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Sweet Evil summary Sweet Evil, series Sweet Evil, book Sweet Evil, pdf Sweet Evil, Sweet Evil ac809f18f2 Embrace The ForbiddenWhat If There Were Teens Whose Lives Literally Depended On Being Bad Influences This Is The Reality For Sons And Daughters Of Fallen AngelsTenderhearted Southern Girl Anna Whitt Was Born With The Sixth Sense To See And Feel Emotions Of Other People She S Aware Of A Struggle Within Herself, An Inexplicable Pull Toward Danger, But It Isn T Until She Turns Sixteen And Meets The Alluring Kaidan Rowe That She Discovers Her Terrifying Heritage And Her Willpower Is Put To The Test He S The Boy Your Daddy Warned You About If Only Someone Had Warned AnnaForced To Face Her Destiny, Will Anna Embrace Her Halo Or Her Horns

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    I just realized I hadn t rated this Dur.Oh, wow Loved this book Angel books are hard to do and this one is the best And Kaidan Can I lick him Heck, I ll lick Wendy Okay Maybe shouldn t have written that This is why I don t do reviews Le sigh.

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    I walked right into this one I admit it and I know it s my fault, and I probably deserve what I got However, that doesn t mean it makes it less painful Sweet Evil is the most idiotic book I ve read this year And I mean it I totally mean it I could tell I was going to regret getting it since page one Running had become my new pastime five weeks ago, after I d read how my body is the temple of my soul Healthy temple check Wha Ok, it s not THAT bad but I still had a feeling deep down my heart It was telling me Put the book down and walk away As you can tell I chose to ignore it.Aaanyways, lemme tell you what Sweet Evil is all about So we have this girl Anna She is goodness personified An angel The perfect girl, pure, sweet hearted, kind, shy, invisible, smart, always does her homework, reminds the teacher that she forgot to check the class homework, fucking retarded twit Yes, she is retarded because I sure can t figure out how a person can behave the way she does Higgins wanted to create the perfect sweet little heroine She failed miserably Why Because she made her too perfect to the point that she is not perfect AT ALL Am I making sense And yes she does see herself ugly but in reality she is so hot that all the boys from their school want to bang her.So we have Saint Anna who is a misunderstood little hipster She has her Bella Swan mood going on, she s anti partying, anti drinking, anti drugs even though she practically drools over alcohol and drugs but that s her little secret, shhhh , whatever evil thing you may imagine she s against it Did I mention she s a virgin But oh no, she s far from perfect I mean she has a freckle At the end of her upper lip And people STARE at it when she talks Ugh eeewww that s so disgusting Oh yes, this makes her a believable character SHE HAS FLAWS They only think they like me because they don t know me, I said They don t know me, no one knows me cuz I m all deep and stuff Yeah, so Saint Anna is a special kind of bird She has this mood ring thing going on You remember those little things The mood rings You put it on and it changes color And you look at a little chart that tells you what that color says about your current mood It s actually a fun thing even though it doesn t really work I wish it did though Anyhow, Anna is a big flat chested mood ring She sees people s emotions through the colors they are emitting And she has a superhero olfactory sense Being able to hear and see and smell everything within a one mile radius was major sensory overload Then can you sense how overly stinky this book is Can you Saint Anna All is normal and boring in Saint Anna s life until she goes at a concert and lays her innocent eyes on a devilish drummer This vile creature breaks the poor girl s circuits and turns her into a vixen Oh my That guy, the drummer Get this He s a killer musician, he gets tons of chicks, his dad s loaded, and as if that wasn t enough, he s got a friggin English accent Yep, another mysterious handsome rich British accented teenager Very original if I do say so myself.Why do they all have British accents again Because they re smexy And the funny thing is that mostly American authors feel the need to specify that the hottie has a British accent That adds to their sexiness I agree that the accent is special but I m not falling for it any because the idea is being overused Not fun any people so move on So this dude Kaidan, as you can already tell, is another perfect being Everyone seems to be perfect in this book Except for her mum, but I ll get back to that later So he seems perfect from every way Wrong He is actually a stuck up asshole A big fat loser And har di har har he s a demon that feeds on sex.I ve read many books where demons were actually behaving like the mischievous creatures that they are They don t even compare to this guy Teenage visions of hotties You suck Except for Daughter of Smoke and Bone s Akiva He s a piece of art about his name Kai, like Thai, only yummier Gah Who was this girl invading my brain No, I m pretty sure that s the real you A fucking idiot Good gracious, he was sexy a word that had not existed in my personal vocabulary until that moment Right It makes you wonder how Higgins sees teenagers, does it not.The purity It BUUUUUUUUURNS I tried to focus on his words and not his luxuriously accented voice, which made everything sound lovely Gosh, his eyes were gorgeous the color of tropical honeymoon waters ringed in dark sapphire and enclosed by thick lashes Tropical honeymoon waters you say Honeymoon Sex She s such a vixen right now.Oh and by the way he is special too I forgot to mention this earlier He has the same mood ring color bullshit going on as our sweet little Saint Anna Or at least something similar to that Useless details that I don t give a shit about.Back to the story So Kaidan is probably there I m not 100% sure about this since I dropped the book around 40% of the way to guide her towards their people, since they have the same traits and all Predictability dangerously close to 80%. Then what am I I asked with apprehension Your parents were angels Oh, you re not joking about that You re actually serious Why am I not surprised Why oh why dear heavens DANGER Predictability has reached 100% Prepare to abort mission.And the thing is Patti her mum knows about Kaidan being a sexual deviant She s not her real mum though, our dearest virgin is adopted But first thing first, a short introduction for Saint Anna s mum OVERPROTECTIVE end of introductionSo Saint Anna wants to go meet her real dad who is a bad angel of sorts in order to bla bla bla nothing important And her mum s too busy to take a day off so she sends her virgin daughter with Kaidan On a road trip The two teenagers alone For a couple of days And she comes up with the idea herself.You re sending your daughter with a demon and you think she ll be safe You go crazy over a party that Saint Anna wanted to attend You called the parents to make sure the kids will be supervised and all We wouldn t want some random jock choke on a glass of beer now, would we And now the Virgin Anna wants to go out of town with the hottest dude on the planet that happens to be a demon And you re ok with it.That s great parenting Patti, you should write a book about it.Eventually they go on the trip and poor Saint Anna is trying her best to avoid being seduced by the sexy Kaidan She rents one room for both of them, stalks him, kisses him, sees him buck naked the morning after Next thing you know she ll be wiggling her ass in front of him and will wonder Am I giving the wrong signal Well pumpkin it depends on what kind of signal you re referring to You re currently stuck on the bang me one.Oh dear lord the cheesiness It feeds on your brain cells like a drunken leprechaun feeds on four leaf clovers A short conclusion Saint Anna is a fucking idiot, she tries her best to act smart but she fails miserably Kaidan is the hottest guy on the planet and we keep on getting reminders of that on every page of the book Patti is the most retarded parent you could ever meet Predictable Bullshit Idiotic Cheesy Unoriginal Boring Dropped.

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    Yes, Sweet Evil does put an original spin on all the angel demons nephilim stories that are out there But nevertheless, this does not alter the fact that it s still complete and utter rubbish The sheer amount of ridiculousness in this 464 pages long novel is dumbfounding I spent a great deal of time laughing in disbelief or growling in frustration because of it The characters are as one dimensional as a stick figure Their behavior is odd I don t know of a single person who talks and acts like these characters do , OOC and illogical And sometimes even just plain wrong.Anna is the mother of goodie two shoes She doesn t lie Well, she did once On purpose Shocker Wait till you read what she lied about LOL rolls eyes Words like sexy and hott yes, with a double t didn t exist in her vocabulary until she met Kaidan She cries all the time She s na ve She says one thing, but does the other She goes all Double Rainbow over seeing a rainbow and crossing the state border The only thing I couldn t figure out about her and what drove me a bit crazy is why the hell she doesn t own a cell phone.Her adoptive mother, Patti, is the worst and most awkward parent ever Not only did she knowingly allow her just turned 16 year old and extremely na ve daughter on a 5 day cross country trip with a 17 yeard old boy that she doesn t know at all and I mean AT ALL , oh no, she also went down the awkward route and told that same boy to bring her daughter back with her virtue intact. Hands off, Mister Yes, she actually said that Who talks like this And what adult weeps like a 10 year old when facing a problem Anna s father is the Duke of drinking and drug abuse He and his demon minions are responsible for all the drunks and drug addicts in this world, basically So, being the good father that he is, he shows his daughter how to hold her liquor You re gonna need to learn your drinking limits I don t want you to end up in a situation where you don t know your boundaries How am I supposed to learn You drink Under my supervision Well figure out how much you can handle in a certain amount of time, and practice controlling it so you can stay coherent and not get drunk I know she s supposed to lure people into drinking and stuff, but there are things words no father, demon or not, should teach say to his child And then there s Kaidan Or as Anna once said Kai, like Thai, only yummier rolls eyes He is in a band, he has the looks, an English accent and is the son of the Duke of Lust totally swoon worthy bad boy material, right No Nope Absolutely not A tortured, brooding and fairly boring man slut male prostitute, that s the best and only way to describe Kai I was utterly disgusted every time he said to Anna that he needs to go working How can you fall for someone who needs to, yes, needs to, fuck some bimbo s brains out every night is beyond my understanding Just like the characters, the story did, too, rub me totally the wrong way Higgins completely failed to create a believable and internally consistent narrative It went from one ridiculous and odd thing to another The way she moved the story from point A to point B was unsettling It gave me the feeling that she didn t care at all how strange and downright bizzare certain things would sound or look like As if all that she wanted was to get the characters storylines into a desired position as quickly as possible Screw logic and common sense No money for a road trip Let the loaded 17 year old boy, the MC and her mother just met, offer them both a ride A road trip with a parent would be boring and the parent would endanger the opportunity for long lustful nights Just write down that the mother has to work No reader will mind that her child is only sixteen She will totally come off as a hip and cool mom But where will they sleep They can t rent a room in a motel Duh, just make Kaidan an emancipated minor It s time to bring daddy into the picture, but he s in prison and you really need him out of there How convenient that he happens to have a parole hearing coming up That s just so dandy I could go on and onAnd don t even let me start how pointless the whole road trip was in the end.Would I recommend this read No, absolutely not Not even to my biggest enemy But seeing how many other readers were thrilled by this book I don t know Maybe some of you will, for some inexplicable reason, actually like it But Sweet Evil most definitely wasn t my cup of tea.

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    I m going to be upfront with you about this book Sweet Evil tops the books coming out in 2012 easily There s no way I can tell you how much I utterly adore this book, which is why I took me forever to write a proper review for it I ll start off with why I love this book so much Originality finally someone who gets it right Among all the books out there about angels and demons Sweet Evil has the most original take on them that I ve read The whole badge concept and the fact that the Nephilim s sole purpose is being bad influences to humans is pure genius The characters If there s any YA character that is swoon worthy than Kaidan Rowe is exactly that Every time he s in a scene of the book I m practically bouncing up and down with excitement There isn t a thing I don t like about him Kaidan is my man Anna is an amazing female protagonist, and I felt even the side characters were all very well developed The plot s pacing is perfect I never felt bored anywhere or felt the need to stop There was always something interesting to keep my attention Which brings me to my 3rd reason for loving this high stakes The higher the stakes are in a book the I want to read it Sweet Evil does not fail in making that happen I am completely enad with SweetEvil It s one of those books you re only expecting to read for about a half hour or so because you re busy and have other work you should probably be attending to and end up reading the whole thing in one sitting, forgetting all the things you had to do that day Spoken from true experience So yeah, even though I ve already read this I m going straight to the bookstore in May to get a shiny brand new copy and will probably re read it several times until the next one comes out You can also see this review on my blog PARAFANTASY EXTRA THOUGHTS on the whole cross country road trip, her mother shouldn t have allowed her to go, etc stuff that I ve seen here OKAY So if you have read through the entire novel you know that Patti Anna s mom knew that Anna was never going to be just a normal person She knows that Anna is destined for something NOW Patti is one of those really and I mean REALLY religious people, where if she knew that God wanted her to do something she would do it Now you can t say parents like this don t exist in the REAL world because they most certainly do She knows that Anna going on the CROSS COUNTRY TRIP has a great deal to do with her mission, that if she didn t complete it in time that it wouldn t be working well in God s favor I m not much of a religious person but I knew a lot of the things in this book was referenced from biblical text That is why it makes sense to me that PATTI would allow Anna to go on the trip If you read the scene about Anna s birth and how Patti came to adopt her it makes sense why Patti would believe that letting Anna go was the right thing for her to do NOW, if I didn t know any backstory on Anna s birth and wasn t paying attention to her mother s attitude toward religion then I would have thought her consenting to the trip was a crazy idea but that is not the case here.

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    Yo, listen up, this is a roast rant review and there s going to be a fuckload of F bombs You ve been warned And if you liked this book then don t read my review bc you re going to end up pissed off Guys, never in my life, have I ever something as shitty, annoying and fucking petty as this fucking book This book made me want to cut my fucking eyeballs out and cry in annoyance and frustration Never have I read a book this horrible, that I was to the point where it physically hurt me to turn another page and read the bullshit that is this book Literally, I am crying tears of pain.First of fucking all, who the fuck let this get published in the fucking Young Adult genre I m sorry, who the fuck let this book get published at all And that cover That fucking cover is so horrible my eyes hurt looking at it The writing Hey y all, are you guys sure an adult wrote this You sure it s isn t some 12 or thirteen year old Y all sure For real W O W Z A that s a surprise Literally, what the fucking fuck is the writing So fucking immature, beyond fucking annoying, bland as fuck, petty as fuck, and did I mention annoying as fucking fuck This is how the author described some of the things in this book My eye glided to the cloud thing, which moved around her The shadow thing floated along next to her W O W Z A what a way to fucking describe something 10 10 description you fucking go The author also gives this shitload of info dumping and i m just like back up what the fuck is happening like That s literally nothing, this entire book was me having to read about a fucking whiny special snowflake who couldn t shut the fucking hell up about how much she fucking want Kaidan fucking Rowe Like, bitch, shut your mother fucking annoying, whiny bitch ass mouth about how fucking hot Kaidan is and how much you want his fucking dick buried in your fucking vagina I legit feel like this entire book was about this annoying, whiny bitch wanting Kaidan s dick in her vagina, which she sadly mistakes for love This fucking Anna girl is so fucking naive and stupid, God help her fucking pathetic ass I fucking hated her and I m hoping she dies sometime in the next books And Kaidan Mother fucking Kaidan you guys The hottest guy to ever place foot on the entire fucking earth Makes every girl panties drip, you guys He s so fucking hot and Anna couldn t seem to shut the fuck up about how fucking hot he was BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP, I GET IT, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I GET IT HE S THE SEXIEST PIECE OF MEAT ALIVE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPEAT THAT SHIT OVER AND OVER This entire book is Anna lusting after this bitch Kaidan I hate Kaidan And I hope he dies sometime later in the series too P.S the W O W Z A was annoying right Well it was from the book BR numero dos with my ass whipper who I couldn t have survived without.

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    I don t know but the audio ruined it so I don t know how I feel Damn it all

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    My Anna and Kaiden but even the devout have weaknesses The demons have to take different measures with different cultures, because some are accepting of sin, while others are stricter It s all a matter of semantics and presentation They come up with ingenious ways to promote pain and apathy, kind of like marketing schemes Seek pleasure Eat, drink, and be merry Carpe diem Anna is ideal student and equivalent of a good girl She never lies, because even small harmless lie makes her uncomfortable She is strongly tempted to all bad things, but so far she has always been able to resist them With her extremely enhanced senses and ability to see and feel feelings of other people, she is aware of the fact that she is different Than she meets attractive drummer and bad boy Kaiden who seems too be different himself and has answers to her questions The feelings between those two evoke but when Anna discovers her true origin, she realizes that Kaiden may be too bad for her and being together is very dangerous for both of them Will she be able to resist this sweet evil temptation Anna was quite a naive character at the beginning since she was sheltered from all bad her whole life However, she was extremely nice and compassionate person, she really grew on me and I ended up loving her a lot I really liked Kaiden too He was destined to do bad things but Anna discovered something good in him, got under his skin and gave him a hope It was very insteresting to read about how afftected Kaiden was by Anna but simultaneously tried to stay true to his sinful origin Sweet Evil was excellent introduction into this YA paranormal series I was blown away by angels demons mythology and original twists in this story First half was not very action driven BUT it was very interesting to find out all those information about Nephilims and get to know characters Moreover, banters and conversations between Anna and Kaiden were entertaining and chemistry between them was off the charts I was pleasantly surprised that even though Sweet Evil is YA story, some scenes were really hot The second half was undownputtable, I loved every second of it and I cannot wait to find out what is in store for Anna, Kaiden and other characters in next instalment MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

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    Anna Whitt is anything but normal and she knows it She can see other people s feelings through the colour of their aura She feels like a freak except when she is with her friend Jason Jason eats, breathes and lives music and also has taken Anna into his fold Around the time for her sixteenth birthday, it is through Jason that Anna meets Kaidan the HOT drummer with no emotions that she can see feel Anna realizes that Kaidan is like her and they take a road trip to go and meet Anna s father and that is when she slowly discovers about her heritage and who she truly is.The characters in this book are really swoon worthy Anna is a sweet girl who had been kept in the dark for a long time by her adoptive mother But when she finds out about herself she accepts it immediately as she had always known that something was different about her However, she is not one of those overthinking sissy female leads who moans about how unfair her life is or over analyze every situation She is practical and always ready to do what needs to be done Kaidan on the other hand comes across this brute a rude and arrogant But his strength and integrity of character is unquestionable But the character I loved the most was Kopano His strength of character is what makes him stand out in the story Unlike other Nephs who give in to their demon father s wishes, Kopano took the chance to stand up for what he believed He went against his very own nature to do what was right I love him for that.I haven t read about Nephilim before and my reading experience about angels is truly limited So this book opened a new world of ideas to me ideas that I truly liked There were a few moments in the story that seemed like too much of a coincidence or just too convenient or a bit farfetched, still they weren t anything major I was able to just think that this is just fiction after all and move on And specifically for that, I would like to give credit to the author s style of writing It was so simple yet engrossing that a few bumps along the way did not matter much Overall, I liked the plot and I am looking forward to the next part in the installment just hoping there will be bit action in it.

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    Couldn t put it down BUT being the hopeless romantic I am, the ending upset me I know there will be another book in this series but the waiting is going to be tough Excellent read though.

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    Alerta de spoilers Sweet Evil, bueno, primero que nada bastante de donde escoger, no Chico, un poco de Kaidan no estar a mal.Vale, SE fue un libro interesante, no me solt durante la lectura y, un a adido extra, me hizo querer saber m s e investigar sobre los Duques Al principio tem a que cayera en la t pica vida normal fant stica al ser de ngeles , pero no Los personajes fueron presentados muy bien y con un rol de entrada que puede evolucionar y desarrollarse muy bien Anna me gust , gracias al cielo, porque hubiera sido una tortura leer tanto sobre sus depresiones y oh el tipo me abandon La din mica del libro es genial y la.aparici n de los ngeles en la ltima reuni n fue una muy buena sorpresa Todos los eventos, el viaje a l.A, las.fiestas, las discusiones pod an haber estado llenas de clich s pero la autora logr de cada una de ellas hacer una bomba.Altamente recomendado.

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