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Brontës:Charlotte Brontë and Her Family summary Brontës:Charlotte Brontë and Her Family, series Brontës:Charlotte Brontë and Her Family, book Brontës:Charlotte Brontë and Her Family, pdf Brontës:Charlotte Brontë and Her Family, Brontës:Charlotte Brontë and Her Family 5ebebf8cac A Fresh And Modern View Of Charlotte Bronte As A Woman Searching For Love And As A Writer Who Helped Change Society S Perceptions About Her Sex Her Moving, Eloquent Portrait Will Interest Not Only Bronte Devotees But All Contemporary Women Kirkus Reviews

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    I was sorely disappointed in this book First, it s mostly about Charlotte Bronte and not the whole family Second, it s way too long It could ve used a serious edit Third, I found quite a few inaccuracies and falsehoods woven throughout My Rating 2 stars

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    On second reading, I still think this is quite a good biography of Charlotte and give it four stars on that account However, I would argue with the title, because it really is a biography of only Charlotte Fraser doesn t pay much attention to the other Brontes except as they affect Charlotte, and she often simply sees them through Charlotte s eyes I thought this was particularly clear with Anne, whom Fraser sees as the passive and virtuous sister, as Charlotte saw her, rather than acknowledging her strength of character.

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    This was the first biography I read about the Bronte family and I loved it Their story was as intense and tragic as any of the books the sisters wrote I found the whole family interesting and yet sad because of the early deaths of their siblings and mother They were so creative and intelligent inspire of their difficult lives that I could not stop reading until the end of the book I highly recommend this book for readers interested in the lives of these talented authors.

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    I did not imagine that when I picked this book up that it would lead me to reread Charlotte and Emily Bront s books, which I had read so long ago I also waded through Charlotte s Villette, luckily on my Kindle so I could translate the endless conversations in French I am planning on reading Anne s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey, and Shirley by Charlotte I have also skimmed the poetry by Anne, Emily and Charlotte who published as Acton, Ellis and Currer Bell.Their Methodist father s church was situated in an isolated area of Yorkshire, among the uneducated and struggling poor The five sisters and one brother were dependent on each other s company Their mother died when they were young, and their father oversaw their education, teaching Classical languages, current affairs, poetry, and philosophy.Charlotte and her younger brother Branwell were deeply enmeshed in an imaginary world they created, as if today s Gamemasters and alternate reality players never left the world of the game to resume normal life Even when Charlotte went away to school, her thoughts were in that other world.Elizabeth and Maria contracted tuberculosis while away at school Charlotte was also brought home It was too late the two older girls died, leaving Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Branwell.Branwell was highly sensitive and passionate, and frustrated by his inability to find the recognition the whole family felt was due him In his late teens he began drinking and taking opium He found a position as a tutor, fell in love with the wife of his charges, and was dismissed His was a life of, addiction, failure and early death.Emily shunned society, preferring to stay at home and tend their father while Anne and Charlotte went to school in Brussels to prepare to be governesses The girls excelled in their studies, but after a year were called home when their father needed cataract surgery Only Charlotte returned for further education.Charlotte, having lived in such a limited society, fell in love with the school master, the first man to give her attention apart from her family Later, after publishing her book Jane Eyre, she fell in love with her publisher George Smith Her suffering, knowing neither man was attainable, was chronicled in her novels.Emily and Anne both died of Tuberculosis Charlotte suffered great loneliness, and felt she was doomed to be alone She was vilified and lionized for Jane Eyre, and did form some friendships But she was limited by keeping her books a secret from her father, and hid behind her persona of Currer Bell.Arthur Bell, who had been her father s curate, reappeared announcing he could not get over his love for Charlotte After great inner questioning, and with great fear, Charlotte accepted Arthur He proved to be a perfect companion Charlotte s health had never been good, and she died within a year of marriage Surely, had Charlotte lived, her writing, which she said rose out of her experiences, would have reflected a different kind of woman than the lonely and alienated creatures of her novels.Reading Wuthering Heights after Jane Eyre, I was struck by the vast differences in style Jane Eyre has passion and high emotion, and a strong but submissive heroine who stays true to her ideals But Charlotte also seems to be working hard to preach the Christian Women s duty and to adhere to constrained Victorian standards Emily, on the other hand, has a distinctly modern style of writing, direct, clean, and fresh Her characters are as twisted as the wind driven trees on the Yorkshire moors They are no role models I could not help but to compare the Bront s to Jane Austen Jane was born at the end of the Age of Reason, while the Brontes were products of the Romantic Era Both were clergy children, growing up in a parsonage and endeavored to adhere to the standard of the Christian woman of her time Both wrote in childhood Jane, like Charlotte, turned down several proposals, but she never found her man At least Charlotte did marry, and had some months of wedded happiness with a companion who put her needs first Both women died in their thirties Both women had close ties to siblings and father, and an absent or alienated mother And both wrote only what they knew, and were diligent in their adherence to Truth.Jane Austen is most loved for her bright and sparkling novels, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma These books are alive with wit and irony, pithy insight, and unexpected turns of events leading to happy marriages Mansfield Park and Persuasion are darker, their heroines victimized by situation, poverty, and powerlessness Their heroines are like Charlotte s characters Jane Eyre and Lucy Snowe And in the end, a happy marriage is the ultimate goal of the novels of both writers.Emily, on the other hand, dared to show what can happen if convention puts asunder two souls who nature intended to become one Readers may not like Marianne married to old Brandon, or Jane taking care of the crippled and blind Rochester, but the characters at least have found their proper mates Catherine and Heathcliff, Linton and Isabella, brought on their own unhappiness by not following their true natures to embrace their proper partners And consequently, every family member suffers and is blighted.

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    This was given to me recently by my BFF from when we were twelve We shared our love of the Brontes in our teen years, and I have probably read Jane Eyre at least ten times, starting with when I was a teen, just for the pleasure of it, and most recently when I took a week long intensive study of it and Wuthering Heights at my alma mater just for the pleasure of it So I took my time and relished reading this biography I probably would give it a four and a half stars if that were possible, but went for the higher rating out of respect for the intensive scholarship that was evident throughout, though it is also highly readable.

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    Children, Charlotte has been writing a book and I think it is a better one than I expected While this book focuses primarily on the life and work of Charlotte Bront , it starts with background sketches of the Reverend Patrick Bront and his wife Maria Branwell, and chronicles the family s history Charlotte s life was marked with sorrow and loss her mother died when she was five four years later her two older sisters Maria and Elizabeth died Charlotte also outlived her younger siblings her brother Branwell and sisters Emily and Anne died in 1848 and 1849 Charlotte herself died in 1855, three weeks short of her fortieth birthday.In this book, first published in 1988, Ms Fraser traces the events and themes from Charlotte s own life the girl s school at Cowan Bridge which served as the model for Jane Eyre s Lowood and her time in Brussels which provided both background for Villette and inspiration for The Professor Ms Fraser also explores Charlotte s position as a woman writer in an age when a woman s role was narrowly defined For some reason, I didn t read this book when it was first published possibly because Charlotte has never been my favourite Bront author and I was content with the information I had obtained from other books I m pleased that I ve now read the book while much of the biographic information is available elsewhere, Ms Fraser s assessment of the influences on Charlotte and her research into Charlotte s contacts with the wider world outside the Haworth Parsonage add to my understanding and appreciation of her work.This book is the reissue of a book first published in 1988 There are plenty of works published about the Bront family, a number of which are recent than 1988 including Juliet Barker s excellent book The Bront s I d recommend this book to someone primarily interested in Charlotte Jennifer Cameron Smith

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    A very readable biography of Charlotte Bronte, her times and her family Fraser makes a favorite topic of mine just as interesting as the first time I read about Charlotte and visited her Yorkshire moors She also debunks some of the myths begun by Elizabeth Gaskell Gaskell was a contemporary and friend of Charlotte s and wrote her book while Charlotte s father, Patrick, was still living I have to feel a certain sympathy for her because that had to have been difficult Gaskell had to take into account the sensibilities of Charlotte s surviving father and husband and pay tribute to her friend A certain censorship developed in Gaskell s book that is not in Fraser s This is well paced, links Charlotte s novels to her life and presents a study of how the novels and the author s life blend and differ Well worth the time.

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    Though there are numerous biographies of Charlotte, I was given Rebecca Fraser s for Christmas so I started there It is full of excerpts from letters and journals, which I find essential to biographies Since the author cannot possibly get inside the subject s mind, first hand sources generally give a better understanding Granted, the author can arrange and edit the original sources to her own agenda in telling Charlotte s story I found Fraser to be reasonably objective, though I thought she took some liberties in describing Charlotte s mood when writing Any descriptors she used are certainly assumed, and it is easy to misinterpret the written word in the absence of vocal expression and body language She also included some documents written in French which were not translated, so I have no idea what was said Overall, I recommend the book, but have some tissues handy.

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    A meticulous, intimate look at one of my favorite authors While this book confirmed the picture I had in my mind of a passionate, puritan type soul with a strong love of the artistic literary a masterful hand at imagery writing it also acquainted me with a slightly disturbing side a woman who continued to write letters to a man M Heger who ignored her a woman with a high falutin per William Makepeace Thackeray attitude at times Moreover, while the tragedies of the Bronte family are well known, they do depress when being examined as close at hand as this book allows you to do Ultimately, I appreciated the time I got to spend with Charlotte as this book, with its abundance of details use of correspondence between Charlotte her acquaintances, makes you feel like you are there with her.

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    This book was absolutely fascinating, yet soul ripping While the book focuses on Charlotte Bronte than the rest of her family, the entire family s lives are included in this biography Not one of these lives was even momentarily happy Yet, the children were so talented Sadly, though, because of their restricted lives, none of the Brontes could truly live, except through their talent,especially the girls It was very painful to read about the abject dreariness and unhappiness that invaded the lives of these talented people Today, my daughter and I saw the newest Jane Eyre movie, and throughout the movie, I kept thinking, I wish Charlotte and her siblings had found a way out of their hells, other than through death I guess, sometimes, though, death is the only escape.

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