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The Beast explained The Beast, review The Beast, trailer The Beast, box office The Beast, analysis The Beast, The Beast cb23 An Exciting, Eye Catching Repackage Of Acclaimed Author Walter Dean Myers Bestselling Paperbacks, To Coincide With The Publication Of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA In HardcoverSeventen Year Old Anthony Spoon Witherspoon Is Returning To Harlem After Seven Months At An Exclusive Prep School He Never Wanted To Leave The City In The First Place Especially Not To Walk The Hallowed Halls Of A Mostly White New England School But Now That Spoon Is Back Home, He Realizes How Much He S Come To Rely On His Prep School Friends And Routine And The One Thing He S Looking Forward To Most Seeing His Girlfriend, Gabi Brings Him The Greatest Shock When He Left, Gabi Was A Vibrant Young Poet Now She S A Thin, Wasted Drug Addict Can Spoon Help Her Find Her Way Again

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Beast
  • Walter Dean Myers
  • English
  • 05 October 2017
  • 9780439368421

10 thoughts on “The Beast

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    I ve never met a Myers book that I didn t love, but this one just seems off to me I don t know what my problem with it is, exactly, but let me think it out 1 The main character, Anthony Spoon Witherspoon is a black kid from Harlem with rich parents who send him to a Connecticut boarding school for his senior year.I m not crazy, right But this is not Myers typical protagonist There s no motive given for Spoon leaving his regular school and going off to the fancy pants new one It s vaguely implied that his possibly rich parents wanted it for him, but why hasn t he gone to boarding school his whole life then 2 Spoon s girlfriend back home Gabi has to contend with a mom with cancer, a brother who s on the verge of joining a gang, a blind grandfather, oh, and her own heroin use That s a lot of stuff to throw into such a short story Her climb onto the smack train seems to happen suddenly do people just start with heroin I don t know drug protocol , and apparently she started using because of stress Again, I m no expert, but don t people smoke pot for that 3 While I certainly don t hate happy endings, this one seemed a little too Disney princess for me Myers does leave the ending open, so you can draw your own conclusions about some things, but I think the denouement wasn t very realistic Of course, maybe my opinion is influenced by my own unique interpretation of drug culture, which is entirely based upon three episodes of CSI and that episode of Diff rent Strokes with Nancy Reagan.What I did like is that Spoon is clearly caught between his two worlds, neither of which seems like home to him His classmates at the boarding school are entitled and accustomed to luxury which is another thing lacking explanation Has Spoon s family always been rich Or is this new money and his friends back home aren t as educationally ambitious as he is I think there s just too much crammed into the story, and that s what makes it seem less realistic I expected .

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    I expected a lot from this book than it gave me Starting on the first page, I knew the book was going to have some ups and downs throughout it But, I didn t expect it to be so dry This book shows how drugs the beast can turn your life upside before you know it Although the book wasn t my favorite, I do feel Myers did a good job with the point of view The point of view was first person, from Spoon, the main character The author really connected the reader to what the characters was thinking and feeling throughout the entire book If Spoon felt sad, the reader felt sad If Spoon felt angry, the reader felt angry.Some strategies I could take from this book to teach writing is to teach my students how to really incorporate point of view through their writings I could read the page in the book where Spoon discovers Gabi is using drugs, by discovering needles and heroine in her room He describes his shock and disgust so well, the reader really feels what he is feeling.This is something that I can show my students as an example of how to really connect the readers to the story.

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    The Beast might sound like a scary book maybe about something haunted or a monster, or maybe someone who thinks there a beast at doing something in their life But this book is a little bit different than that, so just keep reading this review, and it will make you want to get the book and read it.This book attached me to it as soon I got done with the first chapter The author of the book Walter Dean Myers organized the book well with the action happening and then the romance That made this book really good on what was happening and why The main character was an African American called Anthony who came back to his town from boarding school for vacation This book shows how you can leave a dangerous neighborhood, everything can change when you come back It can either be one of your friends got killed, joined a gang, or you re family apart This book sounds like it s a reality thing that actually happened That s what gets you so into the book.In my opinion, I liked this book so much that I would give it a 10 10 I would recommend this book for the people who are struggling in where they live, on how bad their neighborhood, and how you should care about each and one of your friends and family before they re gone by the dangerousness of the world.

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    I must say that I really enjoyed reading The Beast The story takes place in the city of New York so for a southern girl like myself of course it was a bit different for me to get use to the events which occurred in the text I usually gravitate towards books of this kind, one where there is drama in the midst of the text and can really draw readers into the text I must say throughout the course of reading the text, the author truly kept me on my toes Certain events were truly unexpected, and that s exactly how I like it The author truly connected with the aspects of time, setting, and characters in the text The time and setting of the text correlated throughout, I could definitely envision the time of year and imagine the scenery of the setting I am almost certain that the author took a great deal of time as he created the characters As I read the text I found myself trying to mentally paint a picture of the characters While reading this book I found myself constantly reflecting upon how the characters felt How would I feel if I were in their shoes How could certain events been avoided How could the characters maintain their relationships And the list goes on, there were many circling questions Author Meyers did very well tying in the aspects listed above, as a reader I look forward to being simply entertained, and continuing the text because I just have to know what is going to happen next One element that I must say that the author kind of dropped the ball would be the conclusion I was a tad bit disappointed because there were questions that remained unanswered, which left me to assume my very own conclusion Haha and trust me that s no fun, lol I would suggest to the author that he should follow up with the details in regards to the characters in the text, simply tell us what happens next The author created a text that was entertaining and as a reader I became fond of the characters in the story, so you must understand that I would like an ending that ties all of the loose ends of the text, because at the end of the day that is what readers look forward to I could definitely take in the illustrative strategies of this text When I say illustrative I don t mean pictures in the text because there weren t any illustrations, but the author definitely created a piece which allowed me as a reader to create a picture mentally For my future classroom setting I could incorporate this strategy into a minilesson, where students can learn the importance of painting a picture for readers.

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    Anthony Witherspoon goes away to finish out school at the Academy where he is removed from Harlem and life on the streets After being gone for only a few months Anthony Spoon visits his high school love, Gabi, only to find she is distant from him than he could have imagined She seemed so different than she had been, as if she had somehow wound tighter than a person ever should be, as if at any moment she would either spring loose into a thousand parts or stop altogether Somehow I had lost my understanding of her Anthony Spoon Life on the streets in Harlem is hard, Spoon knows that, but when he returns he is surprised at how different everything seems I came down from Wallingford looking to find the world I d left, but it s all changed I m home Gabi But home is not what it used to be for me It used to be simply a neighborhood played ball in and a building I lived in and where my parents lived All of sudden it s a place in which I question everything, mostly who I am can we reach a point where there s just no place else to go Anthony Spoon Walter Dean Myers does a fantastic job of showing the life of an addict through the eyes of another who cares about them This book is graphic, but not obscene It is told from the perspective of a teenage boy who is trying to make a better life for himself than that of the one he is offered on the streets He is in love with a girl he had to leave behind, who in turn left him behind for The Beast of heroine Anthony is crushed and learns what it means to really move on and let go This book could easily be taught in its entirety, but I would anticipate some contest from parents, administration, and students It is a superbly told story of culture, life, language, and abuse.

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    After reading and reflecting on the book The Beast , I really enjoyed it The author did a great job of making connections between the characters experiences with real life problems I really liked how I could connect to the book because I m the same age as Anthony.This story takes place in the streets of Harlem, New York The main character of the story is a high school boy, who goes by the name of Anthony Spoon Witherspoon Anthony is a great kid who just wants to escape the streets and live the best life that he can He deeply cares for his parents, friends and most importantly his girlfriend Gabi.Anthony s parents send him off to Wallingford Academy in Connecticut to finish off his high school career He decides to come home for Christmas break to see his parents and his beloved girlfriend Gabi Anthony becomes very worried to go back home because Gabi has stopped writing him back, and he is very scared that Gabi and Harlem had changed He had come back to his hometown of Harlem to find out that both Gabi and the city of Harlem had changed for the worse Gabi s mom becomes very sick and Gabi has to take care of her With all the stress on Gabi to take care of her mother, come very harsh consequences Anthony had come home to find out that the women he loves, is addicted to the beast , drugs Anthony doesn t know what to do but he still cares for Gabi When Anthony left the Wallingford Academy he was scared that he had left Gabi and the streets behind, but it really turns out that the streets and Gabi had left him behind I recommend this book to others because it explains a great story about a young boy who deeply cares for and loves his girlfriend and how he shows his love by helping her overcome and beat the beast.

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    When I first saw this book I was very intrigued with the tittle The Beast The story was about a young boy, Anthony Spoon Witherspoon, torn between his old world his family, childhood friends, and long time lover Gabi and his new and exciting world of prestigious education and intellectual companions Casting a shadow over the already harsh transitions is the Beast that has captured Gabi and made things difficult for Spoon I quickly became very interested in this book because the author, Walter Dean, was very detailed in his descriptions of the characters and their interactions throughout the story Although, as I kept reading, I noticed that the author was not going in depth in creating a strong plot Many times I felt that I was left hanging in curtain parts of the story that did not seem intentional by the author He lost sight of the forest in his description of the trees This book has the potential to impact its audience powerfully Some of my suggestion would be to 1 take a little time to developing the story because it seemed rushed This would also help the author create a clearer path of where the story starts and ends 2 Use the descriptive language to depict all the aspects of a story characters, setting, plot, and problem solutions This is a great mentor text to use in the classroom Walters Dean is known for well developed imagery and descriptive language I could use some of his Golden Lines to show examples of the power of detail For older grades, this text could be an example of the importance of focusing and carefully developing a story.

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    As I find myself reading and books, I have to say Walter Dean Myers is starting to become my favorite author with the way he portrays each character, it seems as if you knew them in a past life The Beast portrays a high school student who has left the ghettos, and his loved ones to go search for better education in a all white prep school His girlfriend who he though was perfect is addicted to drugs and his best friend has dropped out of school Spoon is the main character and goes through many hardships in New York The Beast is supposed to be the ghettos and all the troubles people face and the bad choices people make when they have nothing but troubles Will Spoon help his friends out and kill the beast that ravages young lives in the ghetto or will he too succumb to the hardships back in New York

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    This book had such strong feelings, but sometimes the descriptions were distracting or didn t feel like things a real teenager would say I wanted to keep reading when it ended though

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    Literary Analysis for English 2 Honors The Beast started out with a boy and a girl saying their goodbyes The boy, Anthony, was leaving to a new high school away from his girlfriend Gabi Gabi was hispanic and spoke the spanish language often, sometimes through poetry Anthony is black and grew up in the hood , along with Gabi When he left for school they promised to talk often, to keep in touch After about two months Gabi stopped replying, her phone was turned off and she never answered the letters Anthony would send Anthony hadn t visited since he left It was Christmas break when he finally came home When he got home he had found out that Gabi had started using drugs, or as she said skin surfing When Anthony had first left is when her life started getting harder It wasn t his fault, but he wasn t there when she needed him the most Her mom got really sick, she had to drop out of school, and her blind grandfather had to come live with them She started using drugs and Anthony didn t know what to do He ended up cheating on her, which I think is such bullshit He never tells her about it and she gets into a rehab center They worked on getting closer again after she was better And that s basically it Anthony is the main character in this book He lived his whole life in the hood in Harlem He left Harlem and went to Wallingford Academy It offered opportunities for him He thinks about everything in an artistic and poetic way When he came home he felt as if he was just now seeing, actually seeing, Harlem Everything was different, from his parents, to his friends, and the streets His friends had all gotten caught up in the hood lifestyle in the short time that he was away He realized that it would happen to him to if he hadn t gone to the Academy He hates that he had to leave Gabi, but at the same time it was not hard at all for him to cheat on her After that I couldn t think of him as anything other than a piece of shit Others will testify for him and how it s hard to love someone when they do shit like that It s still messed up any way you look at it He could have ended things with her first or told her after he did that, but did he, no he did not Gabi was a poetic person that worked hard and was very happy Her parents were divorced and her mom ended up getting cancer Then she had to drop out of school to help around the house I related to Gabi a lot throughout reading this book She had a good life and then things got hard When that happens it is hard to know what to do, or to know what is the right thing to do Things slip away, dreams, plans, hope She knew what she was getting into when she started using Gabi knew they weren t the answer, what she didn t know was what was next in her life and that is scary I understand what it feels like to feel like you don t have a purpose or that you don t have any clue what to do sometimes Anthony being the protagonist is clear because he is the obvious main character in The Beast But who is the antagonist In my opinion the antagonist is of a setting than a person Harlem acts as the enemy in the book All of the problems are linked to Harlem and the hood Anthony leaves to get away from the hood leaving Gabi to be pulled into the lifestyle that the hood encourages Themes for this book are eye opening One major theme would be how your choices affect your life When Spoon, Anthony, chooses to leave Harlem, he is choosing to leave Gabi behind to fend for herself in the city Also he is choosing to leave his whole life that he has grown accustom to Then another theme would be how everyone has to find their own path in life Gabi has to find her way when Anthony leaves She has some difficulties and obstacles, but eventually everything works itself out and she finds her way.I think Walter Dean Myers wrote this book to show the difficulty and cruelty of living in this lifestyle The choices it encourages you to make and how it can confuse you and set you off of your path that you once were sure of The book is written, in my opinion about how hard life can be and how every choice affects your life in many ways.

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