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    I haven t read much so far, and I am duly and genuinely shocked, just as I am supposed to be, about the terrible things the Israelis did on a daily basis to the occupants of the Gaza strip I am not terribly impressed with the glossing over of the guaranteed non violent, peaceful, moderate stance of Hamas during this time When I read, continually and in detail, that the Israelis often shot innocent Palestinians for just being Palestinians but that a Palestinian just went and shot a couple of Israelis and took their guns and then that became a way for them to get arms all in one sentence I begin to suspect that this book, by a Christian convert, is the wolf wearing the Lamb of Peace s clothing.A sentence like, Then Israel decided to secretly deport 415 leaders It wasn t very secret then, was it And, following on from this, The men were driven to a snow covered no man s land in Southern Lebanon Although we were in the middle of a bitter winter, they were dumped there with no shelter or provisions Neither Israel nor Lebanon would allow relief agencies to deliver food or medicine Beirut refused to transport the sick and injured to its hospitals Then, in the next paragraph, A couple of weeks later, we finally saw him his father on television for the first time since his deportation Apparently Hamas members had named him secretary general of the camp, second only to Eventually the father gets a cell phone and communications are normalised Doesn t sound a bit like they were dumped in the middle of nowhere without food or shelter I hope the book improves, it s naively written by the obvious ghost writer and it seems to be all about total emotional manipulation of the all too willing to believe the author s intended, pro Palestinian audience I want the facts not this soft, biased pap.There is to the war between the Palestinians, the Arabs and Israel than meets the eye but its never discussed Israel is the West s secure base in the Middle East, it is democracy s secure base It is a total sore for the Arabs who do not practice any kind of democracy, kings, dictators, and the military rule their countries They do not want women walking the streets in tiny shorts and halter tops and having relationships of their own choosing They do not even allow women to be educated and live a self determined life They do not allow unmarried women to get contraception and screw whomsoever they please after a hot night at the club They don t have those sort of clubs for local women either How many Arab countries do you hear of where a woman or a man has risen from a poor background to a high position It happens in our societies all the time Everything about Israel, which is a country very similar to the US, the UK, France etc, threatens the Arabs It doesn t stop me supporting the idea of a Palestinian State, in fact I want one even because of it But they see Israel as the hole of the Western decadence we call freedom in the doughnut of Arab and Muslim repression and any kind of land exchange isn t going to make the slightest difference to their collective enmity to that I had hoped this book would present a true picture of Hamas from the inside and see that they are just people trying to live in moderate Islamic way who are terribly persecuted and whom we should all support Yeah well, I got suckered into paying for this piece of crap but I m not wasting my time reading any of it Deep shite for the PC people to sigh and tut tut over, grist for the anti Israelis Zionists Jews, another biased BBC documentary, and still still no representation for the Palestinians who would like peace, would be happy to see their daughters educated and for all of them to live in the 21st century Do such people exist Yes, I used to share an apartment in London with some, I worked for a couple in Jerusalem, there are a few on the island, but no one hears their voices and they aren t loud people by nature, and neither would I be if I were them.Israel is the only country in the world where the idea of total genocide is approved of by the Left of the US, UK and everywhere else In other words, they support the return of the Palestinians and ejection of the Israelis, the Jewish, Baha i and probably the Druze whom they also hate Where are the Jews to go What other nation would accept millions of people Or is it to be the Hamas solution as in their Charter, drive them all into Red Sea, kill them, finish Hitler s Holocaust These people do not envisage a secular country for all peoples and religion a private practice not a government mandated one I do Rewritten April 2019 as a response to a comment that is now deleted on how there would be no Muslim terrorism in the West if Israel became Palestine only it wasn t put so nicely Original review was 7 Dec 2010.

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    Here is a book to break your heart Mosab Yousef is the son of one of the founders of Hamas, and was intimately involved in its operations He was also doing intelligence work for the Israelis, all while in the process of becoming a Christian This one really is a page turner With regard to the Palestinian situation, this book will really give you a different vantage point from which to look at everything When you are done, you will ache for everybody over there, and be angry with everybody over there There is no political solution The answer is Jesus Christ.

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    I m skeptical of many of the author s claims and have a strong feeling that he s telling us what he thinks we want to hear in these troubled times The book is strongly self serving and I doubt that his alleged conversion to Christianity is valid.He lied to the Israelis, he lied to his Hamas compatriots, he lied to his familyand I think he lies to his readers.

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    You don t comprehend the sociopolitical relationship between Israel and Hamas Neither do I Neither do most of us Neither, still, do people living in Israel and the occupied territories who have a mortal interest in their own sociopolitics Neither do people who work for Israeli Defense Forces military , Mossad CIA equivalent , or the Shin Bet FBI equivalent who have a security interest in the sociopolitics Neither do people in Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, or the Palestinian Authority who have a strategic interest in the sociopolitics Before you read any further you have to decide if the sociopolitics in Israel is something that should pique your interest as a citizen of the United States If not, hit next, and godspeed If it does concern you, then Son of Hamas is a compact little book about Hamas v Israel It s a neat little confessional from the son of a sheik that founded Hamas and who became an insider for Shin Bet over the last 10 years He was probably the most important spy, traitor, hero that Israel has turned in the last quarter century The narrative he unleashes in Son of Hamas reveals a chock of classified data and has probably made him a lifelong target for assassination And yet, there it is the mechanics of the shadowy Shin Bet, the suicide tactics of Hamas, his contacts, his field operations, his stark betrayals, and some of the cover ups and clandestine stories he had to tell his friends, family, and countrymen.The book is simple, direct, and well paced If you read USA Today, then you will not be confused by this biography It reads like investigative journalism and provides information not too much unlike an extended entry in Wikipedia And yet, there is an emotional journey, a confession, a rebirth of Mossab Hassan Yousef that puts a personal touch on the pages and keeps you rapt to the book Unlike other insider stories, there is little maudlin reasoning or second guessing It seems the novel was cut to its bear minima.This book will not make you understand the tendrils that grow into and out of Hamas and Israel But I feel that the Palestinian condition one of the most important Realpolitik crisis in the world today Sure, there s North South Korea, India and Pakistan, Turkey and the landless Kurdish people, and of course, the US and everybody else It s okay to skip the Middle East, but realize now that the US occupies real estate in Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan, it s extremely likely that our military will never vacate those locations think South Korea and Germany They are too strategic, and the region is too near a flashpoint for us to realistically leave anytime soon Son of Hamas is a tight little primer that should fold into your other reading about the Middle East.3.5 stars rounded up Get it from the library This isn t an essential read, but it provides a solid, factual perspective about a topic that is usually covered politically I mean, good gracious, nobody on Goodreads has marked the book 1 star yet

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    There is little I could say that would do justice to this book If there are criticisms that could be made, I won t make them This is a deeply felt story of a life So far it s still a somewhat young life and I pray the best for the writer.Is this book inspiring In some ways Is the book frightening Yes in other ways Are there lessons to be learned Undoubtedly Is there Hope in this story Yes.I m not here to lecture, I m not here to give a synopsis I ll avoid that as anything I might say that would pique the interest of some might put someone else off and I wouldn t want to do that We live in a world rife with violence and strife that can and does touch people around the world Much of it springs from deeply held beliefs and long clung to hatreds The writer here saw and experienced these firsthand His father is a Muslim who seems to exemplify the best in that belief system He has first hand experience of the best and the worst of humanity This is an insightful memoir full of pain and hope.I salute the author and as said will pray for him and his In case I need to say it, recommended.

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    One of the most moving events in the New Testament is the story of Saul going on his way to Damascus to persecute the infant Catholic Church there On the way, he was blinded by a light and confronted with a Voice that inquired Saul, why do you persecute Me Saul eventually became St.Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles and one of the greatest saints Son of Hamas is the fascinating and moving memoir of Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian who is also a son of one of the founding leaders of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization.Writing with the courage and honesty of one who was privy to the intricacies of the Palestinian situation in general, and the workings of Hamas in particular, Mosab dispels facts from myths about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and helps set the record straight.Having the knowledge of one of the Palestinian terrorist groups, Mosab recounts who the real founders of Hamas were, and eventually reveals some of the people who really pulled the strings and have blood in their hands How did he do it You must read the book to find out If you have ever wondered why there seems to be no end to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the answer is surprisingly simple but complicated at the same time.The Palestinians worst enemies are not Israel, nor the United States of America, nor the West.The Palestinians worst enemies are themselves The people who oppress them the most are the very organizations who claim to be fighting for their welfare, but instead are interested in the violence and the power that they can squeeze from it Their leaders Arafat, Meshaal are only after their vested interest and have no qualms fooling their people to carry arms and don suicide vests and kill other people and themselves while the leaders are schmoozing up with the high life And they squeeze the most blood from their own people.I hope there are Mosabs in the Palestinian territories who recognize this fact.Addendum Having said that, Israel also bears the blame for the injustice A nation created after the Holocaust is behaving like the Nazis themselves.

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    What the heck do I do with this book Initially Mosab enraged me The author s perspective as a Palestinian engaging in gratuitous acts of violence toward Israelis as a child and painting the Israelis as the big bad bullies was infuriating, especially in light of the recent murder of a three month old Israeli baby by Palestinians, not to mention a bomb just a few blocks away from me targeting innocent civilians at a bus station going about their business.But then Mosab writes about his offer from the shin bet Israeli secret police to work for them as an infiltrator, and how he originally accepted this offer with the intention of sabotaging the shin bet but ultimately switched sides, still pretending to be Hamas to his friends and family but reporting everything to which he was privy to his Israeli bosses During this time the author also converted from Islam to Christianity.Is this for real How was the author not afraid to write his story and put his name to it Ayaan Hirsi Ali needs bodyguards 24 7 and this guy s fine I suppose it s not impossible, but I did find it hard to believe.I found it interesting that this book seemed to be written at a second grade level, especially since the author apparently hired someone to help him write it Maybe the hired hand thought it would sound authentic if the book was written in telegraphic ESL speech, but I think it s a little odd to hire someone to help you sound like a foreigner All in all, I don t know what to make of this book Mosab s transition from angry Palestinian to Benedict Arnold turncoat loyal shin bet mole seemed a bit abrupt and superficial to me As a Jew living in Israel it s pretty clear where my sympathies lie it s always validating to hear about someone rejecting your enemy and joining your side, and many of Mosab s statements about peace and Israel were gratifying to hear, especially considering where he was coming from I just wish I found his story credible.

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    It s hard to know where to start in reviewing this controversial book about a controversial part of the world and a controversial choice made by its author, but the number of stars should be a hint I came to this book with little other than a cursory knowledge of the tenets of Islam and the intricate workings of the Middle East conflict, and eager to learn I was most interested, as a Christian, to read how a son of Hamas came to a place where he was willing to renounce not only terrorism but Islam in order to become a follower of Christ I have read reviews criticizing one aspect or another of this memoir either feeling he left out important information or questioning his motives for writing I feel that s to be expected with a book like this, and would encourage prospective readers to read it and decide on their own This is Mosab s story, and I think it is a good one, but I also see it as an amazing story of sovereign God gathering His people from every tribe, tongue, and nation As Mosab said in an interview I watched, Jesus didn t come to take sides He came to take OVER I pray for Mosab s continued safety and growth in grace.

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