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The Breakup Bible pdf The Breakup Bible, ebook The Breakup Bible, epub The Breakup Bible, doc The Breakup Bible, e-pub The Breakup Bible, The Breakup Bible 0209dedd041 Jen Lewis Is Having A Great Junior Year She Is The Features Editor Of The School Paper, And She S Dating Max Brown, The Paper S Editor In ChiefEverything Is Perfect That Is, Until Max Says, Maybe It Would Be Better If We Were Just Friends In Shock And Total Denial, Jen Wonders How She Is Going To Deal With The Pain Of Seeing Max In School Every Day Her Misery Only Intensifies When Her Grandmother Gives Her A Book That She Heard About On The Radio Dr Emerson S The Breakup Bible Claims That There S No Reason A Woman Can T Get Over A Breakup Very Quickly If She Ll Just Follow A Few Basic Commandments Jen Is Doubtful What Does Dr Emerson Know About Her And Max In A Send Up To The Scores Of Dating Books On The Market, Melissa Kantor S The Breakup Bible Tackles The Aftermath Of A High School Romance With Her Trademark Honesty, Humor, And Wit

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    I stumbled upon The Breakup Bible after googling books to read when you re heartbroken I believe the reason for this particular search is pretty obvious and doesn t need to be explained.Thing is, I honestly didn t expect much from this book but I m glad to be proven wrong especially in times like this This book will not mend your heart and get you back out there after a bad experience but it will definitely help you take some first steps towards that goal.

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    It wasn t my favorite young adult book, but it definitely wasn t the worst The main character sometimes annoyed me because she was so frustrating Midway through the book, I was so annoyed by how hung up she was still on her ex boyfriend who was, obviously, a complete jerk to her It also annoyed the inner feminist in me that her breakup Bible suggested getting a new boyfriend to get over the hurt of the last boyfriend meaning a woman needs a man to be happy However, towards the end of the book, I started to realize something The fact is, how she reacted was how any high school girl would most likely react I ve been in her shoes and I ve complained a LOT than she has And then, I realized that the book I don t know how intentional this was hits on a very important issue for women of all ages concerning relationships Jennifer the main character spent much of the first half of the book trying to find faults in Max the ex boyfriend the Breakup Bible suggested things like leaving out socks, or not remembering your birthday, or so on The thing is, those things might annoy you, but even if he s perfect at washing his laundry once a week, or calling you everyday after he gets off work, that doesn t mean he s Mr Perfect He could still call you everyday and still not really care about you But since he does call everyday, a girl would have a hard time pinning down how he was such a loser without sounding petty A guy who remembers your birthday, waits for you after work, and walks you to class is good but having a guy do that because he sincerely cares about you is better Otherwise, he s just trying show himself how good of a boyfriend he can be.An okay story with a better message I don t think I ll read it again and again, but I might recommend it to a few high school girls.

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    Awesome book Kinda reminded me of How to Be Popular with it s self help book style I loved the characters, they felt real and the plot wasn t some lame we broke up but then I found an even better guy kinda thing I mean, she didn t even have a real new boyfriend by the end of the book But I do like Gene I wish I could salsa dance I loved when Jennifer told Max to get over himself I think he totally deserved it and that she should have been pissed at him through out the whole book And the race relations story was great I always think about how stupid white guys who act black are such losers Short and sweet Great book Tori

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    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comJennifer had the perfect boyfriend, the All American Boy, Max Brown, who she has had a crush on since kindergarten Everything was fine and peachy for them, or at least that is what Jennifer believed Out of nowhere Max tells her that he has been thinking about this a lot and just ends their relationships Heartbroken, Jennifer has no idea what went wrong and is having trouble seeking out the answers, most likely because all she can do is cry in her room Jennifer s grandmother believes that the only way she can get over the relationship is by reading The Breakup Bible, the pink book with a golden heart torn in the middle, written by Dr Emory Emerson At first Jennifer is still too shaken up about the relationship that she can t even think of her ex s five faults step one of The Breakup Bible Jennifer is too busy thinking that Max has figured out that he has made the hugest mistake by breaking up with her She constantly wonders about this when Max seems to be sending mixed signals to her in their journalism class But as Jennifer begins to see that thinking about Max may not be the healthiest thing for her, she takes Dr Emerson s book and starts using the ten commandments, from trying to not talk bad about your ex to getting a new hobby But little does Jennifer know that the changes that occur aren t only because of the book and that the perfect boyfriend she once had isn t so perfect after all THE BREAKUP BIBLE is funny, sad, and very sassy all rolled up into one Melissa Kantor tells the story of Jennifer, who everyone will soon grow to love and cheer for, hoping that she gets together with just the right guy Not only Jennifer, but also her Nana and mother, makes the story even better Teen angst never looked so good until THE BREAKUP BIBLE I say that it is in need of a sequel.

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    The cover was pink shocking pink It was so pink it seemed to throb with pinkness Smack in the middle was a raised, gold heart, split in two by a pink lightning bolt Above the heart, in white capital letters, was the books title The Breakup bible Jennifer Lewis has it all amazing friends, editorial position on the school newspaper and the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Max Brown, her editor in chief and the boy of her dreams Then, out of nowhere, Max casually tells Jennifer that maybe it would be better if we were just friends, and the world comes to a screeching halt.Shocked, Jen can t imagine how she s supposed to get out of bed every morning, much less face Max across a conference table meetings for their school paper And when her grandmother gives her The Breakup Bible, a self help book that claims its commandments can make her the happiest dumpee on the block , Jen is convinced that the humiliation of heartbreak might actually be fatal In fact, she s sure there s been a mistake she and Max aren t really over.As the semester rolls on, Jen finds herself on the trail of a controversial feature story and she starts to see herself and Max on a whole new light and she discovers that there just might be life after heartbreak.It was one realistic book God Everything about this is very real At firsthand, I think it was pretty bizarre to read about break up stuffs because I love happy endings as I endlessly say, but jeez I really enjoyed reading this book that I finished it in one seating.The book is dived in three parts wherein I find it very weird since the first chapter is titled The End and the last one was The Beginning It really is weird but as I go along with it, I find out the reason behind it and find it pretty cool Jeniffer is a good lead character and everything that she is is very real and very modern teeange y She acts and thinks that everything is fine and its just another ordinary day and the BOOM her boyfriend dumps her Seriously, even though I haven t experienced that kind of scenario and I really don t want that to happen, because I for one would surely not know how to handle it HAH its just very typical and would surely caught your attention at first hand I really liked reading how Jennifer get through the heartache I feel her every ache and sadness.The supporting characters like Jen s best friends are very fun to read in They are all pretty hilarious Her supportive mother, gangsta brother, gay dad and gay step dad which is in relationship with her dad since he and her mother were already divorced was one heck set of characters They are all very fun to read in I really enjoyed every encounter with them.In all, it was really a good YA novel EEP I really liked it The story shows us that there is life after breakups Very High school yet everybody can relate This is one smile inducing novel PS I know some of you may be interested on the Breakup commandments so im ma share it with youDr Emory Emersons Ten Breakup Commandments1 Move out2 You cannot be friends3 Do not process this breakup together 4 Do not bad mouth your ex to other people5 Get rid of anything that remind you of him6 Start an exercise regime7 Pursue an interest you could not have pursued while you and your ex were together8 Take a vacation9 Embrace change10 Go on a date there are plenty of other fish in the sea

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    The Breakup Bible s a really good book mostly for Teens Its about a girl named Jen Lewis who goes to highschool and is dating a boy named Max Brown They had a perfect relationship until he tells her he just wants to be friends Jen feels like her life is over until her Nana gets her a book called the Breakup Bible Her Nana is hopeing this book helps Jen move on from Max.Warning Plot Spoilers and Discussion Follow Below.Setting The book takes place in 2007 at Hillsdal High School.The protagonist in The Breakup Bible would have to be Jen She is a young, sweet, smart girl who is heart broken I like her because shes just like common teen She has good friends and works hard at school She is the editor for the school newspaper Jen does change through out the story she starts out happy with Max then is very upset when Max dumps her but gets much better through out the story as she reads the book The Breakup Bible and it helps her.The antagonist in The Breakup Bible would have the be Max Brown Max is kind of a jock in the school, very good looking and charming to girls Max also helps out on the school newspaper Max is the boy that made Jens heart complete until he dumps her He creats the whole conflict in the story.Conflict The main problem in the story is the breakup with Jen and Max The main problems that Jen must deal with is moving on from Max and being able to face him at school.

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    Such a great story, and well constructed and written And even though the main story line addresses the sad reality of heartbreak, I caught myself smiling at several different points in the novel I mean, who hasn t blasted ABBA and danced wildly around the bedroom.I ve always appreciated Melissa Kantor s writing style it s engaging and endearingly sarcastic not the kind of sarcasm that seems to be written just for sarcasm s sake it could even be called an ironic sarcasm, the kind that points out the obviously funny incongruent things in life Perhaps the greatest compliment I could give her style is that it reminds me so much of the style of my all time favorite YA author, Elizabeth Chandler.In a genre inundated with paranormal romance and urban fantasy, it s refreshing to see a normal story about a normal girl wrestling with normal teen issues, but told in an abnormal and I mean that as a compliment way No offense to the vampire and werewolf lovers I certainly read my fair share of those books , but YA literature could use a shot in the arm where contemporary stories like this are concerned.

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    Getting over high school sweethearts Well I guess most people experience thisI dived into this because it was recommended on a random website Well, I guess the most important takeaway is try not to badmouth your ex It is actually hard to do this because humans try to justify themselves and hope for sympathy I may probably do it in the initial stages of breakup because of all the angst and sorrow But fast forward few months later, I do feel much better albeit moments of sadness Always give yourself time to calm down before spewing any information in the moment of anger Thinking about relationships calmly, when you are angry, you only think about the bad events However, was it really all that bad and no good So instead of droning about how you were abandoned, why not let others know how much you have grown and allocate time to useful matters.

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    I feel like if this was something I d read while in a relationship, I wouldn t have liked it as much as I did I got this book I came out of a relationship three months ago, so this was very relatable to me Reading how devastated Jen was at the start of her breakup reminded me how I felt, and it was just interesting to see her progression toward happiness and getting over Max view spoiler and god, am I glad things worked out with Gene in the end I really thought she screwed that one up hide spoiler

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    I recommend The Breakup Bible to someone who likes funny, realistic, young adult novels This book would be perfect for someone looking for a light read The Breakup Bible begins with a heartbroken Jennifer Lewis explaining how her boyfriend of five months, Max, dumps her The story continues, and a day after the breakup, Jennifer s grandmother gives her a book The book, titled The Breakup Bible, is all about how to get over heartbreak With the help of The Breakup Bible s rules, friends, family, and a handsome new boy named Gene, Jennifer is able to go from heartbreak to happy I found it interesting how the author, Melissa Kantor, used witty humor to help Jennifer overcome her heartbreak For example, when Jennifer s grandma gives her the The Break Up Bible, Jennifer thinks I wasn t sure if I wanted to laugh or to bang my head against the table until men in white coats arrived to carry me away Her sarcasm here is used to deflect the feeling of shock from the gift her grandmother gives Another example of the author using humor to help Jennifer overcome her heartbreak is all of the chapter titles, which are slogans that are meant to help Jennifer recover, such as Nobody Does It Better Than You Not only does this humor make the story enjoyable, but it also allows the reader to better understand the characters Another aspect of the book I found interesting is how the author begins In nineteenth century novels, characters die of heartbreak Literally I feel that not only does this interest the reader, but it gives the reader the idea that the book will be about heartbreak The beginning also sets the tone for the rest of the book In those two sentences, Kantor was able to show humor, and wit, giving the reader the idea that the rest of the book will be comical as well The Breakup Bible, by Melissa Kantor, is an enjoyable, light read, suitable for anyone with an appreciation for humor and a love for a little romance.

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