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The Commitments chapter 1 The Commitments, meaning The Commitments, genre The Commitments, book cover The Commitments, flies The Commitments, The Commitments abb1e6ad7921a Barrytown, Dublin, Has Something To Sing About The Commitments Are Spreading The Gospel Of The Soul Ably Managed By Jimmy Rabbitte, Brilliantly Coached By Joey The Lips Fagan, Their Twin Assault On Motown And Barrytown Takes Them By Leaps And Bounds From The Parish Hall To The Steps Of The Studio Door But Can The Commitments Live Up To Their Name

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    I was going to attempt to write this review in the working class Dublin slang that Roddy Doyle s colourful characters use, but, ya know, Jaysis, I d come o looking like a fuckin eejit.I m one of the few people on the planet who s never seen the Alan Parker movie, and when I was in London last fall, I noticed there was even a long running stage version of it But I guess through cultural osmosis I knew what the book was about the making and abrupt unmaking of a north Dublin soul band It s riotously fun, filled with piss and vinegar and great snatches of music, and boy do these characters know how to talk No wonder it was adapted for actors to perform Slagging each other over a few pints, joking about everything, is a sport it s the way they communicate.I say characters, but there s not a lot of depth to them A day after finishing this I devoured the second in the Barrytown Trilogy, The Snapper , and among other things it shows that Doyle can write complex, nuanced characters In fact, for half the book I had to keep going back to the page that listed the band members names and what instrument they played Jimmy Rabbite manager.Outspan Foster guitar.Deco Cuffe vocals.Derek Scully bass James Clifford piano.Billy Mooney drums.Dean Fay sax.And Joey The Lips.Later they re joined by three women the Commitmentettes And here s what happens they rehearse Jimmy books them first one gig then another they perform them both another character Mickah the bouncer joins them they get a nice write up in a local paper one player gets interested in jazz the vocalist whom everyone hates gets a big ego and all the men are attracted to Imelda, one of the backup singers So not much plot There s a rich sense of social milieu, but mostly this book is about people interacting, bouncing off each other Here s a little exchange between the drummer and the vocalist An here, you, George Michael If yeh ever call me a fuckin eejit again you ll go home with a drumstick up your hole The one yeh don t sing ou of He started to pick up the drum The one yeh talk ou of.Touch And it s not all salty dialogue Here s a little bit of exposition during the band s first performance The ones not from Barrytown studied Mickah the bouncer He wasn t what they d expected some huge animal, a skinhead or a muttonhead, possibly both This Mickah was small and wiry, very mobile Even when he was standing still he was moving Even when he was standing still he was moving that s fine writing Other gems are sprinkled throughout, showing you that Doyle is a novelist, not just a playwright or screenwriter And he s an artist Fair play tha.

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    Have you got Soul If yes, The World s Hardest Working Band is looking for you Contact J Rabbitte, 118, Chestnut Ave., Dublin 21 Rednecks and southsiders need not apply I don t think I ever recommended before seeing a movie before reading the book it was based on, but in the case of Roddy Doyle s debut novel I believe this order will enhance the experience You see, this is a musical novel, and it s done in a combination of dialogue and song lyrics, with minimal stage directions, no descriptive passages and no internal monologues, It s all out in the open and it rocks and rolls with the rhythm of Motown transplanted to the not so green suburb of Barrytown, Ireland.I know the Alan Parker s movie would not exist if Roddy Doyle didn t pen his foul mouthed, irreverent and energetic novel first, but words on paper don t capture in the same way the Irish slang used in all the dialogues and the driving force of Mustang Sally or Chain of Fools The movie is also an almost line by line rendition of the scenes in the book, which is not surprising, given that the author worked on the script.So, what it s all about and why do you need to give an answer to the opening question Have you got Soul It s about the power of music to cross geographical borders, language barriers and generational gaps and to give meaning and direction to your life It s not about making money, hitting on the groupies or being famous It s about shouting as loud as you can your joy, your anger, your dreams and the audience reflecting it all back at you sitting up and dancing and clapping and singing along with you.Why Barrytown and why Soul instead of punk rock or heavy metal or rap Jimmy Rabbitte explains it to the couple of young local wedding singers who are tired of playing the same old crooner standards The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads.They nearly gasped it was so true An Dubliners are the niggers of Ireland The culchies have fuckin everythin An the northside Dubliners are the niggers o Dublin Say it loud, I m black and I m proud Outspan and Derek decide to let themselves be carried away by Jimmy s enthusiasm and start a new band, a band that will bring the music of Otis Redding, Al Green, James Brown and Wilson Pickett to the working class suburb of Barrytown Jimmy Rabbite knew his music He knew his stuff alright You d never see Jimmy coming home from town without a new album or a 12 inch or at least a 7 inch single Jimmy ate melody Maker and the NME every week and Hot Press every two weeks He listened to Dave Fanning and John Peel He even read his sisters Jackie when there was no one looking So Jimmy knew his stuff With Jimmy as manager, the newly fangled Commitments start recruiting and practicing in earnest, first in the garage of the only elderly band member Joey The Lips was a baldy little bollix nearly fifty , later in improvised venues in front of a raucous audience In between rehearsals Jimmy and Joey the Lips educate their fellow band members on the meaning of Soul Soul isn t only music Soul is a double edged sword The first side is sex, righ An the second one is REVOLUTION Soul is the politics of the people.Our people Soul is the rhythm o sex It s the rhythm o the factory too The workin man s rhythm Sex an factory Soul is Dignity.Soul is lifting yourself up, soul is dusting yourself off, soul is Soul is Dignity Dignity, soul Dignity is respect Self respect Dignity is pride Dignity, confidence Dignity, assertion Dignity, integrity Dignity, elegance Dignity, style Will the Commitments be a success or a failure Will they be able to overcome their technical difficulties with their new or second hand instruments, their day job worries, their clashing personalities and their sudden rivalries to become a true Soul Band and score a record deal Read the book, see the movie and sing along with them on a journey to Destination Anywhere , the theme song of the band Remember them with fondness and indulgence for their invective ladden repartees and their fallible hearts The show must go on They were all there, their first time together.Jimmy Rabbitte manager.Outspan Foster guitar.Deco Cuffe vocals.Derek Scully bass.James Clifford piano.Billy Mooney drums.Dean Fay sax.The Commitmenttettes Imelda, Natalie, BernieAnd Joey The Lips Fagan on trumpet Disclaimer I must have seen the movie at least ten times before reading the novel, rating it among my top five modern musicals, side by side with Almost Famous or Hair Favourite scene the auditions with the What s Your Influence quiz I am also a long term fan of Soul, Blues and Classic Rock, among other musical interests, so my opinion is skewed towards a higher rating, but I think it s fair to add that Roddy Doyle has written an excellent debut novel, and that I plan to continue to read his Barrytown books.

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    A short, sweet tale of the birth and short life of an Irish soul band, full of humor and exhilaration It feels like that sense of delicious surprise at being able to skate on thin ice Young Jimmy Rabbitte, unemployed resident of a fictional working class neighborhood of Dublin, Barrytown, gets the brilliant idea that Ireland needs sex machine music like James Brown s We get the pleasure of his imagination at work as he puts together his band one by one and works up a repertoire of songs The book is short and makes high art out of dialogue, which makes up perhaps 90% of the content Here is the pitch of self recruitment by a middle aged horn player, Joey the Lips , who is the only one who has had professional experience playing soul music The Lord told me to come home Ed Winchell, a Baptist preacher on Lenox Avenue in Harlem, but the Lord told him to tell me Ed told me to back to Ireland and blow some soul into the Irish Brothers The Irish Brothers wouldn t be shooting the asses off each other if they had soul So said Ed I m not a Baptist myself but I ve had a lot of time for the Reverend Ed Am I in Joey the Lips asked Fuck, yes, said Jimmy Most of Jimmie s recruits are old friends, like Outspan for drummer, his best friend from grade school days A set of three teenaged girls with experience in a church choir are added for backup vocals, including the supremely sexy Imelda For the vocalist, he picks a stranger who can belt them out, Deco He has to learn his art Deco was on a strict soul diet James Brown, Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye, James for the growls, Otis for the moans, Smokey for the whines and Marvin for the whole lot put together, Jimmy said.There are lots of funny scenes as they build up a repertoire in practice and start with venues such as a church bingo hall They get past the priest by promising to knock drug use they misspell Heroin Kills in their poster backdrop Soul and Motown funk is well past its prime, but the marvel of their creation slowly gains an audience Whereas the 1991 movie featured such songs as Mustang Sally , Chain of Fools , Take Me to the River , the songs featured in the book include Night Train , When a Man Loves a Woman , and It s a Man s World The backups get to lead with Walking in the Rain While the movie puts you in the audience, the book makes you imagine performing the songs and so well that you can hear them in your head The seeds of destruction of group cohesion emerge fast in the form of Deco s egotism and everyone s jealousy over Imelda favoring Joey Also, the saxophone player Dean is becoming enad of jazz, the anti people music What s Dean been listenin to Jimmie asked Charlie Parker He s supposed to be good but Good Joey the Lips gasped The man has no right to his black skin Those polyrhythms went through Brother Parker s legs and up his ass And who did he play to I ll tell you, middle class white kids with little beards and berets In jazz clubs Jazz clubs They didn t even clap They clicked their fingers.The book was the first of three in what came to be termed The Barrytown Trilogy I ve had the pleasure of The Van , which features a hopeless scheme of Jimmy Rabbitte Sr to make a business out of a chip van during an international soccer match in Dublin Again, the beauty lies less in attaining a dream, but in the infectious miracle of believing the dream My impetus in reading The Commitments comes from the 2014 publication of The Guts , which features Jimmy decades later milking the nostalgia for old music, this time Celtic Punk, while suffering the slings and arrows of cancer.

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    Back in the day I always wanted to use that in one of my reviews my buddies and I from the old neighborhood had a dream Besides wanting to be starting shortstops for our favorite baseball teams Red Sox for me we wanted to reach fame and fortune through music There was only one hitch none of us could sing, and none of us could play an instrument Nevertheless, we moved forward with our dream and started penning lyrics to songs with no music our muses were than confused For the most part, most of us wanted to be the next Def Leopard or Poison, a few of us wanted to enact the Wayback Machine and summon our Dylan or Doors or Led Zeppelin inner spirit I personally wanted us to be the next Pink Floyd We would stage mock practices, mostly we played Tetris on the Nintendo, and if we remembered discussed what one of us had written When not discussing our lyrics, we discussed the second most vital component in any band girls We were all in agreement that we needed dancers So, on one foggy day I can t really be expected to remember if it was foggy, can I we went to all the girls in our neighborhood that were about our age, never younger only older, and asked if they would like to tryout for our band as dancers Surprisingly, there were a few girls that really wanted to do this We built a stage in one of our garages and started up a mixed tape and let the girls do their thing Heck, we were the first version of America s Got Talent One by one we told so and so that we thought she just wasn t what we were looking for and continued on evaluating the others This went on for about three or four songs Finally, when one of the girls clued in that we really didn t care about their dancing abilities, and were only interested in watching parts of their bodies dance did the fun come to a crashing halt Our band broke up after that I have always loved that memory, and since my wife was one of the girls it makes it all that meaningful She would kill me if she knew I was writing this Anyways, I came across this book a few months back while rifling through a stack of discarded books at a used bookstore I had read Roddy Doyle before and enjoyed his sleek approach to storytelling Man o man did the memories rush back with this one Here we have a group of kids in Dublin that have one goal of becoming a soul band A soul band Like my friends and I, they have no clue on how to start the process However, they do have knowledge of how to play instruments So they did what we neglected to do they hired an outsider to manage them If we had done that I may not be writing this review who am I kidding I d still be writing this review Through a hilarious romp of what it takes to become a band, Doyle doesn t sentimentalize the journey Instead of the schmaltz, he writes about missed opportunities and possibilities with the same lens of innocence that might be portrayed if looking through a blacked out, cracked window in the middle of the night If you have ever, for even a split second, dreamed of being a rocker, this book is for you And even if you haven t thought about your name in lights, belting out lyrics that mesmerize the masses, this book is still for you If anything, it s a quick read Go on, give the Irishman a chance you may even want to see if some of your friends want to dance.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    I read Doyle s The Woman Who Walked Into Doors a few weeks ago and found it both a harrowing account of one woman s life, as well as a subversive insight to suburban Irish culture I was expecting of the same with his other writing and was, sadly, a little disappointed The novel follows the formation of teenage band, The Commitments through the choosing of band members, the finessing of performance, the highs from the shared passion for music, and the lows after the inevitable in band clashes This novel s entire focus is on music, and how it can enrich one s soul and move you, emotionally, the way no other can.Despite not knowing every one of the band and artist s names that litter this piece, I did enjoy the message it was promoting and thought Doyle did a wonderful job of allowing his characters passion for music to translate across the page I felt both the rhythm of this story and the shared beat the individuals within where dancing to, which I can imagine is a terrifically hard thing to transform, from sound to word.Another thing I adored was how absolutely I felt I understood each and every one of his characters Nuance of action and dialogue make them all undeniably unique, and yet they also provide an illuminating insight to the culture they are representing This is Doyle s forte, and his characters are what made for such an enjoyable and hilarious reading experience.Whilst all these things accumulated to make this a joyful little piece, I finished it with none of the overarching understandings or intense emotions that his other work had given me I appreciated this book for what it was, and it provided me with a fun hour or two of reading, but nothing to move me beyond the closing of the final page.

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    This is a very early novel by one of my favorite Irish authors, Roddy Doyle It is part of his focus on contemporary Dublin life It is bawdy, funny, touching, profane, surprising and thought provoking Doyle s writing style pulls you into a Dublin pub and doesn t make it easy for you to sort things out I won t say much except the title refers directly to a band that Jimmy Rabbitte is asked to form and manage, composed of young Dubliners The following selection from early in the book should be sufficient for you to determine whether it is worth your while.Why did yis form the group Well Money No, said Outspan I mean, it d be nice But I m not in it for the money I amn t either, said Derek The chicks Jaysis, Jimmy The brassers, yeh know wha I mean The gee Is tha why No, said Derek The odd ride now an again would be alrigh though wouldn t it said Outspan Ah yeah, said Derek But wha Jimmy s askin is is tha the reason we got the group together To get our hole No way, said Outspan Why then said Jimmy He d an answer ready for them It s hard to say, said Outspan That s what Jimmy had wanted to hear He jumped in Yis want to be different, isn t tha it Yis want to do somethin with yourselves, isn t tha it Sort of, said Outspan Yis don t want to end up like he nodded his head back these tossers here Amn t I righ Jimmy was getting passionate now The lads enjoyed watching him Yis want to get up there an shout I m Outspan fuckin Foster He looked at Derek An I m Derek fuckin Scully, an I m not a tosser Isn t tha righ That s why yis re doin it Amn t I righ I s pose yeh are, said Outspan Fuckin sure I am With the odd ride thrown in, said Derek They laughed Then Jimmy was back on his track again So if yis want to be different what re yis doin doin bad versions of other people s poxy songs That was it He was right, bang on the nail They were very impressed So was Jimmy Jimmy continued He went back to sex Believe me, he said Holdin hands is ou Lookin at the moon, tha sort o shite It s the real thing now He looked at Derek Even in Ireland Look, Frankie Goes To me arse were shite, righ They nodded But Jaysis, at least they called a blow job a blow job an look at all the units they shifted The wha Records They drank Then Jimmy spoke Rock an roll is all abou ridin That s wha rock an roll means Did yis know tha They didn t Yeah, that s wha the blackies in America used to call it So the time has come to put the ridin back into rock an roll Tongues, gooters, boxes, the works The market s huge Wha abou this politics Yeah, politics Not songs abou Fianna fuckin Fail or annythin like tha Real politics They weren t with him Where are yis from He answered the question himself Dublin He asked another one Wha part o Dublin Barrytown Wha class are yis Workin class Are yis proud of it Yeah, yis are Then a practical question Who buys the most records The workin class Are yis with me Not really Your music should be abou where you re from an the sort o people yeh come from Say it once, say it loud, I m black an I m proud They looked at him James Brown Did yis know never mind He sang tha An he made a fuckin bomb They were stunned by what came next The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads They nearly gasped it was so true An Dubliners are the niggers of Ireland The culchies have fuckin everythin An the northside Dubliners are the niggers o Dublin Say it loud, I m black an I m proud In his GR review, Algernon makes a suggestion that I think has value I don t think I ever recommended before seeing a movie before reading the book it was based on, but in the case of Roddy Doyle s debut novel I believe this order will enhance the experience You see, this is a musical novel, and it s done in a combination of dialogue and song lyrics, with minimal stage directions, no descriptive passages and no internal monologues, It s all out in the open and it rocks and rolls with the rhythm of Motown 4.5

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    I went into this book knowing nothing about it, not having seen the movie, certainly not having seen the musical and not being familiar with the Irish institution that is Roddy Doyle.Initially I thought there was a mistake and I somehow obtained the screenplay for the film rather than the novel Doyle shows a true bravado in his disregard for what we assume to constitute a novel His narrative is composed almost entirely of dialogues and some diminished descriptions which are no than stage directions Yet, somehow, despite those self imposed constraints and in just 140 pages he manages to capture the essence of teenage dreams, how they burn and then burn out, how they get lost in arguments and get flooded by hormonal rivers It s all there in a story of a few Dublin teenagers who form a band and try to bring some soul into the Irish capital Make no mistake, though, this is not a novel about sex, drugs and rock n roll It s a lot innocent than that It s neither glamorous, nor bohemian It s just working class It s like that Lorde s song Royals Even though the format of The Commitments didn t quite work for me, because I m attached to the Dickensian kind of narration, it did manage to extract some emotional response from me However, I think this is one of the few instances where I think the movie is better And that is without actually having seen the movie Knowledge of 60 s r n b and soul music desirable but not essential for the enjoyment of this book.

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    In the grim north side of Dublin Jimmy decides to put together a band to play soul music from the 60s His mates think he s mental They say, But that kind of stuff is sung by black people Ain t it And we re just scummy white kids, ain t we But Jimmy has a reply to that Do you not get it, lads The Irish are the blacks of Europe And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin So say it once, say it loud I m black and I m proud Dean, Jimmy s mate, a little uncertainly I m black and I m proud.Amongst many issues covered in The Commitments is how to cope with a lead singer who has a fabulous voice but who is a belligerent egomaniac with vile manners And indeed many other lessons in etiquette are expounded Actually, this is one example where the movie is better than the book, however excellent, ribald and racketty a read it is which is not something I generally say But seeing the chaotic Commitments forming, fighting, swinging, performing, achieving their brief moment of glory, and disintegrating amongst hurled beer glasses and foul curses is frankly nothing short of glorious.

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    brilliant though you end up thinking in an irish accent

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    This bracing, funny, honest, and charming first novel tracks the brief existence of The Commitments, a working class Dublin band bent on bringing soul to the people Fortunately for Outspan and Derek, who ve decided to form And, And , And, a syntho pop cover band as soon as they get the money to buy instruments, anyway , Jimmy Rabbite consents to be their manager Jimmy s the sharpest industry observer in northern Dublin Jimmy had Relax before anyone had heard of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and he d started slagging them months before anyone realized that they were no good , and is able to turn the band to soul Renamed the Commitments, Jimmy adds to the band among others the three Commitmentettes and a pro, Brother Joey The Lips Fagan, a balding, motherly horn player old enough to have fathered the rest of the band Brother Joey, who s played with everyone from James Brown to the Beatles, takes over the band s musical training to great success, and is soon sampling the nonmusical talents of the Commitmentettes, much to the disgust of his frustrated younger colleagues After a lot of amusing preparation, the band gains recognition in local pubs and the music press But Deco, the band s talented but oafish singer, lets success go to his head, and despite an offer to record, friction breaks up the band We leave Jimmy, Outspan, and Derek as they realize that what Dublin really needs is a country western band Brash, human, smoothly executed, and seemingly authentic, full of youth, energy, and good humor, this is a quintessential garage band romance and a fine and promising debut.

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