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Sunset Boulevard quotes Sunset Boulevard, litcharts Sunset Boulevard, symbolism Sunset Boulevard, summary shmoop Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard 459681d3 Sunset BoulevardIs One Of The Most Famous Films In The History Of Hollywood, And Perhaps No Film Better Represents Hollywood S Vision Of Itself Billy Wilder Collaborated On The Screenplay With The Very Able Charles Brackett, And With D M Marshman Jr Who Later Joined The Team Together They Created A Film Both Allusive And Literate, With Hollywood S Worst Excesses And Neuroses Laid Out For All To See After Viewing Sunset Boulevard Louis B Mayer Exclaimed We Should Throw This Wilder Out Of Town The New York Times, However, Gave The Movie A Rave Review, Praising That Rare Blend Of Pungent Writing, Expert Acting, Masterly Direction, And Unobtrusively Artistic Photography The Film Was Nominated For Best Picture, And Wilder Won An Academy Award For Best Story And Best ScreenplayThis Facsimile Edition Of Sunset Boulevard Makes It Possible To Get As Much Pleasure From Reading The Highly Intelligent Screenplay As From Seeing The Film Jeffrey Meyers S Introduction Provides An Intriguing Array Of Background Details About Wilder, The Film S Casting And Production, And The Lives Of Those Connected To What Has Become A Classic

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    In college I used to hear how this was the most AMAZING script ever written and I would roll my eyes Couldn t be all that Wellit is It s perfection.

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    Chose this to claim as read because not only is it a terrific movie but it s also very screenplay driven And that screenplay, as screenplay, isineffable Immortal Luminously bitter, elegantly cynical, rich with suggestions for performance and interpretation but really could be read on its own as a short story A tale of the desires that make people want to go into pictures and the ways in which the world of Hollywood eats its children Not to be missed On Billy Wilder s tombstone it sez I m a writerbut nobody s perfect

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    This is a screenplay, so I almost put it back I don t even like reading plays But I brought it back from my Library bag, and gave it a shot I m glad I did You know how when you re young and beautiful, and you re used to everybody falling in love with you, and you re always getting attention This goes on for a long time, so you come to take it for granted And then, when you re in your 50s, one day you realize that you re not getting that attention any, and you have to learn how to be the person that gives yourself all that love and attention that other people used to give you Now, picture what that s like for a movie star A very successful, glamorous, rich movie star who is used to fans worshipping her About a thousand times worse, I guess Meet Norma Desmond, ex Hollywood legend, now 50 years old and unable to accept it She can t, so she lives in a fantasy world into which tumbles young Joe Gillis.

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    One of the best around

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    Joe Gillis You re Norma Desmond You used to be in silent pictures You used to be big.Norma Desmond I am big It s the pictures that got small.

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    This was a fun romp into Hollywod s past, I have never seen the movie, but this is a book that was written after the move was made.

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    The most powerful American story.

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    I actually read the stage adaptation Wilder made, that was produced as a musical with music by Andrew Loyd Webber I read this as a long shot possibility for production in my theater program, and it would be a long shot indeed A fun read I d heard of but never seen the film my loss I know, but I m not terribly familiar with many classic films Typical of Webber the staging is a true extravaganza with cars etc moving around the stage and huge elaborate sets Not quite Phantom as a stage spectacle as there aren t as many staged appearances and disappearances, nor the crashing chandelier, but still one that proved beyond the reach of my High School program The music is fun, and the script gives several fantastic roles to the leads for a larger school theater program or for a professional acting troupe It would be fun to see it now that I ve read it, film OR stage.

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    Great This book includes a brief essay on Billy Wilder and the original screenplay in all its typewritten glory That s right It s the original typed pages with the date and draft number on each page The screenplay also includes camera movements and detailed scene descriptions, mostly of rooms and ashtrays.

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    Reading this for my Screenwriting class So many great cinematic lines in this script Great story of a star past her prime and an aspiring screenwriter

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