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The Chick Friends Rules! Sophomore Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #2) summary The Chick Friends Rules! Sophomore Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #2) , series The Chick Friends Rules! Sophomore Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #2) , book The Chick Friends Rules! Sophomore Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #2) , pdf The Chick Friends Rules! Sophomore Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #2) , The Chick Friends Rules! Sophomore Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #2) 59882b66e3 Friends With Benefits Is A Good Idea, In Theory A Chick Friend Scorned Is A Scary Thing Ugly Girls Need Love Too The Second Installment To The Chick Friends Series In This Edgy Coming Of Age Story It S Sopho Year Grant S Drama Continues And He S Added Some New Friends To His Life Aubrey, Is His FWB Fatima, Is His Partner In Crime Literally And Ugly Emma, Is His Nemesis He Has Established Himself At Plainfield High And His Popularity Has Grown Ever When He Joins The School Newspaper With His Hot New Column Chick Friendz Which Explores A Boy S Perspective On The Relationship He Has With His Female Friends His Column Is A Good Distraction From The Torch He Still Carries For Marta And Yes, He S Still In The Friend Zone But This Year He Has A Breakthrough, Or Does He

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    Boys gone wild rfff, rfffThe main character in this book is a JERK I big JERK I read this book in two days and my mouth was open in disgust the entire time.I read freshman year and he had jerk tendencies, like not defending a girl in trouble with sexting but I figured it was just peer pressure causing him to behave that way But in sopho year the writer turns it up a notch and Grant becomes an all out villain Grant is that jerk in high school that makes weak people commit suicide he s seriously that nasty He s an unapologetic tyrant What he does to his friends with benefits girlfriend, Aubrey is disgusting And his own cousin gross I think this part is unlikely and the author was stretching , And what he did to the poor gay kid was reprehensible The only person who stands up to Grant is a girl he names Ugly Emma but he even convinces an entire classroom to turn against her and makes her life a living hell Grant is a horrible, sex crazed, evil person and I don t understand why girls keep following behind this guy Maybe, because he s charming and good looking but that makes girls look weak The only person that gets to see his softer ore human side is an ex girlfriend he s trying to pursue and Marta There were a couple of lighter, funnier parts of the book like when he went joy riding with his cousins and when he became a victim of a practical joke I like his best friend Lear but all we know about him is he s a pot smoking Jewish kid that s into Bob Marley I m giving this book only 3 stars because the females are weak and don t stand up to him and because his behavior made me so angry but I guess that s the sign of good writing when an author makes you so emotional This character is off his rocker crazy If you like book about the bad guy then you ll love this book I m almost afraid to read junior year, but I m involved now He can t possibly get worse.

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    If you re looking for a boring book, this is NOT the book for you This book picks up where Freshmen Year left off While some of the subject matter may be controversial teen sex, hate crimes, sexual abuse , the reality is that teens deal with these topics in today s society Grant is a mixed up Sopho mixed up because he s having urges and feelings he really doesn t quite understand how to deal with Does he tell the girl he loves that he loves her, or does he continue on his path of using other girls to fulfill his desires He s not always the most loveable character, but for some reason you like him He rarely stands up for someone in need and although you learn why, it still makes you wonder when if he will man up Marta s return and subsequent departure make him ask for guidance from his dads, but when he finally listens to their advice he doesn t get what he expects at first To say I liked the ending sounds harsh once you read the book Standing up to her abuser took courage beyond anything she thought she had in her, but Marta managed The worst part is that Grant was the only one who stood by her, or did he As a parent I cannot imagine what could make Marta s mother say do act the way she did She belongs behind bars with her husband.

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    In freshman year Grant was a likable follower and I felt sorry for the kid Sopho year he has taken the reigns to become the popular kid and its gone to his head He has a FWB girl, Aubrey that he uses in a bad way because he s still carries a torch for Marta who has moved on to greener pastures so we think every year the author adds new chick friends, this year there s Fahima, she s off limits because she s a Muslim and really strict but has the worse potty mouth which is refreshing because you re not expecting a scarf wearing Muslim girl to go off the way she does It was funny Ugly Emma is the one girl he can t charm so Grant makes her high school life a nightmare with practical jokes and convincing other kids to torment her as well I remember having chick friends in h.s., but they were mostly girls who I like and didn t like me back I didn t get as involved with them as Grant I liked reading about his platonic relationships but his love life is out of control.

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    Vici, I just finished the freshman year book It was a very good book and I couldn t keep my head out of the book Vici, you are a very talented writer and describe things very well and it makes me feel like I m in the story My favorite part was when Grant and Marta were at Grants house and Grant was taking care of Marta after she got slapped and shoved into a dresser by her father, it was very sweet how grant took care of her Let s just say Grant gets excited a lot, lol

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