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Spellbound txt Spellbound, text ebook Spellbound, adobe reader Spellbound, chapter 2 Spellbound, Spellbound 82709f Raven Never Expected To Be A Mother At Sixteen Is She Going To Be Just Another High School Dropout, A Project Girl With Few Prospects Could Be, Except Raven Has Ambition Still, When Is She Going To Find The Time To Finish School Then Her Older Sister Tells Her About A Spelling Bee That Promises The Winner A Scholarship For College Spelling There Isn T A Subject She S Worse At But Once Raven S Got Her Mind Set, Nothing Gets In Her Way

About the Author: Janet McDonald

Janet McDonald was an American writer of young adult novels as well as the author of Project Girl , a memoir about her early life in the Brooklyn projects and struggle to achieve an Ivy League education Her best known children s book is Spellbound, which tells the story of a teenaged mother who wins a spelling competition and a college scholarship The book was named as the American Library

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    Pretty good book I read it within a time frame of about 2.5 hours Inspiring and fun to read.

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    Raven was a smart girl who made one too many mistakes Now she is a teenage mother and a highschool dropout living with her mother Her best friend is Aisha, another dropout with a child It s what happens in the projects Raven isn t ready to give up just yet, though Her older sister tells her about a scholardship she could get if she wins a spelling bee Raven decides to go for it, and gets Aisha s help preparing She must take this last chance to make her dreams come true.

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    She heard Dell saying, Employers can tell a project girl from a mile away Ghetto hips At the age of 17, as a result of her first and only sexual encounter, Raven Jefferson becomes a mother and drops out of high school She enjoys her baby and clowning around with her best friend Aisha, but aspires to do in life than flip burgers Her older sister, who has managed to move on from the projects and land a position as a paralegal assistant, encourages Raven to enter the Spell Success contest, offering a college preparatory program and full four year scholarship to the winner of their spelling bee Although Raven believes that spelling is her biggest weakness, with her eyes on the prize, she buckles down and accepts the challenge Honestly, I thought the overall plot was kind of hokey It hardly seemed believable that there would be some program out there where winning a spelling bee earns you an automatic ticket to college, regardless of whether or not you meet the most minimal requirements It seemed even less believable that a young single mom in the ghetto who admits her biggest weakness is spelling, succeeds in sounding out the word puerile and heroically wins the contest That aside, this book was pretty sweet and funny, the dialogue was craftily written, and the characters were fairly three dimensional It was inspiring, and showed a sympathetic, lighter side to the urban projects I found it enjoyable to read and would recommend it to younger urban teens.An ALA Best Book for Young Adults

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    This is the story of Raven Jefferson, a sixteen year old new mother who lives in the projects and has dropped out of school Her best friend, who is also a teen mother who dropped out, helps take care of her baby when Raven is working her horrible fast food job But her older sister tells her about a chance for her to go to college by winning a spelling bee Raven needs a new chance, so she starts studying words.I had really mixed feelings about this book There is a lot of colloquial talk in this book, which I have mixed feelings about There are mild references to sex and Ai, the best friend, is pregnant with baby number two This is a real life situation for some kids, and this book might be easy for them to relate to On the other hand, it consistently trashes boys and men, and it completely glosses over how difficult it is to study for these spelling bees No mention of etymology or even understanding that different language origins affect spelling I did like that they had several references to what these girls thought having a baby would be like as compared to what it actually is like, but I still didn t see enough of the struggle.I don t know that I would recommend this book to a kid If I did, it would have to be exactly the right one definitely middle or high school.

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    At 16, Raven has dropped out of school to have her baby boy, Smokey Her best friend Aisha is also in the same situation Raven had been making payments on her class ring and graduation gown but that s all out the window Dell, her older sister who s gone to college and works as a legal assistant, feels Raven could have done better than become a welfare mama with a project booty She wells Raven about Spell for Success, a spelling bee in which the winner wins a four year college scholarship Raven thinks Dell is crazy especially since Raven can t spell She finally decides to give it a try In the meantime, Raven runs into Jesse, the baby s father Jesse had no idea Raven was pregnant and now Raven faces eating dinner with Jesse and his upper class parents and wondering if Jesse can save her from a life with no prospects.

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    The book so far is good The book got a little hard in the middle since i lost the book i stopped reading it for a little bit so I am going to re read some chapters But the book is pretty good It talk s about a girl named Raven Her life And about how they are broke , Living in the project s , And her famaly She Doesen t want to be another girl who screwed up , so she goes out looks for help and end s up finding out her mom was a person she could have asked for help after all What Ive Noticed is that as a reader Ive been getting better , but at the same time worst I don t read as good as I used too But once I keep practicing participating im pretty sure I will have the confidence I need.

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    So I picked this up prepared to be enthralled by a spelling bee and spelling bee practice, timelines, what not I m fairly interested in spelling bees What are they How do they work This turned out to be not that But I wasn t disappointed, because the dialogue came right off the page, the characters were all likable, and I genuinely felt concern for the main character.That s about it Oh, and my cover has a bunch of girls at the bottom and I can t figure out who any of them are supposed to be in the novel Part of me thinks the designer put them there to cover up some empty space or something.

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    I thought this book was pretty good It shows how we all encounter difficulties in life, some extremely tough, but if you are determined for success you will overcome those difficulties Rav had it tough getting pregnant at 16, and although she didn t finish high school, her mom Gwen sister Dell and best friend Ai helped her reach her dreams of going to college by winning the spelling contest to earn a scholarship to a 4 year college.

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    I think the book was very exciting because there was a large amount of foreshadowing that made you want to read on.Spellbound really gave you a true life example of how you shouldnt get caught up with peer pressure and sex at a young age because the main character, Raven had a child in High School and had to drop out I really believe that other students should read spellbound because they should have at least an idea of how life is.

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    I thought I would not enjoy this book and found it was indeed enjoyable The author lives overseas but portrays the reality and emotions of the pregnant young teen in the inner city projects with amazing insight.

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