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    Stop Pretending is a story of a young girl that suffers from a mental disorder She grew up as a normal girl in a loving family and had an excellent relationship with her younger sister Suddenly, she starts hearing voices in her head It gets so out of control that she must be placed in a mental institution The story is actually not told through the eyes of this girl, but by the younger sister, Cookie It is an extremely emotional story written in free verse Cookie recalls memories with her sister that happened during their childhood and explains how she feels now that it is all gone Her words and her imagery, like her sister s empty bed, are so powerful that they can bring the reader to tears When Cookie visits her sister, they can t even play a simple board game without her sister getting out of control Eventually, the doctors attempt shock therapy to cure the sister, but there is a risk that it will erase all of her past memories.

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    This book was great A few parts were pretty confusing but once I read it over a couple of times it made sense.

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    I seem to be alone in my adoration of Sonya Sones, because my reading buddies don t really share my love of What My Mother Doesn t Know, but what can you do Stop Pretending What Happened When My Sister Went Crazy is my 3rd Sones book and once again, the writer manages to touch me emotionally, and this is a sure sign of great writing for me Based on Sones personal experiences, this book is a collection of poems about a 13 year old girl whose older sister unexpectedly experiences a nervous breakdown and is placed in a psychiatric institution The story deals with the aftermath of this tragedy emotional turmoil, guilt, anger, denial, and finally reconciliation This is a very short book, much shorter than What My Mother Doesn t Know and What My Girlfriend Doesn t Know that I enjoyed , but not less touching and poignant The poems are innocent and honest and emotionally powerful Some might find this book a little childish I suppose, but it worked for me perfectly I will definitely read Sones again.

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    This book is good but depressing Don t get me wrong its a beautiful story told in poetry but just depressing Its a story about how a girl so innocent goes insane in an instant A family so pure and full of life gets pulled apart but finds there way back together.

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    I m not into poetry but this type of poetry was put into a story about her sister going insane It really drew in my attention about how it was designed and written.

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    Stop Pretending What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy was okay I really am not a ginormous fan of poetry unless is pretty old for example, I love Edgar Allan Poe , but this book had a good subject It was meaningful, and that made it somewhat good It was a good, quick read, but one I never would have picked up if not required by my class I recommend it to lovers of poetry.

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    My overall rating would be 3.5 stars.This book was really good, and definitely a poetry book for me, since I usually do not like poetry at all it shows a really amazing story, and I enjoyed most of it quite well.Although, I don t really trust that kid, John, even though he didn t do anything at all In fact, he was pretty cool But I guess movies have just fogged my mind not to trust attractive new kids Cough cough Jason Dean cough cough I really should have finished the book sooner, since it s really short, but oh well The reason I didn t give it a full 4 stars is because the ending really left me hanging, it was a good ending, but I m still curious what happened to all of the characters And also the fact that it was super tiny, so there wasn t as much of a storyline as I felt there could have been.

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    People often write about what it s like to experience mental illness, but witnessing it is hardly ever writen about Stop Pretending is the story of a girl who watches her sister decend into desperation, and the confusion that comes with watching someone you care about become unfamiliar to you The book is written in a series of poems that paint a picture of the internal struggles she went through It was interesting to watch the girl begin to question herself based on her sister s experiences Everything she knew was changing, and that changed the way she saw herself and her family However, it wasn t a very complex book The ideas were simple, and I think it could have gotten deeper into the girl s mind Even though she was confused and lost, the book was very elementary I think that took away from the drama that was going on It didn t represent the situation as well as it could have, but it still makes you think Overall, I think the book was pretty medeocre.

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    This is one of my favorite Book s because this book taught me alot one of the things that this book taught me was No matter what happens keep your head up high this book is really intresting is about a girl that her big sister had a nervous break down now every one says she unormal just because her sister turn a lil bit crazy people that she thouqht would be there for her was never there they just left her all alone with no body support buht her parents this also taught me that dont care about what people think or say about you just be confident about your self.

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    I wasn t expecting this book to be as good as this In a way it was similar to Backlash because at times sister was the main perspective and that is what Stop Pretending is about I thought the book was great and had no idea the entire time I was reading it that it was true The author kept diary entries and when she was older turned them into a book When I was reading I could picture everything because the author was amazing at telling what she was feeling.

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Stop Pretending download Stop Pretending , read online Stop Pretending , kindle ebook Stop Pretending , Stop Pretending 0d9e775bc157 Continuously In Print For Nearly Two Decades, This Groundbreaking And Profoundly Moving Story Told In Verse, From Award Winning Author Sonya Sones, Has Been Repackaged With A Striking New Cover And Bonus ContentWhen Her Beloved Older Sister Is Hospitalized After A Sudden Mental Breakdown, Cookie Is Left Behind To Cope With A Family Torn Apart By Grief, Friends Who Shun Her, And Her Fear That She, Too, Might One Day Lose Her MindBased On Award Winning Author Sonya Sones S Own True Story, This Novel Explores The Chilling Landscape Of Mental Illness, Revealing Glimmers Of Beauty And Of Hope Along The Way Told In A Succession Of Short And Powerful Poems, It Takes Us Deep Into The Cyclone Of The Narrator S Emotions Despair, Anger, Guilt, Resentment, And Ultimately, Acceptance