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    Dear Mr Lovecraft,I, Joseph Curwen, necromancer supreme, have rather a bone to pick forgive my little joke I have noticed many problems with your narrative The Case of Charles Dexter Ward First of all that title Surely you realize that I am the protagonist of the tale not the fey amateur Charles Dexter Ward I do not think it is too much to ask that the title of your document correctly identify its leading personage Second I have noticed a strong bias against scholars of the so called dark arts in your work a bias that clearly and unfairly slants your narrative in favor of such laughable nonentities as that impressionable youth, his hysterical parents, his meddling doctor, etc, as well as towards questionable groups such as the unimaginative bourgeoisie and the overly imaginative lower classes, and various small minded institutions including the Church and the Mental Ward Your insufferable bias against such studies indeed, against all those who would bravely dig up graves, retrieve bodies, revive those bodies, and proceed to imprison, interrogate, and torture those revived bodies until certain ancient bits of knowledge are at last shared is not just regrettable and close minded, but genuinely insulting on a personal and professional level For shame, sir, for shame Your prejudices do you no credit Third I find your general attitude towards a humble wizard such as myself, as well as towards my peers, we who only wish to remain immortal, even if it means possessing and discarding otherwise useless youths like Charles Dexter Ward for example , so that we may come to learn ancient knowledge and thus reshape the world and all of mankind, for the better good no doubt, well I just have to say that your entire attitude towards my lifestyle choice is appallingly narrow minded and shockingly judgmental Very unbecoming behavior for a writer of horror fiction I will admit that there are many good things within your story You have been accused of indulging in intensely theatrical purple prose personally, I find your style of writing to be highly atmospheric, thrilling, and surprisingly enjoyable overall The narrative itself is involving and even rather intricate You have also been accused of tellnotshow itis I did see some of that in your lengthy flashback to my own story the tragic tale of an unjustly accused and persecuted investigator of the supernatural a former pillar of the community oh how the small minded love to tear down their betters but that was merely a story within a story, told secondhand, and so I forgave it Conversely, the last third of the novella where the insufferable Dr Willett finds my secret underground cavern and its attendant labs, cells, sacrificial altar, and deep well cages for the unruly undead is written in an exciting and tense you are there style that I much appreciated I was quite pleased with your descriptive powers and I cheered frequently at every gasp of horror uttered by the unimaginative and mulish Dr Willett And last but certainly not least, regarding the public accusations that detail your racism as a necromancer who does not discriminate based on race when choosing my various living, dead, and undead victims, I was specifically on the look out for any race based judgments I am happy to note that I saw no example of that sort of foolishness Well, save for the black cat unfortunately named Nig That made me quite uncomfortable.But back to my grievances Most repugnant of all the ending You seek to reduce me, sir, to conquer me as I have conquered death I laugh in the face of that Ha Ha Ha From tiny particles of dust I shall rise again And when I do, know that even your currently deceased state shall offer you no refuge.

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    The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is the only lengthy work of Lovecraft classified as a novel rather than a novella Lovecraft wrote this story in 1927, and as per legend, When HPL finished writing this novel he was so disappointed with the final draft that he decided to shelve it instead of publishing it, and only after Lovecraft s demise did this work found the light in 1941 It s not a legend, but a true fact I just wanted to use As per legend in a sentence So what is it all about I have brought to light a monstrous abnormality, but I did it for the sake of knowledge Now for the sake of all life and Nature you must help me thrust it back into the dark again The Case tells the story of Charles and his obsession with his sinister 18th century ancestor, Joseph Curwen, whose idea of hobbies were murdering people and conjuring ungodly creatures from distant abysses no man should ever venture upon Kids, If any of you invent time travel, do not try an expedition to the 18th century It was not a fun time.Anyways, Mr Curwan, AKA Dark Wizard of Providence is long gone and his legacy was almost forgotten, thanks to the work of scared, yet sensible officials of the city Almost forgotten.Enter Charles Dexter Ward.If you ve read enough Lovecraftian tales, you will see the footprints of this story in many of his acclaimed tales I think when HPL shelved this story, he borrowed the interesting parts from the pages of the novel and dropped them in his short stories like The Thing on the Doorstep and many Also, the plot and revelations of the novel are easily guessable after decades of reuse of these elements in horror medium, so don t expect any surprises here.Yet with Case Of Charles Dexter Ward, we get something special Something wholesome This is one of the rare HPL standalone tales which boasts complete backstories, fleshed out characters and a definite ending Even though I knew exactly what s going to happen, I enjoyed the writing, especially the parts where Charles tracked down the gruesome history of his enigmatic ancestor and the sinister last act.Overall, this is a must read for Lovecraft s fan club After all, this is his only novel

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    Let me be clear at the outset of this review that when it comes to the work of H.P Lovecraft, I am definitely one who drinks deep the kool aid Cthulhu aid For me his stories are something to be savored and relished succulent, meaty feasts of atmosphere, hyper lush imagery and dark melodrama dipped in dread If you ve read other works by HPL and have not been impressed or fallen under his spell, this story is not likely to change your mind However, if you are already a wanton Lovecraft gourmand and have not yet sampled this tasty dish, you are in for a treat PLOT SUMMARY The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is the longest work of fiction produced by Lovecraft and is his only novel coming in at about 180 pages Much of the novel is told in epistolary format as a serious of diary entries, newspaper clippings, and quotes from journals and reports In brief, the novel recounts the story of a brilliant young man, Charles Dexter Ward, who in the early 1900 s undergoes a bizarre and unexplained mental collapse soon after becoming obsessed with one of his ancestors named Joseph Curwen Curwen was a wealthy shipping merchant was was rud to be a powerful and evil alchemist and sorcerer who, though almost 100 years old did not look than 40 when he died After young Charles Ward suffers his breakdown and mysteriously vanishes, his physician, Dr Marinus Willett, begins investigating the weird goings on We learn of the nefarious past of Ward s ancestor and the rumors of diabolical acts that surrounded him during his life As the mystery slowly unfolds, Willett eventually discovers insert mind blowing and totally satisfying resolution THOUGHTS I don t really want to go into any detail because the slow unveiling of the mystery and the subtle clues and hints peppering the narrative that eventually all come together at the climax are quite impressive and part of the charm of the tale However, I can t help teasing you by offering that the central mystery touches on a plethora of cleverly integrated horror staples including vampirism, zombies, necromancy, black magic, alchemy, the Necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos, including the first mention of Yog Sothoth, the Lurker at the Threshold aka Opener of the Wayaka He who is a Scary multi eyed multi mouthed Ginormous JELLO mold This story is really a seminal tale of the Cthulhu Mythos and one of the aspects I found most appealing is that Lovecraft creates a seriously spooky tension filled atmosphere in this story without directly expounding on the cosmology of the elder gods All the reader is told is of some vast conspiracy involving some vast and nameless malevolence from beyond the stars It is a perfect example of the less is technique for instilling maximum dread into the narrative In sum, I thought this was outstanding I m not giving this quite 5 stars only because HPL s prose is not as dripping with imagery as some of his famous stories and the length of the novel left a little too much time for Lovecraft to discuss the architecture of Providence at the turn of the century which got a bit stale after a while However, those minor nits aside, this is a definite must read for fans of HPL 4.5 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION.

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    What the thing was, he would never tell It was like some of the carvings on the hellish altar, but it was alive Nature had never made it in this form, for it was too palpably unfinished The deficiencies were of the most surprising sort, and the abnormalities of proportion could not be described That was just a sample of the type of writing found within this short novel by H.P Lovecraft Reading this reminded me how much I love this type of writing I hereby vow to read of Lovecraft s work this year Yeah, I made a vow, baby A vow

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    There is about certain outlines and entities a power of symbolism and suggestion which acts frightfully on a sensitive thinker s perspective and whispers terrible hints of obscure cosmic relationships and unnameable realities behind the protective illusions of common vision That little passage explains why Lovecraft s characters often go mad at the mere sight of blasphemous eldritch monstrosities from beyond something I often wondered about It is also a fine example of his penchant for convoluted sentence structures.When I read At the Mountains of Madness I felt that Lovecraft is preferable in smaller doses, that is when his stories are not novel or even novella length It seems that when he gives himself elbow room with the longer format he overindulges his tendency to ramble, overwrite and include unnecessary details The Case of Charles Dexter Ward reinforces this impression for me The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is basically about an undead necromancer called Joseph Curwen who is foolishly resurrected by his descendent the eponymous Charles Dexter Ward through evocations, and other black magic shenanigans Curwen of course wrecks all kinds of havoc because you don t come back to life via black magic to do charity work.One thing I noticed about reading Lovecraft is that the creepy atmosphere is effective if you read the stories in a quiet room, unfortunately, I read this book in a living room while family members are watching TV and it rendered the creep factor completely ineffective I also find the depiction of Curwen s early life fairly mundane and less than riveting The usual Lovecraftian tropes are all accounted for, the awful smells, the creepy noises, the creaking, the screaming and what not The unmentionable Necronomicon by Mad Paula Abdul Alhazred is of course mentioned Poor Cthulhu does not get a look in though his cousin Yog Sothoth is often referred to.Lovecraft s idiosyncratic prose style can be both entertaining and frustrating As I mentioned before he is readable in short story format At novel length he tends to repeat himself with the description of funny smells, funny noises etc The faux archaic English passages are also hard to decipher Lovecraft seems to aspire to be a literary prose stylist, unfortunately, his literary ambition exceeds his talent.A scene from this story by keren orThe climax of the story is unexpected though, it makes the whole thing almost worthwhile I also particularly like this passage It was a godless sound one of those low keyed, insidious outrages of Nature which are not meant to be To call it a dull wail, a doom dragged whine, or a hopeless howl of chorused anguish and stricken flesh without mind would be to miss its quintessential loathsomeness and soul sickening overtones He could have been reviewing a Justine Bieber album here Not my favorite Lovecraft book then, the very best of Lovecraft is to be found in The Best of H.P Lovecraft Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre Exactly what it says on the tin That anthology is the perfect Halloween read, I cannot say the same about The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

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    The blurb says A nameless terror surges through centuries to engulf the soul of Charles Dexter Ward, a brilliant New England antiquarian. Rather amusing in retrospect, as the character doesn t seem to realize the danger until near the end if the book were written from Ward s perspective, presumably he would be having a satisfying few years of progressing in his fascinating historical research His family, too, is only mildly concerned, wishing he would write often and maybe get a girlfriend Only the omniscient narrator is really worried.The Horror is mostly rather understated, but the monstrosities are classic Lovecraft It is hard to explain just how the single sight of a tangible object with measurable dimensions could so shake and change a man and we may only say that there is about certain outlines and entities a power of symbolism and suggestion which acts frightfully on a sensitive thinker s perspective and whispers terrible hints of obscure cosmic relationships and unnameable realities behind the protective illusions of common vision.It s kind of sweet on some level that Lovecraft thinks it is fine for grown men to scream hysterically and maybe faint when they see scary stuff Not the 18th century guys, though they were made of sterner stuff back then and only have PTSD when the action is over I enjoyed this book It is not very scary, so don t be put off by the NAMELESS TERROR expressed by various characters The prose is somewhat less purple than is oft Lovecraft s wont my impression is that he is a lot lurid when writing about the Dreamlands and other Unknown exotic locations than when using real world settings this is set in an area he knew himself, and that is clear from the descriptions of streets and houses and neighborhoods it may be extra enjoyable if you are from this bit of New England yourself My edition, which is the Creation Oneiros one, had enough typos to be mildly distracting, but on the plus side did not have the claustrophobically squashed print I ve encountered in several Lovecraft reprints.

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    The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P Lovecraft is definitely one of his best works and this is a high compliment, as I have liked almost all that I have read from him This work, first published in 1927, combines most of the themes common to his works occult, arcanery, unspeakable nighttime horrors, deep dark pits with unknown creatures, etc even some hints of the Cthulu cult The other element of this book that is noteworthy is the scope of influence that Lovecraft created Innumerable horror genre books and movies have borrowed liberally from Lovecraft s themes and even works like Harry Potter show semblances of Lovecraftian influence If you like the horror genre, this is a must read, and if you have never read a Lovecraft work, this is a good one to start A very good read.

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    Insidious investigation A NAME TO REMEMBER A novella focused in the investigation of a psychiatrist about Charles Dexter Wardmedically certified insane, who escaped from a mental asylum funny enough, while Arkham, Mass., inspired the famous Batman s Arkham Asylumit seems that there wasn t any mental asylum in H.P Lovecraft s work named it in that way so the investigation of this psychiatrist who is obsessed with an ancestor involved in dark practices.But sometimes, the past must be left in the past

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