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Take My Heart chapter 1 Take My Heart , meaning Take My Heart , genre Take My Heart , book cover Take My Heart , flies Take My Heart , Take My Heart 67bc37288afde After Being Arrested For A Crime He Didn T Commit, Bronson, A Dark, Stormy Figure, Is Driven To Take Revenge On The Person Responsible Apart From Clearing His Name, His Other Mission Is Also To Find His Real Parents Ava Is Not Only Dating The Guy Responsible For Bronson S Incarceration But Is Also Employed By A Wealthy Loner, Who Has A Heart Trapped In Secrets, Some Of Which Relate Back To Bronson Driven By Revenge, Bronson Seduces Ava, Who, Captivated By His Considerable Masculinity And Brooding Aura, Finds Herself Unable To Resist His Charms And While He Attempts To Quash Desire, Bronson Soon Finds Himself Falling Hard For The Sassy Spirited Ava, Which Only Complicates Things Considering That Was Never His Intention Adopted At The Age Of Five, Bronson Unravels Hidden Secrets About His Beginnings Stored Away In A Penthouse On Fifth Avenue Guarded By Ava S Eccentric EmployerConflict Soon Sets In, And A Mystery Starts To Take Shape, For It Seems As Though History S Repeating ItselfIs Ava And Bronson S Connection A Setup The Answer To This Turns Out To Be Far Complicated Than Either Of Them Could Have Imagined Just As Bronson Surrenders To His Heart S Desire, He Stumbles Upon A Gruesome Clue To His Birth Hidden In A Closet, Which Opens Up All Kinds Of Questions Mainly Was His Meeting Ava A Coincidence, Or A Plot To Lure Him There In The First Place In This Intense And Gripping Romantic Suspense, The Reader Is Swept Into A Whirlpool Of Adventure As The Pair Battle With Trust Issues And Suspended Disbeliefs, While Their Chemistry Proves So Off The Charts, They Can T Take Their Hands Off Each Other Since At The Core Of This Story Is Love, Of The Eternal Nature

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    3.5 stars and the extra.5 stars is simply due to Aggie Feisty, outspoken, raunchy, haughty Aggie This is the story of Ava, who is in a relationship with Justin Justin is an ass and Ava is really naive and lackadaisical about ending the relationship He is obnoxious, mean spirited and a bit abusive Enter Bronson, fresh out of prison, sending out those everyone wants a bad boy vibes Turns out Bronson is Justin s adopted brother, and there is no love lost between them Now add in Aggie, Ava s new employer Ava was hired to simply spend 4 hours a day with Aggie, keeping her company, reading to her, and mixing one hell of a martini or twelve But there is something off about Aggieand this is where the story comes in and we get to fit all the pieces together All in all, a story that kept me turning the pages so I could figure out what was really happening, but you certainly must be able to suspend belief.

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    I am concerned that he s using me as a weapon Australian author J.J Sorel is a professional dancer, flamenco being her specialty She earned a certificate in Writing Romance with the Australian College of Journalism and began to follow her passion writing steamy contemporary romance novels of the sort that entice those who love the Chick Lit genre One of the reasons JJ s novel TAKE MY HEART is so successful is her fine tuned sense of mixing mystery and suspense with erotica She creates characters that are wholly credible a beautiful lusty female Ava whose entry into the story is her launching into a new job as a sitter and reader for an elderly, multi faceted lady Aggie one of the better characters in contemporary literature , her nebulous boyfriend Justin, and the alpha male erotic figure Bronson The manner in which JJ interweaves these disparate types is what makes the novel ring true There is a hint of the classic, classy writing form JJ uses in Ava s initial encounter with the bizarre Aggie All it took was one step into that beguiling, time trapped room for an eerie sensation to flash through me It was a feeling similar to d j vu, or entering a museum filled with the pungency of decay Not that the room stank if anything, it smelled like roses That is how JJ pulls open the proscenium curtain for this erotically charged mystery.The synopsis is seductive After being arrested for a crime he didn t commit, Bronson, a dark, stormy figure, is driven to take revenge on the person responsible Apart from clearing his name, his other mission is also to find his real parents Ava is not only dating the guy responsible for Bronson s incarceration but is also employed by a wealthy loner, who has a heart trapped in secrets, some of which relate back to Bronson Driven by revenge, Bronson seduces Ava, who, captivated by his considerable masculinity and brooding aura, finds herself unable to resist his charms And while he attempts to quash desire, Bronson soon finds himself falling hard for the sassy spirited Ava, which only complicates things considering that was never his intention Adopted at the age of five, Bronson unravels hidden secrets about his beginnings stored away in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue guarded by Ava s eccentric employer Conflict soon sets in, and a mystery starts to take shape, for it seems as though history s repeating itself Is Ava and Bronson s connection a setup The answer to this turns out to be far complicated than either of them could have imagined Just as Bronson surrenders to his heart s desire, he stumbles upon a gruesome clue to his birth hidden in a closet, which opens up all kinds of questions Mainly was his meeting Ava a coincidence, or a plot to lure him there in the first place This is one finely scribed novel that is rich in steamy erotica and yet goes beyond the usual Chick Lit realm because of the fine mystery that ties it together Recommended.

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    If you re in the mood for suspended reality and dumbstruck love, Take My Heart is not likely to disappoint you As is the norm, we have the usual cast of characters our angelic heroine Ava , Mr Wrong for Her Justin and the misunderstood bad boy who can only be saved by the beguiling damsel Bronson This one though, has a hidden gem in the eccentric Aggie, the elderly employer of Ava I couldn t get enough of Aggie She is as sophisticated as she is raunchy and as cunning as she is righteous I think I may beg the author for an Aggie book because that woman is a leading lady if I ever read one.J.J Sorel has whipped up an interesting, if somewhat convoluted plot line for this particular romance to spring up from Any one of the sub plots could have carried Ava and Bronson s story pretty easily The considerable twists varied from boringly predicable to wildly unrealistic but then again isn t all romance that way

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    Take My Heart by J.J Sorel is a captivating, suspenseful romantic love story that will entice readers, satisfy them, and leave them hungering for Ava Rose has just been hired to be a caregiver for a wealthy, eccentric elderly woman, Agatha This old mysterious woman carries with her many secrets that begin to reveal themselves as the story progresses Bronson Lockhart is any woman s dream man, with looks that conjure up thoughts of desire and lust He has just been released from prison for a crime he did not commit He is on a mission to exact revenge on his brother, Justin for setting him up, by seducing and stealing his girlfriend, Ava Bronson is also adopted, and seeks to discover about his past When Ava meets Bronson she is captivated and attracted to this dark, handsome and alluring man When they do get together, Bronson soon finds himself completely taken away by Ava, who is sassy, spirited, curvy and beautiful His desire and passion for Ava complicates his plans What ensues, is a story filled with twists and turns, drama, suspense and lots of passionate love.Take My Heart by J.J Sorel is a gripping mystery, filled with beguiling semi erotic romance and nail biting suspense The reader is quickly drawn into a world of drama and adventure as the two must deal with trust issues, apprehension and uncertainty But, their chemistry is so intense, and their love for one another is growing while they can t keep their hands off one another, as well Then there is Aggie, who is a fabulous interesting character that readers will fully enjoy The mystery behind this woman, and how it relates to Bronson, will keep readers fully engaged and guessing There are plenty of intriguing clues to be had in this most compelling novel.I love J.J Sorel s remarkably unique writing style I have read some of her other titles, and have always been enthralled and impressed by her hypnotizing original storylines, and her wonderful descriptive language It always draws me in and keeps me turning the pages, filled with emotion while having all my senses contentedly stimulated.The characters in Take My Heart are memorable, interesting and relatable with quirky personalities.J.J Sorel develops her characters in a thoughtful and humanistic approach, causing readers to totally connect with them, be fully vested in their lives and the final outcome of their story.Take My Heart is an unforgettable story that is as mysterious as it is sexy and romantic.If you have never picked up one of author J.J Sorel s fabulous books, then you are surely missing out I highly recommend Take My Heart by J.J Sorel to all contemporary, romantic suspense loving readers.

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    Take My Heart here by JJ Sorel is a book to read when it s snowing outside and you re in need of something to cuddle with and to sate your need for warmth Well, that s what I got from this book as I was taking in its steamy plot and irresistible characters We have the heroine as a woman in her twenties by the name Ava Rose who gets invited to her best friend Cassie s boyfriend s party at his home Ava has her own stud muffin by the name of Justin who is a cousin of Cassie s boyfriend Well, the story goes on to reveal that Justin has an adopted brother by the name of Bronson who is a constant enemy of Justin s In fact, Justin did a terrible thing to Bronson that got Bronson to be jailed Ava gets to meet and become seduced by Bronson at this party when she laid her eyes on him for the first time Anyway, there s another subplot in this book where Ava gets a new job as an assistant to a wealthy loner by the name of Aggie where Ava goes to her apartment during the day to read to her and to serve her martinis, a favorite drink of Aggie s.I found myself drawn to this book because it is not like most erotic stories This book has a solid plot that involves Bronson trying to look for his biological parents and that the relationship between Ava and Aggie is so dear that I guess this book does have substance to it The steamy, sexual scenes seem kind of innocent even though the descriptive words used about it were graphic and filled to the brim with lust and animalistic sexuality Don t let me fool you, it s readable and even for someone like me who finds sexual intercourse in books to be raw and obscene, this book is an exception The sexual scenes start and then they end without any damage done After all, it is a work of erotica and the author does have a clear warning at the beginning, telling straitlaced people like me to walk away from it if one does not appreciate great amounts of sex in a book and that the characters are both consenting adults I figured alright, why not give this book a chance and do the author a favor for once, you know The four stars I give this book is because there was a term in it that I found to be offensive All in all, it is a great book and I enjoyed the triumphant feeling I felt when I exited it on my kindle.I would recommend this book to the female bookworm who is looking for a mild work of erotica and who loves a solid storyline without the usual annoying formula where guy and girl fight and then guy and girl fall in love and you know This is a great work and I enjoyed it so much Just some word of advice read with caution There are some terms that you may find some offense with Have a great day and best regards

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    Take My Heart by J J Sorely interested me because of the blurb I felt it held promise for an interesting read Our heroine, Ava, is apparently a sweet and classy heroine who s dating a self centered and wealthy lawyer, Justin Together they attend a birthday party for Justin s cousin and meet Justin s adoptive brother Bronson Bronson has a vendetta against Justin and craves revenge since Justin wrongfully framed him and got him thrown in prison for a year This was a story I felt I could get into but to be very honest I m very glad I m done reading it and can leave this convoluted story behind me.Firstly, I don t think the writing flowed well Settings and positions became unclear as points of view changed And timelines and tellings of historical events were inconsistent Secondly, I don t think I ve ever disliked a heroine so much I couldn t get pass her wish washy convictions, hypocrisy and self righteousness I didn t think she earned any of the praise she continually received She was also quite forgetful and I personally got annoyed having to have conversations repeated for her sake.Bronson, could have been a cool character but I m rarely a fan of head over heels love with no base or foundation So I questioned his decision making skills in that department.Aggie was my reprieve in this book as I m partial to older snarky women with juicy stories to tell I loved her But I still couldn t get beyond all of the unrealistic twists and turns and out of character decisions.

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    Ava is a young woman trying to find her place in the world She finds anew job reading for Aggie which pays extremely well and gives her time to do her writing Aggie is an old woman who is very crass, speaks her mind, and keeps her secrets very close to her heart Ava was dating Justin, an egotistical, self centered jerk who does not treat her well At a party for Justin s cousin, Ava meets Bronson Bronson is Justin s adopted brother who was recently released from prison Bronson wants his revenge on Justin since he knows Justin is the reason he was wrongly convicted What better way to get his revenge than stealing his brothers girl Except when he meets Ava, he s head over heels at first sight He ll find another way to clear his name, get revenge, and keep Ava to himself There was too many loose ends in this story and the writing style was not easy to read Rather than keeping this story about revenge and clearing Bronson s name, the author brought in too many aspects It felt like she was trying to hit every genre in one story It was too much I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Take My Heart by J.J Sorel is hot, steamy and just the right kind of book to dive into for a fantastic reading diversion This book has it all from steamy sex scenes to fun characters like Aggie, and even a mystery thrown into the mix Bronson, the gorgeous alpha male lead wants to find his birth parents, Ava is a recent graduate, and has just been hired by the eccentric woman Aggie, and at the same time Ava is dating Justin, who happens to be Bronson s brother Seduction, revenge, and mystery all figure prominently in this tale, and certainly are not new elements in the romance genre However, the author s writing takes center stage, weaving a compelling tale that not only pulls at your heartstrings, but keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens Aggie is the most fun character around in this book, kind of stealing the show from the others A fantastic blend of romance and mystery with tantalizing sex thrown in for good measure Highly recommend.

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    Classic romance with plenty of twists and turns and some suspenseThis is a classic romance, it has the sweet and kind of na ve female lead, the crappy boyfriend who only cares about himself and tries his best to bring her down, the stunningly handsome bad boy who sweeps her off her feet and plenty of steamy sex scenes However it has much depth than your average romance novel, the fact that sexy Bronson is Ava s boyfriends adopted brother and there is already bad blood between the two men, and an added dimension with Ava s eccentric new boss Aggie who is both salty and has some pretty interesting stories to share with Ava Of course you also have the classic romance novel bumps in the road and happy ending There are definitely twists and turns that make this novel unique and surprising with shocking relationships being discovered and the unveiling of Bronson s past and how he became an orphan.

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    OutstandingI enjoyed reading this book The writing flowed easily and effortless.The characters were well developed and compelling I was disappointed in Ave lack of standing firm in her love for Bronson She ran when he was in his darkness ,when he was in a rage and almost killed his brother who was attempting to rape her and when the Aggie s will was read stating that Bronson must married her Bronson I loved and was pleased that his life is better There is also an element of the supernatural and I found this refreshing Overall an outstanding book.

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