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The Boy in the Black Suit pdf The Boy in the Black Suit, ebook The Boy in the Black Suit, epub The Boy in the Black Suit, doc The Boy in the Black Suit, e-pub The Boy in the Black Suit, The Boy in the Black Suit 0389a006f2e Just When Seventeen Year Old Matt Thinks He Can T Handle One Piece Of Terrible News, He Meets A Girl Who S Dealt With A Lot And Who Just Might Be Able To Clue Him In On How To Rise Up When Life Keeps Knocking Him Down In This Wry, Gritty Novel From The Author Of When I Was The GreatestMatt Wears A Black Suit Every Day No, Not Because His Mom Died Although She Did, And It Sucks But He Wears The Suit For His Gig At The Local Funeral Home, Which Pays Way Better Than The Cluck Bucket, And He Needs The Income Since His Dad Can T Handle The Bills Or Anything, Really On His Own So While Dad S Snagging Bottles Of Whiskey, Matt S Snagging Fifteen Bucks An Hour Not Bad But Everything Else Not Good Then Matt Meets Lovey She S Got A Crazy Name, And She S Been Through Crazy Than He Can Imagine Yet Lovey Never Cries She S Tough Really Tough Tough In The Way Matt Wishes He Could Be Which Is Maybe Why He S Drawn To Her, And Definitely Why He Can T Seem To Shake Her Because There S Nothing Hopeful Than Finding A Person Who Understands Your Loneliness And Who Can Maybe Even Help Take It Away

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    A quietly hopeful book that reaches for the heartstrings and makes the reader want to be and do better, while never seeming like that s what s happening The balance this book strikes between grief and community and friendship and hope and relationships and strength and looking forward and really living life while taking place in an innercity neighborhood is what makes it so powerful It has moments of brilliance that I wanted to bookmark and put on a poster on my wall, but in Jason Reynolds writing style never felt preachy at all I did not expect to be so touched by this book, but truly was There is just something about this character, what he s struggling for, the relationships he has, and the way it is written that all worked for me I want everyone to read The Boy in the Black Suit, and I ll start by handing it off to my students Reynolds is an incredible new voice in children s literature, and I hope he sticks around for a very long time, because he is writing stories about kids in neighborhoods that need stories about kids like them and the people they know and things they go through every day, and this story just felt so real and honest, and that is thanks to the writing of Jason Reynolds.

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    A quiet and beautiful story about a young man coming to terms with his mother s death and its aftermath Jason Reynolds is a remarkable talent.

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    Posted originally at my blog The Perpetual Page Turner come hang out for book talk and I m just saying this right now Jason Reynolds is an extraordinary talent who needs WAY recognition I was so, so impressed with The Boy In The Black Suit It s smart, moving and1 The Boy in the Black Suit was a book that I related to immensely It s no secret that I gravitate to books dealing with grief especially that of a parent and Jason Reynolds explored this with such finesse and beauty Now, if you hear grief in the summary and normally go running, I m begging you not to It wasn t the ugly sobbing sort of book about grief and it most definitely is NOT all about grief Rather it was just so quietly profound and piercing in its emotion as Matt grieves his mom and tries to find normalcy in the after and tries to deal with that crushing loneliness that seems to separate you from everyone else because nobody seems to be able to truly understand whether or not that s true I cannot even tell you how many pages I dog eared because I just kept nodding my head like, YES Exactly this I felt this I understood his need to watch someone else s raw grief to know he wasn t alone I just connected with him so much and Jason Reynolds tapped into something REAL and raw that made my heart ache.2 I loved the relationship between Matt Lovey I loved that Lovey doesn t actually come into the picture right away because we really get to know Matt in a way I think we need to in order to show his loneliness but the downside to that is I WANTED MORE MATT AND LOVEY because they were just so smile inducing Their connection is just so beautiful and honestly it reminds me a lot of how Will and I really connected for the first time in a real way There s something so isolating about grief and when you find someone who GETS it, it feels so intense That s how Will and I connected at first I had just lost my mom and he had lost his mom when he was younger and then it s what brought us even closer together as a couple when he lost his dad a couple years into our relationship What Matt and Lovey share is hard to describe but Jason Reynolds lets you FEEL it in such an honest way.3 Matt s POV is one of the best male POVs I ve read in a while Truly, his POV was just so refreshing and really captivated me This book is definitely a character driven novel and Matt felt like a leap off the pages type character to me God, Jason Reynolds is just a fantastic writer.4 Mr Ray That s all I m going to say Look, you just need to meet Mr Ray because he is one of my favorite secondary characters that I ve met in a while.

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    Originally Posted at Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek I am having a renaissance It s cultural, personal and steeped in my own identity I am reading writers of color and characters of color This seems obvious I m black I am of color I am from the Bronx I was born in the city and bred in the hood Of course, I read books about people like me Only, for most of my life I haven t In high school I was handed F Scott Fitzgerald, S.E Hinton and J.D Salinger I read and reread The Outsiders so many times, because somehow in my heart I connected with these white teens, who were poor, lived on the wrong side of town and buried friends I got that Because, I was poor, I lived on the wrong side of town and I buried friends For the longest time, I thought that S.E Hinton would be the closet I d ever get to what my life was and has been Then I met Adam Silvera, and Jason Reynolds and suddenly I was awake.Suddenly, in order to get characters of color I don t have to read urban novels that I consumed like candy in my youth It s not all about The Coldest Winter Ever or Push Now, I have More Happy Than Not, that is human story about kids who live in neighborhoods not too far from where I grew up, with a sci fi edge I can read When I Was The Greatest and get invited to the hottest house party in Brooklyn or I can go on the journey of lost, grief and acceptance with Matt in The Boy in The Black Suit.I love this book, because of its simple complexity For years, with my love of werwolves and vampires and space ships, I forget that a story doesn t need complex time travel loops in order to be good A story can be about a young man who has to move on from the greatest loss of his life Simple And, yet emotionally compelling Matt, with his simple and chill look at the world pulls you in He s the kid who lived next door from you, no matter where you grew up He s that kid, who is nice to his peers, respectful of his elders and trying to figure out who he is He s the kid who does not deserve the life that has suddenly been given to him Which is what makes his journey so compelling He doesn t deserve it How will he react when his life gets flip turned upside down Something I love about Jason Reynolds is that he gives you the hood, and all of it s truths without being over the top Just because you live in Brooklyn doesn t mean you ve held a gun Doesn t mean you re best friends with a drug dealer It doesn t mean that you have beef with rival gangs Does that life exist outside the walls of your apartment or house Yes Does it have to be your truth No It doesn t There s this thing in literature and movies where if you come from a certain place your life has to be an NWA album It doesn t That stuff can touch your life, but it doesn t have to be your life.Jason Reynolds gives us truth We know the world on the other side of the door, but we get the inside The loving mother who taught you everything you need to know to survive The best friend, who is loyal to you in the midst of everything The girl, you meet by chance who makes your heart beat again after all the heartache.This book made me sad, it made me laugh, it showed me a world, a culture and a neighborhood so apart of me that I rarely get to see it in books, tv, or the movies.This book is so real and yet so entertaining and so thought provoking Jason Reynolds doesn t have to draw out in minute detail why Matt puts on his suit every day and goes to the funeral home We get it We feel it in the pages, we feel Matt s emotions His confusions, his heartache, and we feel it when his heart begins to mend, when he begins to heal, even though he will always have hole there that was his mother.I highly recommend this book and also everything by Jason Reynolds Just too good to miss out on Reccomended for fans of Adam Silvera, Nicola Yoon, Jennifer Niven and Walter Dean Meyers.

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    A lot of hard lives and young faces This line pretty much sums up the lives of the characters and I loved watching Matt and Lovey grow from their tragedies Check it out

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    Damn This book Justdamn A beautifully written, quiet, character study of a young man who seeks solace after his mother s death by attending the funerals of others Jason Reynolds is amazing Read this book.

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    The ONLY reason this realistic book that is by turns funny and heart wrenching did not get 5 stars from me is the author s reliance on coincidence to stitch his story up at the end Dear Jason Reynolds your story and certainly your characters are strong enough to carry the tale through to a satisfying conclusion without tying up all the loose ends in a bow You can let em finish messy Love, Paula

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    Matt s life went downhill ever since his mom died His father became a drunk and acts like everything s ok But it s not Matt earned a job that earned him 30 a day witch isn t too bad, since the Cluck Bucket probably pays a lot less Oh, did I mention that his job is a pallbearer Yep, that s right He works at a funeral house He s fine with it though, because it lets him know he s not alone when it comes to death He slips into back of the funerals and watches them until it s over It doesn t matter if he has no clue who they are He doesn t enjoy watching people cry over the lost, but it comforts him to let him know that he has some grief to give too Then, on particular day, when he was pallbearing and slipping into the back of the funeral, he listens to a girl named Lovey Yes, is a ridiculous name, but her speech made Matt s life sound like a piece of cake She lost her parents and said that this was the funeral for her grandmother Here s the catch she won t cry about it Her eyes were dry but remorseful and sad, yet had confidence in them at all the same time Matt admires her for that, and they begin to get to know each other and find something shocking This book May have grief in it, but the grief is not that bad where it makes you cry Instead, for those who lost their loved one, can relate Readers who enjoy romance and cliffhangers will enjoy this witty, loving, and caring book.

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    When Matt s mom dies from breast cancer everything falls apart For instance, his father starts drinking again a habit he stopped so he could marry Matt s mom News spreads like wildfire through Matt s town so when he goes back to school everyone treats him like the boy with a dead mama At least Chris his best friend doesn t treat him differently His dad stops working so Matt tries to find work at Cluck Bucket a joint near his house At Cluck Bucket, Matt meets a girl who he thinks is named Renee because of the name necklace hanging around her neck Her name is actually Lovey and she has gone through a lot Mr Ray turns up to Cluck Bucket to get dinner and ends up giving Matt a job at his funeral home as well Mr Ray s Funeral Home pays him enough money to get dinner and pay the bills He does that even though seventeen years old is too young to have to act like a proper adult Matt is very upset about his mother s passing but he finds that watching other people who were close to the passed person at funerals makes him feel that he isn t the only one who feels like that One day at a funeral, he recognizes the person closest to the passed person It is Lovey from Cluck Bucket Matt tries to look for a breakdown from her but she never sheds a tear Lovey makes a speech and Matt finds out that Lovey never met her dad, her mom was killed, and this was her grandma s funeral Matt accidentally stays until the after party where he and Lovey talk Later they get together and start dating I think it is nice for Matt to have Lovey to talk to because he understands what he s been through Then Matt s dad gets run over by a car and almost dies Read The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds to find out what happens to Lovey, Matt, and his dad There are not many books that are similar to this book because it is truly different than anything that I have read before, but if you like books that start out gloomy but get happier then you would really like this book What I liked about this book was that it showed how when you are feeling down and gloomy you can use one little thing to make you feel better, then you see that that little thing that made you happy then could turn into something great that always makes you happy What I didn t like about the book was the actions of Matt s dad after his wife died I can t blame him for making those choices because his wife and son were his life before, but I didn t like where that choice took him I think book left me exhilarated and feeling thankful that I have a full family and so many things to make me happy.

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    I was a LITTLE disappointed in this onemostly because of how much I loved Jason Reynolds When I Was the Greatest Like Ali, Matt is an African American teen in a rough neighborhood who does his best to make good choices, but this narrative just doesn t have the same punch that Ali s did There s not as much character interaction much of the narrative is just Matt s internal thoughts and the most interesting interactions are those he has with Lovey, who doesn t appear until halfway through the book.I think my students are going to have trouble relating to Matt s fascination with funerals after his mother s death it s a deep issue and the roots aren t really explored here since our narrator is a teenager and the slower pacing is going to be somewhat of a turn off They ll probably like the coincidental connection between Matt and Lovey at the end, but I thought it was a stretch.

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