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Tears of a Tiger pdf Tears of a Tiger, ebook Tears of a Tiger, epub Tears of a Tiger, doc Tears of a Tiger, e-pub Tears of a Tiger, Tears of a Tiger a41930b487d After A Car Accident Kills Robert, Andy S Best Friend And Teammate On The Hazelwood High Tigers, Andy Doesn T Know If He Can Go On He S Consumed With Guilt For Driving The Night Of The Accident After A Long Evening Of Drinking And Partying With Perceptiveness And Compassion, Sharon M Draper Portrays An African American Teenager Who Feels Driven To Consider Suicide In The Wake Of A Devastating Tragedy

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    Tears of a Tiger is one of my favorite books It s about a boy who blames himself for the death of his best friend after a basketball game From the very beginning it had me hooked The book had me in tears within the first couple of pages This continued through out the book, like an emotional roller coaster I Loved the plot of the story because it was realistic and their was no story book ending The author did an amazing job of writting the story and planning out the plot, the plot was amazing The book is also one of my favorites because it was very realatable It also was an easy book to relate to because it deals with the normal things of a teenager living in violent Philadelphia Many teen s deal with death in the City Of brotherly Love Within the first couple of pages a great victory occurs, however it is followed by a horrible tragedy A high school basketball team wins a game, great victory The star players are excited and wanted to go out and celebrate They end up drinking and driving They get into a car accident and three of the boys escape the car before it catches fire However one friend is stuck in the car and the boys stand there helplessly as they watch and hear their friend burning to death I was in tears, and it had me hooked I couldn t put the book down because I just had to finish reading and find out what would happen The author grabbed my attention in the very beginning and never let it loose throughout the book I love the way the author tells the story She doesn t just tell the story through narration She tells it through phone conversations, letters, and newspaper articles She even includes the high school newspaper and the student s personal essays they had to do for homework Each element tells the story, and each has a different point of view This really added to the book because you just weren t told a story you were shown the story through every way possible This book it also part of a series of books that tell the same story but through different people Finally, I loved the book because it was easy to relate to As a teenager who has lost both of her parents to natural causes I am really well with death so all the death that occured in this book really triggered a lot of emotions for me It was about teenagers dealing with school, relationships, the streets, and just everyday life It really touched me when their friend was kilt They all talked about how they thought they would live forever because they were young Especially Robbie Washington, the won who was killed because he was the star basketball player and had a bright future ahead of him It really goes with the saying we have today, da good die young Especially today because it seems like every young person knows at least one friend that was kilt at a very young age To conclude, this is a very good book and I would recommend it to all teenagers to read It is a very touching book You can also actually learn from this book, and it teaches you a good life lesson The book is very engaging, especially the way the Author writes I think all young people can relate to this book and learn something.

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    Another YA novel for class This concerns Andy, who is trying to overcome depression in the aftermath of a terrible car accident that claimed the life of his best friend Andy was driving drunk, and while he escaped unscathed, his best friend was trapped in the wreckage and burned to death.I m not hugely enthusiastic about this novel It s definitely a problem novel, designed to teach kids something, in this case both about drunk driving and depression It is told almost entirely in dialog, which makes it a fast read, but because it s all in dialog the characters often say things that ring false often much of what is spoken aloud struck me as likely to be an internal monologue Also, it forces the author to cover any exposition in either dialog or in the journal entries and letters that pepper the book, which also can seem contorted Sometimes it reminded me of bad science fiction novels where one character explains a technology to another character when both know how it works You know, As you know, Dr Smith, the thingenometer receives waves from the ploozlewhatsit, and Still, I think the book would be great to recommend to relunctant readers, since it s almost like a movie script or something, and looks very non intimidating on the page.

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    I read this in preparation for a reading workshop with my remedial students It seems like something that would interest them we shall see They are already intrigued by the cover and the fact that basketball is involved in some way I m curious to see whether they will share my opinion, which is that I feel like the author is trying too hard to sound like a street kid.I don t think she necessarily got any slang incorrect it s just that it didn t ring true for me It didn t feel authentic My experience with kids who talk like that, with that terrible grammar she be tripping , for example is that their conversations are liberally sprinkled with profanity They find it extremely difficult to talk without cursing, and their favorite adjective is the f word To read these conversations without it just didn t sound real I know she couldn t include it and still market the book as YA, but it really caused the dialogue to come across as false to me.Her chosen issues and the messages she sends are good and well intentioned especially the one about drinking I didn t buy the suicide message as much I guess not being privy to Andy s thoughts for than a couple of pages here and there wasn t enough to convince me of the depths of his depression I found his actions seemed to be rather abrupt and unnatural I m curious to see how my kids react to the story I feel like there is a real possibility that they will also think Draper is trying too hard Then again, they may love it and be totally engaged That is definitely the outcome I m hoping for

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    This story really is told in a cool way because it incorporates all different genres It begins with a newspaper article saying that a high school student was killed while his friend was driving drunk the night before Then the author uses conversations, letters, journals, homework assignments to talk about how the driver Andy how his friends either cope and heal or drown in grief I really enjoyed Tears of a Tiger and thought it gave a good perspective of what life is like for teens after such a horrible tragedy.

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    This book was about a boy named Andy, trying to live through life normally the way when his best friend was still alive His best friend died in Andy s car while it was burning up in to flames Things might of been better for Andy if he didn t see his best friends death, but now he has to forget about the past, and live his present while it lasts for a while.

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    To start off, this book was mandated by my middle school I didn t pick this book off of a shelf, and I wasn t sold by another reviewer raving about a story you ll never forget either I read it because I had to I read it with low hopes to be fair It seemed so short, so clean cut, for something that was intended to be raw Much like some of my other book reviews, we have mixed emotions on my part To start off with everything, I must say that this book deals with drunk driving, resulting depression, and an even aforementioned suicide Yes, in this book we get a special 3 for 1 offer I hate including spoilers in any review, because if people were interested in such details they would read a summary instead In this case, I am willing to provide an exception Therefore you are hearing an unfiltered, unadulterated rant from a 13 year old girl, in the flesh Ready Got it.Andy, our main man here, was driving under the influence with three of his buddies alcohol amiright , one of them dies as a result of their carelessness this guy is named Rob, although I pretty much forgot about him whilst reading , Andy suffers from depression because he was the driver that killed his best bud , he eventually kills himself around 20 pages before the book ends.There.I just told you the whole premise of this book.I hate the glorification of suicide Although I may not be suicidal myself, there is one current person in my life that gives me fear because of their tendencies To this day, this unnamed person is still alive, but I cannot say they are well I read Tears of a Tiger almost immediately after reading another school mandated book called Thirteen Reasons Why I hope I m not the only one that has noticed this eighth grade reading trend Killing yourself seems to be really popular with the school administrators Books like these DO NOT belong in a middle school classroom full of reluctant readers It DOES NOT belong in such a curriculum.It doesn t belong with a room full of people who can t even begin to form an understanding of hating oneself or one s life so much they are willing to end it Most of them don t even know what it s like to love someone who does Or at the very least know them A majority of my peers don t even have an interest in broadening their knowledge on mental health, or other issues This type of literature isn t going to enrich lives this way Just to make it clear, this book isn t even the right way to present suicide period It fails miserably at its job.Andy seemed like someone who took the easy way out, and killed them self based on the most selfish reasons possible This isn t a good message for impressionable 13 year olds Neither is Hannah Baker s choices in 13RW, but that review is yet to come Much like Hannah from Thirteen Reasons Why , they both exit this world leaving those around them to fend off their own pain They both blatantly ignore those that love them These two teens didn t live with abuse, didn t live with mental health issues before their lives were stunted with problems Hell, Hannah goes through things MOST TEENS have to deal with.They kill themselves based on their personal interest, willing to leave behind a world of hurt Andy committed a mistake, but he never learned to deal with said repercussions He never thought of what his deceased friend would want for him He never gave a second thought about his younger brother, arguably the person he showed the most love towards throughout this book I didn t shed a tear while I was forced to read through the terrible writing style presented by our one and only Sharon M Draper The only point of this book that I could give two shits about is when I read the last two pages of it.When I had to read about a 6 year old missing his older brother because he was gone, gone forever.The writing was boring, and I hated the prose it possessed Figurative language was bland Everything seemed meticulously calculated, and the dialogue suffered as a result That was not how people spoke, even if it was 2 decades ago I m sure we could go back to the 1920 s and get something reasonable than the shit these characters were spewing out of their mouths or onto paper.The way Draper portrayed the speech of most of our characters made me clearly cringe Their purposefully poor grammar at times made me question where the racial equality of this book was supposed to shine Race was underlying in this book, and it was introduced and implemented in the worst way possible Sub par is a wonderful way to express the entirety of this novel Not once was I able to empathize with the thoughts of anyone in this book I could SYMPATHIZE with them I felt sorry for those that suffered loss, and those with conflicting emotions But I could never truly place myself in someone s shoes happily I was unable able to say Wow, I understand what you mean, I d say the same thing Or maybe someone I know would say the same thing Bottom line I get where you are coming from Maybe it s because I m white, I m a female, I have no clue But if one is to truly give a topic justice, you focus on that one topic solely, and present it in a way that s worthy This book wasn t bad The general idea of presenting information in various ways offhand conversations, letters, newspaper articles etc was a success in its own right Some characters seemed interesting, such as Andy s friend B.J Side Note Why couldn t he be the main character instead of Andy That way we could ve chopped off the whole DUI thing and made it a religious book At least there we would have stuck to some sort of main idea scoff The fact that there are two sequels begs to differ if there is some underlying promise in the series.As a result I give this book 2.5 stars, for the sliver of clarity it offered, and over, the respect I give anyone who is even willing to write about such a taboo topic in the first place.I recommend this for anyone who can resonate with suicidal tendencies, depression, drinking and driving, or the loss of a friend.And since I might as well turn this into a PSA, remember that ending it isn t the answer Do some people end it Yes But they are wrong They are not cowards per se, if anything, they are blinded Blinded by underlying emotions that can only be dissected with love, care, and support.If you or anyone you know suffers from suicidal tendencies, never hesitate to call a toll free suicide hotline Help a life, save a life Any thoughts will be edited in by yours truly EDIT This has been demoted to 2 stars Screw my kindness towards it

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    This book really sparked my attention as soon as I read the back I honestly enjoyed this book because SPOILER ALERT this is the first book with suicide and it is a very overwhelming book Something really interesting about this book is that it gives different aspects on the main characters What I mean by that is, you will see different characters s letters and reports This shows their emotions and how they feel about different situations that happens Another thing that s very interesting about Tears of A Tiger is that the antagonist isn t a human being instead it s a internal force In most cases the antagonist is an external force instead of a internal which makes this book engaging Moreover, Tear of A Tiger is very exciting book This book is definitely a must I definitely give this book 5 stars I don t know how to end my book review in a funny way so BOOM.Me when I found out the book was over.

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    I d LOVE to read an updated version of this book written pre cell phone era Kids may have trouble connecting Good writing style love the different formats in ea chapter Good message about how news to ask for help Good story just needs an update.

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    I just read this new addition to the classroom coming of age book clubs It is a raw, honest look at the possible outcomes of what happens when adolescents make terrible decisions Many young adults say that they would never put themselves in a situation such as 17 year old Andrew Jackson, basketball prodigy and scholarship athlete As a community and society we know that sometimes this is not the case Sometimes young adults do succumb to peer pressure to drink alcohol when they are not ready Sometimes young adults do drink and then try to drive Most of the time this turns into a tragedy This is a story about what can happen when terrible decisions are made Because this novel deals with mature themes such as drinking, depression and suicide I recommend for mature readers.

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    Alright, So this book is good, for what it is It tries to throw in everything that a traumatic high school story can have Therapy, Drunk Driving, Relationships, death, suicide, etc That being said, the quality of writing leaves something to be desired There are major inconsistencies with the quality It will feel very organic one page, and the next page will feel like one of those after school special clips students are forced to watch in health class The multi genre aspect of writing is really awesome, however, and for that reason it could be good in a classroom It also is what kept me reading.Another great part of the book, is that it does focus on African American students, which is rarely done in a book like this, at least from what I have perceived.That being said, everyone is kinda racist in the book, and I think that is a bit harsh The teachers come across as EXTREMELY racist, and it kinda bugs me Also, there is something about the end that really kills me Basically, I left the book mad at every character I would recommend it, but I would do so with a bucket of salt You may not care for the book, but it seems to be worth a read I just wish it was done a bit quality.

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