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The 48 Laws of Power pdf The 48 Laws of Power, ebook The 48 Laws of Power, epub The 48 Laws of Power, doc The 48 Laws of Power, e-pub The 48 Laws of Power, The 48 Laws of Power a14e616009d TheLaws Of Power Animated YouTube I Crafted This Summary Of TheLaws Of Power In Anger It Is The End Result Ofyears Of Animating All Chapters Condensed For Your Viewing Pleasure Surely, You Ve Heard The Phrase Hate The TheLaws Of Power Robert Greene, JoostCommentaire The Book Has Been Read, But Looks New The Book Cover Has No Visible Wear, And The Dust Jacket Is Included If Applicable No Missing Or Damaged Pages, No Tears, Possible Very Minimal Creasing, No Underlining Or Highlighting Of Text, And No Writing In The Margins TheLaws Of Power Wikipedia TheLaws Of Poweris A Non Fiction Book By American Author Robert Greene The Book Is A Bestseller , Selling Overmillion Copies In The United States,and Is Popular With Prison Inmates And Celebrities TheLaws Of Power Summary W Examples TheLaws Of Power Review In A Way, TheLaws Of Power Is Similar To The Power Moves In That It Lays Bare All The Games And Tricks People Play As They Jostle For Power Positions Commenting On The Quality, Some Laws Are A Bit Obvious And Some Others Can TheLaws Of Power List Summary Of The Book The BookLaws Of Power Is One Of My Favorite Books And It Was Written By Robert Greene It Tells You What Power Looks Like, How To Get It, And What To Do Against Other Powerful People Basically, This Book Teaches You How To Use Power And Keep It And That S Why I Am Showing You ThisLaws Of Power List TheLaws Of Power Quotes By Robert Greenequotes From TheLaws Of Power When You Show Yourself To The World And Display Your Talents, You Naturally Stir All Kinds Of Resentment, Envy, An TheLaws Of Power By Robert Greene BOOK TheLaws Of Power Examineskey Steps To Understanding How To Use And Enforce Your Power These Fundamental Laws Are A Combination Of Actions, Thoughts, And Tactics That You Can Employ In Order To Play The Power Game Greene Understands And Clearly Outlines How Power Can Be Effective In Furthering Your Business Potential THELAWS OF POWER Elffers Contents Lawnever Outshine The Master Lawnever Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn How To Use Enemies Lawconceal Your Intentions Lawalways Say Less Than Necessary TheLaws Of Power Always Make Those Above You Feel Comfortably Superior In Your Desire To Please Or Impress Them, Do Not Go Too Far In Displaying Your Talents Or You Might Accomplish The Opposite Inspire Fear And Insecurity TheLaws Of Power BIZ WordPress TheLaws Of Power By Robert Greene Penguin BooksHardcover Edition ISBN Paperback Edition ISBNpages

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    i learned to be eviiiilll with this book.haha actually this book made me realize how shady people can be Plus how smart you and ambitious you should be about succeeding in life You got to stand out in this world If you roll with the bunches you ll become lost You always have to have a good reputation or if you have a certain reputation you better use it to your advantage damn im evil hahaha This book will expose and teach you alot about the real world One of my first books i really read and enjoyed it motivated me to keeping learning about myself and people i highly recommend it.

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    When it comes to morality and ethics, people are used to thinking in terms of black and white Conversely, The 48 Laws of Power deals primarily with the gray areas At the risk of sounding melodramatic and trite, I say that most of the Laws covered in this book can be used for great evil or for great good It depends on the reader There is really nothing wrong with most of the Laws.Each Law comes with true stories from history about those who successfully observed it and those who foolishly or naively transgressed it Robert Greene has an interpretation for each story Though each Law is self explanatory, Greene s explanations are not padding, fluff or stuffing to make the book longer They actually give greater clarification and depth Greene s insight even extends to crucial warnings about how the Laws could backfire.There are two reasons to read this book 1 For attack To gain power, as have others who have carefully observed the Laws 2 For defense To be aware of ways that people may be trying to manipulate you.

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    I think this is a horrible book Written well enough, sure, whatever, but just so very, very wrong, unless you have no morals At least with Machiavelli you could make the excuse that he wasn t so much advocating what he said, but merely describing reality This guy is advocating evil As I read it I couldn t help wondering how many politicians actually think this way.If I ever met someone who actually liked this book and wanted to live their life according to it, I would never hire that person, never work for that person, never do business with that person, and would try to avoid any and all relationships with that person I would like to be quite remotely located physically from any such person.The sad part is I think the author is just plain wrong Sure, you can find powerful people who have engaged in the behaviors he espouses I think it s hard to call them laws and have been successful, but how many people live life this way and merely end up in the gutter with no friends, no money, and no power True power comes from being good, not to mention being happy, which is philosophically quite a bit important than being powerful, although ultimately they are one and the same.

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    If the author is evil for writing thisam I evil for enjoying it

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    This book belongs in the category of sad but true For those who have a moral objection to the amoral approach of the authors presentation, I understand your feelings, but I think you miss the point No matter how we feel about the dubious power plays that have occurred throughout history and that occur in our contemporary private and public lives, the fact is that they exist Here are 48 approaches to power that you will either attempt to use or you will experience them being used against you at some point in your life, whether you agree with it ethically or not If you are one who chooses to never use power over another, at least educate yourself to recognize the subtle and not so subtle ways others will attempt to use power against you Many a despot would have been dis empowered had their subjects been aware of the mind games we humans have consistently used against one another throughout history It may even be that the lack of this knowledge is as responsible for the abuse of power as the propagation of it Full of fun and interesting historical anecdotes, this is a thoroughly entertaining read.

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    I hated every word of this manual for the soulless It s a perfect example of exactly what s wrong with Big Pharma, big business, Wall Street, and in short capitalism as it s currently practiced This book, which is kinda sorta a synthesis of many previous Me First directives Machiavelli leaps to mind , is a handbook on how to fuck over everyone you come in contact with, in order for you to get ahead and succeed It d be awesome for sociopaths and wanna be CEOs It plunged me into despair Parts of it actually raised gooseflesh on my arms while I was reading, I was so freaked out.Repellent Utterly amoral Reprehensible Negative 300 million zillion stars.

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    Men are ready to repay an injury than a benefit, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure Tacitus, C A.D 55 120 a woman who is interested in a man wants to see that other women are interested in him, too Not only does that give him instant value, it makes it all the satisfying to snatch him from their clutches Robert Greene Everything in seduction however, depends on suggestion You cannot announce your intentions or reveal them directly in words By saying less than necessary you create the appearance of meaning and power Also, the less you say, the less risk you run of saying something foolish, even dangerous Robert Greene If you think it important to do all the work yourself, you will never get far, and you will suffer the fate of the Balboas and Teslas of the world Find people with the skills and creativity you lack Either hire them, while putting your own name on top of theirs, or find a way to take their work and make it your own Their creativity thus becomes yours, and you seem a genius to the world Robert Greene Never associate with those who share your defects they will reinforce everything that holds you back Only create associations with positive affinities Make this a rule of life and you will benefit than from all the therapy in the world Robert Greene Those who seek to achieve things should show no mercy Kautilya, Indian Philosopher, Third Century B.C To have ultimate victory, you must be ruthless Napolean Bonaparte 1769 1821 view all those around you as pawns in your rise to the top You cannot let yourself become the lackey for any cause Robert Greene Law 20 Do not commit yourself to anybody or anything, for that is to be a slave, a slave to every man Above all, keep yourself free of commitments and obligations they are the device of another to get you into his power Baltasar Graci n 1601 1658 Learn to control yourself, to restrain your natural tendency to take sides and join the fight Be friendly and charming to each of the combatants, then step back as they collide With every battle they grow weaker, while you grow stronger with every battle you avoid Robert Greene Law 20 To reveal the true nature of your intelligence rarely plays you should get in the habit of downplaying it at all times If people inadvertently learn the truth that you are actually much smarter than you look they will admire you for being discreet than for making your brilliance show Robert Greene Law 21 the strong do what they have the power to do and the weak accept what they have to accept Athenian Delegation it is a general and necessary law of nature to rule whatever one can Athenian Delegation When the great lord passes, the wise peasant bows deeply and silently farts Ethiopian Proverb In any organization it is inevitable for a small group to hold the strings And often it is not those with the titles In the game of power, only the fool flails about without fixing his target You must find out who controls the operations, who is the real director behind the scenes Robert Greene The character you seem to have been born with is not necessarily who you are beyond the characteristics you have inherited, your parents, your friends, and your peers have helped to shape your personality The promethean task of the powerful is to take control of the process, to stop allowing others that ability to limit and mold them Remake yourself into a character of power Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable life tasks It makes you in essence an artist an artist creating yourself Robert Greene Law 25 Learn to play many roles, to be whatever the moment requires Adapt your mask to the situation be protean in the faces you wear Bismarck played this game to perfection To a liberal he was a liberal, to a hawk he was a hawk He could not be grasped, and what cannot be grasped cannot be consumed Robert Greene One should not be too straightforward Go and see the forest The straight trees are cut down, the crooked ones are left standing Kautilya, Indian philosopher, third century B.C Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived Niccol Machiavelli 1469 1527 Law 31 sound familiar in today s current politics The Reality Change is slow and gradual It requires hard work, a bit of luck, a fair amount of self sacrifice, and lots of patience.The Fantasy A sudden transformation will bring a total change in one s fortunes, bypassing work, luck, self sacrifice, and time in on fantastic stroke there is often someone behind the scenes who has a great deal of power, a tremendous influence over the person superficially on top These behind the scenes powerbrokers are the group s weak link Win their favor and you indirectly influence the king Time is an artificial concept that we ourselves have created to make the limitlessness of eternity and the universe bearable, human Desire often creates paradoxical effects The you want something, the you chase after it, the it eludes you The interest you show, the you repel the object of your desire This is because your interest is too strong it makes people awkward, even fearful Uncontrollable desire makes you seem weak, unworthy, pathetic showing his wealth only on the inside of his house When you want to fight us, we don t let you and you can t find us But when we want to fight you, we make sure that you can t get away and we hit you squarely and wipe you out The enemy advances, we retreat the enemy camps, we harass the enemy tires, we attack the enemy retreats, we pursue Mai Tse tung 1893 1976

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