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    I fell a bit in love with Gloria reading her biography It s non stop from her grace onto the silent screens of cinema to working her way to becoming the most famous celebrity on the planet All without an ounce of arrogance, desperation or any other pathological profile that seems to gravitate celebrities towards hollywood After all who else would turn down one of the first 1 million dollar contract to go on to produce her own movies It only made me wish I had half the ounce of courage and gusto that this lady shows throughout her colourful endeavours.The only negatives about the book was that there was no scathing character profiles on any one if you re a tart for hollywood gossip like me, ahem and not enough pictures A truly fascinating life that deserved every page it was written on.

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    One of the best autobiographies written by a celebrity A really good read even if you know nothing of Gloria Swanson or her movies.

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    We benefited from Swanson s apparent packrat habit of not throwing anything away This book is massive, and crammed full of facts and details that I m sure she would have been able to verify by whipping out a telegram or signed contract She doesn t gloss over much, and her marriage to Wallace Beery reads like a nightmare I ve always wondered why she married him, and I don t think she even knew Young and stupid would be a good bet and an age old reason.Swanson was a classy woman whose every stitch and movement screamed Movie Star and her self told journey from Keystone comedienne to clotheshorse is entertaining every step of the way Far from being anything like Norma Desmond, Swanson acknowledges the past and its glories, but prefers to live in the here and now.

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    AWESOME Old Hollywood rocks and there are so many interesting details found in this book What s amazing is it s written by Gloria Swanson, herself.

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    This autobiography is no sugar coated reminiscence of Hollywood s Golden Age chapter one opens with Swanson nearly dead from an abortion she had to save her reputation from the scandal that would have ensued had the public known she was pregnant before her THIRD marriage, which had taken place just the day before the procedure There are plenty of other juicy details, too, including a teenage marriage, wedding night rape, another abortion induced by her husband, unbeknownst to her , and of course, her famous affair with Joseph Kennedy You may quibble with the pacing 537 pages, 22 chapters, and she doesn t even get to the Kennedy affair, which took place in the 1930s, until chapter 16 but it s still a dazzling look at the beginning of movie making Swanson started so early that the bulk of movies were still made on the east coast You might also lose track of husbands six in all , but you can t deny she led an interesting and full life At the beginning of WWII, Swanson started an engineering company, ostensibly a think tank to brainstorm new inventions, but also a front to smuggle Jewish scientists out of Germany and Nazi occupied France She had one of television s first lifestyle shows, and for over twenty years designed a mass market dress line for plus sized stout, she calls them women She was also a huge proponent of macrobiotic foods, lobbied to pass an amendment which banned chemical additives in farming, and claims to have cured herself of a uterine tumor through diet And you thought she was just Norma Desmond A diva to the last.

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    This is one of my favorite movie star biographies Gloria Swanson was a major star during the silent era, and she worked with greats like Charlie Chaplin, Cecil B DeMille, and Erich von Stroheim She was married several times, had a famous affair with Joseph Kennedy, and concieved several children Her career failed when talkies came, but triumphed again in 1950 with Sunset Boulevard, for which she was nominated for an Oscar Through her success, she kept a level head and a great work ethic Before reading this book, I had only a mild interest in her, as I was unimpressed with many of the silent films she starred in, but her personality shines through so brightly in this book, it is impossible not to like her She was no great beauty, but what she lacked there she made up for with intelligence and wit The length of Swanson s autobiography is intimidating, but each page is a treat.

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    This was a fascinating book about a truly fascinating woman It is so amazing to read the way Hollywood was when Gloria Swanson was first starting out So very different from the way it is today It was a long book but very much worth the effort If you like Hollywood stories, this one pulls no punches You finish the book feeling you know this woman.

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    The first chapter of Swanson on Swanson starts with a bang and ends with a dumpster Yes, poor Gloria finds herself pregnant, after being SWEPT AWAY BY PASSION this usually happens once a lifetime to us poor, normal, non Hollywood folks, but for the great Swanson, it is a near daily experience Although she has just landed a member of the French nobility and become La Marquise de la Falaise de la Coudray I just read this in my head like La Marbluh de la bluh bluh de la blahhhh if she gives birth to a baby, it will Ruin Her Hollywood CAREER Well, we can t have that Although her unborn child pleads with her Please Do not do this thing I am afraid OF THE SEWERS she must She simply must She also swept away by the tide of fortune, and through NO FAULT OF HER OWN marries six guys, cures her own utering tumors through health food, and designs stamps WTF, right Basically, an awesome Hollywood bio Lots of pearl clutching, fainting, descriptions of incredible couture gowns, and conversations with unborn infants So, you know, just like real life.

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    One of the best autobiographies I ve read Couldn t put it down It s as long as

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    Should be at least 4.5 I ve only seen Beyond the Rocks, and I didn t realize how interesting and awesome Gloria Swanson is I appreciated reading a celebrity bio that arrives somewhere legitimately wiser than where it starts Where David Niven s peters out although I 3 him , GS rounds everything up with believable life lessons She makes me hopeful that I will make it through youthful blundering to better self realization and acceptance.Also, I loved that 2 3 of the book was silent movie era reminiscence 3 Lastly I loved the quote she used from The Prophet Give your hearts, but not into each other s keeping.For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.And stand together yet not too near together For the pillars of the temple stand apart,And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other s shadow.

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