literally, when he jumps from seven stories And, he survives, but dies as well An inspiring story of the death of the old Jayson and the start of the new Jayson when the woman who s always kept in touch is actually his biological mother who s never given up on him comes back For whatever reason, the writing style, the well rounded character, I loved Jayson and genuinely cared that he would eventually beat the odds and end up happy even with a halo and speech and PT therapy.

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    Wow, such a raw, intense read It s tough to read what Jayson is going through but tough to put the book down, too A compelling voice speaking to a harsh reality.

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    This was a harsh and painful read but it was so real and beautiful that it sucked me in right away The format of the book is so good and the prose made this an easy and emotional read for me I became attached to Jayson so fast and that is a testament to the author s abilities to create layered, fully fleshed out characters The diversity the book offered was also such a breath of fresh air to me I really enjoyed this book for the most part and the message is an important one sometimes you have to die before you can really live.

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    The Death of Jayson Porter is a great book It is about a black teen that is going through some rough things in life His dad is all cracked out and his mother beats him regularly Jayson thinks about suicide a lot He loves going to the rail and pushing on it with all his weight as he thinks about jumping I honestly think that it was a great book The author did a great job of setting the book up He kept me guessing what would happen next and when I found out that those were not Jayson s real parents I was very shocked This book kept me on my feet It was a very exciting book Jayson had to be my favorite character because he was the character that was going through the most and he just played a huge part in the story My favorite part was when Trax stepped on that guys LeBron s and the guy freaked out and said, These shoes cost than your life Do you want me to show you Then the guy pulled out a gun and shot at them I think the ending was great when Jayson found out who his real mother was I would recommend this book to someone that likes to be on the edge of their seat and someone that likes to guess what will happen next because this book will do just that I would recommend this book to kids that go to school where I go because in the book there is a lot of slang that we understand I think it is neat how they use slang and things like that in the book so people will relate I think the book A Child Called it compares to this story because both of the stories are about abuse.

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    This format of this book is touted as great for the reluctant reader, and I have to agree While I prefer the dense format of traditional books, the set up of this book is akin to graphic novels It may seem a bit intimidating at first because it appears to be so thick, but don t let the size of the book fool you If it were set up like the regular book format, it would probably be little than half the size it is now, and that s not that long The wording isn t cumbersome either, so any reader can cruise through it without stumbling For the seasoned reader, it should be a quick read, as long as you do not let the format of the book disengage you from the story That happened to me originally, but I stuck with it and I am glad that I did because it is a truly amazing story so far.Adoff has managed to hook me in and care for Jayson as I go through the ups and downs of his life with him Truly well done and a testament to the author s abilities I hope to finish it soon Okay, I finished it and it only got better and the ending was great Not to say that I need a happy ending, but the way the story unfolded, it was a great way to end it It was nice to be able to feel happy for Jayson He deserved the good ending Well done story that anyone of any age can enjoy and appreciate

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    The Death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff is a heart wrenching book that is told from the eyes of suicidal Jayson Porter.Jayson Porter is a young teen who has a black father addicted to drugs and a mother that spends her time with an avalanche of boyfriends and alcohol Given the terrible neighbourhood he s in, Jayson doesn t stand a chance at a decent life His mother is kind of like Jekyll and Hyde in that way that she loves him one moment and physically abuses him the next Jayson is filled with suicidal thoughts but keeps them at bay at the thought of things becoming better.I don t usually read bleak novels filled with despair, but Jaime Adoff made me keep turning pages of this book The story is comprised of short and punchy poems I have never lived with the troubles Jayson has but this book gave me a distinct taste of life like that through Adoff s brilliant imagery His use of poetic devices in this book made me visualise and feel everything Jayson was going through.But most of all this novel showed how privileged I am and the sad reality of some people s lives.I would recommend this book to any reader looking for a raw, intense read and wouldn t mind some a lot of inappropriate things.

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    the death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff is a very dramatic novel because it talks about a teenager named jayson Porter who is just 16 years old but lives in a harsh life An this is because his mother is a very abusive to him and was always hit him because his mother never liked him He also tries to avoid his father because he is a bad addiction to drugs Because of this problem their parents have, he is alone and all day out in the streets trying to earn a living with out no ones help Jayson describes his live in poem way in which he rhymes everything he is doing toward his last day in which he kills himself The last part in pg 258 Jayson recognizes that he does has friends close enough to him really cared about all the horrible things he has lived through in oder to change his life around But it shows a lesson to how bad effects in your life can cause a variety of bad things to leading up to consequences that refers to being very mad an almost killing yourself for no reason Really recommend this novel because it shows events that can be experienced from various people who live a harsh life and evolve to turn into criminals or even kill themselves just for one bad decision in life.

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    This was a fast, gritty read, almost written in verse, with lots of white space Jayson, a bi racial teen, lives in the inland Florida projects with his abusive mother Adoff paints a harsh, vivid picture of the suffocating nature of poverty, and the vicious cycles that keep people there Jayson clings to the hope that if things get too bad, he can always jump over the rail of his 7th floor apartment building In fact, this is what he has done on the very first page of the book The sentence that will stick with me is the one that concludes a description of Jayson s neighborhood This is the REAL third world It may be the U.S and it may be Florida, but things can still be bad.Rough language and themes, but I think this would appeal to reluctant readers, especially guys, who like urban fiction or Dave Pelzer s books.

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    It was an amazing book Highly recommend for anyone to read It tells us about a teenage boy, age 16 who is deciding between if his life is worth living or not Only person that could ve saved him from committing suicide was his girlfriend, April I rated this book 5 stars because it was interesting and made me keep on reading.

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