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South on Pacific Coast Highway chapter 1 South on Pacific Coast Highway , meaning South on Pacific Coast Highway , genre South on Pacific Coast Highway , book cover South on Pacific Coast Highway , flies South on Pacific Coast Highway , South on Pacific Coast Highway 63da23b81f34f Slumming His Way From A Fortune Teller Down On Coast Highway In Doheny Beach To The Decaying Trailers And Rotting Fish Along The Salton Sea And Back To The Restless Summer Nights Of Laurel Lagoon, Michael Devlin, The Jaded Protagonist And Private Detective Of South On Pacific Coast Highway Doggedly Searches Among The Often Tony, Sometimes Seedy But Always Alluring Venues Of The Southern California Coastline, Attempting To Solve Four Murders, Free A Wrongly Imprisoned Friend And Wrest Spiritual Enlightenment From A Handful Of Better Forgotten Dreams Michael Has One Clue To Guide Him, The Final Cryptic Words Of A Dying Man My Wife Audrey, She Knows The That Leads Michael To Audrey, Her Mane Of Long Red Hair A Talisman To Michael S Better Forgotten Dreams And Audrey Leads Michael To Dirk Vanderhof, A Billionaire Online Gambling Mogul Who Is The One Link Tying All The Disparate Pieces Of This Mystery Together And Whose Name Pops Up In Every Rotten Place Michael LooksThe First In A Series Of Throwback Crime Novels, Inspired By The Phillip Marlowe And Sam Spades Of The Author S Youth, Michael Is Himself A Throwback Private Detective, Preferring Persistence To Gadgetry And Brains Over Guns And Brawn Operating A One Man Shop Out Of Laurel Lagoon, Modeled After Laguna Beach, CA, South On Pacific Coast Highway Is At Once An Affectionate Ode To Everything LA, From The Cookie Cutter Communities To The Seedy Shops Dotting The Beach Towns Along That Stretch Of Coastline, A Portrait Of The Moral And Cultural Arc Of Southern California Over The Past Fifty Years, And On A Personal Level, Simply The Tale Of A Man Haunted By A Woman S Uncanny Resemblance To The Redhead He Once Loved

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    This review is courtesy of topoftheheapreviews.comCrime novels can be tricky You have to keep the reader engaged the plot, and tell a smart and compelling story with characters that are relate able How does Gary Paul Corcoran s first foray into this complex genre fair Read on to find out Self described as a crime throwback novel, you can easily grab comparisons to Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe From the way Michael Devlin draws his conclusions, his interactions with the other characters, and his internal monologues, you grab that smokey, gritty world of the under paid and under appreciated PI almost immediately That in itself is worth the price of admission here It pays respectful homage to crime novels of the past.The plot in itself starts out fairly simple Michael Devlin s friend is thrown in jail for murdering his wife, and he is out to clear his name What happens is a couple murders, a romance between Devlin and a redheaded bombshell, and international arms dealers that stretches from Mexico to Russia.How Gary connects point A to point B with all the twists and turns in between is something to read Usually first or even second time authors have trouble linking things together, and you have to make a leap of faith in order to accept the conclusion That doesn t happen with this book Every move that is made is calculated, and makes logical sense By the time the finale happens you don t have to wonder how Michael got there, it was well mapped out.This is not to say that it s not going to throw you along the way Each character has their own motives, their voice, and they are all interconnected in some way You ll be second guessing yourself throughout the entire experience.The characters are all brought out well Even the villains are a little likeable at times Gary is able to create separation and distinction to each character so you are never confused as to who is in what scene.The romantic tension is done incredibly well There is no gratuitous sex, but you know that the sex is wild, loud and passionate without the book turning into erotica You feel for Michael as we wrestles with whether or not he should get involved, and you feel the consequences right along with him and his decisions.The Bottom Line Quick wit, smart plotting, and prose that reflects his influences in crime, South on Pacific Coast Highway is one book that you ll not want to put down When the final pages are turned, you ll want to re visit Michael in another book and follow him to find out if he finds peace, if he finds true love, and if he can come to terms with life around him.

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    Author Gary Paul Corcoran and his quick witted, daring and charmingly off the cuff PI, Michael Devlin keep this fast paced, suspense filled murder mystery racing to beat the clock Four dead bodies One cheating wife One wrongly accused friend and a billionaire whose name turns up every rotten place Michael looks A great author, a spell binding novel and one must read We can only hope that Mr Corcoran is planning to bring Michael Devlin back again soon Fran Lewis Just Reviews WordPress.com, talk show host, educator and author of Faces Behind the Stones, among other fine books Women will love the heart and soul of one Michael Devlin in Corcoran s new mystery novel Pick up a tube of 60 SPF From the first page of South on Pacific Coast Highway, you ll know this is summertime s 1 beach read and won t have to turn another page before you re knee deep in a crime story you can t put down Carolyn Howard Johnson, award winning novelist, poet, and author of the How To Do It Frugally series of books for writers South on Pacific Coast Highway is one drug you won t be able to kick Larger than life characters bring this intense crime novel to life Joe Hempel, TopoftheHeapReviews.com To open this book is to be all in and emotionally engaged from page one Vigorous but tender prose from a man who clearly knows what it s like to slum the streets of LA Michael Cannan, former Art Director for Christy Brinkley Enterprises and author of soon to be released, One Way to Valhalla.

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    South on Pacific Coast Highway Gary CorcoranA frantic phone call from a close friend sends PI Michael Devlin in motion Arrested for the murder of his wife, trying to convince Michael of his innocence the facts are coming in and the evidence is stacking up but not before we learn about this man s wife As Michael reaches out to a close friend to defend this man three bodies find themselves at his front door you might say South on Pacific Coast Highway is a story dealing with hardnosed cops, murder, the FBI, fortune tellers and a billionaire whose dealings are suspect and whose demeanor makes you wonder just what he s really all about Then a client calls, comes to his office and winds up dead on his floor Just who shot Cliff Black, where is his wife Audrey and why would the police think that Mike had anything to do with it What did his last words mean and exactly why did Audrey disappear But connected to everyone so far is our billionaire whose wife is divorcing him and who has charges against him making you wonder why he is still walking around on the outside As Michael s PI, Kenny, investigates Cliff and Audrey we find a connection to not only the billionaire but we learn about the corruption in her business Just how will this all connect and who else is involved What about the fortune teller that Audrey s sister seemed bent on seeing, who is Boris and his friend s adorable poodle as Steve McPherson is charged with his wife Connie s murder and the bail has yet to be set and the charges seemed trumped up but are they The setting is Laguna Beach, CA and the scenes are quite graphically and vividly depicted as we hear the voice of our main character relate the events as they happen and hear the banter between him and the police making you wonder just how hard they are trying to clear Steve or if there is something they are not revealing Is his friend wrongly incarcerated, is there to why Connie wanted a divorce just what did Cliff s dying words mean My wife Audrey, she know the the what Just what is the real story behind Dirk Vanderhof the billionaire the online gambling business mogul who seems linked to all of the murders and whose name appears everywhere As Mike tries his hand at finding Audrey he follows a lead and tracks her down to a hotel where he meets some hostile company Two Feds decide to rough him up, declare he better back off from the case and then finds himself in dire trouble Without any regard for what they threatened he continues on and finds himself called to the scene of a third murder along with Detective Whalen All roads for some reason seem to lead back to Dirk Vanderhof, the billionaire, the death of Steve s wife, the missing wife and Cliff Black for some reason seem connected as we learn about Audrey s illegal business Every step of the way he faces obstacles as he tries to sort out all three murders Who killed Connie, Cliff Black and now Dan Colby as he hunts for the reasons the feds block him, rough him up and the police are on his tail with questions too Added in we have the Russian Mob, a Russian named Boris and a fortuneteller named Sylvia linked with Audrey But, when face to face with Audrey trouble brews he s chased again, really roughed up and you begin to wonder just whom the suspect is and why everyone is out to get Devlin Within the many plots we learn about Audrey and the arms deal that went sour, her partner Rick who hires Devlin and wonder just what part she might have played in her husband s murder With Steve still in jail waiting to be arraigned, the police targeting Devlin for answers while he shoots them questions we wonder just where all of this is going and who is behind the murders Added in the billionaire wants to hire Mike to rid himself of Rick, Audrey s partner a guy named Nacho seems to be in the mix with the arms deal and the plot keeps readers glued to the page to find out how all of this will play out.Enter Rick and Dan s wife Doris who seem to be than just friends and definitely connected Insurance policies to be paid, one dead husband, a wife who could care less, links to a man named Jack and all the pieces and roads turn in the direction of one billionaire While Devlin deals with the police they discuss who might have killed Dan, why and the link to five or six others who might be guilty too Everyone thinks Devlin has all of the answers but in reality he was roped into this mess when he decided to help Steve A shipping container that might solve it all, a man whose business dealings got him killer, a guy named Nacho in the thick of things and two goons named Dick and Tom who appear at odd times A will that would ex out one wife, someone that she got to put the squeeze on him and the rest you will have to learn for yourself because I promised Mike that I would honor the confidentiality clause that he placed in his agreements Just whom was Dan cheating with, who really killed him and why does every conversation lead back to Vanderhof Let s add it up Connie was divorcing Steve Steve is in jail for her murder and before Mike could help us sort out the rest shots are fired and this time Feds are around and why is he being cuffed again Explaining his links, the Mexicans shaking down one of his clients, the Russian connection and just who were these guys, who are Tom and Dick and Mike reveals one piece of information to them in order to get out of their clutches As the pieces of the puzzle and all of the players find themselves in the same place we learn a hidden truth about Vanderhof that links it all together Russian mobs, Feds, the police, arms dealers, arms targeted for a foreign country, Mexican arms dealers and two women caught in the crossfire looking for the same way out Just who killed Connie and why Cliff Black and Dan Colby had to be sacrificed too What secret bound them together and where did Audrey Black fit into the equation and what happens when Mike realizes her real motives Who can be trusted and who is working both sides There are some things that people like Mike are not supposed to understand But, understand this South Pacific on Pacific Coast Highway is filled with lots of twists, turns, surprises, murders and one smart Private Detective named Mike Devlin who will stop at nothing to protect a friend and find out the truth Told by Devlin himself in his own words we enter the world of corruption, a billionaire who thinks he s above the law, dealers that threaten those that owe them and one sad secret that brings it all together Find your way down on Coast Highway but make sure you watch your back, bring some protection or better yet call Mike Devlin.Fran Lewis reviewer

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    I enjoyed this because it was reminiscent of those good old fashioned detective novels as opposed to their contemporary sensationally gory counterparts The protagonist is all the endearing for being a bit rough around the edges, and at the same time competent, humorous, philosophical and surprisingly sentimental Above all, he has a conscience Corcoran has a talent for writing dialog as well as vivid descriptions of the southern California setting he seems to know so intimately Recommended.

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