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Texas Destiny explained Texas Destiny, review Texas Destiny, trailer Texas Destiny, box office Texas Destiny, analysis Texas Destiny, Texas Destiny 9af3 She Was His Brother S WifeArriving On The Fort Worth Train, Miss Amelia Carson, Mail Order Bride, Had Never Met Dallas Leigh, The Texan She Promised To Marry The Tall Cowboy At The Station Wasn T Dallas He Was Houston, Dallas S Brother, Sent To Escort Her On The Rugged Three Week Trek To The Ranch Where Dallas Waited Brought Up In War Ravaged Georgia, Amelia Thought Dallas S Letters Made Texas Sound Like Heaven, A Place For Her Dreams To Grow With The Right Man Beside HerAnd His Only LoveBy All Appearances, Houston Leigh Would Hardly Be Considered The Right Man The War He Survived Had Scarred Him Inside And Out, And He Was Little Competition For His Handsome Brother But From The Moment Houston Met Amelia, He Knew She Possessed The Courage This Wild Land Needed She Had Eyes That Could See Past His Wounded Face To His Soul And He Would Fight Any Man Except His Brother For Her Heart Now He And Amelia Were Riding Down Dangerous Trails, Sleeping Under The Stars, And God Help Them, They Were Falling In Love

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Texas Destiny
  • Lorraine Heath
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 9780451407528

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    updated review added same song 3 xLove these books 2 reasons 1 my soon to be ex husband hates that I read LOL You read right 2xOne of my many hardcovers in HR and a book my husband hates That said we are divorcing CURRENTLY HATING MEN for this book and ME this book in the process of packing moving in any case found it today and finished it.Sorry again for my absence BUT TO MOVE FROM and away YOUR HOME AFTER 24 YEARS OF MARRIAGE IS NO EASY TASK I needed to to ensure the following before entering goodreads again Keeping my books saveTrying not taking anything from my ex husband but the crazy person in me just kept on taking, like tools I cannot use and don t need them for example nuts and screws wink My song for this experience Then you have the small problem of what to keep and what to throw away for example all his stuff, etc and ensuring your stuff is in your car PS my books are all save in the end all that matters and my kindle Jokes aside song for this a divorce is a real shitfest so do yourself a favor stay single Then remember if you have animals there is a custody battle This is me now Love this video and.for all Eddie s fans..enjoy On the positive side lost 15kg in 6 weeks YAY ME I still struggle with time and GR will talk to all my friends and read reviews by this weekend

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    Finally on Kindle I know people, including myself, who paid a small fortune on eBay for used copies of these books, but I just discovered they re FINALLY available on kindle These 3 books are seriously 3 of my favorite historical romances, and worth every penny And yes, I ll be buying them again Texas Destiny Texas Glory Splendor review Texas Destiny is the first book in Lorraine Heath s Texas Trilogy, and my first read by this author From the reviews and recommendations by friends, I was expecting a really good book, but ended up totally blown away by how much I loved this story Great hero, great heroine, believable storyline, humor, passion this book has everything I need for a 5 star read.Dallas Leigh knew what he wanted and wasn t afraid to do whatever it took to realize his dreams Already a successful rancher and land owner, the only thing he was lacking was a son to leave his legacy to, so when Dallas saw an ad for a woman looking to become a mail order bride, he began correspondence After having exchanged letters for a year, Dallas decides that he wants Amelia to be the woman to share his dreams and give him the son he longs for But just when it was time for him to make the three week journey into Fort Worth to meet his new bride, he fell from a horse he was trying to break and ended up being the one who got broken his leg, that is Clearly unable to make the trip to meet the woman who had traveled halfway across the country to marry him, Dallas has no other choice than to send his brother, Houston, to meet Amelia at the train station and wait patiently for their return.I love a story with a tortured hero, and Houston Leigh is certainly that He has terrible scars on his face and body, a result of a near fatal injury during Civil War where at 14 years old, he served as his father s drummer He spent so much of his life hiding in the shadows and wishing he had died on the battlefield rather than living the life he s had to endure His torment doesn t just come from his own scars, but from the pain of believing that his father died on that same battlefield because of Houston s cowardice He s certain his brothers, Dallas and Austin, also blame him for their father s death, and given that no woman can stand to look at him with his disfigured face, he s resigned himself to a life of solitude.Amelia Carson is a strong, resourceful woman with a take charge attitude, so traveling across country to start a new life with a man she s never met is exciting than frightening Besides, her life has been anything but easy, and she s got than her own share of childhood trauma to deal with and making this trip is nothing compared to the things she d endured She was looking forward to meeting her fianc and spending the time it took to travel back to his ranch getting to know him, but much to her surprise, the man who met her at the station wasn t Dallas The three weeks it takes to get to the ranch made for some great reading There was laughter, tears, danger and passion, and I enjoyed it all so much I didn t want the journey to end, but of course it had to Once they made it to Dallas ranch, the story could have become over the top dark and depressing, but it never did I was sure there would be angst, and there was Truth be told, it was an emotional roller coaster ride, but it never became so unbearable that I felt like I needed to put the book down to take a breather In fact, the book was so good I couldn t put it down at all I m thrilled to have found this trilogy and owe a huge debt of gratitude to my Goodreads friends who mentioned this book again and again Houston Leigh now holds a spot on my Top Hero shelf, and it s not easy to earn that place of honor.

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    I love tortured heroes, and Houston was as tortured as one can be Slighted to put it mildly by his father since childhood, he was forced to fight in the Civil War at the tender age of twelve, only to lose half his face, his eye, and hearing in one ear three years later The way he saw it, his life was over by the time he was fifteen years old Now, thirteen years later, he still wonders why he didn t put an end to it Houston had all the markings to make me want to cuddle him and never let go but, unfortunately, it didn t work that way The problem was, I love tortured and strong heroes who, once they realize they re in love with the heroine, at least try to overcome his fears and fight for her Houston pretty much hid in the corner and let Amelia go.As for Amelia, she was practically a saint but, like Houston, she wasn t one to fight for what she wanted She accepted her marriage to Dallas, Houston s brother, with such calm that I grinded my teeth in frustration And her asking Houston about what would happen on her wedding night with his brother That was so insensitive The worst thing was, he answered her question and even tried to reassure her I still wonder how those two ended up together, since both were so intent on letting the other go I guess it was their destiny.This was my first book by Lorraine Heath and I liked her writing style But I m sorry to say, I was disappointed with the story A friend of mine gave me the whole Texas trilogy, along with high praises about the books, so I m already bracing myself to let her know I m not too thrilled about reading the next books in the series I ll probably read them because I m curious about Houston s brothers, but that won t be happening soon.

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    Oh hell, where do I even begin with this hot mess I hated it Hated it, hated it, hated it Did I mention I hated it Now, let me take a deep breath, calm myself and tell you how I really feel Yup Still hated it.Let s begin with the absurdly flowery prose that made me barf at every turn.When the hero, Houston, meets mail order bride Amelia a bride meant for his brother , he naturally is taken by her eyes Amelia Carsonwas a heart in her eyes woman Everything she thought, everything she felt reflected clearly in her eyes In her green, green eyes The warm depths reminded him of fields of clover he d run through as a boy Barefoot The clover had resembled velvet caressing his rough soles For a brief moment, he actually relished the thought of holding her gaze His brown eyes could serve as the soil in which her green clover took root Running barefoot with your crusty soled feet into the velvet grass stains of her eyes Barf That image tops all I have read in romance books so far about incomparable, unique, mesmerizing eyes, and I have come across many Eyes that are icy blue like the fjords of Finland Violet eyes that shine like gemstones illuminated by fire Grey eyes like the clouds floating on an overcast sky about to rain Eyes that are different colors Eyes that reflect the feelings and moods of their owner Eyes that shimmer in twilight, burn at dawn, darken with lust, dilate with fear I even once read about grey and red eyes, apparently stained with corneal bleeding The brown soil of his eyes planted with the velvety grass stains of her eyes were the uncontested winners in this competition though.Next, Amelia s laughter reminds Houston of spring rain, soothing and sweet, the kind of rain that a man simply removed his hat to enjoy as it washed over him. The thought of Houston, nineteenth century, hardened, scarred, Civil War veteran and hermit like horse wrangler, standing beneath sweet rain while his crusty toes curl around Amelia s velvety, grass like eyes gave me a few good chuckles So I went on.Back to her clover eyes, which reflected her heart as openly as a book. Yeah, yeah, you already told us, Amelia is a heart in her eyes kind of gal Next When they first kiss, he gentled the kiss because she wasn t a whore whose body he wanted to use to gratify his lust. Wow, what a romantic, eh Not to mention he is kissing his brother s bride.Then, you guessed it, back to the clover eyes again A woman with eyes the green of clover, hair the shade of an Autumn moon And courage as boundless as the West Texas plains. And what else, an ass as wide as the East Texas plains A chest as bountiful as two baskets of corn bread doused with thick molasses Come on, don t just stop thereWhen Houston kisses her, Amelia feels a desire that exploded like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Oh, good grief.She wants him to kiss her again but there s that little matter of her being betrothed to Houston s brother, marriage contract signed and everything So her brilliant come on to Houston Kiss me as though I had no contract binding me to another. Wow, she is almost as romantic as he is.Houston is trying to do the right thing but Amelia is going to beat that horse dead As she wistfully watches him wrestle with his wild horses, she wished for an insane minute that she was a horse, that he could love her as he did his mustang. Maybe if she was a Mustang with clover green eyes, he would.Okay, enough of this, let s move on to the plot of this book If you are still interested in this well of fantastically flowery prose, let me warn you, SPOILERS ahead view spoiler So basically, my biggest problem with this was the cheating Houston and Amelia are having an emotional and physical affair all the while she is betrothed to his freaking brother I don t dismiss books simply because there is cheating in them, but let s get real In my romances, I want to feel romantic Cheating is soooo not romantic so it is going to take a Herculean emotional connection for me to be on the protags side Here, aside from the ridiculous dialogue and inner monologue, the characters were flat, their connection murky, and their actions despicable all the way right through the marriage ceremony where she looks at him to say something to prevent her wedding but he decides to hold his peace They are both cowardly, hypocritical and two faced The only character who had any redeeming quality in all this was the cuckolded brother If this book was not enough of a hot mess, we have countless OTT plot developments, whereas the heroine is constantly getting herself from one mess to another, from jumping into a river to save Houston even though she doesn t know how to swim, to getting kidnapped on the night of her wedding by a band of outlaws Puh leeeeze hide spoiler

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    Audio 5 STARS Story 5 STARS I ve always believed that dreams were meant to be shared Where s the joy in reaching for something if you have no one to see you capture it I feel like I ve just won the lottery An incredibly talented author with a sense of romance that matches my own One with a huge backlist for me to go through Life doesn t get much better.Honestly, I was skeptical when I started, but I ve been on the edge of a slump for over a month now and I was desperate for something to snap me out of it But a romance novel published in 1997 In 1997 you couldn t have paid me to read this book, LOL I was busy with things like The Lord of the Rings Buffy started in 1997 Harry Potter came out in 1997 I was busy I was a fool.Anyway, Texas Destiny was the TOTAL BOMB I loved Amelia and her sweet but strong nature, and I loved Houston and his tortured broodiness The way the author built up their relationship was nothing short of genius there was a perfect balance of angst, humor, heat and poetry to the writing I couldn t have asked for .Except I got b c the audio performance was incredible On to book 2 IMMEDIATELY A huge thank you to Donati for convincing me to try this author out 3

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    Wow, was so freaking endearing I would have given it 5 amazing stars if it hadn t been for one minor detail that I detested Other than that this book was superb.

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    Opening Line His was not a face that women carried with them into their dreams Oh how I loved this one I actually sought out a used copy of Texas Destiny because it had received such rave reviews and WOW am I ever glad I did I knew going in I was going to like this because I ve got such a soft spot when it comes to the tortured heroes but I never expected to be as moved as I was by this beautiful story Just know any review I attempt here really won t do this justice.I fell in love with both the hero and heroine and literally couldn t stop reading mostly because Lorraine Heath never took the easy route with their story Just when I thought I had it all figured out she went the opposite way or moved things past where I thought she was going to She also gives us multifaceted characters who only over the course of the book manage to reveal their whole selves.Our couples back stories are both heartbreaking, talk about wounded souls finding each other Unfortunately for them our heroine has already promised herself to another and the hero doesn t feel anywhere near worthy of fighting for her love, especially up against his successful, good looking, older brother.But the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes it isn t a fancy house and lots of frills but a quiet life in a one room cabin with small dreams, a few horses and a man that makes your toes curl regardless of what he looks like Amelia Carson has just arrived on the Fort Worth train, she s a mail order bride trying to leave the horrors of war ravaged Georgia behind and start a new life for herself in Texas She s been corresponding with Dallas Leigh for a year now, agreeing to marry him and in exchange for travel expenses signing a promissory note Its 1876 so the deed is as good as done Now all she can hope is that Dallas is everything she imagined he d be from his letters However it s not Dallas who meets Amelia s train due to a broken leg he s been unable to travel The tall cowboy keeping to the shadows is his younger brother Houston and she s going to be stuck with the scarred and bad tempered man for the entire three week wagon journey back to Dallas s ranch Houston doesn t talk much and almost always keeps his face turned away, but Amelia s an optimistic character and it doesn t take long before she s able to break down Houston s defences Missing an eye and badly disfigured this weary, ex Civil War soldier has survived the war but its left him scarred inside and out and he now prefers the company of horses to people Amelia has brought something back to life in him though and he can t help wishing things were somehow different As it stands his memories are going to have to last a lifetime because she belongs to his brother and he s going to deliver her to him and watch them get married because Amelia deserves so much then he could ever hope to give her Of course the return trip doesn t go quite as smoothly as planned and Houston and Amelia are forced to rely on each other to survive, growing ever closer and falling in love And this is where things got interesting because I expected the brother to be a mean horrible man makes for an easy story right but no, he s a nice guy, who would make an excellent husband, remaining true and providing Amelia with a good life This makes her decision very difficult especially when the one she really wants keeps pushing her away Part 1 of the Texas Trilogy.271jb5

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    why did I download this book LOVED IT but now I have to read the next in the series costing me a friggin fortune these kindle downloads FANTASTIC off to read

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    4 B same como si Me Amaras STARS AWWW QUE BONITO Este libro es de eso a la antig ita con un amor que se va dando lento y pausado donde los personajes se permiten conocerse y amar sus virtudes y fallas.Con un amor tierno y dulce.A m Houston Leigh me pudo, ay ese hombre me lleg es tan askdlfslfj aparentemente es un hombre oscuro y hura o marcado por la guerra tanto f sica como emocionalmente, aunque esas heridas que lleva por dentro son m s dif cil de sanar y todav a lleva esa carga l piensa que no es merecedor de nada pero se merece todo el amor del mundo y eso es lo que Amelia le va a dar.Amelia es tan tierna y linda con Houston supo abrirse camino en su coraz n, ella es una chica valiente y muy madura a pesar de su edad ya que tambi n le toc vivir cosas duras Ella s lo quiere tener una familia y no estar sola pero Houston le har desear otras cosas amor

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    Audio 5 starsStory 3 starsOne of the rare occasions were the heroine outshined the hero His insecurities bordered on pathetic Or maybe I m just being cold hearted I got tired of him pushing the heroine away because he didn t feel worthy ugh

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