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    A Great, Simple Guide to Value InvestingIn a nutshell In a turbulent age, value wins out A clear, concise guide to using value investing to take control of your financial future As someone who has studied the basics of value investing before, as someone who has done the Buffetology workbook, has read Peter Lynch s One up on Wall Street, and has regularly browsed website explaining the basics of investing, including how to read a balance sheet,I was pleasantly surprised that I did not learn too much that was new from this book Surprised you ask Pleasantly The truth is that value investing should be simple, and to the brainier population, it should even be a little boring A book about value investing should be a wholesome, nutritious, and a little dry Nichols makes the point in early chapters that the act of finding value in stocks can be a lot like looking for bargains at a garage sale What is most needed is good research, patience, and an understanding of your own mental process What I loved about this book is the way each chapter was prefaced with quotations from value investing gurus like Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, and Benjamin Franklin Popular books shouldn t have overly thorough attribution and certainly there is not much new under the sun when it comes to value investing after all, it makes its reputation by not being trendy but I felt these quotations served a very important kind of attribution function The gurus behind the guru One of the interesting points made by the book the value added if you will is that value investing is important now than ever This argument has to do with the current investing climate, a climate where investors can expect flat or negative markets, companies with lots of cash bracing for the worst, and what other authors have called market perturbations In other words, we are now living in a world of constant turbulence and uncertainty Thus, now is a time to look beyond irrational optimism and pessimism and to believe in value Since I ve read quite a lot on political economics, I kept hoping that Mr Nichols might try to say about why these events were occurring, why market perturbations and even a depression might be expected, but alas, it was probably good that he didn t go too deep into the subject, instead chiding readers to study the 2008 recession and the various government and other responses to it Why only four stars It s harsh to say so, but I still think Peter Lynch s book One Up on Wall Street is the best book written on value investing That s a harsh standard of comparison But even against this harsh standard Nichol s book holds up very well And that s quite an accomplishment.

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    Without a doubt, the very best financial book that I have ever read Anyone who can explain the complex nature of investing in a simple manner is very talented in my eyes, and this author is very talented, a beautiful writer I highly suggest this book for anyone and everyone who may desire to manage their own money However, the appeal of this book lies in the fact that regardless of your experience level, you are sure to learn something The first two Parts are somewhat basic and are compiled with various short stories and such to explain investing methods ie yard selling to explain value investing Parts 3 4 are hard to put down, once you begin reading you will find amazement at the author s conviction It is written like a psychological journal made easy rather than a boring financial book with numbers I suggest this book to everyone, I could not stop reading it.

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    I read this book twice in quick succession ReasonI wanted to confirm I have not made mistake wasting my Rupees on this book For starter this book needs serious proof reading and editing by publisher The author is columnist in Seeking Alpha and you see the quality of writing like 1000 word artcles Also the reason for the doubt may be becauseI have read security analysis Intelligent investor by Ben Graham 3 times, Margin of safety by Seth Klarman twice, one up on wall street 3 times,Common stock Uncommon profits by Phil Phisher, I have read than 100 books on investing related matters And when I compared this book against those books I felt it doesnot stand up And that is true This book will never become an Investing Classic The mthod are simple and lack rigor.But it can make you serious money despite some serious flaws It hit me when I read it second time I realised what value this book contains for serious active investor especially a small guy who wants to multiply his savings in the market I like two things most about this book and one that I have either used again and again or will use from now on because I did not know One is quick and heuristic way to short list potential value buys for detailed research and analysis Although I use screeners and then use residual earnings or DFCF methods to value the stocks When I carefully pondered over his method then it hit me hard like tornado and I wondered how I missed this myself Why I did not compare EPS growth PE with price performance the way Brian does to predict possble market reaction It does make a sense if you carefully think about what he is saying and apply your finance knowledge Simple yes, but dumbdefinitely not.Second is his commentary on market psychology and how to exploit it to make money in the market Especially his tips on identifying perfect buying and selling points is something which I will benefit from till I keep investing in remaining life time No doubts about it After reading his book I realise why some of my stocks went up and why some of the good and cheap ones fell immediately after I bought them even though they were relatively cheap as per DFCF model.Brian proposes investment method that is suitable for opportunistic value investors who can pull the trigger Buy or Sell without any emotion or attachment when certain price points are reached He has given Google example wheere he made 100% money in 3 years by this rational trading Vis a Vis buy and hold method which would have given him just 25% I am mostly Buy and forget the market guy and I am not sure if I will use his active style but his methods can be used to buy and sell at right moment to enhance the gains For really active restless investors with 1 to 2 year horizon Brian s method can make you little money if you are comfortable with churn in your portfolio and confident you can find good value buys again and again and again in the market.Finally I concluded that this book was a good buy on my part And I have no hesitation in suggetsing it to both novice and serious investors who are willing to listen to different viewpoints and styles to learn.But I wish editing was little better for this price.

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    This is the best financial book available I found the following review, which breaks it down precisely Nichols is a truly great writer And this is the best book of its kind I have ever read Step by step, Nichols takes the independent investor through all the important things he ought to know, then analyses them in depth,and then weaves an excellent rational and psychological narrative of the Stock Market I loved the way he introduces,explains and demystifies all technical terms for the layman Parts 3 4 of the book are extremely penetrating I suspect because of the writer s backround as a councelor in the Department of Corrections Chapters like Behavioural Selling , Panic is your Best Friend ,etc, go into the heart of how the Market behaves while Understanding the Way you Think , with sub headings like Identification and Overconfidence , reads almost like a treatise on Analytical Psychology of the trader Two typical excerpts, that may stand as maxims The difference between fear and panic is actually quite simple Fear is an emotion, and panic is an action Eliminate emotion by preparing for the sale of a stock before you buy it This is a rare book, written in a style that has nothing in common with the usually dry manner in which such subjects are presented I m sure that, even if you fail to make any money by following Nichols s advice, you will most certainly fail to lose a lot Buy it, and spread the word

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    I ve never read a financial book that uses common life activities to explain difficult concepts that then goes back and answers any and all questions that I might have had It s almost as if Nichols was explaining the topic but then could read your mind and new what you were having trouble comprehending.This is one of the best books of its genre You will not find a better mix of information of investing in the stock market You will not only learn the basics but also deep investment strategies and learn how the market thinks, acts, and how to make money when it does something illogical I can not give enough praise for this book, you won t regret buying.

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    Sensible advice.The book is very informative giving plenty of usable advice Investing is considered to be gambling by many people and the book explains how that can be so but also provides methods to avoid being a gambler and become a true investor.

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    Clear writing, well organized and an articulate voice This is a book worth owning to help you hone your investing skills with a particular focus on dividend paying stocks Every investor should have a diversified portfolio and including dividend paying stocks is one of the cornerstones of a sound investment strategy I learned a lot from this book and I had subsequently put in the time and effort to make some decisions around which dividend paying value stocks to invest in and the return exceeded the cost of purchasing the book In fact, I did not pay a dime for this book It was a gift from my husband and what a worthwhile and considerate gift.

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Taking Charge with Value Investing
  • Brian Nichols
  • English
  • 02 February 2018
  • 9780071804684

About the Author: Brian Nichols

Brian Christopher Nichols was born in Nashville, TN and was raised in a small town outside of the Music City He now lives near Cincinnati, OH with his wife, son, and three cats Nichols enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and Alabama football Nichols is a McGraw Hill author of the book, Taking Charge With Value Investing How to Choose the Best Investments According to Price, Performanc