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The Chicken of the Family chapter 1 The Chicken of the Family, meaning The Chicken of the Family, genre The Chicken of the Family, book cover The Chicken of the Family, flies The Chicken of the Family, The Chicken of the Family cdbf549734fe6 Henrietta S Two Older Sisters Love To Tease Her When They Try To Convince Her That She S Actually A Chicken Instead Of A Little Girl, It S Pretty Hard To Believe At First But The Evidence Is All There Her Legs Are Kind Of Yellow, And Her Toes Are Kind Of Long The Feathers She Finds Beside Her Bed The Next Morning Settle It, And Henrietta Heads Off To The Farm To Find Her Real Family The Chickens Welcome Her With Open Wings, And This Lovably Gullible Heroine S Joyful Acceptance Of Who She Really Is Will Have Readers Squawking With Laughter

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    This children s book is so wonderful The youngest of three sisters, Henrietta deals with a good amount of taunting and teasing She starts to accept her sisters assessment of her, but it opens a new and wonderful experience It s such a great, topsy turvy response to teasing The illustrations will make you smile too.

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    Illustrations were fun I wasn t too keen on the sister s calling Henrietta a dumbhead though.

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    This book is SO hilarious, it reminds me of me when I was little

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    I hate it when an author of a children s book uses inappropriate language Dumbhead Really I am glad the girls can t read yet and that they didn t know I changed a few words to be suitable.

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    Summary Henrietta had two older sisters that liked to tease her One night they convinced her that she was a chicken They told her that she laid eggs at night and they plucked her feathers out before she woke up Henrietta ran away to the local farm where she decided to be with the chickens When her sisters came to convince her to come home and tell her she was not a chicken, she realized she liked being a chicken after all.Evaluation This book is a funny, light read to read with students The students would love this book for its simple humor and funny sound effects Teaching Point This book is a good choice to show children that it is fun to embrace who you want to be It would be a good book to use in social situations such as bullying.

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    My older sisters bought me this book in memory of their stories they told me that I d die from a brain tumor, that I was making my older brother go deaf, etc Their roles were nearly identical to the older sisters in the book Like Henrietta, I have very long toes though they never tried to convince me I was a chicken , and I was incredibly gullible I believed everything they told me The illustrations in this book are as darling as the story.

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    Henrietta has two older sisters who, one night, convince her that she is a chicken This made me laugh I think it is often the mission of older siblings to convince the younger that they are something they are not Such as a chicken _ This is a cute story Then ending is a little abrupt with the words, but the picture tells what happened.

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    This is one of my picture books This book is lighthearted and humorous It shows the natural love and hate relationship between siblings The illustrations add to the humor of the book.

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    Michigan Great Lakes Great Books Award Nominee 2009 2010

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    The beginning of this book was a hootit ended a bit rushed.

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