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    Fast paced, enjoyable thriller with a tiny dash of romantic interest Just the kind I like The author uses his extensive knowledge of the oil industry to write a compelling overview of how things can go wrong when greedy people abuse the system I liked the characters and could easily relate to them, but there were times I couldn t imagine King getting out of his own way However, the author managed to pull him out of trouble quite brilliantly.

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    An Astounding, Revealing Crime Story This is an awesome story written by Stephen Douglass who has worked in the petroleum industry in Canada for decades His story deals with money laundering, fraud, manipulation, with a very driving force of true love There s something here for everyone The main character is Mike King, who leaves the school of medicine to explore the world for a year, then returns to major in chemical engineering as inspired by an oil magnet friend of his father The second character is Karen Taylor, daughter of wealthy parents, who loves Mike King But while he is on his one year sabbatical, Karen and her friend Patti Archer are on a hijacked Boeing 707 which winds up in a devastating explosion near Damascus Mike is devastated to think Karen has been killed, goes back to school, and soon marries Barbara Larkin The third character is Jim Servito who has a brilliant mind, is cynical, and one of the most ruthless characters that Mike and Karen will have to face He s blackmailed his way to riches and through money laundering, and without remorse, he will strike down anyone who stands in his way.This book reveals the roots of the gasoline wars and shortages of the early 70 s It deals with Mike s failed marriage and also his success of rising from being an employee to having his own oil company It gives one a first hand, factual look at how big businessmen wheel and deal to increase their profits or to prevent losing them.This story would make a powerful movie, if Hollywood had the courage to get it to the silver screen There s only one actor I envision playing the ruthless Jim Servito Al Pacino This is a stellar story one which you won t be able to put down, and one you will never forget.

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    Great book that kept me up all night, constantly having to find out what was going to happen the way Patterson s books used to do You know, back when Patterson wrote them himself I don t feel that the characters were really fleshed out, and some things were glossed over, and sometimes I was surprised when it would jump forward several years, and despite all of that, it still kicked ass and I can t believe the author made the entire trilogy free With the first book being that compelling, I d think that a wiser marketing move would be to make the first one free If the following books were reasonably priced, I would definitely be buying them to continue the saga But I have them at no cost Thanks, Mr Douglas The writing was really good and mostly well edited and proofed, which made it a surprise when I d come to a blatant error After several errors, I started highlighting them in my Kindle with the thought of letting the author know about them, because he can t realize they re there, and it s a shame they are in such a compelling story.But since the story was so good, they were forgivable This time Just kidding.Great book If you like tales that span many years and feature romance, crime, danger and suspense, you ll like this It s also an eye opener to the oil industry at least as it was in the 60 s and 70s, and that gave the book a flavor somewhat similar to Atlas Shrugged, but without any deep thoughts.

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    After reading Steve Douglas s new thriller The Bridge To Caracas, I promise you ll never again feel the same about pulling up to a gas pump And once you start filling your tank, you ll wonder what you re filling your tank with And the thought of that will probably cause your spine to tingle Thanks Steve.The driving force of this fast paced story, set in the 60s and 70s, is the cutthroat world of gasoline distribution among indie Canadian and U.S suppliers primarily for the purpose of undercutting the majors and evading taxes Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake and greed and malice rise to the surface like oil on water.Steve Douglas knows of which he writes His career in the oil industry spanned 30 years working for two of the largest companies in the business before starting his own business The complicated schemes of the players involved all have the ring of truth.Caught up in this diabolical world are star crossed lovers Mike King and Karen Taylor They are headed for the altar but are separated by events neither could have imagined When the two find each other again, both are married, but are still desperately in love with each other and know they always will Unfortunately, the man Karen married, Jim Servito, is evil personified.Servito is also the kingpin of the gas underworld and has no qualms about eliminating the competition anyway necessary He is a character so vile that after reading a passage he s in, you want to go wash your hands.Mike King is also a small time gas supplier but an honest one And he s determined to get Karen back, especially after Servito brutalizes her What ensues is a battle royale from Canada to South America, with the Feds joining in the fight Who will come out on top is anybody s guess One thing is certain, there will be blood.If you enjoy action packed thrills and adventure with a heavy dose of romance thrown in, this is the book for you Highly recommended.

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    This is one of the fastest moving suspense novels I have read in a while Underneath it all GREED is a powerful motivator which can ultimately grab in it s clutches both criminal minds and seemingly good and honest people The oil industry with it s billions to be had in profits is where the action takes place Within this story there are a couple of star crossed lovers Although this could conceivably happen and may have partially according to the authors bio I truly think that regulating the oil business is a VERY good and worthwhile occupation for governments Without giving out any of the plot I will leave you with this thought After I read the last page I high tailed it back to and purchased the next two books in this series which I will be reading and reviewing at a later time.The Bridge To Caracas

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    The Bridge To Caracas is a clever, fast past and engaging thriller set against the backdrop of the oil and gas industry It begins with the hijack of a plane in the 1960s and the presumed death of Karen, our protagonist Mike s big love.He moves on to a sales job in the oil industry and marries Barbara instead, a woman he doesn t quite love as much and who may not love him either.The evil opponent to Mike in this saga is Jim Servito who embezzles a lot of money from the industry.This is a great book about love and corruption, it is action packed and rich in plot It covers several decades and kept my interest throughout It was not quite as explosive as the write up promised but I would call it a solid and very entertaining read.

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    Great Read I thoroughly enjoyed this book It confirmed all I ve ever thought about big business and the way they operate This novel concerns skulduggery in the oil business, crossed lovers and a few shoot outs Plenty of action, involving love, money and power and the unimportance of the little people who risk getting crushed beneath the vast behemoth of the oil interests.You ll learn things you might prefer not to know about the end product and when you consider the same obsession with profit and lack of concern for the consumer probably exists in every other business, it makes one seriously concerned about the end products we all use, consume or work with whether it be food, water, medicine, household products, whatever Bhopal and Thalidamide, anyone.The storyline was well worked out and well researched and had me wondering what I was actually putting in my tank the next time I filled my car with petrol Pretty worrying.If you re looking for a well written thriller about big business, particularly the oil business, how they operate and the lengths they ll go to to wipe out any opposition, then this book should fill the bill nicely.Highly recommended Five stars.

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    Good story requiring a good editorNot a bad read, but then again, not a great read Yep, middle of the road Before I wrote the review, I went back to see if a new version is available Not at this time.The premise of the story surrounds the love Karen Taylor and Mike King share It is abruptly interrupted when Karen becomes a hostage and is reported among the dead Mike is devastated and moves on with his life During her captivity he graduates from University and becomes involved in the Oil Industry The nemesis of the story Jim Servito, by chance, also enters the oil industry the shady side Again by chance Jim marries Karen Game on The pros I knew very little of commodity trading and backdoor dealing when it comes to refined products The author describes in great detail how Servito is able to build a corrupt empire by not paying taxes to either the Canadian or US governments It is an astounding amount, to the tune of 300 million Wow I really appreciate the knowledge Mr Douglas provides the readers Well done.The cons Editing It needs it I identified over eighty issues Missing words, wrong tenses and unnecessary filler In the beginning Mike and Karen are invited to a dinner where Jackie and John Kennedy will be It s one paragraph, maybe two The point is, I really thought this would be explored a little and then nothing, including his assassination Yet, when Karen marries Jim, we are inundated with an entire chapter The word had needs to be fleshed out At times it is required but many other times it s a bit jarring.Adverbs way too many to count It became maddening at times, especially when describing a conversation Ex cunningly implying he owned the station his larcenous mind not sufficiently stimulated Too much description in conversations Instead of showing, there is way too much telling Nothing is left for the imagination Ex 1 Karen slowly turned to face Servito, You re forgiven, she said with a large grin 2 George Taylor stepped to the microphone at the top of the steps leading to the verandah There are many others.Sentence structure, There are several times where I had to reread a sentence scratching my head 1 His face turned red when he found one of Mike clearly shown We need clearly shown why 2 Servito calmly removed Martin s key form the pocket of jacket Pocket of jacket Character development was thin at best I never felt connected with Mike or Karen The dialog between them was too much over the top Way too many exclamation points and silly outbursts Name tags Lord Way, way too many We are reminded each and every time when someone is speaking, even if it s only two people Their names are populated through each and every paragraph This needs a heavy threshing I believe if the book is put in the hands of a good editor proofreader, many of the issues can be remedied, propelling it to a four star Overall, not a bad read.

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    The theme of good versus evil sits on top of the question, What would you do for love Stephen Douglass s book, The Bridge to Caracas, is a heavily plotted story within the murky world of the oil and gas industry that he seems familiar with It takes place in the 1960s through the 1970s, and centers on how Jim Servito steals boatloads of money from the industry and screws everyone who gets in his way.The story has lots of potential, but neither Mike King, the protagonist, nor Karen Taylor, his love interest engaged me No spoiler here Karen is kidnapped by terrorist and presumed dead Mike moves on and marries the wrong woman Bad enough It happens Karen returns no big shock and moves on now that Mike is unavailable What bothered me is that the convenient plot point of Karen s abduction, which sets up the star crossed lover theme, seems to have had little emotional effect on Karen I kept waiting for her horrendous life event to impact her current life and the story It never materializes And Mike, this really smart guy, blunders his way through traps set up by Servito to make Mike s life miserable without getting a clue Mike seems at times to only be aided by chance admittedly some of it in the beginning by shrewd moves , luck, coincidence, and finally, at the climax, assistance from a total stranger to solve his problem Even when the women he loves is being brutalized by Servito in the middle of the story, he does nothing for months except to have rendezvous sex What starts out sharp and thrilling, peters out for me In the end, the events and actions felt staged and Mike s actions reckless, reactionary, and without thought so than realistic often causing heartache and loss for others This is not to write that this is a bad book The writing is fine and premise strong The middle had copyediting issues, but not too severe It just lacked the character development and story ending dynamics that should have been there considering the promise of the beginning I occasionally mention books that should be read fast to skip over the weak points This would be one of them I can see lovers of action and adventure stories falling for this story Had the ending been sharper, this novel might have been a 4 As is, it is slightly above average, a strong 3.

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    In the early 60 s in Toronto, Mike and Karen have bonded into soul mates, but Mike feels that his destiny is not in medicine as his parents have hoped, so Mike drops out of school and leaves Karen and his home on a solitary trip to discover his true career passion Karen and a friend heads to Europe and finds herself on a hijacked plane The plane explodes on an airstrip, and word comes back that there are no survivors Mike discovers his passion in oil and returns to school to get an engineering degree, but he is devastated to discover the news about Karen and winds up finding solace with another woman at school, which leads to marriage However, the news about Karen was incorrect and after she is freed from her hostage situation a year later, she discovers the news about Mike s marriage Meanwhile, Jim has come to Canada to dodge the draft and found a low paying job pumping gas at a small station, but is soon introduced to a gas tax evasion scheme tied to international transport of fuel between Canada and the US So, as Mike finds success wheeling and dealing for a major oil company, Jim is finding success in controlling a major fraud and theft gas conspiracy However, the crossing of Mike and Jim s paths become impending when Jim meets Karen and convinces her to be his wife, a decision she comes to regret This story is built around a major fraud issue that appeared to be strong in the oil industry along the Canadian US border in the 60 s and 70 s, and the author is very knowledgeable in creating the thrilling and suspenseful actions arising out of this type of criminal conspiracy However, the combination of events that separate and bring together the main characters often feel artificially forced, creating some inconsistency in some of the characters in order to build up the danger and thrills in the plot.

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