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The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) pdf The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) , ebook The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) , epub The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) , doc The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) , e-pub The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) , The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year (The Chick Friends Rules! #1) 19ed1305f64 Friends With Benefits Is A Good Idea, In Theory A Chick Friend Scorned Is A Scary Thing Ugly Girls Need Love Too The Second Installment To The Chick Friends Series In This Edgy Coming Of Age Story It S Sopho Year Grant S Drama Continues And He S Added Some New Friends To His Life Aubrey, Is His FWB Fatima, Is His Partner In Crime Literally And Ugly Emma, Is His Nemesis He Has Established Himself At Plainfield High And His Popularity Has Grown Ever When He Joins The School Newspaper With His Hot New Column Chick Friendz Which Explores A Boy S Perspective On The Relationship He Has With His Female Friends His Column Is A Good Distraction From The Torch He Still Carries For Marta And Yes, He S Still In The Friend Zone But This Year He Has A Breakthrough, Or Does He

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    Before I really jump into my review, I have to say this There is a lot of talk about sex in this book It s somewhat graphic If you don t like reading that type of novel, then this book is definitely not for you I know that a lot of people don t like there to be any grammatical errors in their novels I m not exactly a fan of it, either, but it s usually not enough to make me stop reading People make mistakes, and I ve noticed factual and grammatical errors in plenty of novels That said, I also wanted to mention that there are some grammatical errors in The Chick Friends Rules Freshman Year , mostly in the form of comma splices As I mentioned, it was t enough to make me stop reading, because I found the story to be enjoyable, but for those of you who do stop reading when you see that kind of thing, I wanted to give you a fair warning.All the sex talk that was in the book didn t bother me, although I m not sure how believable it is, either Grant has sex A lot He s only fifteen It could just be that I was really naive in high school, or it could just be that the culture in my high school was really different than the culture in Grant s high school, but when I was in high school, I wasn t aware of anyone being like Grant I never heard any rumors about people sleeping around Then again, I also wasn t part of the popular crowd, and I just didn t really hear too many rumors in general So I suppose it s completely plausible that experiences like Grant s really do happen It s just hard for me to believe because of what my high school experience was like.I was expecting The Chick Friends Rules Freshman Year to be a really fun, beach read type of novel In some places, it was I loved reading about Grant going onto the golf course to stargaze, jumping out of two story windows with his friend, and going to a party during summer break I love reading about people s summer break experiences, because they re so different depending on where you live Despite those scenes and how fun they are, there are some majorly serious undertones to this novel race, sexual abuse, affairs, and the consequences of sexting are just a few It was interesting and refreshing to read about these issues from a male character s point of view I really loved reading a novel with a male narrator, since the majority of the YA novels I read are told from a female s point of view.Grant s reactions to some of the serious issues were admirable There were times when I got really frustrated with him though, like when he wouldn t stand up to someone when he that someone was doing something wrong, just because he didn t want to get on that person s bad side and or he was worried about his own reputation I think those moments are so realistic, though, because as a fifteen year old, Grant is still so young and immature in some ways, but he s also learning about life and himself, so in those moments, we also get to see instances of maturity I think Vici Howard struck the perfect balance in creating those moments.I also loved Grant s relationship with his family I loved his loyalty to his mother, and I loved it that he had a mostly good relationship with his stepfather, since he couldn t have that kind of relationship with his father The sibling rivalry between Grant and Lexie was well done There were moments when I wondered why Grant was so mean to his sister, but as the novel progresses, it becomes and clear why he treats her the way he does, even if it s not obvious to Grant.One character I really loved in this novel was Marta I thought she was fantastic I loved it that she could act as Grant s confidant, and that she was willing to be upfront and honest with him I didn t get to see nearly as much of Marta as I would have liked in this novel, so I can t wait for the next book in the series I m really hoping that in the next book, we ll really get to delve into Marta s character and learn about her The Chick Friends Rules Freshman Year was an enjoyable read I don t know that I d exactly call it fun, because of the serious issues presented in the novel, but it had its fun moments, and it was definitely a pleasurable read Grant is a fantastic character and I look forward to seeing how Grant s experiences will shape his sopho year.

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    Okay, the cover through me off I saw this book laying around my friend s room and the cover looked really fun and interesting so I asked to read it I thought it was going to be an easy book but when I got into it there was a lot of heavy duty drama, like molestation, peer pressure and sexting The main character is Grant a supposedly nice looking kid with dimples I usually don t read a lot of books from a boy s p.o.v, but it worked There are some funny moments in the book such as when he looses his virginity, hilarious I love reading about kids loosing their virginity I had to show it to my friends But there are some really sad moments in the book too, like when Marta tells her mother a devastating secret and her mother buys her off with a designer hand bag This book is a series and I was intrigued enough to order sopho version.I d recommend it but be ready for a funny and sad soap opera.

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    Let me start by saying I did enjoy this book and look forward to finding out what happens to Grant, Marta, Lear, their families, and yes even Remi It was a lot serious than I really expected even knowing there were going to be some serious topics Some of the subject matter made me a little uncomfortable, but I say that as the mother of 15 year old boy girl twins It gave me an understanding inside the life mind of today s Freshmen, which is very different than when I was a Freshman I pray that my son never treats a female like Remi, or even Grant, although it was not his behavior alone that got him into trouble I pray my daughter is never treated like Jenna, or ever acts like Shauna or is a victim like Marta I pray they never do drugs like Lear I realize all of this happens in the world I disagree with the familiar theme of boys girls can t be just friends I hope they continue to have friends of the opposite sex, much like I have throughout my life.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book because as a young male I could relate to Grant and his friends It was almost like the writer was a fly on the wall in my high school Most of the things the writer talks about is so similar to the actual events that happens in my high school everyday For example I personally know four girls that have been caught up in a sexting scandal The author did a really good job writing about whats actually happening in high schools these days Can t even lie, I m pretty excited for the next book in the series.

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    I just finished the chick friends rules freshman year book It was a very good book and I couldn t keep my head out of the book Vici, you are a very talented writer and describe things very well and it makes me feel like I m in the story My favorite part was when Grant and Marta were at Grants house and Grant was taking care of Marta after she got slapped and shoved into a dresser by her father, it was very sweet how grant took care of her Let s just say Grant gets excited a lot, lol

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    Funny This guy made me laugh I don t understand how a guy can hook up so many times and always regret it I think it s an abstinence campaign in disguise.

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    I really enjoyed it, really heavy in some parts put I really enjoyed it.

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