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The Awakening chapter 1 The Awakening, meaning The Awakening, genre The Awakening, book cover The Awakening, flies The Awakening, The Awakening 4933f95cf059f A Love Triangle Of Unspeakable HorrorElenaSearching For The Ultimate Thrill, She Vowed To Have StefanStefanHaunted By His Tragic Past, He Struggled To Resist Her PassionDamonDriven By Revenge, He Hunted The Brother Who Betrayed HimThe Terrifying Story Of Two Vampire Brothers And The Beautiful Girl Torn Between Them

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    My god What can I say about this book IT IS A BAD BOOK It has bad cheesy prose, a snotty annoying and kind of a bimbo heroine and the cliched, brooding Byronic vampire hero, needless to say that the moment they lay their eyes upon each other they fall hopelessly in love Oh yes I can t believe I almost forgot The mother of all originalities it also has a love triangle I think it s safe to say that this book is the poster book for cheesy YA pnr books and since it was written in 1991 it s even safer to say that the others copied L J Smith s tropes and not the other way around.But did I enjoyed it I am ashamed to admit itbut yes I did This book is a guilty pleasure, pure silly escapism and I m afraid I will be back for

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    Written long before Twilight SMeyer s claim of never having read Vampire fiction is absurd There are FAR TOO MANY parallel s between LJ Smith s characters and Smeyer s.And when it comes down to it SMeyer has nothing on LJ Smith.The story is refreshing and action packed The characters are likeable Stefan and Damon are interesting And they don t SPARKLE All in all 9 billion times better than Twilight I can t wait to read the next one

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    Read Awakening legally and for free here courtesy of the publisher But please keep adequate amounts of brain bleach on hand.What can I say I read this on the usually safe assumption that the book would be better than its adaptation Differences are usually in the book s favor, but for once this is not the case The TV series is a dramatically revised and very loose adaptation of the book, and a HUGE IMPROVEMENT I d give the TV series 4 stars, but this book is among the most worthless I have ever read.I was shocked to realize just how bad the book is atrocious dialogue, Elena is arrogant from the start and does not improve on acquaintance all the characters are pretty shallow, actually , the romance is woefully artificial, and the plot what a mess I was hoping Breaking Dawn would last longer as my most horrible book of all time I started this book out of curiosity, kept going for the laughs, got depressed, and finished it for integrity s sake so that I can honestly say I have read and evaluated the whole thing But there is no way I m reading Book II.

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    Okay, this was MY Twilight before there was Twilgiht I read this series when I was about thirteen I was already into vampires in my preppy goth kind of way, and this one made me say SQUEE This book is from the early 90 s, but with the Twilight phenomenon, it s now been reissued, bound with a new cover featuring some blonde model, and is being considered as the basis of a TV series on CW not sure how I feel about that I like the original cover better featured above I had to bid on ebay for this baby Some parts of this are cheesy, but the story is this Hot, slightly bitchy and arrogant girl next door catches the eye of TWO vampire brothers who hate each other Insert drama here Then, in the later books, throw in witches and werewolves and angry ancient vampires bent on killing everyone Plus, it s got rockin 90 s fashions, like hot pink dresses and perms What s not to love If you liked Twilight, you ll probably like this Sometimes I wonder if Stephenie Meyer actually stole some ideas from LJ Smithsome parts are similar, but I guess there s only so many original ways to write about the human girl vampire boy, Romeo and Juliet ish storyline before things start to overlap in similarity They re both YA, they re both scary romance, they both have cheese, and they re both slightly addictive.

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    After reading the vampire trilogy by Stephenie Meyer, I thought I would continue my bloodthirsty fiction rampage with this older teenage vampire trilogy Lo and behold, it s almost the same story Oh, Stephenie Meyer, now I know how you cranked out those three fat should have been heavily edited books in such a short span of time For shame

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    I came to that book by the internet A lot of people recommended it and I thought it MUST be right Gosh, did I failed It s one of the first book I was eager to give away and I really regret that I bought it At first the cover of my german version is ugly yeah I know, don t judge a book by its cover, but it IS ugly Second, I am really fed up with all this ooohw dark handsome mysterious guy or even better TWO gorgeous brothers I mean do we normal human girls now all have to wait for our Mr Handsome What s about true beauty The beauty of the heart Then the next point, Elena the school queen Talking about cliche Ugh I really don t want to write about that.While her character isn t very complex, so it is the same with her friends and cute little Stefano, the mysterious loverboy It s just like oh I saw you and you re like SO gorgeous I ll love you forever There is no developement, it s just given from the author.And that is a pity, because I started to watch the series on TV and I actually liked it better.UPDATE Series isn t that much better.

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    , 3.5 ,

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    I ve always considered that no movie or TV show can produce better essence than the books But I guess I was wrong to some extent The book version of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was too horrible for me Though I never knew that TVD is adapted from a book series, now it turns out that it would have been way better if my sister never enlightened me on this topic All in all, it felt as if I was reading a Vampire Diaries fanfic on the net The TV Show is hell better If anyone would ever ask me for my suggestions, I d rather say, Okay, okay, I m now against my own laws Go watch the TV series It s gotta keep you hooked from the very beginning till the very end

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    1 5 StarsThis is the case when the adaption is better than the book.This book is just sooooooooo bad.I read this book back in 2015 because I was a big fan of the television show which I m not any and wow what a disappointment it was Elena was very annoying and arrogant, probably one of the worst characters I ve read, and honestly all the characters were pretty horrible This book is ridiculous and a waste of time, don t read unless you want lose some brain cells.

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