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The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs txt The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs, text ebook The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs, adobe reader The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs, chapter 2 The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs, The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs ab4cd9 The Romanov Dynasty Ruled Russia For A Little Over Years And Their Story, Ending With Their Tragic Deaths, Has Exerted A Lasting Fascination This Text An Album Of Pictures Gathered By The Author Over Many Years Shows The Extended Romanov Family

About the Author: Charlotte Zeepvat

Charlotte studied medieval and modern history at Birmingham University and completed an MA thesis which explored the curious links between diplomacy, espionage and art collecting in the mid seventeenth century.Charlotte s writing career began in 1991 with Royal Digest a magazine to which she was principal contributor throughout its 14 year existence before moving on to its successor, Royalty

10 thoughts on “The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs

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    Very interesting insight into the entire Romanov family The only flaw is that it is sometimes confusing to remember who is who There are family trees at the end to help with this, though.

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    I really enjoyed this book, it was a good way to learn about the Russian Imperial family It was sorted out well Last Tsar, then extended family ect and I found that the focus not being on the last family but the extended family welcome than if it was all about the Last Tsar and his family.The one complaint I have with the book was that as much as these are real people, they were also royalty, and the author spent too much time trying to make them human It is also of note that she does translate Grand Duke or Duchess as Grand Prince ss which she does tell the reader is a accurate translation This is a very good read, and also helped to identify of the minor people who lived just before and during the Russian Revolution.

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    Excellent collection of photographs this would have been a five star if it wasn t for the mislabeling of Tatiana and Olga in one photo That s one of my pet peeves they don t look THAT much alike

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    I thought that this would be a collection of photographs of Nicholas II and his wife and children, but instead it s a book of photos of the entire extended Romanov family It really was helpful to be able to put faces to names of the many family members I come across while reading other books about the Romanovs That said, I couldn t help but notice that the author mixes up Nicholas s daughters Olga and Tatiana in almost every photo they are together in It makes me question the accuracy of the identifications in other photos of people I m less familiar with Also, I thought it was odd that the author uses the terms Grand Prince Grand Princess instead of Grand Duke Grand Duchess The author even insists that her terms are a accurate translation than Grand Duke Duchess I ve read a lot of books about the Romanovs and this is the only one that has used Grand Prince Grand Princess It s just sort of odd and makes me question the author a bit.

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    Excellent photographs, some of which I had not seen before Love the pictures of Grand Duchess Ksenia also known as Xenia I have seen many pictures of her as a young woman and always thought her pretty The pictures of her as a child are wonderful Such a beautiful girl I also loved the pictures of Nicholas II from early childhood Also a beautiful child These are treasures to see There were plenty of pictures of other branches of the family and it helps to put faces with names, cuts down on the confusion in my mind A few new pictures of the four grand duchesses Nicholas daughters which I hadn t seen before Nice, although Olga and Tatiana are misidentified in two of them pages 92 198 Also, a lot of good information in the captions accompanying the photographs A book any Russophile, especially those who are interested in the royal family, should own.

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    I liked it I am interested in Tsar Nicholas II and his family The book focuses on many relations of the Romanovs However with the creation of Pinterest I have seen many of the pictures The book does help you to meet other members of the Romanov family.

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    Thoroughly Exquisite

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    This book is just beautiful A huge amount of pictures of all the Romanovs starting with the family of Alexander II Every photograph has a small description, written in Charlotte Zeepvat s lovely style that makes it interesting as well as easily understandable There are official photographs, but also ones taken by the family, picturing moments we would normally not be able to see A must have for all interested in the Russian royal family.

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    A book of photographs with good explanatory captions for each picture, about each sitter The biggest flaw with this book is that the family tree is in the back so for the first half, I only had knowledge of who the sitters within one generation of the last tsar This made many of the other sitters seem very repetitive Some of the Romanovs were remarkably long lived, living to see their great great grandchildren It was interesting to read about the unconventional and artistic members.

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    A true masterpiece for those who like the Romanovs Beautiful photographs, beautifully organized and very interesting information about them and the people in them Perfect for those who want to know about the entire family and not just Nicholas II, Alexandra Feodorovna and their children, although they also appear in this book.

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