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    As always, after reading something by Sanderson, I find myself irritated at how good he is So let s take it as a given that the book has all the essential ingredients character, plot, dialogue, mystery, and action All of these things are there, some of them merely great, most of them included to exceptional degree What truly impresses me though, is that Sanderson has done something extraordinarily unique with this book Something that just isn t done in fantasy First, Sanderson wrote the Mistborn trilogy, an amazingly good fantasy trilogy set it in a unique, carefully constructed world with a well defined magic system Then he moved that world forward 300 years He evolved it away from the low industrial dark ages culture into a much modern setting This simply isn t done You see, here s the way things work 1 You either write secondary world fantasy which is pretty medievally, or Renaissance y, or occationally dark ages ish Maybe you go crazy and make it kinda Asian Or you make it bronze age That s rare though Pretty fringe 2 Your other option is to set something in THIS world Most of the time when you do this, the setting is modern, which gets you urban fantasy If you re not quite so modern, you get steampunk If you go back further than that, it s alternate history But again, that s kinda rare These are the rules They re not written down anywhere, but generally speaking, that s how things work This is just the way things are done But Sanderson has done something different here Two somethings, actually 1 He evolved his world through time, changing the society significantly while staying true to the world he established in the earlier Mistborn books Yeah yeah There have been a few other authors that have done this Frank Herbert, for example But it s so rare as to be practically unique And in my opinion Sanderson has done it better than Herbert did for the simple fact that I want to read Sanderson s future books in this world, while I just couldn t make it through the second Dune sequel 2 Sanderson has written urban fantasy THAT ISN T SET IN THIS WORLD Call it what you want, urban fantasy, qua western, steampunk, whatever That s what he did I read this book and found myself thinking, What You can do that How come nobody s done this before This is what happens with all truly clever innovation Once someone does it, it seems obvious It seems like anyone could do it But everyone didn t do it Sanderson did That s a very special sort of clever What s my point My point is that this book is good, and you should give it a try My other point is that this book does something different, and pulls it off very smoothly, so you should give it a try My last point is that Sanderson has now been added to a very short list of authors Specifically, the list authors whom I wish to kill so that I might eat their livers and thereby gain their power So yeah My hat s off to you, Brandon Watch your back.

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    Brandon Sanderson commented on this review via reddit See below.This review originally appeared on my book blog.The original Mistborn trilogy was a masterwork of fantasy, artfully combining a cool magic system, detailed and lush worldbuilding, and a plot and characters that were incredibly enthralling, weaving them together so perfectly that every piece depended completely on every other piece Sanderson has spoken and written about his goal for the world he created three trilogies, spanning many centuries on the same world Sometime in the future we will see an urban fantasy trilogy and finally a science fiction trilogy, all based on the same magic system and, if The Alloy of Law is any indication, religions and mythologies derived directly from the first series.But the author decided to give us a treat in the meantime, something that initially started out as a short story but due to an epic writing style, even short turns out to mean 300 pages And so we have this novel, in a setting similar to the American Old West, with the most notable difference of gunslingers with magical powers Overall, this is a very fun action mystery novel for anyone looking for something unique or genre bending The tone is a bit lighter than Sanderson s other work, so while crime and death and moral questions abound, it is still not quite so dark and serious as it could have been I am certainly glad, though, that these ethical issues were not left out, as they are one of my favorite aspects of his writing There are some great twists and turns, exciting gunfights enhanced by abilities to push and pull metal, manipulate time, and heal quickly, to name a few Because it s a short novel, however, there is a distinct lack of Sanderson s trademark world building the reader is largely left to imagine a vague western setting It s also not nearly the intricately planned masterpiece his other novels tend to be, so expectations should be set appropriately for a straightforward novel where the author is simply having some fun in his fictional playground.Some have claimed that this book stands on its own, and that one needn t read the original trilogy in order to enjoy it That may be so, but I suspect that anyone who does will have a distinct sense of being left a little bit out of the loop Many of the original characters are referenced in passing as parts of various religions, and so without that prior knowledge of the world s history, such a reader would be at a disadvantage There are also a couple of important passages that cannot be fully appreciated without knowing those characters For those of us who loved the first trilogy, they point to an exciting potential aspect of the future trilogies, and make me very excited for the next Mistborn book, whenever that may arrive In the end, the last couple chapters are the most meaningful, both to the story and to the world itself, so I would recommend that this not be the book that introduces you to the Mistborn series, as the best parts of the climax and resolution would go right over your head, and the trilogy novels are each superior to this one Those books are the main courses The Alloy of Law is just a delicious snack meant to hold you over until the next big feast Mr Sanderson s gracious comment This is a really solid review of the book, Gunner Thank you You basically captured what I feel is the spirit of the book One of my primary worries with this is that readers will expect too much It s meant to be fun and enjoyable, but the shorter length and smaller scope means that it s not going to have the depth of the original trilogy or of TWoK.I kind of look at this like I view some of the great sf television series out there Many, like DS9, had beautiful, long running arcs with enormous scope But occasionally, they d stop to do a stand alone episode that was just meant to be fun That s what Alloy of Law is.

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    Sanderson is the most original fantasy writer of his generation Not only has he written a complex and intricate trilogy the original mistborn novels but he has also somehow rebooted it with a time gap of three hundred years without losing any of the original edge It s kind of weird really I don t think many writers could have achieved this quite as well Sanderson s world is fully visualised and explained, the world building is phenomenal And to retain this is a new semi nineteenth century setting, years on, is great The novel s protagonist is a retired law bringer He s also an alomancer, a user of metals Wax has finally put away his revolvers and returned to the life of a gentleman he has given up a life of excitement and justice seeking for a life of sophistication and socialising He s now getting married It doesn t sound very fun does it It could never last some people are born for adventure, and some books demand it Wax is one of those people, and this is one of those books, so it s not really surprising when he eventually tries to escape from the pedantic and joyless situation that is his life and goes to hunt down some criminals Wayne You wanna know why I really came to find you Waxilliam Why Wayne I thought of you happy in a comfy bed, resting and relaxing, spending the rest of your life sipping tea and reading papers while people bring you food and maids rub your toes and stuff.Waxilliam And Wayne And I just couldn t leave you to a fate like thatI m too good a friend to let a mate of mine die in such a terrible situation.Waxilliam Comfortable Wayne No Boring Luckily for him, and old friend turns up He needs some help with a new case, help only Wax s expertise can deduce Another ex law bringer has gone rogue, and is now committing the very things he once sought to prevent Naturally, Wax s interest is peeked ever so slightly He reluctantly begins to piece the case together, and as time goes on he realises how deep this case is It s not something simple This is Sanderson after all Behind the case is a powerful crime syndicate, one that poses a huge amount of danger The rogue law bringer is much than he seems So it all goes down in the usual mistborn style, which means pieces of metal flying around, people flying around too and the bad guys getting it handed to them Though there is to it than that Not only can Sanderson write excellent plots along with great action, but he can also write convincing characters with real morale dilemmas The antagonist isn t a bad man In another time he would have been a hero But in this one he is a terrorist His convictions are morally right, but his methods are terrible This made the whole thing very interesting, as the conflict between the two men was a battle of rights, and wrongs I have high hopes for the rest of this series This one was as good as the original books, which, for me, was really quite surprising I expected it to feel different, but it was all very much the same It will be interesting to see how far Sanderson takes these characters, if he goes as far as he did before, then wax has a lot of development coming his way After the terrible ending of the Reckoners series, I need to be reminded exactly why Brandon Sanderson is so awesome and this book did exactly that I might just go on and read the next one straight away.

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    3.5I was warned this wasn t the best one in this new series but I m just happy to be back in this universe I m looking forward to seeing where things go now technology is advancing

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    I meanSanderson is just amazing He writes so well, his characters are SO well drawn, you simply can t stop reading There s a feeling of completeness in his plotting that makes you feel completely taken care of The worldbuilding is stunning and vibrant and newit s just, kind of ridiculous.This is a followup in the world of Mistborn, but you DONT need to read the first three to understand what s going on you should read them though, because it is icing on the cake as far as details This is a world with an amazing magic system, but vaguely steampunk industrial era in ambience I went in without really remembering the first three, but the opening is one of the best I ve read in a very long time You INSTANTLY are drawn into the story.So, if you like high fantasy, or a urban fantasy, or anything like that, pick this up.

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    I ll be honest, I was really skeptical to start the spin off series at first as I think very highly of the original Mistborn trilogy and I m quite sure the spin off won t be able to top it in terms of quality and its epic story It left me wondering will it be worth it to invest of my time in this spinoff series Now, after reading The Alloy of Law, I can say it s true that it doesn t top the original trilogy in terms of quality and epic scope However, is it worth it to invest your time in this series yes, you re damn right it s worth it It s worth every second of your time and fans of the original trilogy will almost definitely find this book very entertaining Just remember that this time the story is much light hearted and suitable for everyone, don t come into this expecting something dark, grand and epic like the original trilogy.Instead of writing the book like the previous trilogy, Sanderson decided to give a new atmosphere to the settings of the world Rather than the ash fallen dark world from before, the setting is now towards Steampunk and Western The result is great to say the least, there are tidbits and quite a few nostalgia factors that you ll notice in its world building and stories, even from the first page where it shows you the map and the name of the town, Elendel I can go on for thousand of words explaining about all the nostalgia factors but it would be better that I don t spoil it for you Not to mention the characters are brilliantly well done, Wax Wayne is an endearing duo, they re super funny, interesting and reading their journey will definitely put a smile on your face.I definitely recommend this book to any Mistborn fans, just think of this as a chance to visit Scadrial after your adventure with Vin, Kelsier, Elend and the gangs You ll find it worthwhile.

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    Another day, another great Sanderson book Some mistakes, though, you can t fix by being sorry Can t fix them, no matter what you do I haven t written a review in a while because life has just been crazy lately, but this book definitely deserves a proper review Let s start at the very beginning Somehow, Brandon Sanderson was able to rip my heart out and burn it just with the freaking prologue How is that even possible The only other author who managed to do that was Colleen Hoover with Confess, but that s another story view spoiler Lessie s death had a huge impact on Wax hide spoiler

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    6 11 17 I buddy read this with Warda, who shares my love and adoration for Mistborn BS SO GOOD to be back into this world again And as a huge fan of the Mistborn trilogy, I knew going in that this would in no way match the original series in terms of well, epic ness for lack of better terms however, I was still certain that it d not disappoint It is, after all, Mistborn 2 It was yet another damn fine work by the one and only.If you re a fan of the original trilogy, you will undoubtedly enjoy this TAoL is set about 300 years after The Hero of Ages and though it s a series that stands on its own, to get the most out of it and a better understanding of the world, I highly recommend reading them chronologically starting with The Final Empire And while keeping this short and concise, here s a little preview of what s in store A new and exciting world that is evolved and modernized with technology and cultural advancements It is descriptive and logical where the characters we ve come to know and love from the first series have become mythical legends and heroes Oh, the feels A refreshing blend of familiar and new magic system which I won t lie, I was confused by at first however, Sanderson once again proves that he is the master of unique and badass magic systems It s almost like he s been blessed by the gods of Magical Systems and that goes for all his books Lovable and complex characters plus an awesome bromance you know I m a sucker for bromance Wax and Wayne are the perfect pair and foils Their relationship is built on a long standing trust and faithfulness to one another and as opposites as they are, they perfectly compliment each other through and through Wax is the staple of all Sanderson s characters He s the good, heroic and supposedly tormented LC while Wayne is the funny but always lovable sidekick who s never short of witty or snarky comebacks The side characters were also nothing short of awesomeness, from the intelligent and tough female lead to the misguided main antagonist The action scenes are filled with great and wonderful imagery, full of Allomantic battles that d translate beautifully to the movie screen I m still waiting for a BS movie And last but certainly not least, the epilogue SIGH he really is the king of epilogues.4 11 17Finally, finally, finally, back in the world of Mistborn

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    Actual Rating 4.5 Stars Wayne, you can t make bets with people when they aren t there HOLD ON HOLD ON A SECOND I NEED TO SAVOR HOW HAPPY I AM IN THIS MOMENT. You guys, I cannot express how much I adore the Mistborn novels The series is written so well, with characters that I love This was such a clever and seamless transition into a new Mistborn era As we have seen, adding to an already golden series doesn t always work out for the best I m looking at you J.K Rowling. Wax and Wayne are a perfect, hilarious duo The new setting with a western spin is so refreshing This book was a great introductory piece, and I m so excited to continue on with their story Also special shout out to all those throwbacks to the original Mistborn trilogy, for they made my heart glad.Buddy read this one with my girls Celeste AND Nafeeza

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    Surprising Sanderson never ceases to amaze me.He managed to continue a series considered complete in a unique way.

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