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The Crescent files The Crescent , read online The Crescent , free The Crescent , free The Crescent , The Crescent b418890d7 Becoming A Werewolf Is Not An Option For Seventeen Year Old Lacey Quinn, But Death Can Be A Strong MotivatorLacey Is So Focused On Her Future That Everyday Life Has Passed Her By Counting Down The Days To Her Eighteenth Birthday, Lacey Is Almost Home Free But When She Falls For The Mysterious Alex Morris, She Lands In The Middle Of An Ancient War Between Two Enemy Wolf Packs Tempting Dreams, Tantalizing Lies And A Dangerous Love Triangle Ensues Leaving Lacey Heartbroken And ConfusedLacey S Fate Rests In The Hands Of Alex And Brandon, But Both Are Pulling Her Strings For Their Own Agendas Even As She Slips Further Into The Dark World Of Werewolves, Lacey Struggles To Find The Truth And Save The Only Family She S Ever Known

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    She was a girl He was a sexy paranormal Can I make it any obvious I was kinda hoping that this book would jazz up this well used storyline a little That it would give me something other than your typical YA paranormal romance plot with a dash of a love triangle thrown in for fun Butno The main female protagonist was only too happy to be the center of attention and to have two guys vying for her It wasn t a bad read It was just

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    In a single word No Oh all right two words Hell no.The writing is juvenile, the flow stunted, the main character highly annoying Yes, not no. but hell no.It seemed as if the author started this book with one idea in mind and decided at some point to go a different direction So the book starts out heading in one direction and yet suddenly we re someplace else wondering where that turn at Albuquerque is For example, the book starts out with yelling and screaming from her parents reoccurring fights Dad s drunk yet again and starts beating on Mom Yet, within a few pages of this Dad doesn t have a drink again Not because he feels bad, not because he admits he s a drunk who needs help Just because it wasn t written into the story any Apparently Mom is suppose to be a pill head Another thing not written into the story, unless you count Lacey telling other people this fact or thinking it because it s not written into the story And within 50 or so pages from the beating they re a Norman Rockwell family Lacey goes on and on about how wonderful her family is She isn t trying to delude herself, she truly believes this Why I don t have a single fucking clue It s like she forgot about the drinking and the pill popping and the beatings and the screaming and being left to fend for herself for days at a time Seriously And this love triangle Really Has this become a requirement in books now There must be a love triangle When done correctly it can be eh. not completely nauseatingly disgusting This is not the case this time First off we have Alex Jesus Alex, I want to stress something to you quickly Boundaries Must you really be with someone 24 hours out of the day Can you not take a step back and let the woman breathe And god forbid she not tell you every single thing that flows through that head of hers Trust me, you should be happy with that fact Nothing interesting going on in there But let s get to the meat of this relationship Only reason Alex is there for Lacey is because Mommy ordered him to woo her Uh huh Because she might be his mate, which would be shown with a mark on her hand and a corresponding mark on his Oddly enough it isn t until only about 10 pages left in the book Alex realizes he doesn t have the fucking mark on his hand blinks blinks So. He s there to break up with is suppose to be a fated mated pair between Lacey and Brandon but Lacey is convinced he looooves her Yes Obviously How could I have missed that Brandon My advice to you as the unfortunate mate to Lacey Run Run far Run long Run fast And when you ve reached the point you think you re legs are going to break off and you ll die before you gasp your next breath. run some .And Lacey Dear indecisive ass crack Lacy I love Alex I love Brandon Literally within 2 weeks of meeting both And all the way through the book ALL THE WAY Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth This is the character that thought her best friend was moving to fast with her guy Gavin when they d only known each other 2 weeks and in this time Lacey has declared her love not for one but two boys so give me a fucking break This character gave me a headache A major headache and I don t wish to know any about her There are no literary gods, of this I have no doubt because I m sure a sequel is in the works that ll make this annoying asshat the heroine and she ll save the world flails It s not possible She s an idiot deep soulful sigh God. who s next It doesn t matter I ll make it short and sweet The only characters I ended up liking where the dog Grant and Brandon view spoiler And they re the same fucking character hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a quick read but one that kept me on the edge of my seat Oh, and did I mention the super hot love triangle In The Crescent we are introduced to Lacey She has issues with her home life and her goal is to get away after graduation Then, Alex comes into her life Their relationship escalates fast and Alex seems to be head over heals in love with Lacey Soon a new mysterious boy, Brandon, enters her life as well and his touch makes her have visions of them together Lacey is confused with what is going on with her body, her mind, and her lovelife.I am a sucker for werewolf stories and this one did not disappoint Along with having fascinating characters, it had a complex plot filled with feuding werewolves, prophecies, and a changing destiny for Lacey As a reader, I often had the same questions Lacey did regarding who she should end up with I continually shifted from Team Alex to Team Brandon.Lacey was a great character and one I felt bad for She knew nothing of the life she was supposed to live and everything seemed to be snatched away from her at once without explanation The most enjoyable part for me was the simple mystery of it all In most books it seems clear who the girl will eventually end up with I can be honest in saying I have no clue what is in store for Lacey There are multiple characters we meet throughout the story and each one helps build this dysfunctional family of werewolves she will begin to know as the series progresses The Crescent had quite a few parts where I was shocked with how things turned out and it had just enough action and romance to keep the pace going.Overall The Crescent is full of adventure and a mysterious prophecy that transports Lacey into a world she is very unfamiliar with The wonderful characters and pace of the story kept me guessing what might happen the entire time.

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    This is one of the hardest reviews I think I have ever written I don t understand why it becomes difficult to write a review about a book that you truly, truly love For example, there has to be a reason why my review of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater is not up here yet Perhaps I am worried I will not portray the book in the right light, that I won t do it justice Anyway, that being said I have actually re read The Crescent and battled with this all day with a view to writing the best review possible So here goesI have only recently been introduced to the writings of Jordan Deen I saw a contest to win her book, looked it up on , thought it sounded really interesting and entered the contest I decided there and then that even if I didn t win, I would still be buying the book To my surprise, I won the book and was thrilled to receive it yesterday Yes, that s right I ve had the book in my possession for about 24 hours and I ve already read it It s not very long at 187 pages so I knew I could have it read quickly but for a debut novel, it s fantastic and definitely what I call a just another chapter kind of book Let s just say that I went to bed at 4am.The main protagonist is Lacey Quinn who is counting down the days until her 18th birthday She is an only child and comes from a pretty rough home where her parents argue nonstop NOTHING is going to stop her from going to college where she can escape the madness of her home life and finally have a decent social life That is until Alex and Brandon enter the scene two new guys at school who both make a lasting impression on Lacey Alex may have gotten there first but Lacey cannot deny the overpowering instant connection she has with Brandon She may be dating Alex but Brandon haunts her dreams and as time goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to distinguish between dreams and reality Lacey must choose between Alex, her first love and Brandon her supposed soul mate Only her decisions will cost her much than she realises Unbeknownst to Lacey, she is caught in the middle of an ancient war and she is the key to it all A family secret slowly unravels itself and threatens to destroy everything she has ever known This is a story of first love vs True love How do you choose your soul mate when your heart belongs to someone else How do you choose your destiny when it will destroy everything and everyone you love Destiny cannot be stopped, can it From the very first pages, I was immediately drawn into the story and I think it s clear by now that I LOVED this book with a passion it basically blew me away And top it all off, the cover art is just gorgeous I have to be honest at this point and say that the book contained a lot of spelling and grammatical errors blame the editors but for me, the story shone through I struggled to regain some coherence when I finished reading and I love it when a book does that to you This is a fantastic debut novel from Jordan Deen and it definitely left me wanting The sequel entitled Half Moon is currently in the pipeline with no set release date as of yet.

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    Talk about your love triangles, The Crescent even had me struggling with my feelings over who I wanted Lacey to end up with Normally when I read a book with strong male leads fighting over the attentions of a female character I find myself easily choosing a side I then proceed to get frustrated with the female character if she doesn t instantly heed my internal advice That wasn t the case this time around I was right there with Lacey, sympathizing the whole time with her situation and the difficult descisions she s being forced to make, not to mention the fact that she doesn t even have all the information and background that would be helpful in her case to make an informed choice I am still torn, even after having finished the last page Who do I really think is right for Lacey Lacey was an interesting character for me She had the qualities you can expect from a female protagonist, but at the same time I must admit that the men in the story, in my opinion, overpowered her She was quickly finding that what she knew and had come to believe in, was in fact far from the truth Or at least it wasn t all there laid out in black and white as she had once thought Information had been withheld from her and she quickly found herself not sure who she could trust and believe People she had always counted on now appear to have nefarious plots involving her, and we all know how hard it is to trust someone you ve just met let alone be expected to trust them as if you ve known them your entire life.We meet Alex, who is that stereotypical boy in high school that girls swoon over, and never think they have a chance at catching the attention of But Lacey is all Alex is interested in, he makes her his whole world What girl wouldn t swoon a little as a result of that kind of attention right He s good looking and kind and has eyes only for her, would you pass that up I m not sure that anyone could, at least until we meet Brandon Just as qualified in the looks department, not to mention the boy is completely devoted, but what s a girl to do when she s already started to become involved with someone else I d go crazy, that s for sure I will admit that while this was a story I enjoyed, there were gaps for me Some details didn t add up and sometimes I found myself confused as to what was what But with lives on the line and hearts at risk of breaking, pressure becomes a very familiar feeling to these characters Lacey ultimately must make a choice and it s definitely not going to be an easy one, not for anyone She s at the center of a very serious tug of war and must make a decision that brings finality to a whole new level I was sad that the story ended with a cliffhanger Normally I love a series, but this time I wanted closure I ended up finishing feeling extremely bereft I want to know what happens next, what craziness awaits our characters and what surprises are in store for me and my fellow readers next I am completely hoping the sequel, Half Moon comes out very very soon.

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    What happens when love and fate collide Both elements are brilliantly intertwined throughout this suspenseful plot I felt Lacey s every conflicted emotion from beginning to end Her struggles to find the truth about her family and her pack was one roller coaster ride I didn t get her strange parents at times I felt great sympathy for her because of her father s alcoholism and mother s pain med addiction, but even then, they appeared to genuinely care for her at the end I cried over this one Such an incredible, passionate, intense love affair between Lacey and Alex, but what is even beautiful is the connection between Lacey and Brandon Her dreams of intimacy with Brandon, filled with deep yearning and longing for her soulmate, were so vivid and captivating There seemed to be such peace in her heart when she found herself with Brandon in Haventon Most love triangles make it easy for the reader to choose the leading male protagonist, but that is so not the case in this love story My heart ached for both Brandon and Alex till the very last page Left me wanting and so much And frankly speaking, I m at a standstill between who Lacey should choose Her heart and mind are at opposite ends, both speaking their own truths Granted, I ve been Team Brandon throughout the whole book, but there were times when my heart wavered onto Team Alex s side And the endingmade my heart waver even , but I finally chose Brandon I think I cannot wait for Half Moon Jan 13th, 2011 cannot get here fast enough

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    Lacey Quinn is your average 17 year old girl In high school, parents that argue a best friend that will stick by her no matter what odd predicaments she ends up in Strolling round the streets at night while her parents battle out another argument is nothing new for Lacey, although on one night that will change the rest of her life, there is something different Lacey feels as if she is being watched A rustle in the bushes and a pair of yellow eyes has Lacey dashing back home only to find that the one watching her was a lost dog Yet this dog is no ordinary dog Able to understand exactly what Lacey wants and needs, Lacey doesn t begin to suspect that he is the one connected to the strange events occurring in the rest of her life.There s a new kid a school A new kid who is intent on having Lacey as his girlfriend Alex Morris isn t like other guys He never even looks at another girl, and seems to be everything Lacey has ever wanted in a guy Sounds too good to be true Probably, because it is For the closer Lacey gets to Alex, and the closer she gets to her eighteenth birthday, the mere smell of Alex makes her sick Deathly sick Yet as her mind is screaming at her to get away, Lacey heart is falling in love with Alex.Then there is Brandon, the guy who appears only to Lacey, who her best friend doesn t even know of He has this physic connection to Lacey, showing her images and memories of their past life together, a life that Lacey has no recollection of Yet for some reason she can t explain, Lacey feels as if she knows Brandon, that he is part of her soul.In a struggle that will only leave one winner, who will Lacey decided to protect when the moment of truth arrives The Crescent is debut novel from Jordan Deen, featuring a story that is gripping and compelling, so gripping that I read this completely in one sitting I completely forgot about time and anything else, so consumed was I in this story The characters were immediately likeable and easy to relate too Lacey is a teenager going through all the struggles that one does when she is on the verge of being considered an adult Her attempt to choose what she wants for her life, even as her life is being manipulated on numerous fronts I found Alex intriguing and irritating, knowing that there was always something he wasn t completely telling us The same thing with Brandon, who I had a hunch would be important and would have a larger role that it originally seems Particularly when you work out Brandon s second identity.The only issue I had with this book was one plot point that was emphasised a lot in the start of the novel, then forgotten about a third of the way in Lacey s arguing parents who used to cause Lacey s late night strolls seemed to completely overcome their problems with each other to turn into a loving couple that never fought I personally would have either liked to see their relationship continue in the way it was originally established or to have a spot character and plot development that allowed this change in character to actually make sense in the story Along with this is a few spelling mistakes, but I hardly noticed these on my first time round However, if they are the only flaws I could find, then I recommend this series to anyone who loves fresh and new works in urban fantasy Get ready to discover a whole new world in the realm of werewolf mythology.

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    Lacey has a difficult home life and the constant arguments between her parents have her longing to go to a college as far away as she can get She is about to turn 18 and can t wait to finish school and leave home When she meets and starts dating Alex the new boy at school she has no idea how drastically her life is going to change Then Brandon, another new boy, arrives on the scene and although she loves Alex she feels a strong connection to his rival Brandon With one boy filling her days and the other overtaking her dreams she is struggling to distinguish dream from reality and make a choice about which one to choose What she doesn t know is that she is the key to winning a war and both sides will do anything to get her on their side Torn between her heart and her head how can she know which to follow Does she choose her family and everyone she knows or take a chance on a stranger and believe what she has been told It is a difficult decision but she has to pick a side before it s too late.The Crescent is Jordan Deen s debut novel and what a start to a new series I was impressed by the depth of the story and Jordan did a great job of pulling me towards both Alex and Brandon I really struggled to know who Lacey should trust and felt her confusion completely This is one of those books that you pick up thinking you ll just read a couple of chapters and the next thing you know you re half way through the book I just couldn t put it down as I had to know what would happen next.Lacey has a lot of shocks in store for her throughout the story and revelations that are made leave her doubting everything and everyone she s ever known The decision she is forced to make tears her apart and will have a major impact on her family and friends I found Lacey was a very realistic character and I felt myself desperately hoping things would turn out well for her Although I was drawn to both Alex and Brandon I definitely know who I was routing for, I m not going to say any for fear of spoilers so I ll just say I was very happy with the outcome and you ll have to read the book to find out .I feel I have to point out the fact that this book was very badly edited, I m usually a stickler for this and as I was reading the first few pages I really did worry that I wouldn t be able to finish the book However, by the end of the first chapter I was so drawn to the characters and captured by the story that I found myself noticing the errors less and less I have been assured that the sequel will have been properly edited so please don t let the errors put you off of reading this fantastic debut I can t wait to get my hands on Half Moon and am very much looking forward to seeing what Jordan Deen comes up with next

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    I actually got two books finished today, as Jordan Deen s The Crescent was a rather quick read being only 187 pages But it s shortness didn t detract from the thrilling story I found myself immediately engrossed once I got a few pages in Lacey s parents are fighting and she leaves the house to escape the arguments School soon starts and that s when Lacey s dilemma begins when the new boy, Alex comes into the office where she spends first period as a student aide and everything changes from there.Even though this was a YA book, it didn t have the high school feel to it, even though a portion of the book is spent at school But the parts that rang of a YA book felt to be much sophisticated than what I was expecting Lacey begins to fall for Alex and I won t get into the details but she finds herself questioning things about their relationship, and things that revolve around the L word For some reason, I enjoyed that part I liked her confliction and her wondering if what she was feeling was real So many books have the teens just end up being in love or lust, yet Lacey, a 17 year old, has feelings that seem real.Then in comes Brandon and the ever popular love triangle continues, but it was so hard to figure out which guy I wanted to see Lacey with Both were mysterious, and yet kind They both seemed to know Lacey and she in turn knew them in different ways It was very deep.There was a bit of a mystery element going on, not a who done it , but still there were secrets, secrets that involved Lacey Things Lacey didn t really know about And that s disregarding the whole werewolves are among us thing Which it clearly states on the BOC that there are werewolves and the cover tells you that as well, so it shouldn t come as a spoiler.I fell deeply into this book, I could hardly put it down With the exception of a few grammar and spelling errors, it made for an easy and fun read But it still leaves enough questions at the end that make me want to read the next book, Half Moon, on my list for next year.It s hard to review much on this one since there was a big secret that reveals itself in small pieces gradually throughout the book and I can t reveal much along the way to that without giving something away But basically there is a BIG secret, some of which I guessed a little at, but was fuzzy on the other details It s hard to explain, best just to read it and enjoy Overall I give the book 4 5 stars

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    I really enjoyed this story from author Jordan Deen It has the werewolf factor that is hot and in demand right now, plus it has a love triangle with two gorgeous guys in love with the girl While there were parts of the story that dragged and characters that had flaws, I still enjoyed the journey that the author takes you in in the book I was a little disappointed in the fact that Brandon, Lacey s true soul mate, was only around for a few pages within the first 3 4 of the book I wanted to cheer for them, but it is hard when you don t get to see the characters interact throughout the entire story This leads me to Alex Alex is there from the beginning He is loving and attentive towards Lacey He tries hard to be the boyfriend she thinks she needs Plus, he is one of the most gorgeous boys in school which makes the popular girls green with envy I found myself cheering that Alex would be the one she chose mainly because I established a connection with him since he was around in the story Lacey was a little hesitant in the love department with Alex She was indecisive and couldn t make up her mind about the boys While I understand that she was torn between two loves, she seemed to flip flop between the two way too much The author saved the action for the last 1 4 of the book which made for a climatic ending In a way, I wish there would have been action and suspense throughout the entire book, but I can also see how the author wanted to build the characters and relationships first The action scenes were a little choppy and inconsistent, but I was willing to overlook that fact mainly because of the revelation of who Grant is and the redeeming of certain characters in the book A great read to introduce to young readers and adults who are just getting their toes wet in the paranormal genre, and a series that has me eagerly anticipating the next book in the series

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