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The Darkest Kiss chapter 1 The Darkest Kiss, meaning The Darkest Kiss, genre The Darkest Kiss, book cover The Darkest Kiss, flies The Darkest Kiss, The Darkest Kiss 5e856362185ab She Has Tempted Many Menbut Never Found Her Equal Until NowThough She Has Lived For Centuries, Anya, Goddess Of Anarchy, Has Never Known Pleasure Until Lucien, The Incarnation Of Death A Warrior Eternally Doomed To Take Souls To The Hereafter He Draws Her Like No Other And Anya Will Risk Anything To Have HimBut When The Merciless Lord Of The Underworld Is Ordered By The Gods To Claim Anya Herself, Their Uncontrollable Attraction Becomes An Anguished Pursuit Now They Must Defeat The Unconquerable Forces That Control Them, Before Their Thirst For One Another Demands A Sacrifice Of Love Beyond Imagining

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    But Mirandait s been forever since you read this book Where s the review Sometimes, you need a moment to compose yourself after reading a truly awful book.It s been nearly four months ominous silence Welcome one, welcome all to yet another Gena themed rant Now, this book wasn t all bad but that s not to say that there aren t bad parts.To catch you all up The Lords of the Underworld were delectable immortal warriors who were possessed by the demon spirits that had once resided inside Pandora s box. Annndthat s pretty much all there is in terms of plot Oh wait, there s a little bit the box was powerful enough to contain demons so vile even hell had not been able to hold them It was also powerful enough to suck those same demons out of the Lords, their once unwilling hosts. Essentially, hundreds of years ago these big bad warriers were like, You know the best way to prove that we are the best warriors ever Let s let out all the evil in the world And the Gods were like, Oh hell no Here s a weirdly complicated punishment that affects the rest of the world far than it could ever impact you The warriors were promised a cure if they were to ever reunite with Pandora s box, they could trap their demon back in itbut then they d die So plus side, there s literally a way to end world hunger, pain, sickness, death.Minus side, the super hot 500 year old warriors would die without finding true love I think you see where this story goes.This round, we follow Anya, goddess of Anarchy, who tragically has never had sex.And we follow Lucien, incarnation of death, who has never truly loved a woman since his last one died also very tragic Will they fall in love Will they have break the doors down sex Will they tragically have to only stare at each other from a distance and make bedroom eyes at each other for the rest of their lives Only time can tell and answer these very, very gripping questions.Whewwww that was heavy on the sarcasm, even for me If you can t tell, I didn t enjoy this one even less than the first So, why am I still reading this series Angela s Booked gave me an ARC of the last book of this series I m stuck reading all of the books and you my dear readers are stuck with my increasingly snarky reviews so I guess we will both suffer.Anyway, to channel my undoubtedly disorganized and enraged rant, I will focus only on The Inconsistencies, The Sexual Tension and the Rape The Inconsistencies aka, we are on BOOK TWO How is the storyline this tangled already HE WAS KNOWN AS THE Dark One Malach ha Maet Yama Azreal Shadow Walker Mairya King of the Dead He was all of those things and , for he was a Lord of the Underworld. Right off the bat, talk about having a big head.For someone who supposedly possesses the Demon of Death his curse being the ferrier of souls either people aren t dying in this world or he s not the only one working the late shift He dealt with death every day, every night, yet he fought to live. Essentially, every third or fourth chapter, Showalter remembers that Lucien is the Demon of Death and makes him collect a couple of souls However. According to the lore from book one these warriors contain the actual demons and they re responsible for inflicting all of earth s maladies Now some of the demons are believable Anya walks around sowing seeds of chaos that spread across the globe She doesn t necessarily have to be there for the chaos to continue but she s the starting point.But Deathhow can you be the only harbinger of death when all you do is pick up a few souls every night There s no allusion to anything other than Lucien carrying souls to the afterlife Either the world is a lot smaller or Showalter forgot her own lore The SEXual TENsion haha Get it SEX is at a TEN Reaching too far Don t worry, I ve only had a few months to work on it Esentially, we couldn t get than ten pages without the characters A ripping their clothes offB debating if they should rip their clothes off C furiously masturbating to thoughts of clothes coming offOkay, okay, I exaggerate slightly for humor This was only every twenty pages.But seriously, what are these folks on Her knees almost buckled as their gazes locked together, time momentarily suspended. It s not even good smut Where were we she asked huskily She ran a fingertip over the top band of her thong, not stopping until she drew the hot focus of his gaze to the glittery angel wings in the center. And it s poorly written She ground her left hip bone against the hard juncture between his legs, turning eroticallyBump, bump, slllooow grind. And half the lives had a serial killer vibe Full and red, made for sucking lips Straight white teeth She d radiated wickedness and pleasure, every male fantasy come to glittery life. And it s borderline incomprehensible Scars She felt scars and shivered, the jagged tissue wonderfully hot His muscles clenched against each stroke, and he bit her bottom lip Yes, like that She almost came, his reaction like fuel to an already blazing fire She did moan. Which as an aside, and kind of going with the first point of my review inconsistencies 1 so, Gena, you re telling me that the demon warriors can heal from just about everything except Lucien s signature sexy facial scars.2 If Lucien really is so scarred, then who is the flawless guy on the cover The Nipples aka, what in the world is up with the nipples in this series This was going to be part of the previous the sectionbut it really deserves its own spotlight Essentially, at any momentthe nipples will rear up and steal the show the hardened pink tips of her nipples were visible, two little beacons in the night. It was just so over the top the way every ounce of sexual tension revolved around their perky ness All she could think of, dream about, crave, was licking them. As a favor to the reader, that s all I ll get into with the nips but allow me to assure you this happened a lot Like a lot, a lot Honestly, all I want to do is take these poor people to the doctor this cannot be normal The Rape aka can t be a rapist if you re a woman and or hot We ve already established that if you are attractive, you re not a rapist for details, please see my review of book 1.But this book, we learned that a woman cannot be a rapist For context, Anya stalks Lucien in her invisible state invading his home, waiting for him to shower, trying to catch him masturbate the usual just girly things. Eventually, she decides to take a plunge and make a move He d had no idea she lurked nearby, even as she willed him to do all sorts of naughty things strip, pleasure himself smile. She tries using her goddess powers to make him do all sorts of sexual things which he resists and then pulls some moves on her and the sexual tension skyrockets.And while he seems relatively receptive down there , he very clearly withdraws consent He wore a black tee and stone washed jeans, and both hugged rope after rope of hand over your panties muscle Mine I said no touching, he barked. But even though he very clearly says no, Anya plunges onward because he was at attention thus he must really want it She d rub against him, try to catch a feel, etc Constantly And yet it was played off as this cutesy, girly personality quirk.She s a strong woman who knows what she likes and everyone admires her for that No touching ha He would learn Anarchy Anya was hardly an obedient lapdog. Now, I could be the last person who thinks this, but if someone makes you or tries to make you do something sexual that you did not consent to or gave any indication of wanting to consent to AND no, just having a boner does NOT count as consent that s some pretty rapey vibes going out there I was just about to walk away, he choked out At his words, her nails elongated into little claws He still thought to deny her Seriously But don t worry she s a hot woman Any guy would be lucky for her to pull the moves on them They should enjoy it. I wanted his cock inside me You get it now, asshole Ironically, Anya was practically raped at one time and constantly has terrifying flashbacksand yet she doesn t see her own behavior as a mirror to that Really Overall aka one quote perfectly sums up my feelings Blah, blah, blah Whatever. See you all in book 3.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    While I expected this book to be really great, it ended up just being a middle of the road type of read for me This was definitely a case of it s not you, it s me , as there wasn t a single thing wrong with this story Mostly, I think it is just a result of reading some phenomenal books recently, which has kind of raised the bar Any other week, it probably would ve been a 4 star read.That being said, I found myself losing interest in this book I was listening to the Audible version and the narration was well done Although, there was still some irritating music that played at transitional times Very corny There should be a disclaimer.In the beginning, I was really enjoying the back and forth between Anya and Lucien However, as the story continued, it didn t progress quickly enough for me Again, this was probably of a reflection on how absorbed I was in another story that I was reading I just couldn t stay focused.Then, just as I thought the story was moving along, it changes focus Normally, I would have enjoyed getting of the back story for the secondary characters Yet with my wandering attentions, having the focus switch to Paris didn t work for me this time Overall, I give it 3 stars I probably would have enjoyed this one much if I hadn t been completely blown away by some really spectacular books recently Unfortunately, while this one was good, it couldn t compare.

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    He was known as The Dark One Malach ha Maet Yama Azreal Shadow Walker Mairya King of the Dead He was all of those things and , for he was a Lord of the Underworld. This one was sooo much better than the first, with two awesome main characters and a great story I really loved it Lucien, the Lord who carries the demon of Death, gets an order from Cronus, the King of the Titans, to kill someone.That someone is Anya, the goddess of anarchy, who has been following him for months.Anya is pretty much obsessed with Lucien and she wants him badly, even though she knows she can t have him, but that doesn t stop her from flirting with him DAnd so the question is, will Lucien be able to say no to the gods and save Anya s life, before she kills him herself, or kill her and save his friends from suffering.Anya One of the best female characters EVER Seriously.She is awesome, she is kick ass Gives as good as she gets and isn t afraid to throw a punch or kill lots of bad guys DDDIf only there were heroines like her DDDD She is a goddess and has certain powers of course, but she is cursed as well, something she can t tell Lucien, but what basically drives them apart throughout the book well, the first half of it.And with Lucien being ordered to kill her, she isn t one to meekly accept her fate Just have to say, her fights with Lucien and I mean hand to hand combat OMG such amazing scenes, even better than the sex DDHe is very scarred, and no woman has looked twice at him for ages Until Anya.He, of course, is not very trusting to the goddess of anarchy, and thinks her seductions are all lies and deceit, which only hurts him, poor man He knows he has to kill her or his demon will make him crazy, but the time he spends with her, the he tries to resist the order and find a loop hole One thing bothered me, really did, and I just wish it was toned down a bit SHe has absolutely no self confidence About his looks I mean Sure he is scarred and all, but him repeating for the millionth time how ugly he is and being sad about how ugly he is I don t know If only he s just ignored it, or just suffered about it a bit less D I am weird I know ahahhahahBut I still loved him, he was a great Lord None of the human women approached him Looked at him, yes Cringed when they saw his scars, sure But none of them wanted anything to do with him and that saved their lives.He s taken, biyatches You weren t supposed to tell me it s pretty You were supposed to tell me to take it off because I d look better without it Lucien, I swear to the gods I m this close she pinched two fingers together to giving up on you This close I haven t pleasured a woman in a long, long time, he said, his voice broken Tell me if I do something wrong Something you do not like I like I like, I swear Understand I am here I am yours I m not giving up First, the writing is much, much better than the first book, even though there were some overly dramatic lines like you see in soap operas, but it was still pretty great, especially all the lines from Anya That was just a joy to read, so so fun There is some development with the other Lords that had me dying to read book 3, and I have to say I am not happy with Paris and how his view spoiler first sex with his woman turned out to be hide spoiler

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    I loved this book Lucien was absolutely sigh worthy to me So sad and lonely And, he got his very own heroine who wouldn t give up on him I think it took some major confidence to go after her man full throttle the way Anya did From the beginning, I knew I would like Anya She was the kind of heroine who knows what she wants, and is willing to work for it Yes, she s a prankster, rather silly, in her own words, and not much for telling the truth, and she can be a pain in the butt at times But I loved her, warts and all I think she was just the kind of woman the very woman that sad, too serious Lucien needed I loved how she would get him out of his funks with her flirtatious dialogue, and naughty clothing She drove him crazy with her strawberries and cream scent It was only fair, since Lucien managed to snare a girl who was unsnareable I felt bad for Anya Being the daughter of the most promiscuous goddess on Olympus, Dysnomia, couldn t have been easy Everyone was just waiting for her to follow in her mother s footsteps And, as the Minor Goddess of Anarchy, her nature did dictate that she cause chaos, although she learned to express that in lesser ways To top off the unfortunates for Anya, she was cursed by the wife of her father, because of the fact that she is a very obvious sign of that affair with her mother, being the spitting image of him She got a lot of bad breaks in life But she didn t sit and mope, she kept on trucking So, I have to say that Anya turned out to be a favorite for me in this series after reading the first three books She was funny, and turned out to be quite a good asset and companion to them, despite her wise cracks And she s one heck of a warrior Lucien could do worse than have a woman who completely adored him, even to the point of being willing to give up her freedom in than one crucial way.Now, Lucien He s my favorite Lord so far I doubt that will change He s the strong, silent type, and wonderfully broody He s actually pretty honorable, considering the murky past that the Lords have To think he scarred himself horribly to keep women away from him after his love died when he couldn t save her But his scars ending up being a draw to Anya, among other things Many times, he was insecure, thinking she was just making fun of him, or using him, because of his lack of looks His insecurity endeared him to me I like that a hero can be the insecure one in a book I get so tired of the men having all the power in romance novels It was nice to see that he was the vulnerable one in some ways Although I was glad that Anya didn t take advantage of it.The Darkest Night was a little bit flawed as a start to the series, definitely not as strong as this book , so I was very pleasantly surprised although I think Gena Showalter is a very good author how much I enjoyed this book I had heard bad things about Anya, and I was wary, because I don t care for hardened, obnoxious heroines However, she didn t come off to me that way Despite her wise cracks and her seeming self absorption, I saw the little girl who was treated so poorly by the others on Olympus, and her yearning to feel special, and to never be under another person s thumb I think that made her very identifiable to me And the fact that she was so crazy about Lucien definitely endeared her to me.This book was chock full of sexy romance that tugged at my heart, crazy action, great world building, and interesting characters It totally invested me in this series I can see myself rereading this book sooner rather than later, because I really loved Lucien and Anya as a couple Also the secondary story with Paris really had me sympathizing with him, when I was rather turned off by him in the first book I have to say that Ms Showalter is really coming through with this interesting concept This was definitely a five star read for me And to those who have been put off by the bad impression that some readers have of Anya, I d say give her a chance She s actually a fun, likeable heroine, in my opinion.

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    Lucien AnyaLucien is the Lord who is possessed by the spirit of death.We could characterize him as miserable since he is feeling bad and unworthy due to his looks.He has mismatched eyes and long time ago he decided to scar his own face As we read he isn t the happy and funny type However he managed to draw Anya s attention and she s following him for months.Anya is the goddess of Anarchy and definitely bad news for Lucien.She is courageous, fearless, dynamic and way different than him.She doesn t know why she is attracted to this Lord but she has to be with him.In this book the fantasy plot is very rich We see that the Lords are on missions all around the world and of course there is Greece wink wink and Greek mythology , which I adore btw We are introduced new characters and some of them are so mean and others are traitors.Cronus now as the king of gods believes that he can order around everyone and so he does I was very annoyed because he actually asked Lucien to kill Anya for him.Well, Cronus wants her dead for a reason but Anya is too awesome to die and she can trick smartly Death.I loved so much her relationship with Lucien It was a love fighting relationship They were fighting a lot and I was having so much fun I must admit that I liked Anya better that Lucien She is one of my favorite female book characters He had a bleeding cut on his leg and he smelled like shit.Her nose wrinkled Step in something she asked innocently That I did not mind He took a menacing step toward her What I did mind was being hit by a cab, then landing on the lap of a naked man With an erection, Anya He had an erection That was one of the funniest moments of the book Obviously Anya is a little spoiled goddess who loves taking what she wants.Due to her curse she has to be careful with men but Lucien is a safe deal and she is going to risk everything and be with him William I m William, but you can call me Sexy Everyone does For real Is he serious I wasn t thrilled by William and I still can t understand why everyone seems to love him Obviously I am going to learn why in the next books.He was a manwhore and sometimes funny in a weird way.I didn t like what he did and I hope he doesn t get back his book Paris Sierra WTH happened I ve read the blurb of his book and reading what happened here made me so curious.Damn , his book is the 9th so I guess I ll have to wait Aeron Reyes Danica Thank god Reyes s book is the next one.Omg I couldn t believe what I was reading.I officially hate Aeron but I love Reyes so much He is a hero sigh Overall it was a great book but I didnt feel like giving it 5 stars because sometimes the story was slow The series is getting only better and I m definitely moving onto the next one.For reviews check our blog

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    You stabbed me, he said, incredulous Feel free to keep the dagger as a souvenir The Darkest Kiss is the second book of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Lucien, Keeper of Death, and Anya, goddess of Anarchy Lucien is resigned with his occupation as the escort of souls Heaven and Hell, composed, reserved, honorable and always stoic As a warrior he is savage, as a lover he is passionate and tender Having once lost his human lover, he never planned to fall in love again Except he can t resist Anya Nice to see you again, Flowers She didn t waste another moment Using all of her strength, she shoved him into the water He could have grabbed hold of her to stop his fall, but he didn t He allowed himself to tumble backward, rather than risk taking her with him How sweet Bastard He had no right to be sweet now Anya is bold, playful, witty, tenacious, and uncontrollable She is always ready to help, she is reflective, and her life is filled with secrets Her background story is nicely created, and I loved the mechanics of the All Key Stomach suddenly grumbling, he bit into the pie Succulent, perfectly prepared Did you make this He could not picture her slaving in a kitchen Gods, no I stole it The disgust on her pixie face was comical, and he found himself grinning.She was just so captivating A beautiful enigma The romanceFirst it seems only lust because of Anya s provocative behavior, and Lucien s physical reaction to Anya s every word, touch, and glance Though there is instant lust between Lucien and Anya, love slowly comes too I loved that Lucien learns to read Anya so well he is perceptive to her behavior and mood swings He is unsure about her at the beginning, with all his insecurities, but once he believes her, he doesn t let himself be deluded any .Anya is not that sweet, innocent heroine who needs to be protected with unsheathed sword all the time At first she can t understand Lucien s insecurities, but realizes soon that she needs to reinforce him in his own attractiveness Did he truly have no idea of his attractiveness He radiated strength and vitality He exuded savage masculinity Everything about him enthralled her The storyThe story is filled with action, fights, adventure, traveling by flash, verbal and situational comedy elements, magic, and fictitious mythology The Lords are searching for the mystical artifacts that lead to Pandora s box, which has to be destroyed in order to save them Obviously it can never fall into the hands of the enemy In The Darkest Kiss you get a glimpse of each Lord Paris meets his destiny, Reyes can t get Danika out of his head, and Aeron is dangerously consumed by bloodlust as he defies Cronus will.All in all The Darkest Kiss is a sweet, nicely built romance, with an accurately built storyline which keeps you engaged, and alluring secondary characters who make sure you read their stories as well.CoverSeriously, who the hell is this guy Originally posted on my blog on July 22, 2013.My favorite quotes.

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    5 Death The Goddess Stars This is the second book in the Lords of the Underworld PNR series I loved it than the first one This was Lucien and Anya s story Lucien is cursed with the death demon You knowsomeone dies and he goes off to collect their soul and escorts them to Heaven or Hell Anya is the Goddess of Anarchy I loved her so much in the last book and loved her in this one She s fierce, funny and does and says what the hell she wants She wants Lucien Lucien was in love once and when the love of his life became sick and he had to escort her soul to Heaven he decided to take matters in his own hands so that no woman will ever want him again That is until the beautiful Goddess Anya starts coming around She s so tempting in her sexy outfits, sucking on her strawberry lollipops and she leaves a trail of a strawberry scent whenever she s around Lucien has scars that make him ugly He knows that Anya is after something There is no way this beautiful woman wants him But damn this woman has his demon purring He s not sure how long he can keep himself from falling for her Cronus the King of the Titans has summoned Lucien He wants him to kill Anya or he will make his brothers lives hell than they already are Lucien and Anya are awesome together They slowly start to become friends Well sort of.Anya basically just crashes into Lucien s world and won t take no for an answer lol But Cronus wants something from Anya and he will not stop until he gets what he wants Lucien and Anya must figure out a way to get around the Kings demands On top of Anya and Lucien s story we also get a chapter here and there on a few of the others Paris runs into problems in Greece Which made me sadbut not really because I went and looked at the description for his book Haha We also get some on Aeron who is the keeper of wrath and was locked up in a cage in the last book for his own good He has escaped to find Danika and her family He was also summoned by Cronus to kill Danika and her family I m so damn happy that Reyes and Danika s story is next I m also sad that I have to wait until book 9 to get to Paris s story Ugh I hope RL lets me read these babies back to back because I can t quit now lol

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    She kissed and nipped at his face, her hands tangling into his hair I thought I d lost you You gave up everything for me I enjoyed this book a lot Anya is one of my favorite heroine after Danika She was so funny,strong and so sexy Exactly what Lucien needed Both of them had serious issues Omg poor Lucien He is so tortured..I really felt sorry for him when I learnt how he got his scars I loved the sexual tension between them, it was so entertaining The romance was also good and I liked when I saw them together The characters were so well developed Lucien was a big surprise to me, I liked him a lot The story was fast paced and kept my interesting until the end and made me want to read I loved the relationships between the Lords and their with their heroines

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    Lucien Demon of DeathButterfly upper left shoulder and front of chestHis curse He is the Lord of the Underword s version of Grim Reaper What could it be worse than this He has seen people that he loved, die And he had to take their souls to the underworld.Anya Minor Greek goddess of Anarchy Supernatural ability She can create chaos and she is immortalLucien used to be the Captain of the Immortal Guard at the Zeus s army Now, he is the leader of the Lords His face is disfigured and full of scars This is really weird because all the Lords are extremely handsome Apparently he is the one that deliberately scarred his face many centuries ago after he suffered from a broken heart and deep sorrow He was known as the Dark One Malach ha Maet Yama Azreal Shadow Walker Mairya King of the Dead He was all of those things and , for he was a Lord of the Underworld Anya will be attracted to Lucien And Lucien cannot believe it, because Anya is pretty, funny, wicked, sparkly Oh, and she also loves lollipops What does she want from him But Anya is also untouched, cursed and she does not lie She really likes Lucien although she cannot have sex with him.Lucien will be equally attracted to her Unfortunately the gods will order blackmail basically Lucien to take Anya s soul Lucien keeps rejecting her and avoiding her in order not to take her soul Anya keeps coming back I can t seem to get enough of you I cannot get enough of you, either This is the book that wicked, playful William is also introduced He is Anya s best friend I m William, but you can call me Sexy Everyone does I absolutely loved the book It is my favorite from the series The sexual tension is strong Anya is super funny Lucien is super dark and sad He didn t face her I said go away Like I m going to obey you You aren t my daddy Unless you want to be Cause I ve been a bad, naughty girl and I need a spanking A pained groan escaped him Anya Please These two are completely opposite to each other, but they also complement each other perfectly.

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