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The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises) pdf The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises), ebook The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises), epub The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises), doc The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises), e-pub The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises), The Anti-capitalistic Mentality (Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig Von Mises) d0eb9ba362e In The Anti Capitalistic Mentality, The Respected Economist Ludwig Von Mises Plainly Explains The Causes Of The Irrational Fear And Hatred Many Intellectuals And Others Feel For Capitalism In Five Concise Chapters, He Traces The Causation Of The Misunderstandings And Resultant Fears That Cause Resistance To Economic Development And Social Change He Enumerates And Rebuts The Economic Arguments Against And The Psychological And Social Objections To Economic Freedom In The Form Of Capitalism Written During The Heyday Of Twentieth Century Socialism, This Work Provides The Reader With Lucid And Compelling Insights Into Human Reactions To CapitalismLudwig Von Mises Was The Leading Spokesman Of The Austrian School Of Economics Throughout Most Of The Twentieth Century He Earned His Doctorate In Law And Economics From The University Of Vienna InIn , Mises Founded The Austrian Institute For Business Cycle Research FromTo , He Was An Economist For The Vienna Chamber Of Commerce Before The Anschluss, InMises Left For Geneva, Where He Was A Professor At The Graduate Institute Of International Studies Until , When He Emigrated To New York City FromTo , He Was A Visiting Professor At New York UniversityBettina Bien Greaves Is A Former Resident Scholar, Trustee, And Longtime Staff Member Of The Foundation For Economic Education She Has Written And Lectured Extensively On Topics Of Free Market Economics Her Articles Have Appeared In Such Journals As Human Events, Reason, And The Freeman Ideas On Liberty A Student Of Mises, Greaves Has Become An Expert On His Work In Particular And That Of The Austrian School Of Economics In General She Has Translated Several Mises Monographs, Compiled An Annotated Bibliography Of His Work, And Edited Collections Of Papers By Mises And Other Members Of The Austrian School

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    This book is essential to understanding why people are socialists whether they know it or not In the past, I could never comprehend why people, that I knew well, could fail to realize their view of how the world should be was a largely socialist viewpoint How could a rational, logical, thinking human ever come to the conclusions you have have arrived at I would ask in dismay.This book clears all that up Mises shows the core of socialism is envy He shows that capitalism, while making men equal before God and the law, exposes the fact that nature has distributed talent, intelligence, drive, and other gifts very, very unequally Men have to choose between facing this inequality and admitting that the next man is successful because he is endowed with a greater ability to meet the requirements of society, or he will refuse to face this fact and build a wall around his ego a pseudo philosophy to protect himself against the truth this is socialism.

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    This book is a rant against anti capitalists It s repetitive and makes many false assumptions about them while giving no satisfactory answers to why it does that According to the book, all poor people had equal opportunity to be as rich and famous as anyone else, but they ruined it because they were worthless And if not so, it s not fault of capitalism, but because it s not implemented in an absolute way The book also says that all the technological advancements have been possible only because of capitalism notice no mention of implementation or increased human understanding of physics here There are so many such contradictions and hypocritical statements that i don t even want to go into all of them This was mostly load of crap Biased and with a tone which would make you cringe.

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    I got the impression that von Mises considers that every person who does not agree with a complete laissez faire economics is a communist socialist for him both have the same meaning , and his political orientation is due to envy from the intelligent and successful citizens I find the argument very simplistic, and while some people can fall on this category, I suspect that most of Mises communists have other reasons to oppose to laissez faire and support government policies environmental protection, consumer protection, care of the disabled, redistribution of wealth through taxes and many other areas.In practice, the most developed countries have an important degree of government intervention on those areas, and they are not suspect of becoming communist.For people looking for an introduction to the liberal point of view in economics I recommend Hayek over von Mises.

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    You call this analysis

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    I had a foster brother, to whom if I threw a football and he happened to bobble and drop it would yell, full of spite Stupid football, dumb ball this is a stupid ball it was always entirely the footballs fault It s this kind of immaturity that Mises muses is at root to the anti capitalistic mentality Mises speculates that they have either foiled ambitions or they bitterly envy and hate those successful than themselves and to protect their precious little egos, they in essence scream Stupid capitalism and decide capitalism is the cause of all of the worlds problems and that it is the worst of all evils They then think the only way people make in a capitalistic system is by selling their soul to the devil stealing, exploiting, cheating, lying and pillaging the poor to satiate their greed Maybe Mises is on to something here and I have little doubt that all of this is true of some free market haters in the west, yet it s hard for me to swallow that this explains the majority Yet maybe, it was just such people that landed in Hollywood, politics, the media and in education and they ve now poisoned the messes with propaganda and all But I d argue that the majority today have been merely poorly educated and brought in with emotional arguments, that successfully blind them to history, the obvious and common sense I did like his chapters Noneconomic objections to capitalism and Literature under Capitalism and the Anticommunism verses Capitalism , they all touched on other aspects.Mises wrote Free Market is to allow producers and consumers to make their own decisions Yet, as Mises points out On the market of a capitalistic society the common man is the sovereign consumer whose buying or abstaining from buying ultimately determines what should be produced and in what quantity and quality Big businesses always serves directly or indirectly the masses The consumers are always right the patrons who have the power to make poor suppliers rich and rich suppliers poor The profit system makes those men prosper, who have succeeded in filling the wants of the people in the best way possible and the cheapest way Wealth can be acquired only by serving the consumers Now this of course is the reason there are so many trashy movies, poorly written novels, Sports, Tabloids, TV, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Twinkies and the vices like alcohol, porn and drugs, are all big business Give individuals freedom, and this is what the masses choose Progressive Liberals are often against the free market capitalism for this vary reason They think people obviously don t know what is good for them, and they can t be trusted with there money The masses are like a 5 year old who will just use it s money on candy Therefore, the market should be controlled by the caring Elite who of course know best People should be told what to eat, what books they can read, what movies to watch and they should most of their money should go to the government, for only they know best how to spend it.Mises rightly points that putting it in the hands of the elite to control all of this, would likely do away with all the good books, movies and stuff that is also the fruit of a free market.

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    The Anti Capitalist Mentality 1956 by Ludwig von Mises outlines why von Mises thinks that many people are against capitalism The book makes the mistake of assuming that anyone who disagrees with von Mises is daft or mean spirited However the book does make some interesting points Von Mises points out how he believes that the market itself was critical in providing the prosperity and levels of technology that are available He also points out how people who dislike markets disregard their immense value in providing information The book also points out that markets enable people to make a huge number of free choices all the time, another fact that detractors of markets often ignore Von Mises also points out that most Marxists and critics of markets have little or no experience in creating or running businesses and fail to appreciate the work, skill and risk involved The book is highly unlikely to convince anyone who dislikes markets that they are useful tools, it is of interest to anyone who wants to read something by Von Mises that is short and well written, even though it s not fair minded.

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    This book is partly economic and partly psychological, in that it attempts to explain why those who oppose capitalism do so The economic or social science segments of this book are in fact extremely worthwhile and demonstrate von Mises keen understanding of that field Most people, including myself, will gain a lot from reading it The psychological segments are useful, but are sometimes a bit of a stretch and engage in too much pigeonholing, or fitting a wide array of people s motives into one or a few boxes Nonetheless, it seems to me that there is truth in those segments just not the whole story.

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    Good grief, can there be a weaker, sillier, one dimensional interpretation of the motives of mankind than this As far as von Mises is concerned, everybody who is not an ardent laissez faire capitalist is suffering from envy for which he must find a scapegoat even the rich who happen to embrace socialism or communism the same thing to von Mises s deluded mind are lying to themselves that they actually support communism, doing so only to ease the self doubt they feel when faced with even successful people.If there is a single word which comes to mind while reading von Mises, it is this Ego von Mises is massively egoistical, constantly talking up the importance of economics, of laissez faire capitalism and insulting mercilessly anybody who dares to disagree with his childish interpretation of human affairs He makes the most outrageous assumptions and offers not a speck of evidence other than common sense, a sense which seems uncommon to anybody outside of his school of thought.There are a great many reasons why not all people support laissez faire capitalism he seems to imply that all such anti capitalists are communists, even if not so in name This, of course, is ridiculous in the extreme Some people, for instance, care about the environment and so see the need for government to place restrictions on industry to prevent the deterioration of our green planet, our home It is absurd to think that corporations will police themselves, and also contrary to the historical record.While in my youth I once considered myself a proud libertarian, I have grown increasingly disillusioned lately I care immensely for individual freedom, whereas mainstream American libertarianism cares only for economic freedom, business freedom individual freedom means little to them They insist that if the businesses are free, then so too are the people I strongly disagree I do not believe that the people can be free if the businesses are government exists to be a counter force against the oppression of business, not a fellow oppressor alongside business My morality cannot allow me to support laissez faire capitalism because my sense of morality tells me that in an anarcho capitalist world, too many people would suffer needlessly because of the greed of the rest.

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    This is the most passionate book by Mises that I ve read I would expect a polemic like this from Murray Rothbard or even Ayn Rand, but not him I ve read excerpts before, but never the whole book.Mises explains the psychology of the anti capitalist as if he were writing today I recognize some of my younger self in his criticisms Especially the envy, contempt, and over confidence that marked my personality when I was younger.It s sometimes challenging to understand why so many people hate and fear capitalism, properly understood Voluntary cooperation between moral equals is what makes life worth living Theft and violence are not drivers of progress yet this is what most people believe today as in Mises day.Resentment, bigotry, parenting, and various peculiar American cultural artifacts like the virtual segregation between businessmen, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals combine to keep socialism raging throughout the country and the world.

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    Mises harshly contends that people oppose capitalism because they blame it for their personal failures Although such cases exist plenty, I think most people s anti capitalistic mentality stems from their lack of understanding of the system and their irrational attachment to emotionally appealing socialist ideas Mises also greatly underestimates the importance of one s starting place in life, while overestimating the merits of capitalism in giving everyone the same chance to succeed Despite these issues, the book is still a good, informative read about capitalism s virtues and does get some of the mistaken objections against it quite right.

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