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Sagor om Natten chapter 1 Sagor om Natten, meaning Sagor om Natten, genre Sagor om Natten, book cover Sagor om Natten, flies Sagor om Natten, Sagor om Natten 23806cbbda7aa First, Little Bear Hears The Story Of The Night Guardian, Who Lives In The Woods And Makes Sure All Animals Go To Bed But Who Tells The Night Guardian When It S Bedtime The Second Story Is About The Brave Girl Zhara Who Seeks The Forest S Most Delicious Blackberries In The Third We Meet Bo, The Little Man With The Big Overcoat, Who Finds It Hard To Sleep Finally, Little Bear Falls Asleep, And There In Bed Beside Her Are Her New Storybook Friends

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    Inspired by a portentous dream of a friend, Crowther has collected three of her own fairy tale esque stories here which are told in order to help baby bear get to sleep Each story is on the theme of sleep and safety and a bright pink is used throughout each page to connect the story right back to mummy bear I think much of Crowther s magic lies in her mastery of a delicate, comforting narrative captured in both words and pictures She is a weaver of tales that speaks to us at a deep level It s hard to encapsulate what she does that I find deeply affecting.

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    Celebrated Belgian children s author and illustrator Kitty Crowther, who received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2010, here presents three of her idiosyncratic but charming fairy tales, all tied together through the storytelling of Mother Bear, who is attempting to get Little Bear to bed In the first tale, the Night Guardian convinces all of the forest creatures to go to bed, before performing the ritual that allows her to fall asleep as well In the second, a tiny elfin girl named Zhorra wanders through the wood with her sword and her blackberry, before being taken in for the night by her friend Jacko Mollo the bat In the third and final tale, a little man named Bo, living in an owl s nest, has trouble getting to sleep until he visits the shore and, in the company of his friend Otto the otter, takes a soothing dip in the oceanI was surprised to see on the colophon of Stories of the Night that this delightful little tome was first published in Swedish, as Sagor om Natten I know that Crowther is Belgian, and the only other title I have read from her, Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop , was originally published in French Perhaps she is a polyglot Whatever the case may be, I am glad I happened across this one at the library, as I found it delightful Mother and Little Bear put me in mind of the similarly named Mother and Little Bear from the classic American early readers, written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by the immortal Maurice Sendak The inset stories themselves were quirky and appealing, with a weird sense of charm, while the artwork, in which a bright pink shade predominates, was unexpectedly appealing There s nothing natural about this color palette, and one might expect it to feel unfitting, in a depiction of the forest, but somehow the whole thing just works.

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    Oooh, this is a lovely, feels classic collection of three bedtime stories told to Little Bear by Mother Bear They d make great readalouds one on one due to the small size Most notable is the use of neon pink I read two books with neon in one day, so now I have a Goodreads shelf for them and electric bright colored pencil lines intermixed with gray and graphite to create fantastical settings Don t miss the dedication and the final illustration of Mother Bear Translated writing poems on stones and throwing them into the sea

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    In Stories of the Night we hear three bedtime tales told by Mother Bear to help Little Bear go to sleep Clearly familiar and affectionately retold to the cub, Crowther depicts a bedtime scene where stories are inherent to the final moments of the day and ingrained in Little Bear s feeling of love and security It is so lovely to see each character later re emerge as a part of Little Bear s dreams, showing how real these stories do feel as they blend into the dreamworld.I adore this little book Visually it is stunning and extremely memorable The lucid pink that bathes each illustration and which is so clearly tied to sleep denotes something that feels both wild and very safe A tale that is other worldly and yet maintains a feeling of warmth throughout.

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    Interesting and charming little book the stories wander as fairy tales are wont to do, but the illustrations are wonderful Originally published in New Zealand the stories have a leisurely pace and the illustrations give space for the text to unfold Kitty Crowther is a Belgian illustrator and children s book writer she won the 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award from the Swedish Arts Council, the biggest prize in children s literature She was cited in the jury notes as the master of line but also of atmosphere.

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    A sweet, warm, unique little children s book of 3 sleepy tales Very cool use of pink in the illustrations.

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    It s time for bed, and Little Bear is ready But first he clamors for three bedtime stories from his mother She is happy to oblige and spins three engaging ones First, she relates the tale of a Night Guardian whose job it is to remind everyone, including herself, when it s time to sleep The young bear finds it curious that it is his mother and not the Night Guardian who wakes him up every morning The next tale concerns Zhora who carries a sword, collects delicious blackberries, and spends the night with a bat in a leafy bower The third story concerns Bo, a man who lives in an owl s nest but finds it hard to fall asleep He goes for a swim, finds a stone poem written by his friend Otto, an otter, and then is finally able to fall asleep Little Bear is also ready for some slumber, but first, he welcomes all those characters from his mother s stories into his bed The illustration has used pencil drawings and plentiful pinks to accompany this magical tale, originally published in German Lucky is the bear or child who has a caregiver who enjoys telling stories like these I was not familiar with any of the ones told by Mother Bear, but they could easily have been part of someone s fairy or folktale collection.

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    Set in the magical illustrated world of Astrid Lingren per info on the book cover are three fairy tales collected by Kitty Crowther and translated from German, originally published in New Zealand I saw it at my library, was intrigued Three tales asked for by the little bear, all new to me, clearly from another tradition, and favorites The pink seems to indicate love and feeling safe The characters in the stories re emerge in the little bear s dream One memorable line As Bo reached the shore, he wondered if his friend Otto the otter was still awake, writing poems on stones and throwing them out into the sea Speaking of awards, Kitty Crowther is a Belgian illustrator and children s book writer she won the 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award from the Swedish Arts Council, the biggest prize in children s literature She was cited in the jury notes as the master of line but also of atmosphere.

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    Stories of the Night, translated from German, is rather reminiscent of early folk tales, rather than the gentle, and usually tepid, fairy tales of today That s not to say that Stories of the Night is not gentle, because the premise of Mother Bear telling Little Bear the three stores for which he asked Please, please, please is gentle and tender and speaks of familiar tales long told The illustrations are very much in keeping with those of early folk tales I m not sure why the nearly neon pink is on every page, though I will assume that the pages where it is most prevalent, those featuring Mother Bear Little Bear it signifies the love and trust they have for each other Choose a star to lead you into tomorrow.

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    The illustrations of this children s book by Kitty Crowther are just OK Unique but not spectacular The story revolves around yet another good night story which I would like to know what percentage of children s books are about a child falling asleep or parents putting them to sleep Seems like that statistical would be high and telling In this story, Mama Bear tells 3 stories to Little Bear as he falls asleep The fantasy characters eventually all come into Little Bear s room and rest with him in the bed.

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