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Sugarbabe files Sugarbabe, read online Sugarbabe, free Sugarbabe, free Sugarbabe, Sugarbabe c242005a3 Attractive, Professional, Well Spoken, Well Dressed Year Old Woman Seeks Sugar Daddy I Live In Darlinghurst On A Th Floor Unit With Fantastic Skyline Views To The Harbor The Unit Also Features Very Discreet And Secure Undercover Guest Parking I Am Looking For Exclusivity So Will Theoretically Be Available To You X I Am Single And Don T Have Any Children I Am Also A Fabulous Cook And Can Provide Gourmet Meals Should You Require Them I Am A Qualified Psychologist So I Make An Excellent Listener, And I Have A Great Love Of Conversation I Have Also Worked For Many Years In Public Relations So Am A Clever, Charming Companion In Just About Any Situation I Love Sex I Will Require A Generous Weekly Allowance In Return For All Of The Above Holly Hill Pseudonym Gave Up Her Job At The Behest Of Her Wealthy Boyfriend And Then Found Herself Dumped And Penniless After Spending Six Weeks In Bed Pining For Her Lost Love, She Was Encouraged By A Friend To Be Open Minded About Her Career Choices And Ended Up Placing An Online Ad For A Sugar Daddy She Received An Almost Overwhelming Response From All Sorts Of Men, But Most Of Them Were Married Men Whose Wives Had Lost Interest In Sex As Holly Interviewed The Men And Settled On A Candidate, She Decided To Record What Happened Next Those Almost Daily Observations Became A Journal Documenting Holly S Extraordinary Experiences Not Just The Men She Meets, But The Things She Finds Out About Marriages, In Particular, And What Men Need From Them Sugarbabe Is Her Real Life Account Of The Emails, Meetings, Employment Of And Interactions With The Applicants For The Role, And The Five Men She Eventually Chooses Not All At The Same Time It Is By Turns Funny, Enlightening, Challenging And Thought Provoking

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    I don t know This was my blind date from the library, meaning I checked it out without knowing what it was I might ve picked it up on my own, but I m not sure I knew early on that it was going to take me out of my comfort zone it s about a woman who looks for a sugar daddy, men who will pay her in exchange for sex and other services , but, hey, the narrator talks about open mindedness early on, so I figured I d read it through And it s very readable, so that helped.But here s the thing Being open minded means being open minded to traditional beliefs like monogamy, too And she wasn t very open to that It was all about how that was impractical and biologically improbable And, hey, some of these things are probably true, but she presented them too much like facts.She also only interacted with a specific subset of men There aren t THAT many men as wealthy as the ones she describes here And her life wasn t very much like mine outside of that either.So I m not sorry I read this, but I wasn t very satisfied with it either Maybe one star isn t quite the right rating, but that s how I feel.

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    This book was just awful The author claims to be a psychologist but she seems to have way too many issues and not much insight into the arrangement which she is endeavouring to enter Now I am no expert on the art of arranging a sugar daddy but I suspect that one needs to be reliable and all this woman does is mess potential clients about She has an over inflated ego and is constantly telling the reader that she is irresistible to all men then she gets on her high horse about how men are not monogamous when she is enabling them to cheat I do not know why I persisted until the end and when I was done I felt like I had wasted time I would never get back I am sure there must be better books out there about the sugar daddy experience, as for this one I wouldn t recommend it to anyone.

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    Please beware that there are spoilers in this review.The general premise of the book is that the author decides that she will try to earn her living by hiring a sugardaddy who will pay her for sex and undivided attention My first complaint is that the point of the book seems to change over the course of the writing First, the author is just looking for an employer a source of cash Then she decides later on that she is writing a book about how monogamy is unrealistic, and women, most especially women, should stop expecting monogamy from men According to the author, this will keep women from getting hurt by men if women stop expecting monogamy in the first place.Then, at the end of the book, the author decides that she actually does want monogamy and finds that her experiment in sugardaddy dom has not gone exactly to plan At the close of the book, she is unsure of the next steps in her life I don t fault the author in embarking on this journey and coming to the realizations that she does But I feel that if she had given it a little time for reflecting, she may have arrived at some very insightful conclusions that could give her, and us, a better understanding of human nature in general For example, she was unable to ultimately find any man to participate in this type of relationship with her Some of them agreed to the relationship but soon afterwards after initial physical contact , they dropped out of the picture, and the author and those men never spoke again Why Was it due to human nature of attaining a fantasy you thought you wanted, then getting it, and then realizing it wasn t at all what you wanted This was true of at least one guy in the book Or is monogamy not as unnatural as the author feels it is Or is there some other reason I feel like if the author focused less on herself, and actually put some journalistic work of which she promises to do in the beginning of the book into following up with the people that she came into contact with, that this could have been a great book But instead, as other readers have mentioned, the author is very narcissistic and shallow every chapter you read about how men stare at her and women glare at her, lol literally, every chapter , and I feel that I wasted my time reading the book, since there was no satisfying intellectual conclusion to her experiment.

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    I think that, despite her incessant references to her own startling beauty and impeccable fashion sense none of which can be corroborated by third parties , she actually may suffer from low self esteem To think that the key to her happiness is 1 betwixt her legs and 2 found in a designer boutique, she literally sells herself to whoever comes along with a stuffed envelope What else can she be other than maybe a little self loathing But who knows In any case, it s her life, her body, and as long as she s not harming anyone she is not the one that made a commitment to the cuckolded wife, the husband is well Nevertheless, I think her lame references to Goddess instead of God is her way of throwing out a feminist red herring so that the reader could empathize with what she s actually doing selling herself short.Interesting read, but nothing I would recommend to any person I know.

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    I posted this book on my blog because it was set in Australia As far as tell all s go this book wasn t bad, but I did feel it was very technical at times In fact, the book almost felt wordy I listened to this book on audio book I am not sure if I would have felt this way had I read it out right That all being said I did laugh at this book a lot I am a sucker for these confession type books, you can t help laugh because deep down you know the situations are true and likely did not need much exaggeration Overall this is a fun book but it does move a little slow, there were times I felt myself force through a part, but I am glad I reached the end because I would have missed a lot of laughs.

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    Holly Hill was brave to write this book She takes a very candid, if somewhat narcissistic, look at traditional marriage and the urge for infidelity from the vantage point of the kept woman or sugar baby I didn t admire what she was doing, and she seemed to strike out a lot with her potential sugar daddies, but I liked the book Hill s writing style is captivating, her honesty is refreshing, and the story is interesting.Looks like a lot of people hate this book But I agree with the reviewers who say it s better than Fifty Shades of Giving Up Everything to a Man At least Holly is her own boss, and she s in it to advance her own career The book has done quite well, so look how well that worked

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    Holly Hill completely changed my outlook on the idea of being a sugar babe escort I ve always looked at it as making someone into a sleezy, high class prostituteuntil now I think that the world is filled with people who are unhappy in their relationships, and Holly was merely providing a way to help men find their way back into happiness I do not think it is right to cheat on your partner, but I also think it is unfair to be stuck in a loveless, unhappy marriage just for the sake of staying married I found it to be very well written, and surprising not smutty, considering the topic I love most of all that Holly changed my outlook on a taboo subject, and human nature in general.

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    Immature writing, immature thinking Honestly, I was introspective at 12 then this woman is at 39 She has this obsession with making herself appear extremely sexy and desirable to one and all True or not, it s just reads as really dumb.This had a lot of potential I wanted to see a glimpse of the sex for money standpoint but I was sorely let down by this author s loose grasp of authenticity.I made it through just one of her extremely glorified and vulgar sexual encounters I m not one for erotica romance novels, and this book has reminded me why Take my word for it and Steer Clear.

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    Didn t like this Found it to be a continuous justification by the author of what they were doing looking for a sugardaddy I don t need to know you re filling a hole in today s society and curing relationship ills Look in a mirror and tell yourself.

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    From a quick scan of this book, it really is pure drivel Maybe I could have a new category called too stupid to finish.

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