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Such Unfortunates chapter 1 Such Unfortunates , meaning Such Unfortunates , genre Such Unfortunates , book cover Such Unfortunates , flies Such Unfortunates , Such Unfortunates 2fb43217da481 Each Year, Americans Die Of Drug Abuse Than The Total Of Those Who Perished During The Vietnam War This Is The Amazing And Inspirational True Story Of An Addict Named Andrew And How He Was Able To Overcome His Addiction Even Though The Odds Were Stacked Against Him Andrew Grew Up In An Unimaginably Abusive Family His Life Seemed Normal On The Outside, But The Internal Turmoil He Was Experiencing Was A Horrific Ordeal Andrew S Life Began In An Upper Class Town Of Moorestown, New Jersey His Family Had A Million Dollar Beach House, He Attended College, And Even Had The Rare Opportunity Of Driving A Ferrari Around South Florida Behind What Seemed Like An Idyllic Life Was A Nightmare Of Abuse, Mental Illness, And Torment That No Child Should Ever Face This Led Andrew To Suffer From Pain, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, And Depression Searching For Relief, He Found Solace In Drugs And Became Quickly Addicted To Anything That Would Change The Way He Felt His Addiction To Drugs Took Him To Such Extremes As Working For The DEA While Being High On Drugs, Multiple Rehabs, Jails, Becoming Homeless, And Even To The Point Of Being Considered Dead When All Hope Was Lost, People He Considers Angels Entered His Life One Person, In Particular, Refused To Give Up On Him Even When Everyone Told Her This Was The Best Option Through Her Determination, He Was Able To Find The Strength To Look Inside And Find The Real Reasons For His Addiction Once He Understood These Reasons, He Was Finally Able To Figure Out How To Stay Clean And Successfully Turned His Life Around This Book Is A Wild Ride That Will Amaze, Bewilder, Amuse, And Inspire You People Have Said It Was One Of The Most Interesting Books They Have Ever Read, And, I Never Wanted To Put It Down This Book Will Give Hope To Anyone Who Is Suffering From Addiction Or Knows Someone Who Is Facing The Adversity Of Addiction It Will Show Them Why They Should Never Give Up It Also Shows Us How Working Together, We Can Beat This Opiate Epidemic

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    AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING This was the most outrageous, inspiring, crazy, heart pounding, honest, brave, heartfelt, helpful, motivational, and million other words that are coming to my mind book I have ever read Every once in a while an unknown author writes something so profound that it has the potential to change this world, this is one of those books This book would make an exceptional film, especially with the crisis we are facing Do yourself a big favor and read this book, I was able to read it for free on KNEP on .

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    This book was absolutely amazing I could not put this book down I can t imagine how a person can go through what Andrew has gone through in his life and still be alive to tell his story Such Unfortunates is definitely a must read I truly believe this book will help so many people who are suffering from addiction, people in recovery as well as the loved ones who have someone suffering from addiction In my opinion everyone should read this book to really see how bad the opioid epidemic really is and how it s destroying so many lives This book is a real eye opener

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    This is a horrifying, breath taking, inspirational, amazing book that will literally leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads it I could not put this book down and recommend it to anyone who is suffering from addiction, knows someone who is suffering from addiction, or who just loves books This would make an awesome movie and when you read it you will know why

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    I just finished reading this book and felt a need to review it I was unable to put this book down and could literally feel the author s pain The writing is really top notch as it was able to draw so many emotions out of me, while never pushing one emotion too far I wanted to reach in and save him myself The horrors he experienced are just so unfair and I don t understand why some people are given such crosses to bear, while others complain including myself about such little problems This book is the first I have read that made sense of addiction There is not one person that can not benefit from reading this I feel this may be a key in solving this horrible problem that affects us all I don t know exactly why but I feel so happy and hopeful after reading this too LOL

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    This was one of the most powerful, honest, and truly shocking books I have ever read With the current crisis in our country, this book may be one of the most important books people need to read I highly recommend this book to anyone It is gripping, suspenseful and completely outrageous and you will never be bored, that is for sure Buckle up for one wild ride

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    This is a must read for everyone in today s society because of the opioid epidemic and rampant child sexual abuse These are both extremely important topics that nobody seems to want to talk about, but Andrew Mann puts himself out there and drags the reader into the abyss, so they can discover the true underlying causes of addiction and the pain that it subdues and creates at the same time The book is very well written and grips the reader from the very first page It was courageous of the author to tell his story in such great detail and give credit where credit is due while showing the true colors of others This book will be a true inspiration to those who have been touched by any aspects of this story and I hope it brings them the hope they need May Andrew live a long and happy life while enjoying everything life has to offer

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    is there a blatant breach of Goodreads review policy I found this book on a list of most anticipated books of 2019 and was surprised not to have heard of it since it was in the top ten.I bought it but I was scammed The book is awful The writing is atrocious and it hasn t been edited.I realised everyone who had voted for this book had voted just once Then I realised all of the profiles which had voted for it had no friends and had read ten or fewer books Then I realised that basically everyone who has given this book 5 stars has liked all of the 5 star reviews and all the reviews read as though they were written by the same person and nothing like real reviews Then I realised that the top review has 65 likes and is written by Todd Gordon who joined the same month the review was published, has no friends on GR and has only written one review.This is blatant manipulation and this book should be delisted and the author banned from this platform Fortunately refunded me and I only hope none of my money made it to the author.

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    This book was great and I could not put it down

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    I just finished reading this book about a person s struggles with his own demons This was an enlightening tale of a person that faced horrible abuse at the hands of those that were supposed to protect him The damage from something like that is unquantifiable, but finding out how people overcome such obstacles is such a delight and tribute to us as human beings What I loved most about this book was that it showed how abuse correlates directly to mental illness addiction which then fosters addiction and all the problems that follow This really showed you the struggle addicts face on a daily basis in such an honest and straight forward way I would have liked the author to discuss what his life is like now, but I think he was making a solid point by not doing so I also liked how he offered some alternative therapy suggestions as whatever we are doing now is not working and needs to be changed This also inspired me to share something I have not spoken about in many years

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    I normally don t read books like this but I got sucked into this one I was truly amazed and inspired by this author s honesty His take on the root causes of addiction is brilliant His story is one that should not be taken lightly as these issues affect every one of us living in our society This is a story you will not want to miss, I highly recommend this book Which I rarely do

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