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Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan chapter 1 Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, meaning Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, genre Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, book cover Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, flies Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan 6c6b6291a8358 From The Author Of TheBestseller Three Cups Of Tea, The Continuing Story Of This Determined Humanitarian S Efforts To Promote Peace Through Education In This Dramatic First Person Narrative, Greg Mortenson Picks Up Where Three Cups Of Tea Left Off In , Recounting His Relentless, Ongoing Efforts To Establish Schools For Girls In Afghanistan His Extensive Work In Azad Kashmir And Pakistan After A Massive Earthquake Hit The Region InAnd The Unique Ways He Has Built Relationships With Islamic Clerics, Militia Commanders, And Tribal Leaders He Shares For The First Time His Broader Vision To Promote Peace Through Education And Literacy, As Well As Touching On Military Matters, Islam, And Women All Woven Together With The Many Rich Personal Stories Of The People Who Have Been Involved In This Remarkable Two Decade Humanitarian Effort Since ThePublication Of Three Cups Of Tea, Mortenson Has Traveled Across The US And The World To Share His Vision With Hundreds Of Thousands Of People He Has Met With Heads Of State, Top Military Officials, And Leading Politicians Who All Seek His Advice And Insight The Continued Phenomenal Success Of Three Cups Of Tea Proves That There Is An Eager And Committed Audience For Mortenson S Work And Message

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    It s rare that a second book about the same topic can be even better than the first, but I have to say that I enjoyed Stones into Schools even that Three Cups of Tea I thought that this book was excellent It was a great way to learn about what has been going on in Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2001, and even it continues to be an inspiration to see how much this man, and his dirty dozen friends, can impact the lives of girls in the most remote places on earth We hear so much negativity these days this story gives you hope that hard HARD work does pay off.As for why I think this book was better the first book told a great story, but it was done in a way that was a bit frazzled and scatterbrained, which as Mr Mortenson declares himself is exactly how he is Someone took the editing reigns on this one, and the story line was much linear as linear as you can get when you re building dozens of schools throughout two countries at one time human he actually told it from his own perspective, which was nice and the stories and the hard work of the people who are making these changes were highlighted just as much as the people who have been positively impacted I also liked the addition of maps of not only the locations of the schools, but also of the ethnic distribution, and topography He also wrote 8 pages of acknowledgements and that has to win your heart over.Great book, and once I make sure it gets passed around to everyone I know who wants to read it, I will be gifting it to the library, so that it can impact others as well.

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    Things to think about from the first 50 pgs 1 Girl Effect changing communities through the education of women2 Last person First Principle is this a good principle in missions as well 3 Mortenson s raggedy Pakistani staff Is it much different from the 12 disciples uneducated, yet perfectly in tune with the local culture and passionate for the cause of their leader.

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    Mortenson shows such a power and a confidence in his story in this book I think one reason is because he keeps the spotlight OFF himself He tells moving stories of others, making them the heroes and heroines of his book He talks honestly about how uncomfortable he feels with attention, and he generously shares the credit for the successes of his schools with so many others.His stories made me laugh out loud, like the Taliban sympathizers who visit a school and play gleefully on the playground equipment, then demand a school and playground of their own He made me cry as he told the stories of the children who lost their opportunities to go to school, one young boy stepped on a landmine and never got to attend school And Farzana who explained to Dr Greg what the devastating earthquake in Kashmir felt likewho explains she and the other girls in school need desks to feel safe.Mortenson manages to find amazing, wise mentor his father, Haji Ali, the village elder from the first book who inspired Greg to build his first school, and in this book, Abdul Rashid Khan, the Afghan elder whose school took 10 years to build.Mortenson s passion for education, especially the education of girls, has exacted a terrible price for him and his family But they continue to go forward, making a mark on the future.

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    An outstanding read if you enjoyed Three Cups of Tea, you will enjoy this it is the content and the purpose that makes it so great Unfortunately I think that some people were turned off by the title of his first book by not understanding the message it is not about little old ladies sipping tea and gossiping Stones into Bridges picks up where his first book left off, and is current right up to October 2009 Greg Mortenson has received well deserved recognition for what he and his non profit organization, the Central Asia Institute are doing in both Pakistan and Afghanistan to bring schools to the most impoverished parts of those countries against all odds To date they have established 131 schools, many of them for girls only, and in doing so have gone a long way in helping establish peace in the region as well as good will toward Americans Mortenson has gained the confidence and respect of leaders both in the civil and military segments he has informally advised both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon as well as the generals on the ground in Afghanistan Fortunately for the reader, the book is well written and is not dry reading despite the fact that the reader gains a tremendous insight into the people, their customs, and the geography of the area.Read this book, and when you are finished, go to its Web site to learn about this story and to see great photos.

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    Originally 4 stars2014 update After reading some of the controversy surrounding Greg Mortenson, my opinion on him has plummeted He is accused of fabricating the story of him getting kidnapped by Taliban and the story of getting lost on the way down from K2 and promising the tribe that saved him that he would return to build a school the whole premise to the book He is also accused of gross mismanagement of funds and using donated money for his own purposes, private jets, promoting his book, etc The jury is still out on what he did do or didn t do, but there is enough evidence that I won t recommend the book any CAI has accumulated over 70 Million and built less than 170 schools How is 400,000 school a good return on an investment, when in his book he claimed he could build a school for 20K or build it and fund it for 50K Where did the other 61 Million go then He does admit some financial wrongdoing and stretching the truth on some stories, but not specifics That sours the whole story for me I m glad I never donated to his charity Central Asia Institute No wrong doing has been attributed to the co author David Oliver Relin And the attacks on his book and character likely drove Relin to suicide.

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    I learned so much about Greg Mortenson, the man, when reading this wonderful book His sense of humor, his passion, his mission is heard and felt throughout this story Now I really understand what the CAI is, and who the people are that run it The Central Asia Institute is run by quirky, brave people who Greg met throughout his travels to Pakistan and Afganistan and found worthy enough to help him fulfill his dream of building schools for girls in the remote regions of Pakistan, and now Afganistan as well After the major earthquake in Pakistan, the CAI provided tent schools in Azad Kashmir, the earthquake zone The CAI set up water delivery systems, hired teachers, built schools with the guidance from Chinese experts, who knew how to build schools that were earthquake proof As time has passed, the CAI s role has continuously emerged In order to help girls get a higher education, Greg has arranged for the smartest and the brightest girls to get scholarships so they can go back to their villages and help their families become self sufficient Not all families will let their girls leave home for various reasons, and their scholarship awaits these girls for yearsI met Greg Mortenson when I was in Atlanta for the NCSS conference in November He was the keynote speaker He spoke without notes He was brilliant His passion pervaded the conference room filled with teachers What this book expresses that he did not express to his audience that day, is that the cost of fame from his book Three Cups of Tea, is a double edged sword He wants to be in Asia, working directly with communities, with teachers, with students In Asia, he lives on bottles of Ibuprophen for the pain of an aching body who lives without sleep, rattling in trucks for endless hours on unpaved roads in the most rural of areas to meet with the heads of tribal communities who want to build a school for the girls Greg finds this life energizing and inspiring Being in the United States, engaged in non stop promotion, salesmanship, and fund raising leaves him feeling drained and debilitated Greg continues to tour the U.S to provide the needed money to help build and schools for the Pakistan and Afganistan people.Greg continues to witness the aftermath of war War continues to be the most costly for the innocent people who live in the countries of Pakistan and Afganistan In Afganistan, the Taliban continues to gain power by hurtling granades into schools and terrorizing innocent people Greg is now working with the United States military to help them rebuild Afganistan Greg continues to help the leaders of the military in his Pentagon briefings to help them see that the aim of the military is to enhance security by fostering relationships and building a sense of trust at the grassroots level with community leaders, village elders, and tribal authorities Knowing the culture, respecting the culture, is most important Greg receives many letters and e mails from people who had served in Afganistan who are fully convinced that providing young men and women with a moderate education was the most potent and cost effective way to combat the growth of Islamic extremism Greg Mortenson continues to be one of my heroes I am proud that the school I teach in has chosen Pennies for Peace as a global commitment to raise money to help build one of Greg s schools in either Pakistan or Afganistan.

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    Amazing book Amazing person Amazing people A MUST read I thought Three Cups of Tea was great but I have to say, this one is way better The book is personal, written in first person, and there is history I ve definitely learned a little bit about Afghanistan and its diverse and wonderful people and not wonderful The book has also made me a bit warm and fuzzy towards the military which seems odd coming from an Air Force spouse It s just that despite my support for the troops, esp my husband, and my understanding that sometimes people do need some butt kicking I am not for war it just seems so barbaric and a waste of many things So for me, as somebody who s about education and diplomacy, it was nice to know that there are many people in the military who also believe that it s not all missiles and guns I love all the stories in this book Each page made me realize how lucky my girls and I are I can t wait for out oldest to be a bit bigger so that we can read the young version of Three Cups I d love to meet Greg one day I wouldn t mind being one of those people driving 8hrs to listen to his speech and then open my pocket book It d be an honor to just shake his hand I hope he writes another book because right now I am just so curious to know what happened since Oct 2009 It s too bad I read this book on the first day of 2011 because it ll be hard to top This kind of book is just my cup of tea

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    If you haven t read this yet, put down what you ARE reading, and head to the library or bookstore for this book Actually, if you haven t read Mortenson s first book, Three Cups of Tea, read that first to get the background, and then dive into this one This true story of what one man can start in this case, educating girls in the most remote parts of Central Asia the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan is not just an inspiring read, but an amazing testament to the power of what people can accomplish when they have an overpowering mission Mortenson s colleagues in Asia come to life in this book, working respectfully with the locals while they drive themselves unmercifully to accomplish miracles at warp speed In the meantime, Mortenson is driving himself sick in the states, raising funds for their work and positively influencing U.S military commanders I had to stop after each chapter to remind myself to breathe I was so amazed Beautiful photographs and delightful quotes adorn the chapter headings as well Give this to all your friends The outcome of Mortenson s work is vital to the health of the world.

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    Following where Three Cups of Tea left off, Stones into Schools is Greg Mortenson s account of his nonprofit Central Asia Institute s endeavors to build schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan Early on in the book, Mortenson tells of meeting a band of Kirghiz horsemen, who extract a promise from him to build a school in a remote region of Afghanistan This was 1999, and the promise came with a multitude of difficulties, not the least of which was the conflict between the increasing power of the Taliban and the locals who desired the hope of education for their youth Of course a full out war with the United States and it s allies was only a few years away and that presented it s own kind of opportunities and roadblocks.I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book There is a bit of a recap of Three Cups of Tea, but the stories of Mortenson and his colleagues attempts to build schools in these secluded areas were gripping Especially touching were the harrowing accounts of the earthquake that shattered the region in 2005, and the helplessness felt by Mortenson as he sat halfway around the world.In the spring of 2011, a 60 Minutes piece accused Mortenson of lies and fraud regarding the story he told in his books and the handling of funds for the Central Asia Institute I read some articles about the accusations and watched the 60 Minutes piece What first struck me is that the main accuser was vagabond writer Jon Krakauer I had recently watched a movie about his life called Into the Wild My thoughts about Krakauer were that he was at best, a selfish, soulless individual, and at worst, someone who is mentally imbalanced Krakauer visited with Mortenson s fellow K 2 traveller, who questioned whether Mortenson did, in fact, actually visit Korphe Krakauer, then accused Mortenson of making up the whole story of walking into Korphe, disoriented and sick, being taken care of there, and promising a young girl he would build a school there I found it interesting that 60 Minutes didn t bother to go to Korphe in their story, and I found a blogger online who recently visited the school and related how all the locals loved Mortenson, and told her that his story was absolutely true The nurse who cared for him even shared her story with the blogger.As for the abuse of charitable funds, I don t have firsthand knowledge of these accounts, but I do know using common sense, is definitely not enough to avoid mishandling funds I used to work for a lecture agency If a client was asked to speak at a college while in the midst of a book tour, it would not be unusual to piggyback off the tour, and have the college pay only the fee, and not the travel expenses The wording of the contract would read inclusive of travel expenses So, if Greg Mortenson charged his travel expenses to CAI to promote the book in order to the promote the charity, but took money for the college speaking engagement, fingers could easily be pointed accusing him of charging the charity for travel what was already paid for by the college lecture.The wives of many Presidents have complained that taking family vacations on Air Force One requires the family to reimburse the government for the equivalent of first class commercial airfare, with the exception of the President If Mortenson s family accompanied him to a CAI related event on board a private plane, the same reimbursement would apply, even though it does seem ridiculous.Like I said, I don t know the exact specifics, but I believe that Mortenson probably did not deliberately intend to defraud CAI He was required by the Montana Attorney General to reimburse a million dollars to the charity and to step down from his board position I found the 60 Minutes piece to be weak and an abuse of the power wielded by the media As a result, Mortenson s character was defamed and the charity has suffered I wonder how many people saw the follow up article in Forbes Magazine where the K 2 companion retracted his comment to Krakauer, saying that Mortenson definitely had the opportunity to get to Korphe and most likely did so Mortenson stated over and over again in his books, that he disliked being in the public eye He put himself out there for these girls who just wanted to go to school I hope that there is a silver lining to all of this Perhaps now, he can just do what he does best build schools.

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    As a followup to Three Cups of Tea, I found this book to be very interesting and timely If you haven t read the first book, you might not be able to follow along as easily with the various people and places mentioned, although the books do stand alone It is a quick read and I was highly impressed with the way that the small organization, Central Asia Institute, has blossomed with financial support and additional manpower to become a powerful force in bringing much needed education to children especially girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan It s also heartening to know of the efforts made on behalf of those striken by the terrible earthquake in Pakistan in 2005 Although the author, Greg Mortenson, wearies of the effort of fundraising, pressing the flesh and speaking before thousands of people on a daily basis, he has shown what you can accomplish with a lot of publicity and a ton of dedication This book isn t as much of a love fest for Greg as the other book he shines the spotlight on the members of his Dirty Dozen for accomplishing the lion s share of the work in country And he shows his weaker side and his frustrations when things don t work out as planned But it also shows his faith in others and his willingness to let go when he has to Sometimes I find some unusual coincidences in my eclectic reading choices While reading this book, I found yet another coincidence that leaves me wondering how truly random our choices are Greg Mortenson mentions a few times in this book that he communicated with Lt Col and later Col Christopher Kolenda, who was the Commander at FOB Forward Operating Base Naray, in the Kunar Province of Afghanistand The book also mentions that Col Kolenda when he was a Major authored the book, Leadership The Warrior s Art, which I just happen to be in the middle of reading right now It is not a popular or best selling book it is part of the Army War College library of books and I just happened to come across it One of the biggest criticisms of Kolenda s book was that it was written pre 9 11 and lacks the relevence of today s battles I m sure that during his time in Afghanistan he was given than enough opportunities to demonstrate leadership in today s counterinsurgency context, and according to Greg, he excelled But anyway, this is not a review of Kolenda s book So I will finish by merely saying that I really liked this book I m happy that CAI s plans and efforts are fruitful and I wish them nothing but the best in the years to follow I truly believe that it is their efforts that will empower the people of those war torn and poverty striken areas to rise above their misery and make a better life for themselves and generations to follow I hope that it will also bring about a lasting peace, something that bombs and bullets won t do new words sobriquet, interregnum

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