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The Day the Laughter Stopped chapter 1 The Day the Laughter Stopped, meaning The Day the Laughter Stopped, genre The Day the Laughter Stopped, book cover The Day the Laughter Stopped, flies The Day the Laughter Stopped, The Day the Laughter Stopped 3913abda823f5 In The Day The Laughter Stopped David Yallop Uncovers The Incredible True Story Behind The Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle Scandal Of , When The Fat Film Comedian Stood Accused Of The Rape And Murder Of A Pretty Screen ActressArbuckle S Is The Story Of A Man Born In Extreme Poverty Who Was Destined To Rise To The Heights Of A Multi Million Dollar Career, Only To Have It Snatched From Him By A Wave Of Hysteria And Bigotry That Swept The Globe It Is The Story Of Hollywood And What Really Happened In The Corridors Of Power The Political Corruption Of San Francisco The Immorality Of A President How Charlie Chaplin S Career Was Saved How Buster Keaton S Was Begun Both Of Arbuckle It Is A Life Story That Ranges From Comic Heights To Tragic Depths

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    Buster Keaton said that the day the laughter stopped was the day that Virginia Rappe became ill during a party in Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle s suite at the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco She died four days later as a result of her illness, peritonitis caused by a ruptured bladder Mr Arbuckle had nothing to do with Ms Rappe s illness and death, but he paid with his good name, his career and his happiness nonetheless He was tried three times, by a politically motivated and extraordinarily underhanded prosecution, and was acquitted with an unprecedented apology signed by every member of the jury This should have been than enough to ensure his warm welcome back into film, but nothing of the sort happened The tragedy of Roscoe Arbuckle is that he was made to be the scapegoat of a Hollywood running scared from public opinion his guilt or innocence had become irrelevant.This is the story that David Yallop tells in The Day the Laughter Stopped Though the book tells the story of Arbuckle s birth, start in show business and the years after his being sacrificed by so called friends, the focus of this book is on the unfortunate death of Virginia Rappe, and the ham handed attempt of the prosecutor to wrangle a political future out of the railroading of an innocent man The problem The prosecution had no case its star witness, Maude Delmont, was lying from the outset and was easily discredited, and the doctors who examined Ms Rappe during and after the party, and who conducted the autopsy, clearly indicated that no violence was done to her The question, of course, is why she didn t receive proper surgical medical care in the first place, but due to the passage of time that query might forever go unanswered.When Mr Yallop began research for this book, all three of Mr Arbuckle s wives were still living, and were eager to share their stories with him Even Minta Durfee and Doris Deane, whose marriages with him ended in divorce, remembered him with great love Indeed, all who were still around to be interviewed by Mr Yallop had positive and kind things to say about the gentle, generous Roscoe Arbuckle.This is an indispensable and devastating text in the study of the trial and the nature of Hollywood politics in the 20 s Simple common sense and a rudimentary review of the facts indicate that Roscoe Arbuckle was completely innocent this book makes it abundantly clear It is a shame that Mr Yallop has not written further titles regarding the silent era his voice would be than welcome My only quibble, and it is a tiny one, is that there is some gratuitous foreshadowing in the Before section of the book chances are that anyone who awaited this book s arrival knew that its main focus was the events following the Labor Day party, and didn t need to be reminded of the sadness just around the bend during Roscoe s happy times.

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    This book is divided into 3 sections Before, which discusses Roscoe Arbuckle s childhood and film career During, which goes over the actual events in the infamous hotel room and the subsequent trials and After, which discusses the rest of Arbuckle s life and his attempt to rebuild a name for himself.I found the During section to be in general very well done and interesting However, there were some weaknesses throughout the book that kept me from adding stars.1 The Before section was way too long and detailed I suppose if you were an ardent Arbuckle fan who d seen EVERY movie, the anecdotes the author had collected would interest you If you haven t seen many of his movies, these anecdotes are tiresome at best, confusing and unfollowable at worst A general overview of his career with a few characteristic anecdotes would have been sufficient We didn t need to discuss the production details of EVERY movie.2 The author seems to contradict himself a lot For example a He makes a very clear argument that the Hearst newspapers were out to get Arbuckle and refused to print anything that could make him look good He also makes it clear that this is the information MOST people in the United States had He then acts outraged that the American people wanted someone who they perceived to be a rapist and murderer to rot in prison I m sorry, but in an era where Chris Brown can beat the shit out of his girlfriend and then two years later be like Yay, Grammy I have a hard time blaming people for reacting negatively to someone they perceived to be a monster.b He also acts outraged that anyone could think the studios would pay off bribe do whatever they could to the system to get Arbuckle acquitted which they didn t , but then admits later that Hollywood DID in fact do this A LOT.3 The author had some squicky ideas about how we should perceive rape It s hard to know if it was written this way because it was written ABOUT the 1920s, or if it s because it was actually written in the 1970s, or if the author is just kind of a pig But he emphasizes over and over again what a frigging slut Virginia Rappe was and what a shame it was that nobody got to enter that into evidence I understand that part of this had to do with the fact that knowledge of her illegal abortions could help explain some potential reasons that she had bladder issues and ultimately an infected and burst bladder that killed her , but he seems to want that information in there simply because it would defame her character, and isn t that good for Arbuckle Well no, what s good for Arbuckle is that HE DIDN T DO ANYTHING, Ms Rappe s sexual history notwithstanding On top of that, the author then becomes positively GLEEFUL later on in the book when he mentioned that now 1970s it was accepted to bring in the character of a rape victim into the trial, because it s IMPORTANT to know that the woman who was raped is ambitious and a slut No No That s not ok That s never ok That has no bearing on being raped.Overall, this was a very hard book for me to read, because I m a sexual assault researcher, and so reading Yallop s gleeful takedown of Virginia Rappe s character and by character I mean sexual innocence or lack thereof was very disturbing to me However, I do think it s worth mentioning that less than 2% of women who report rape to the police hospital knowingly, willfully lie And Ms Rappe herself never accused Arbuckle In fact, until her death, she denied any intimate contact with him It was her acquaintance, Ms Delmont, who made the accusation, apparently to extort money.So not only did Roscoe Arbuckle do nothing wrong, neither did Virginia Rappe.

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    I was amazed to see how emotional and derisive the subject of Roscoe Arbuckle s life is 96 years after that Labor Day of 1921 in room 1219 on the top floor of a San Francisco hotel People are still divided on the subject of Roscoe Arbuckle and his involvement with the death of Virginia Rappe I ve been doing a lot of research on Arbuckle s life I m writing a play about him any and he s also a character in a book I m writing The Day the Laughter Stopped isn t the best of the books I ve read about Arbuckle s life, and it isn t the worst.It actually seems to flow somewhere in between the usual Arbuckle books, miles above the exploitive but undeniably titillating chapter on Arbuckle in Hollywood Babylon And yet much interesting and gossipy then the silent film experts tend to write.Information in this book seems to be based mainly on interviews with Arbuckle Roscoe s first wife, Minta.She s always interesting, if not always reliable, and in fact she has inspired many passages in my play Minta was also a vaudeville performer, that s how she and Roscoe met, and she was a silent film star mostly known for costarring with Charlie Chaplin in his first films at keystone Minta is fiercely protective of Roscoe, even though they were separated by 1921 and divorced in 1925 She defends him not only by decrying the terrible way the press treated him while he was under arrest but also his awful treatment by Hollywood after he was exonerated For most of his life and afterwords it seems the Minta was one of the very few to defend Arbuckle So I guess she can be excused if some of her memories are in Roscoe s favor There are many people to blame in the sad story of two young lives ruined the doctors who botched Virginia Rappe s medical treatment, the press who vilified Arbuckle before he was even tried The San Francisco DA who tried to use a trumped up conviction for murder in the 1st degree as a stepping stone to the Governor s Mansion, and to the Hollywood studios and William Hayes who thwarted Roscoe s return to making movies It is only very recently that Roscoe Arbuckle s films are being found, restored, and re evaluated and hopefully Roscoe will once again be acknowledged as one of the geniuses of silent comedy.

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    A period piece Full of inaccuracies in facts and dates, but this was the first major book to explain that Arbuckle was innocent For that, if little else, a valuable book.

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    This book was published in 1976 and it s difficult to believe that the rumors and slander of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle have not been diminished Until reading this book, I continued to believe that Roscoe Arbuckle raped, murdered, and tortured a woman to death This is completely false A pregnant woman with a chronic health issue died at a party hosted by Arbuckle on account of medical malpractice Arbuckle provided for the doctor who claimed she needed surgery, but did not transport her to a hospital When she died, in the name of political ambition, Arbuck was railroaded by the San Francisco prosecutors office with a false prosecution for manslaughter And by the press which did, and was allowed to, print lies, fabrications, and personal opinions as facts Found innocent by a jury, but convicted in the press After his verdict of not guilty, for business purposes, the Hays Commission banned Arbuckle from movies for life.The book is very easy to read and very sad The press has not changed The ability to whip the public into a hateful frenzy has not changed That s sad too.

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    If you think you know the Fatty Arbuckle story then you should read this book I d heard the RUMOR about what he supposedly did to the actress, but never the details of what really happened Somewhere, this author dug up the hearing transcripts, the trial transcripts, and show how an angry actress not the woman in question turned this sordid even into the trials yes, plural of the century and how Hollywood hung the UNCONVICTED actor out to dry even after his exoneration the jury that acquitted him actually asked to have their DEMAND for an apology to the actor be READ INTO THE RECORD of the second trial This is one sad tale, told by the actual participants and friend of Arbuckle, who always felt he was treated very unfairly, and spend years paying back every dime he ever borrowed to pay his extensive legal fees Film historian Yallop gets it right He does the research and sadly, Arbuckle isn t around to see himself be fully exonerated of those charges once and for all SHAME ON the Hayes office.

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    How unlucky can a man be I am big fan of silent movies especially Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy.I had heard about the Arbuckle case but never really knew much about the man or his films.If this book is to be believed, and it seems pretty conclusive What happened to him was outrageous.I was amazed at the in justice, the unbelievable behaviour of the American justice department and the press.He was a scale goat, plain and simple How sad that surviving everything he went through and coming out the other side he died just as it seemed he had finally made it back What a tragic story, Hollywood certainly didn t cover it s self in glory.Very sad.

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    An investigation of the Fatty Arbuckle scandal in 1921 which lead to movie censorship Yallop argues for Arbluckle s innocence and blames an overadredent DA, theYellow Journalism of William Randolph Hurst, and a lying gold digger for this miscarriage of justice.Interesting but not compelling.

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    Celebrity scandal begins here Every aspect of celebrity scandal that enthralls people so much started with this case A man s life ruined for nothing A great but disheartening read.

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    A thoroughly researched powerfully written book about one of the great and profoundly misunderstood Hollywood scandals Reading this book almost 40 years after it was written almost 90 years after the main events that it portrays, I found myself riveted by the story enraged by the wrongs that were perpetrated on a man who should be remembered alongside Chaplin, Lloyd, and Keaton as one of the original masters of cinematic comedy If you have even the slightest interest in early Hollywood, this book is a must read.

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