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The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter files The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, read online The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, free The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, free The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter 10bfdac77 Despite The Enormous Success Both Critical And Popular Of Her Novel Ship Of Fools, Katherine Anne Porter S Reputation As One Of America S Most Distinguished Writers Rest Chiefly On Her Superb Short Stories This Volume Brings Together The Collections Flowering Judas Pale Horse, Pale Rider And The Leaning Tower As Well As Four Stories Not Available Elsewhere In Book Form

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    A very skilled short story writer, Katherine Anne Porter brings to life her characters and, primarily through character development, takes you deep into their world with a minimum of words Not once did I feel that a story ended prematurely or that I wanted or expected than I got She tackles a variety of experiences that might feel very familiar to most of us In The Rope a husband and wife engage in an argument over a piece of rope that made me chuckle with recognition I think if you are or have ever been married, you will see yourself and your spouse at some moment in this story In fact, all you really need to have is a sibling or a friend and you might still relate easily to what transpires He is another excellent story that deals with a mother and her mentally handicapped son I confess to feeling that we might, as a society, find ourselves in this one as well It was a kind of tragic tale for me.My favorite of the stories was The Cracked Looking Glass This story of a May December marriage struck me as particularly poignant I could understand the feelings of the protagonist so well and loved seeing how her view changed over time Old Mortality, Noon Wine, and Pale Horse, Pale Rider are three novellas which were published originally under the collective name Pale Horse, Pale Rider I was completely riveted to each of these stories, which are dark and disturbing in many ways The first seems to pose the question of how much can we know about a person who is gone by listening to those who knew her The second is a tale of the difference a hired man makes to the life of a farmer who employs him The third, which ties back to the first by incorporating a character from that story, deals with fate and the precarious nature of life and death during WWI and the flu epidemic All excellently written What was easy to realize, but surprising in its way, was the completely contemporary feel of all of these stories We think our lives have changed substantially, but perhaps only the outer shell is different The cell phones and newer fashions and quickie food preparation, and even the changes in the status of women in both the workplace and home, hasn t changed the basic inner conflicts much at all.

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    Life was very hard for the Whipples It was hard to feed all the hungry mouths, it was hard to keep the children in flannels during the winterThe Collected Stories of Katherine Porter won the Pulitzer in 1965 and the National Book Award in 1966 Once in a while there is a writer whose stories are so relatable that upon reading his or her work I feel like I ve discovered a kindred spirit Reading this book was that kind of experience for me Despite that all these stories were written so long ago and most take place in Texas or Mexico, places I ve never lived There are twenty short stories in this book and nine of them are some of the best I ve ever read.1 Maria Concepcion2 Virgin Violetta3 He 4 The Jilting of Granny Weatherall5 The Cracked Looking Glass6 Hacienda7 Noon Wine8 The Old Order9 The Downward Path to WisdomThere is a fair amount of introspection that takes place in each of these stories and there is usually an inter generational theme or familial theme Many, perhaps most, of the central characters are not likable some are often bitter or resentful Yet they are so convincing The interactions that they have with other characters are all so realistic Porter said her stories were true in the way that a work of fiction should be true, created out of all the scattered particles of life I was able to absorb and combine and shape into new being 5 stars Recommended for anyone who likes short stories Porter is an absolute master.

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    Somehow, though I was a literature major, I had never read than a couple of Porter s stories before something recently triggered my decision to check this collection out of the library Huge thanks to that something, for I enjoyed the reading thoroughly.Porter has a poet s ability to describe a gesture, a way of moving, or a scene with similes that make your jaw drop, so precise unexpected moving they are She watched not the boy, but his shadow, fallen like a dark garment against the fountain rim, trailing in the water from Flowering Judas If I had had the foresight I would have jotted down lots before returning the book.There is a recurring character, Miranda, whom we meet sometimes as a child sometimes as a young or youngish woman There are recurring settings Mexico, Texas, Kentucky, nameless big U.S cities.I particularly loved Pale Horse, Pale Rider, set in 1918 as young U.S men are heading off to the Great War great swaths of the urban population are being mowed down by the flu influenza epidemic I felt very much transplanted into that time place, into the life of Miranda The Leaning Tower isn t as emotionally engaging, but it s similarly fascinating historically a young American artist spends a few months in Berlin in 1931 what a precarious time, how aware of that the characters seem to be as they discuss national identities.

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    Granny Weatherall is nearly eighty and she s in bed, surrounded by her children, her doctor and a minister She s dying Her mind and senses go from one memory to another, from one sensation to another, thoughts fluttering like distracted butterflies going in all directions, or like a malfunctioning television catching all sorts of signals Among these, the strongest of all, was one sorrow the grief which wiped all her other sorrows away she was twenty and the love of her life didn t come to their wedding.A powerfully imagined, unforgettable story If I get lucky and grow very old and slowly waste away in bed surrounded by grieving relatives and creditors and quietly happy heirs I ll surely remember, in my grogginess, this story What was the name of the dying grandmother there Ah, yes, Granny Weatherall for she weathered all I am like her now And who wrote it Alice Munro No She has a longer name Ah, yes, Katherine Ann Porter What are these people doing here, crying I ve got to call my brother We need to check out that new bookstore downtown What is that novel I m now reading I ve been at it for months now, my eyesight is not that good any, my eyes tear up five minutes into staring at a page Is it day or night What is this heaviness in my chest It is certainly getting dark and cold Tomorrow I need to give my friend s grandson that old bike I no longer need

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    KAP is one of my favorite writers, and this collection is a must read not only for those who appreciate classic 20th century stylists such as Hemingway and Faulkner but for those who enjoy contemporary multi layered narratives of, say, Alice Munro And though Porter is often considered to be a bit formal, there are passages of her writing that lean toward the experimental that she manages to blend beautifully into her storytelling.This collection has all of Porter s stories, and it s definitely a mixed bag her best are long, thus not often anthologized like the somewhat overrated He or The Jilting of Granny Weatherall The best are from the Pale Horse, Pale Rider trilogy the title story and another, Old Mortality, feature Porter s alter ego character, Miranda, as a child in the early 1900s and as a young woman during the end of WWI and the influenza epidemic of 1918 Both are novella length 60 pgs or so , and in them you ll experience that sense of history from the inside out You just have to take a step back, too, and admire the way Porter manages big events and precise, quotidian detail while never relinquishing hold on her characters.Other good ones The Leaning Tower inspired by Porter s interwar Berlin experiences , and Holiday a visit to a German peasant family with brutal family secrets.In short, KAP is brilliant these are to read re read Enjoy.

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    When I bought this at Half Price Books a few weeks ago, the clerk said to me Katherine Anne Porter is such a good writer that she almost makes up for the rest of Texas I repeated that comment to my parents later, but they didn t find it quite as amusing as I did.

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    I ve been carrying around The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter for almost four decades without reading them, just one of the books I kept passing over as I took them out of shipping boxes in state after state, country after country Recently I read a memoir by Reynolds Price in which he said that she had written stories of the highest order, equal to Chekhov, Faulkner, Joyce and others So I went looking for her collected stories in this new house of ours and found them right where I had placed them, fully intending to leave them there until we moved somewhere else and took them with us again.Now I ve read them and would say that Price had it right There are stories in this collection The Cracked Looking Glass, Noon Wine, Pale Horse, Pale Rider as good as stories can get.Porter was born in Texas in 1890 and moved around quite a bit for the next 90 years She wrote tales of farm children in Texas, communists in Russia, Irish immigrants in Connecticut, and rootless Europeans in Berlin that all have exceptional authenticity The Leaning Tower, written in Berlin in 1931, is as close to anything I know predicting the catastrophe of Nazism before it reached its most virulent state.The power of Porter s stories lies not so much in their plots or what happens as in the firm power of her commanding sentences She is amazingly able to capture psychological inflections in a few words or sum up the essence of a stage of life or convey the hardness of heart an old woman feels toward her old husband, whom she indifferently abandons These sentences are stories in themselves and raise questions about the genre overall Good writing is good writing, short or long.In a marvelous, multi part tale called The Old Order, Porter paints an age through characters and generations not through plot The tale goes nowhere and yet its portraiture is so exacting that it works beautifully in its peculiarly wandering, discursive way It s hard to imagine a literary journal publishing it today because it is so long and pointless by the same token, it is so superbly written that it is hard to imagine an editor not breaking all the rules and simply surrendering to the story, giving it the space it needs to be what it is, or less the fictional equivalent of a Chekhov play.Porter remembered what she saw in train compartments, kitchens, restaurants, and old graveyards she then recorded those impressions accurately, never letting the virtue of brevity force her into the betrayal of neglecting a telling detail In a way she wrote stories the way D.H Lawrence wrote stories, letting them blossom like an English garden, full of interesting things whose theme was totality than unity She was apparently unaffected by the modernist age in which she lived, but she wasn t old fashioned.There s too much spice and candor in her work for that no covering up the sins and passions and pettinesses of characters who are not at all heroic or intriguing than the person sitting across from you on a subway car, but no less compelling, either.Thematically, there is a lot of disillusion and death in her work, but it is unsentimental stuff, not tragic stuff Why wouldn t life wear a person out Why wouldn t it scare a child Why wouldn t it make a mother refuse to assume the blame for how her twelve children turned out Hats off to Reynolds Price for reminding me why I ve been carting this book around all these years.

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    I have to admire Katherine Ann Porter So many of her loves died and rejected her, ran away, and deceived her Somehow she ended up writing truthfully about it At least I believe her Her stories do not seem like acts of judgment, since the lovers sins are not forgiven or changed Yes, I believe her, because her final relief was to understand it all in a story What relief It is only the comfort and joy between reader and author If I could step back somewhere and propose to Katherine and win her heart we would certainly repeat some of these ugly acts No solution for love in the stories of Katherine Ann Porter, just the comfort and joy between author and reader He wondered if anybody had ever thought oh, well, of course everybody else had, he was always making marvelous discoveries that other people had known all along how impossible it is to explain or to make other eyes see the special qualities in the person you love There was such a special kind of beauty in Miriam In certain lights and moods he simply got a clutch in the pit of his stomach when he looked at her It was something that could happen at any hour of the day, in the midst of the most ordinary occupations He thought there was something to be said for living with one person day and night the year round It brings out the worst, but it brings out the best, too, and Miriam s best was pretty damn swell He couldn t describe it It was easy to talk about her faults He remembered all of them, he could add them up against her like rows of figures in a vast unpaid debt He had lived with her for four years, and even now sometimes he woke out of a sound sleep in a sweating rage with himself, asking himself again why he had ever wasted a minute on her That Tree Oh, what is life, she asked herself in desperatete seriousness, in those childish unanswerable words, and what shall I do with it It is something of my own, she thought in a fury of jealous possessiveness, what shall I make of it She did not know that she asked herself this because all her earliest training had argued that life was a substance, a material to be used, it took shape and direction and meaning only as the possessor guided and worked it living was a progress of continuous and varied acts of the will directed towards a definite end She had been assured that there were good and evil ends, one must make a choice But what was good, and what was evil I hate love, she thought, as if this were the answer, I hate love and being loved, I hate it And her disturbed and seething mind received a shock of comfort from this sudden collaps of an old painful structure of distorted images and misconceptions Noon Wine Not all of Porter is bombastic revelations on the nature of love Some of these passages struck me because they came after walking close with some character, knowing them closer than a sister or a brother, and then hearing them decide on something that they had never thought to decide before it is a joy and comfort I first heard of Katherine because she was an astonishing and lucky survivor of the 1918 influenza epidemic She lived, and when her hair grew back it was all white The young man that briefly took care of her when she was first struck with the sickness was not alive when she came out of it Writing about it in Pale Horse, Pale Rider and Holiday is a stunning response to such agony, it doesn t matter if it took decades I stand up and cheer her Here is this He was wearing a new hat of a pretty biscuit shade, for it never occurred to him to buy anything of a practical color he had put it on for the first time and the rain was spoiling it She kept thinking, But this is dreadful, where will he get another She compared it with Eddie s hats that always seemed to be precisely seven years old and as if they had been quite purposely left out in the rain, and yet they sat with a careless and incidental rightness on Eddie But Camilo was far different if he wore a shabby hat it would be merely shabby on him, and he would lose his spirits over it If she had not feared Camilo would take it badly, for he insisted on the little ceremonies up to the point he had fixed for them, she would have said to them as they left Thora s house, Do go home I can surely reach the station by myself It is written that we must be rained upon tonight, said Camilo, so let it be together Theft Wonderful I m so glad to have finally met her, born only ten miles away in the town of Kyle, Texas.

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    Katherine Anne Porter s novel Ship of Fools 1962 was a sensation at the time, a top best seller that was made into a Hollywood movie with an all star cast, but today Porter is best remembered and remains influential for her short fiction Most of it was written in the 1920s and 30s and much of it, like that of her contemporary, Ernest Hemingway, who also didn t write much short fiction after the 20s and 30s, was excellent The Collected Stories 1965 includes all three of her published short fiction books, Flowering Judas and Other Stories 1930 , Pale Horse Pale Rider 1937 39 , and The Leaning Tower and Other Stories 1944 and deservedly won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in 1966.Porter s stories are intense, sometimes grim, but tautly written and rich in psychological insight The earliest stories are set in Mexico and feature either the native people or groups of ex pats from the US or elsewhere The last story is set in Germany in the early 30s before the Nazis rise to power, exposing the climate that welcomed them forth In between are stories involving farm families, Irish ward politicians, revolutionaries, movie folks, and a handful involving a woman named Miranda, set in early childhood through young adult Whether long or short, the stories are sharp and gritty They shatter illusions as effortlessly as the protagonist in The Leaning Tower accidently destroys a statue of the famous Pisan tower that is his landlady s romantic keepsake The great revolutionary, the romantic uncle, love and patriotism, family, and other plaster icons fail to survive in the reader s hands, no matter how gently they are held or carefully turned That said, Porter s stories are not literary bulls in a china shop They are the antithesis of clumsy and obvious They are real, nuanced, subtle, suggestive, and potent depictions of individuals afoot in a world that conforms to no convenient ideology or mythology Life is sloppy with weakness and folly, it is unfortunately rich in obscene forces, and people can use friendship or work or a proper beverage or a willingness to side with the underdog as a mitigating agent for life s indifference and humanity s tendency to behave cruelly when given half the chance.

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