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Spellbound pdf Spellbound, ebook Spellbound, epub Spellbound, doc Spellbound, e-pub Spellbound, Spellbound 7672dbc1542 What S A Girl To Do When Meeting The One Means She S Cursed To Die A Horrible Death Life Hasn T Been Easy On Sixteen Year Old Emma Connor, So A New Start In New York May Be Just The Change She Needs But The Posh Upper East Side Prep School She Has To Attend Not So Much Friendly Faces Are Few And Far Between, Except For One That She S Irresistibly Drawn To Brendan Salinger, The Guy With The Rock Star Good Looks And The Richest Kid In School, Who Might Just Be Her Very Own White KnightBut Even When Brendan Inexplicably Turns Cold, Emma Can T Stop Staring Ever Since She Laid Eyes On Him, Strange Things Have Been Happening Streetlamps Go Out Wherever She Walks, And Emma S Been Having The Oddest Dreams Visions Of Herself In Past Lives Visions That Warn Her To Stay Away From Brendan Or Else

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    The beginning of this book is pretty good There s a little bit of set up that explains Emma s nervousness over attending an exclusive school in a new city, plus some funny one liners that make her seem pretty likable But on page 15, Emma meets Brendan and everything goes downhill from there, because her whole life, including the scant paranormal aspects of this book, then revolves around getting him Here is a sketch of the story, with some spoilers.Here s what we know about the main characters The GirlEmma is a high school junior who lives near Central Park She likes Brendan A lot. Immediately after she meets him, she starts obsessing over everything he says and talks about him with literally everyone she knows When he blows hot and cold, she gets upset She feels absolutely crushed when she walks into a classroom and he s not there.Emma likes music and she likes to run This might be a metaphor Her daddy left when she was six and her twin brother died when she was fourteen Then her mom got sick but found a boyfriend to marry so her daughter wouldn t have to be alone Emma doesn t like to drink because she was in a car accident with her drunk step daddy, which is why she s now living with her aunt, who gives her money and doesn t set a curfew Emma is embarrassed by all this so she lies to everyone about where she came from, although she actually doesn t seem very upset that her entire immediate family has been wiped out None of this actually has anything to do with the story except that it explains why she is living in the most expensive city in America without a whole lot of adult supervision.Because she has a necklace that has the same symbol as something Brendan owns and has a couple of weird dreams, Emma is sure that she and Brendan are soul mates who have been searching for each other for 1000 years Seriously, 1000 years. But her dead twin brother occasionally pops up and makes the lights go out and warns her that their relationship is cursed This really, really sucks, but her boyfriend is hot so there s got to be a way to make it work Oh And she might also be a witch Her witchy schoolmate looked up some information online and said so.The BoyBrendan lives in a multi million dollar home in Manhattan, where he has an entire floor to himself He is spellbound by Emma as soon as he sees her He is awesome because when they re out, he only does a couple of shots and then drinks water for the rest of the night so that she doesn t feel uncomfortable about only having one beer He gives her his hoodie when it s cold, which is the sign of a true gentleman Brendan is also a deejay cool job and he buys her a diamond Claddagh ring generous guy and picks her up in a limo generous guy with style When Emma feels insecure about the sneering, baby pink gloss wearing Kristin who s after him, Brendan says Emma, don t even compare yourself to them It s like comparing a diamond toI don t knowa booger He s also really suave.The SummaryThis is essentially a book about a girl obsessed with a boy with some convenient story enhancing paranormal elements thrown in There are cartoonish teenage villains, friends who appear then disappear never to be seen again and there is no witchcraft involved , girls who are called sluts, and a drunk, conceited boy who tries to rape girls and hits people, then yells at them for not cooperating.There s also off kilter adult behavior, repeated references to the title of the book, some really odd mentions of Martin Scorcese which I ll give you, butit s weird to also mention Thelma Schoonmaker later on for no reason , an eye rolling climax straight out of a television movie, and most mystifying of all, the assumption that 20 will cover a night out in New York.If you hadn t already guessed it, in a book like this, whether your crush is ignoring you or whether there are unworthy people trying to get in your pants or whether there are Twilight Zone forces trying to keep you and your boyfriend apart, love will totally conquer all After all, that s pretty much the whole point of being alive And definitely the whole point of being a woman.The full text of this review may be found in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.

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    I wrote in a post once that YA paranormals are becoming the MillsBoon substitute for teenagers In defence of that theory, I present this Stock Image Leaning man grabs Swooning womanAnd this Stock Image Girl in Prom Dress, view from backTragically, most YA PNRs these days show just about the same amount of imagination and innovation in their writing as they do in their covers But hold on This is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes.Now let s be honest, nobody expects paperback romances to be ground breaking, innovative works of literature Which is not to say that they can t be merely that nine times out of ten, they tend to be formulaic, clich d stories about the handsome billionaire and his secretly beautiful secretary But they still constitute a majority of the publishing industry s fiction sales Why Because they provide women across the world with the purest form of escapism And as a regular romance reader since the age of twelve I was precocious, blame my parents I know the value of a reasonably well written happily ever after You go into these books knowing exactly what to expect, and emerge satisfied and starry eyed Now allow me to draw the analogy a little further Let us assume Twilight was the first Mills Boon story for teenagers It is to be expected that its success would spawn a generation of similar happily ever after stories that rely on a proven formula to draw readers and give them what they most wish for lots of drama followed by a happy ending And as a variation on the true love theme, Spellbound performs creditably Yes, like most YA PNRs, it is clich d like most YA PNRs, it is pure escapism with no claims to literary merit And like most YA PNRs, it is a great way to while away a few hours while escaping from the confines of mundane, everyday life Spellbound has all the elements necessary for romantic fiction A pretty but awkward teen girl, a hot and handsome love interest, relationship drama, paranormal elements, starcrossed love and a bad guy who s out to get the lovers I wrote a post a week or so ago about the common tropes used in YA stories set in a high school Ironically, I read this book the day after I wrote that post, and I might as well have written it with this exact novel in mind All of the high school tropes mentioned in the post make an appearance in this story.Emma Connor has just joined a posh prep school in Manhattan On her first day she meets 1 The vicious, mean Blonde Popular Girl who hates her on sight2 A gay guy who s destined to be her best friend3 A Stupid Jock who sleazily hits on her4 A Popular Jock who rescues her from the Mean Girl5 A socially outcast witch who s destined to be her other best friendEmma feels an instant attraction to Brendan Salinger Popular Jock , but he runs hot and cold, being nice to her at first, then ignoring her, rinse and repeat Her run ins with Anthony Stupid Jock increase in intensity, until things become really ugly In the meantime, Emma discovers that she and Brendan might possibly be the latest re incarnated victims of a thousand year old curse They are destined to fall in love, but their romance is also destined to end in pain and death Oh, and Emma might be a witch who s being visited by her dead brother.The story is trite, but fun It s not badly written, and the heroine is quite likeable In fact, she does sometimes possess a sort of blind courage and manages to stand up to the Mean Girl instead of being the patient, saintly sort, which earns her several points in my book.She does have a few TSTL moments, view spoiler most notably when she allows the Mean Girl to take her to a dark, abandoned basement during the school dance hide spoiler

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    real rating for this book is 3.5 stars So, to begin this review after reading all of my friend s feelings on this book, I thought I really wasn t going to like it, maybe even despise it The masochist in me forced me to read this book, thinking I was going to end up looking something like this Why do I do this to myself Why, Shultz whyyyyyyy runs away sobbing Truly, though, I was a little bit surprised and I did like the book I didn t look like this image error

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    How, oh how did this get published Actually, I know how it s called the Twilight effect Look, there are bad books exploding off YA bookshelves everywhere Ordinary Mary Sue s with speshul powers, gay best friends, bitchy popular girls and jerky jock guys, sadly that all ain t nothing new Oh god, and there go my vocabulary skills But we can thank Twilight for the popularity of insta love novels Forget books with heartbreakingly real romances or painful crushes or clumsy attempts to find the right guy Spellbound presents us with a ready made romance view spoiler Cause Emma Brendan are like two totally in lurve reincarnated soulmates who have been together since like the Middle Ages That is how serious their feelings are hide spoiler

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    After losing her mother and her twin brother and then having to endure a sorry drunken excuse for a step father, Emma Conner finally gets a fresh start in NY, living with her Aunt Christine and starting at the Vincent Academy school with her younger cousin, Ashley Meeting the new kids at school isn t the easiest as Emma already gets a taste of what some of the kids are like, but she also meets some genuinely nice people and then there is Brendan, the one who looks like a rock star that Emma seems to be drawn to the most, only there is something very mysterious when it comes to Brendan Sulinger, something veryundeniable.Wow, this book really surprised me in the best way possible To be honest I wasn t sure if this book was for me since the flow was kinda off in the beginning and the dialog was a bit silly and awkward at first But After reading a few great reviews I wanted to give this book an honest go and I m really glad I didn t give up Once the story started to unfold, I was completely mesmerized with Emma and Brendan I really just loved this concept Always was a sucker for reincarnation and soul mates stories, so when you add a curse into the mix, what could I ask for Spellbound is a intriguing book filled with the sappiest kind of love story that made me gush likealittlegirl at that kind of romance, but it also had some dark moments that added just the right amount of excitement to the plot I thought all the characters were great Ashley is a cute kid, naive, yes, but cute none the less Angelique is really cool and I liked what she brought into the storyline Cisco is a great buddy even though we didn t really see much of him the second half of the book Anthony is a total creep jerk slim ball while Kristin was your typical rich b tch mean girl Both were equally easy to hate from minute one and did a fantastic job as our villains Our protag, Emma, is awesome She s a survivor, brave, strong, sweet and kind and I love that she stands up for herself and the peole around her Then there s my Brendan who I absoutly loved His on again off again attitude in the beginning tended to frustrated me, but once I understood the why s, I got it He s such a solid character Fiercely protective, confident, sexy and definitely swoon worthy The chemistry between him and Emma sizzled with excitement and the sexual tension was so intense you could cut it with a knife I loved that we actually got to see a relationship played out since I really think it s necessary to include those tender and important moments to connect with them as a couple Their love was believable and very sweet and while some would call it instant romance I think, for these two, it was inevitable then anything else, and you ll just have to read the book to understand why I also really enjoyed Ethan s link to all of this and thought it brought the perfect connection to the mystery surrounding Emma s life and his role in the end really made my heart smile.Bottom line, I really enjoyed myself with this one and what I thought was a book I wasn t going to enjoy turned out to be a story I very much loved Cara Lynn Shultz has created a fantastic story that will pull the reader on the very edge of there seats and captivate there hearts with Emma and Brendan story It reads like a stand alone, but after reading the few pages in the end titled The things I deal with for friends by Angelique makes me wonder if Shultz is t exactly done with these amazing characters after all I guess only time will tell Till then, I m anxious to get a copy of this book once it hits the shelves.A Fantastic debut Arc provided by Netgalley and Harlequin Teen

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    This book felt like a mash up of every well worn YA trope I m so tired of these love stories where the characters love is trueeternalalways becauseit just is view spoiler Pulling the reincarnation card hide spoiler

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    The moment I knew Spellbound had me hooked was when the main character, Emma, compared the smell of a perfume to a unicorn fart Later on, the same perfume was described as munchkin sweat These are clear indications of brilliance FYI THERE WILL BE MILD SPOILERS AHEAD First let s talk about Emma What I loved about her was that she s been through a hell of a lot, but she s not your typical world weary protagonist She definitely wants a better life, she wants a chance to start over She hasn t given up I adored her defensive cynicism, because it fit perfectly with what she s lived through I loved that she would go to school without doing her hair and makeup that s what I always did because nobody can look good that early in the morning anyway , and I loved that her habits on that front didn t really change after she got involved with Brendan Emma has a this is what I am, this is as good as it s gonna get approach to her appearance, which is refreshing.Brendan is a delicious bad boy with uber respect for women I m not going to talk too much about him because you guys should get to discover him on your own as you read But I heart him and so does my friend who started reading the book before I d even finished it.The ending of Spellbound was riveting This is where things get a bit spoilery As a young woman, I found Anthony to be a terrifying character The way that Emma refers to him as the monster is so accurate in terms of how many women are forced to look at the world If I see a group of guys on the sidewalk, I cross the street so I don t have to risk passing by them I don t walk to my car by myself I don t go to public bathrooms by myself because public bathrooms are a high risk place for women to be assaulted And Anthony embodies every little thought and experience that urges me to make those decisions regarding my safety I would venture to say that Spellbound is a good read for young women, but especially for young men it s so important for guys to understand the ways in which women are forced to view the world differently from them And Spellbound illustrates this perfectly.All in all, this is a great read Either for tanning by the pool or for intellectual discussion There are layers to it and it can be enjoyed on myriad levels.Buy this one, ladies and gents

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    Emma moves to the Big Apple to live with her aunt after escaping an abusive home with her stepfather Her first day at private school has her getting hit on by a douchy blonde Adonis Then she gets rescued from the vile clutches of a mean girl by a a brooding quiet boy named Brendan From that point on her life will never be the same again.I always have this issue with books where love at first sight is so apparent that I have to cross my eyes and snicker But this wasn t the case with Spellbound The reincarnation story line was so very interesting and I would think its quite romantic they re soulmates and that s what makes them feel like they know each other already That being said I really wish the author moved the tale in the begging so the reader would know something was up It gave the story depth I definitely enjoyed their little romance and how Emma realized she s no ordinary teenage girl.When the author writes the past stories from the spell book, I thought they were so interesting and fun to read that I just loved the book because of that Now if there was a prequel with the previous characters, then I d definitely gobble that one up as well Great job Cara Love it

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    Boy, this book started off so well And then it crashed and burned in a smoldering fire.The beginning of this book was fabulous Emma is sarcastic, humorous, and snarky without overdoing it I love how she doesn t take any of the mean girl s crap and spits it back in her face There was this nice, subtle build up to the other magic plot and a sort of suspense about these cryptic warnings being delivered by her brother But after 100 or so pages, it took a turn into gag me now, shitville This is when the romance kicked in and omg, could it not get any annoying I don t know about you but I really hate the whole I have to stay away from you because being with you is dangerous I don t understand something is going on here type of overdone plot device It makes the guy seem like a prick and ugh, the amount of emo angsting you get from the main character is enough to make you want to scream in her face to stfu.And then we get into the whole soulmate business Don t get me wrong, I m sure this concept could work if handled carefully and adeptly by a competent writer, but it doesn t here Not to mention the whole plot set up is eerily reminiscent of Fallen by Lauren Kate You know the whole, If we get together, she ll die crap No thanks The romance sucked It was okay at first because she had a normal crush but then they were so sappy and head over heels with each other I m not too sure about you but I m not going to be all You re my one and only after going out for about a week with the guy They only knew each other for a month tops, brief childhood moments aside Rich or not, buying some girl a diamond and sapphire ring during this time is CRAZY I would be all Wtf I ain t that serious about this relationship Freaking what I d think the guy was a bit too gung ho and diving in things way too hard Yech.I really hate how there always has to be one popular girl set out to make the new girl s protagonist s life miserable Ugh, please Can we get past this clich Thank you very much I m so sick of it Don t even remind of how the villain is some prick ass guy who tried to force himself on Emma s cousin and then the mean girl still takes his side and wants to be with him WTF HELL NO This is wrong Wrong, wrong, wrong And the way he is so one dimensionally set out to get his payback after Emma had put him in his place and got him the punishment he deserved after his asshole antics Yuck I am not a fan.This book could have been so much better I m disappointed I bet a lot of people would like this if they like simply done young adult books revolving around a doomed love angle.

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    What s a girl to do when meeting The One means she s cursed to die a horrible death Life hasn t been easy on sixteen year old Emma Conner, so a new start in New York may be just the change she needs But the posh Upper East Side prep school she has to attend Not so much Friendly faces are few and far between, except for one that she s irresistibly drawn to Brendan Salinger, the guy with the rock star good looks and the richest kid in school, who might just be her very own white knight.But even when Brendan inexplicably turns cold, Emma can t stop staring Ever since she laid eyes on him, strange things have been happening Streetlamps go out wherever she walks, and Emma s been having the oddest dreams Visions of herself in past lives visions that warn her to stay away from Brendan Or else.Is it just me, or does this sound like Twilight Poor Emma, she s transferred to a prep school Am I really supposed to feel sorry for her And she falls for the richest, hottest guy in school And he falls right back But he s dangerous and she has to stay away from him Oh, and we have a splash of reincarnation Is this Fallen, Ever, or Twilight Perhaps a combination of both.Idiot girl meets brooding handsome rich boy They fall in love, but he s dangerous They soon find out that someone wants to prevent them from being together They fight said person and win Then we introduce the other element of the love triangle in the next book Note, it s never the guy who has to choose between two girls Our plain heroine is always plagued with making a decision between two equally hot guys Yawn.I m not reviewing the book, hence I haven t rated it This is strictly for the blurb I suppose books like this weren t written for people like me.

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