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Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) files Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) , read online Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) , free Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) , free Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) , Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) c398865d4 Girls Guys House Parents Things April And Her Friends Did That They Definitely, Maybe, Probably Shouldn T Have If Given The Opportunity, What Sixteen Year Old Wouldn T Jump At The Chance To Move In With A Friend And Live Parent Free Although Maybe Opportunity Isn T The Right Word, Since April Had To Tell Her Dad A Tiny Little Untruth To Make It Happen See Lied To Our Parents But She And Her Housemate Vi Are Totally Responsible And Able To Take Care Of Themselves How They Ended Up Skipping School , Throwing A Crazy Party , Buying A Hot Tub , And, Um, Harboring A Fugitive At All Is Kind Of A Mystery To Them In This Hilarious And Bittersweet Tale, Sarah Mlynowski Mines The Heart And Mind Of A Girl On Her Own For The First Time To Get Through The Year, April Will Have To Juggle A Love Triangle, Learn To Do Her Own Laundry, And Accept That Her Carefully Constructed World Just Might Be Falling Apart One Thing She Shouldn T Have Done At A Time

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    I actually put off reading this book for a while, I now know why My subconscious mind was telling me it was not worth my time, but silly me I decided to read it This book is okay, if you want to read it go ahead, if you were considering reading it and are sitting on the fence read it and don t read it My advice, don t Not worth it, it wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t a good book either It was mediocre.What the book was about The book started with one of the last scenes, after a party, when her parents are coming home The book then goes back around 3 months where we learn April, the main character s father and step mom are moving away, they plan to take her with them, this leads to her convincing them to let her stay with her crazy friend Vi While her father and stepmother are away April does many things, stuff she probably shouldn t have done, hence the title view spoiler The book ends on a good note, in the end everyone ended up happy, including her douche of a boyfriend , as you would expect hide spoiler

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    Read this review on my blog Ten Things We Did and Probably Shouldn t Have by Sarah MlynowskiI really love this book It was so funny and bittersweet and different that I wanted to do something different for it So here it goes Ten Things I Loved and you will love too 1 Mermaid impressions while drunk 2 Best friends who will lie to your parents for you 3 Paying in installments 4 The Hula 5 Brothers Especially ones named Hudson and Dean 6 Donut 7 Babysitters with model good looks 8 Lightning 9 Authors who write about birth control options in their books 10 Authors who write about the possible consequences of having unprotected sex into their books Ten Things I Didn t Love and wanted to punch in the face 1 People who find your friends obnoxious 2 People who are so insecure they have to hook up with somebody because they think you might be doing it too 3 People who get overwhelmed by the possibility of meaning so much to somebody they end up letting things happen at a beach with someone else 4 People who have to be reminded when Valentine s Day is 5 People who aren t good enough sports to participate in demeaning boy pageants at parties 6 People who are insecure and accuse you of flirting 7 People who are jealous and call you a slut 8 People who lie 9 People who give you The Chlam 10 People named Noah Disclaimer I don t really consider this list spoilery because I had a bad feeling about said People, person, whatever, throughout the whole book and think that if you read it, you d agree with me on this If you feel I ve ruined this book for you in any way, please accept my most sincere apologies.

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    Someone should burn this coverLet s just say the very first thing that needs to be said UK publishers, what the hell have you done to this book What happened to the cute girl boy chick lit cover and, importantly, what happened to the original title The actual title Ten Things We Did and Probably Shouldn t Have conveys the whole ooh, we re so baaaaad for doing that, but it sure was fun that this book is pretty much all about This UK imposter title fails to hit the joke And back to the cover sometimes, yes, less can be But, in this case, less is just boring and white and scary pink and just really rather juvenile looking.And then there s the storyOkay I think I would have rated this novel higher if the big, what on earth clanger hadn t been dropped half way through the last chapter It wasn t even a smooth clanger It was a sloppy clanger And kind of silly Plus, it ruined what I had built up in my mind as being the whole point behind this book I d formed some idea along the way of what message I believed Sarah Mlynowski was trying to send about sex and relationships and the message that I thought was being sent I could understand and appreciate Then she took her last chapter and scribbled over what the rest of the novel had been built upon.Sorry, I m talking in riddles so I don t give too much away, but if you re not going to read this book view spoiler She ends up with chlamydia in the end anyway hide spoiler

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    2.5 starsA very light, mindless, relaxing read.April s dad is planning to move to another state in the middle of her junior high year Using some creative negotiating lying April convinces him to let her stay with her best friend Vi to finish school, with no parental supervision Partying, drinking, skipping school and hooking up ensueContrary to the blurb, I didn t find Ten Things We Did to be particularly funny Or daring Or romantic Or profound The story tries to touch upon the subject of parental abandonment and broken families, but mostly it is about sex Probably 75% of the book is dedicated to worrying about losing virginity, planning to lose virginity, angsting after losing virginity and having sex, sex, sex There is a lot of it here With the amount of teen sex in Ten Things We Did you d think it will be handled with some insight and sensitivity, but alas one of the main characters view spoiler chooses to have sex with her equally virgin boyfriend of 2 years after getting on a pill and she still manages to get chlamydia hide spoiler

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    I could sum up this book in one word HILARIOUS I had a whole lot of fun reading this.It was crazy.Everything they did was crazy.Maybe that was the reason I had fun reading it.I didn t do the things they did when I was their age.I wouldn t do it even if I could.You guys must be curious why I found this book so entertaining.April s dad just blurred out one day that they were going to move to Ohio.Devastated April didn t want to move to Ohio.She didn t want to leave her friends.Her school.She didn t want to leave Noah, her cough boyfriend.She and friend Vi planned a scheme so that she could stay in Connecticut.Funny thing was it actually worked April get to stay at Vi s house.No parents.No rules.Fat bank account.No curfew There is but daddy is not going to find out because no one was going to tell him Hahaha Party galore.Drinking spree.Alone time with bf.These girls get to do whatever they wanted without adult supervision.Fun right It is.Until something happened and she gets hurt.Things weren t that fun any.This book tackles teenage struggles FAMILY April may seem to be okay with it but she was pretty distraught with the split up of her parents.She felt betrayed by both her mother and her father.Her friends and boyfriend cough , Noah were the ones who were there to get her through the tough divorce of her parents.She felt attached to her friends because of that SEX SEX And SEX It was funny how April and Vi planned how they were going to lose their virginity.Its weird reading about it like that maybe because here in the Philippines we are a bit conservative regarding those things.We do not talk about SEX if we can avoid it.But for these kids, it was a pretty big deal for them.I mean yeah it s a big deal but not THAT big of a deal.I may not be comfortable with what they did but it is reality.There are a lot of teens struggling with the same thing When they were going to do it LYING No matter how hard you think you could hide the truth, it would come out in the end.You can t get away with lying.Fate has a way of letting the truth out.April and Vi lied but this is not for them.Someone else was lying in this book and I would let you guys guess who that f ck is.The characters were believable.I liked April.She s made stupid decisions A lot of them She was immature Planning sex was immaturish for me She was disrespectful towards her mom I understand why though Why did I like her Because she learned from those mistakes that she made.Also she was very funny.I liked Vi too.She was just like my best friend.Marissa was the opposite of Vi.Marissa and Vi balances April which was good.Both of them were good friends.Hudson and Dean were cool.I liked them immediately too.Especially Hudson.Who would have known that that was his secret I m impressed Then there s the boyfriend Cough I don t even want to talk about Noah.F cker Let s skip him shall we The characters were like real people.They were flawed.I LOVE IT The author s writing style was superb.I loved it.Especially the little titles during back flashes.I will definitely be reading books with your name on it Ms Mlynowski Ten Things we Did and Probably Shouldn t Have is definitely a favorite It maybe a funny novel but then it also has lessons that you could learn from.There was to this book that kids planning on when to have sex or lying to their parents.MORAL LESSON Before you decide to have SEX with someone, make sure he she is clean.Hahahaha.Just kidding.I gave this a 5 because I had a blast reading it.It made me laugh, it made me smile.Hahaha.I just love it.I recommend it for anyone who wants a good laugh D

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    It s okay a quick read It s almost the same as watching a teen flick The writing is plain and direct It s just like reading the diary of a 16 year old rich teenage girl The narrator says anything she wants to say and there are several times I got really annoyed over her silly repetitions but I guess it s just but appropriate for the character so I have no huge qualms about the writing style I liked it just enough and I think it s adequately enjoyable for its genre.

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    one point for the cover,one point for the title,and two points for the nice story.This story gave a lot of knowledges to me, such as 1 Don t easily give away your virginity to everyone I don t know why but me and the book have truly different preception in the meaning of virginity and sex I vote for sex after marriage For me, losing our virginity means to give the best to our husband in the first night after we get married, not before marriage, or the worst is we gave it to our boyfriend who we don t certain whether he s goin to be our husband or not Maybe people will say I m old school or what, but still for me, lose your virginity to your husband is million thousand better than to ur boyfriend or a friend of yours The affect of losing ur V to ur bf u get pregnant. ur bf isn t ready for having a baby, so he wants you to get an abortion u get abortion coz of no choice, and it means that you kill ur own baby without leave him her an option whether he she wants to live or not like the case of this story, the boyfriend got drunk and slept with someone else who apparently had a disease then April,the main character who doesn t know about the sleep with someone else made sex with Noah, she got pills and condoms, but one day they run out condom, so they just did it The result April s 100% suffered from Chlamydia Here some infos about Chlamydia Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease STD caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis When transmitted through sexual contact, the bacteria can infect the urinary and reproductive organs.Chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics but often causes no symptoms, so someone can be infected without even knowing it Untreated chlamydial infections can lead to serious health problems, such as infertility, so it s important for sexually active teens to be screened for chlamydia at least yearly by a health care provider It s also important for them to take the precautions to prevent chlamydia, and if it s suspected, to seek treatment as soon as possible.SymptomsIn many cases, chlamydia causes only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all So an infection can last for weeks or months before it is discovered.In females, chlamydia symptoms can include vaginal irritation vaginal discharge lower abdominal pain burning feeling with urinationJust like in females, chlamydia may be completely without symptoms in males When present in males, chlamydia symptoms can include discharge from the tip of the penis and a burning feeling during urination Untreated infections can lead to epididymitis, an inflammation of the coiled tubes in the back of the testicles This can result in testicular swelling, pain, and even infertility source from google.2 You can run but you can t hide forever Same meaning as There are no lies that stay in the shadow forever April is lying too much to her parents,esp her dad Lies won t give you happiness Once you start to tell lie and nobody noticed it, you ll easily tell lies to everyone eversince But you don t realize the effect if one day people found out the truth They mad and upset, and you die So don t lie too much It s naive if ppl said they never told any lies, but many lies will bring you to chaos Actually there are many things that I wanted to share with, but better read it by yourself, bet you won t be bored coz the story is well written and well described

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    This book had its good points and its bad points I definitely do NOT recommend for kids under 15, and I m saying that as a 14 year old MY SYNOPSIS What is this book about Well, love, sure There s romance But its not just that there s to it than just girl likes boy but girl has boyfriend April is faced with a crisis when her Dad announces that they re moving to Cleveland She s got everything she s ever wanted where she already lives A sweet boyfriend, great friends which is why in desperation she says she wants to live with her friend Vi One problem Vi s mom isn t going to be there But does her dad need to know that Pssh Naw Together Vi and April establish a genius plan to avoid getting caught And before they know it, they have the world to themselves No parents, no plans, to rules Well, okay, there are a few To be ignored WHAT I LIKED First things first, the dialogue Witty and well written I laughed out loud several times during the book Also, Mlynowski created characters that you can really love I fell for one of the main characters Not Hudson, no you may be surprised but I actually really liked Dean He was cute, and funny, even if he was a little perverted I liked the entire plot I liked the emotion, view spoiler Like when she found out she had chlamydia, and started freaking out That seemed really realistic hide spoiler

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    Hahaha This book was so cheesy and kind of all over the place, but I had a great time reading it It s a quick read especially the second half and I laughed out loud several times

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    Rating Clarification 3.5 Stars No one is perfect, but we all do the best we can I guess you have to forgive when you can, move on when you can t, and love your family and friends for who they are instead of punishing them for who they aren t.4 girls, 3 guys, 1 cat, 1 hula tub, 1 crazy school year and 0 parents 10 things April did and probably shouldn t have Despite this story being highly unrealistic, I found it engaging and pretty funny There were times where I wanted April to just get caught for her deception, but somewhere around the middle of the story, I found myself rooting her on and hoping she d get away with absolutely everything she did, but probably shouldn t have I guess that s because I could clearly see how she was growing up, albeit it was while making bad decision after bad decision, but in the end she figured out a way to take care of herself I liked that.This book is filled with some pretty awesome secondary characters I even started to like Lucy, despite her weird, stalkerish tendencies She should have been a shoe in for most annoying character, but nope, not at all April, Vi, Marissa and Lucy all blended well together and each did such ridiculous things, I couldn t help but enjoy their moments Dean, Hudson and Noah played some pretty interesting parts as well, and I have to say Hudson was hands down my favorite for obvious reasons It was pretty funny to hear his big secret and it just made him adorable in the end I won t say much about Dean or Noah because I don t want to spoil anything, but they definitely played their parts well.The plot, as I mentioned before, involved a highly unlikely circumstance, but in the end it worked quite well Mlynowski covered some important YA topics such as love, loss, intimacy and responsibility However, I d say this book is for the older YA crowd because of some of the scenes that involve some heavy decisions Overall, I enjoyed it and I continue to be a fan of Sarah Mlynowski for her fun and light approach to writing a teenage girl s struggle to just try and figure it all out Thanks to Nic for sending it all the way from down under with a beautiful bookmark and big hugs and thanks to Crystal for touring this book with the Street Corner XD

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