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The Celestine Prophecy summary The Celestine Prophecy, series The Celestine Prophecy, book The Celestine Prophecy, pdf The Celestine Prophecy, The Celestine Prophecy 05ef931c8d The Celestine Prophecy Contains Secrets That Are Currently Changing Our World Drawing On Ancient Wisdom, It Tells You How To Make Connections Among The Events Happening In Your Own Life Right Nowand Lets You See What Is Going To Happen To You In The Years To Come A Book That Has Been Passed From Hand To Hand, From Friend To Friend, Since It First Appeared In Small Bookshops Across America, The Celestine Prophecy Is A Work That Has Come To Light At A Time When The World Deeply Needs To Read Its Words The Story It Tells Is A Gripping One Of Adventure And Discovery, But It Is Also A Guidebook That Has The Power To Crystallize Your Perceptions Of Why You Are Where You Are In Lifeand To Direct Your Steps With A New Energy And Optimism As You Head Into Tomorrow

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    a mea culpa for me and Ruby once upon a time, a long time ago, i was an Entertainment Insurance Underwriter for AIG well, a junior underwriter i got to read a lot of scripts, i dealt with a lot of famous people, i got paid a lot of money it was a time of much partying, much coke, an expense account, 1.5 assistants, and daily hangovers one day i learned that i had written a movie policy that was so successful, so full of clever exclusions to coverage that it managed to cut off an entire family from any AIG benefits after a fatal helicopter crash i found this out because the current CEO was visiting the san francisco office and decided to stop by and see this promising young underwriter to tell him the good news that was the day i realized that i was an evil person i looked inside and didn t see a whole lot there soon after, i quit my job and became a counselor for homeless kids, and so my life changed.during this time period, i had an associate named Ruby we had a complicated relationship, based around sex, drugs, and a long trip to Turkey Ruby was a Crisis Management Underwriter she wrote policies for folks working in danger zones her policies included kidnap insurance, explosion insurance car building home , insurance that included services from high tech spy security group Kroll and information brokers hostage negotiators Pinkerton, insurance that allowed you to insure various limbs and appendages so that you could get a financial return if you were kidnapped and some torture amputation occurred her promo materials included an empty swing with a teddy bear kidnap insurance , the world on fire global coverage , and some cute lil gray styrofoam bombs no joke later, she quit her job and moved on to buying and selling condominiums.we were two heartless people Ruby s favorite book in the whole wide world was The Celestine Prophecy it formed her view on life and how to live it it taught her so much she read it multiple times, and loaned it to me i loved it it spoke to me it gave me a perspective on the world that had me nodding my empty little head repeatedly in agreement while reading it.good grief this must have been a monstrous book indeed if it gave such toxic, horrible individuals a kind of bizarrely personalized spirituality and a host of new agey life lessons to cling to desperately sometimes you can judge the value of a book by the readers who love that book.http www.kroll.com

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    This is the 2nd time I ve read this book And while I m pretty sure most of it is fictional, I still think it carries some valuable insights so I want to summarize them in the 9 insights of the book and my understanding of them o 1 Noticing the coincidences in life is the first step The I become aware of coincidences, the I ll become aware of a universal force behind them.o 2 This is about putting my awareness into a longer historical perspective Imagining myself as a part of all humanity, and standing at the tip of the arrow with over two millennia behind me As I see within myself the entire history of thought and actions of humanity I can see myself waking up to what is really going on.o 3 This is about a transformed understanding of the physical universe It begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty, the uniqueness, and presence of nature Then we begin to see that the whole universe is made out of energy that responds to how I think.o 4 Often, when people cut themselves off from the infinite source of energy in the universe, they try to take it from other people leading to a struggle for power energy , and often in the end we feel depleted o 5 This is about the truth that we can tap into the infinite energy of the universe It brings a lightness with it, and we feel ourselves connected to everything Whenever we want to, we can tap into this.o 6 This is about clearing our past We operate out of certain control dramas that we learned to make sure we had enough energy as children Either being an intimidator, interrogator, being aloof, or being a poor me All are usually unconscious patterns we fall into to get energy from others I m still not sure what mine is, I think it d be interrogator The second part of this is that our parents left us with a basic life question that is the combination of the question both of their lives stood for Put simply, mom s life question is how to I live spiritually within the world And dad s is how do I have fun, do well, and live a life of service So in that case mine would be trying to blend service and joy and spirituality.o 7 This is about conscious evolution by actively connecting to ininate energy by thinking about love, then remembering my basic life question, then center myself on my path by discovering the immeadiate, smaller questions that currently confront my life These questions always pertain to my larger question and define where I am on my lifelong quest The problem is not getting answers, the problem is identifying my current questions Holding these questions firmly in mind, pay attention to what pops out in the outside world o 8 This is about intimate relationships, and the danger that love at first sight can pull us off our important journey by mistaking our partner for the infinite love connection of the universe To avoid this, resist the love at first sight feeling for a while and learn to have platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex And have them only with people who will reveal themselves totally, telling me how and why they are doing what they are doing By doing this, I break out of a fantasy projection about that sex, and it releases me to connect again with the energy of the universe 9 this last insight reveals our ultimate destiny that as hunmans, we are the culmination of the whole of evolution As groups of us vibrate at higher levels, we ll become invincible to those at lower levels, and vibrate high enough to walk into heaven in our same form.

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    Utter rubbish from start to finish This is the literary equivalent of a Ponzi scheme He made loads of money based on fraud Nothing there If you have a brain, use it, and don t go near this book.

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    I resent when a writer who has a lot of opinions about, ya know, stuff, decides that everyone should hear about all the stuff he s thinking about, but then realizes that maybe it would be boring as all get out, so then decides that if he turns all the stuff he s thinking into a novel, then maybe people will read it This way he still gets to spout rhetoric at his readers, but couch it in fiction No, sir, you cannot bend fiction to your evil will Just because you put something within quotation marks does not make it dialogue Maybe diatribalogue, but that s not even a word.

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    Someone gave my wife a hard cover copy of this book when she was in the hospital I picked it up and read perhaps the first 50 or so pages while I was sitting in her hospital room, then I skimmed the rest of it and tossed it in the trash What I saw was poor writing, misguided ideas, lack of structure and in general a waste of paper and ink, all in the guise of a novel of some sort If I d had anything else to read, maybe the back of a cereal box or the instructions for operating the medical equipment in the room, I d have tossed it sooner.

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    I read this book at the end of 1996 or around beginning of 1997 I read about it in a magazine I used to get that I loved called, Catalist The magazine went out of print sorry to say because I loved that magazine and still have all my issues less then 2 years worth published The Celestine Prophecy woke me up I had been sleepwalking in the world I woke up after I read this book and realized there was so much I was suppose to be doing in this world I realized that so many times have had things happen to try to wake me up and I let them go by So after this book, I woke up and starting living life and looking at life differently using many of the tools I learned from The Celestine Prophecy insights.Bad point of this book it has a horriblehorriblewriting style though of course, much better then mine It is written in very simple sentences structure and words It is written for the massesso that all people can read this book and get it But looking past the horrible writing style.the ideas and concepts outlined in the book are life tools.spiritual tools.

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    A client of mine once told me how wonderful and life changing this book was, and I thought, huh, I ll have to give it a read Thank goodness I checked it out from the library rather than spending any money on it The Celestine Prophecy is one of those self improvement find yourself books packaged up in a fictional wrapper Lots of new age nonsense here nothing that struck me as both profound and truthful It s not even an interesting story, viewed purely as fiction.Come to think of it, that client was kind of an odd duck.

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    I really hoped this book would be as good as everyone says it is I was totally underwhelmed Painfully jejune plot, paper thin characters, pedestrian prose, and for what A handful of ridiculous insights about how our expectations affect the physical world and how we fight for each other s energy Maybe if I sit down and meditate toward this book I can make it vanish permanently.

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    I take from this book every time I read it My original review I ve read this book a few times, the first time after it had been given to me by a rather hippy ish friend of mine The first time, I wanted to throw it in the bin Written badly with two dimension characters Flaws in the plot and the historical information and lots of the ideas were wishy washy Given my reaction to the first read, I can t really say what made me pick it up a second time Maybe I was feeling wishy washy lol On the second read, I let go of the fact that it was badly written and the characters were bad and all the other flaws I don t think it was ever intended to be a work of literary wonder but as an accessible vehicle for ideas In that case, I think it is unfair to treat it as an attempt at a literary wonder and I decided to look past the bad writing and so on and look only to the ideas it puts forward I think it is unfair to criticise it for not being something I don t think it ever intended to be So, ignoring all the flaws and reading it only for the ideas I started to enjoy it Yes, some of the idea maybe than not don t make much sense Lots of them are, like I said, wishy washy and try to be too new age That said, there is a lot of good stuff in there The notions of peace and calm that it puts forward, the ideas of becoming one with nature and looking after one another are all worth while The whole concept of energies can be a little batty at times but a watered down version is definitely worth thinking about We do take energies from our surroundings that is why some places feel naturally calm or naturally wired And as for passing energies from person to person, that has got to be true It is self evident It is not all good I admit But if the reader stops fretting about how bad the writing is and actually PAYS ATTENTION to what it is trying to say, it offers some good insights and is good for making the reader think On the whole it has a calming atmosphere No, it is not a great literary work but that doesn t make it necessarily bad.

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    Actual footage of me reading this book It was the only book available to me during a recent stay with some relatives down south, as I d stupidly left the stack of paperbacks I d planned to bring on the kitchen table at home It s really really good if you like crap I m sorry if this book is really important to any of you So, so sorry.Just not my thing To each their own.

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